Will the morning exercise help to lose weight?

Does Exercise Help You Lose Weight? Here’s Why Your Morning Runs Aren’t Working (and What to Do About It)

You just recently started running. You’re excited — you’re motivated, hitting the gym every day, and seemingly making progress. Since you’re trying to lose weight, you bravely step on the scale for the first time since the start of your exercise regimen. The results aren’t what you expected — instead of losing weight, you’re horrified to see you’ve gained some.

Unfortunately, your dreams of dropping pounds after starting a new fitness routine might not come true. It turns out there’s more to weight loss than burning calories. Here’s everything you need to know.

It’s not just about ‘calories in, calories out’

We’ll start by saying this: Exercising more and eating fewer calories isn’t always effective. And the quality of the calories you’re eating really matters. Remember — 200 calories’ worth of apples doesn’t affect your body the same way 200 calories of chocolate ice cream does. You can’t exercise for 150 minutes every week, eat mostly processed food, and expect your workout to “undo” your food choices.

Exercise is extremely beneficial for a lot of things, but if you want to lose weight, quality is king.

Over-Exercising Ruins Your Chances Of Losing Weight

If you’re spending hours at the gym hoping to speed things up and lose weight faster, you’re wasting your time. When you overdo it, your body starts to chip away at your muscle tissue. As a result, your metabolism slows down. Over-training can also produce excess stress hormones, weaken your immune system, and make you feel pretty lousy.

If you take things too far, you could cause permanent damage.

The Exercises You Think Burn Fat Actually Don’t

Just because you’re moving doesn’t mean you’re exercising intensely enough to trigger weight loss. Eat This, Not That! warns that yoga meet-ups, and even barre and Zumba classes, aren’t going to give you the results you want — especially not quickly.

If you want to lose weight, focus on high-intensity interval training, or complement cardio with strength training to target all your major muscle groups. These fat-burning exercises will give your full body the workout it needs to help you shed pounds and build muscle.

Your Repetitive Workout Is Working Against You

Don’t expect miraculous results if you stick to the same boring routine day in and day out! Not only is this an ineffective weight-loss strategy, but you could also increase your chances of injury. Varying your workouts with cardio and strength training is a great way to work your full body and avoid overusing certain muscles.

For maximum weight loss, Women’s Health recommends switching up your full routine every four to six weeks.

Diet And Exercise Together Promote Weight Loss — Sometimes

We know supplementing your workouts with protein and fiber will generally get you on the right track — and help you stay there. Still, you should always take health advice as a set of general guidelines — because the foods and exercises that worked for your brother’s friend’s sister-in-law might not have the same effect on you.

The more personalized your approach to food and fitness, especially for weight loss, the more likely you are to figure out a system that works for you.

Lack Of Exercise Isn’t The Only Reason People Gain Weight

An inactive lifestyle is a major risk factor for weight gain — but it isn’t the only element to blame. A number of medications and health conditions also contribute to weight gain in some people. And diets high in sodium and sugar, eating too many calories, and not getting enough sleep may also make weight loss less likely.

Weight Loss Isn’t A Guaranteed Result Of Exercise

Many people who exercise for weight loss don’t actually lose weight. If you start jogging, and you don’t normally do that, your body weight is going to shift, not necessarily drop pounds. People also tend to eat more to “make up for” calories burned.

Carrie Dennett, R.D.N., writes in Today’s Dietitian that research is exploring how genes and even your gut bacteria can influence your ability — or perhaps, inability — to lose weight. The bottom line — everyone’s bodies react differently to physical activity and fuel.

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Working out in the gym is fun when you have friends around. For some, it can be really frustrating as you feel conscious and shy. For others, it is a treat as you feel motivated to workout. No matter what it is, a fat burning workout is just perfect for keeping your mind and body fit. Some good cardiovascular workouts will help you maintain yourself. Rapid weight loss or fat loss diets are not too healthy to try. However cutting down on fatty food and practicing a 5-minute fat burning workout can bring a huge change in your life.

You may think that a diet for weight loss such as the 7 days diet plan for weight loss is much easier to practice than an intensive workout. At first it seems to be true, however as the days go by you will come back to eating your normal food, which will result in weight gain. Forget all these troublesome experiences, try this simple new 5-minute fat burning workout and see the difference in your body. You will definitely be amazed!

5 Minute Fat Burning Exercises at Home:

Isn’t it great to hear that you don’t need to throw in money for the gym? Because you can workout at home! 5 Minutes of an intensive workout every day is good enough to maintain your body. You do need to pay attention to what you eat and try these techniques to burn your fat in just 5 minutes. This workout will help you to experience fat loss all over your body if practiced every day. All you need for this fat burning workout is a towel, a mat and a skipping rope (jump rope).

5 Minute Fat Burning Workout Set 1:

In this set, we have included 8 fat burning workouts that are done in the form of circuit training with 30 seconds to 1 minute allotted to each exercise. All the exercises mentioned in this circuit can be done in our home or any open space.

Inverted V Pipe Exercise: (30 seconds)

You will be doing this particular exercise for 30 seconds. This is one of the best mat exercises for abs in which you need to lie down on the floor facing downwards. Place your toes on the towel, which will help you in the smooth movement of the body. Place your hands on the ground and balance your body on the toes and hands. You need to pull your legs close to your body, making an inverted V shape with it. Push the legs away from your hands now, by stretching them backward. Pull and push your legs in and out for about 30 seconds. This movement will work the arms, the core and the lower back.

W Leg Lifts Exercise: (30 Seconds)

This exercise will work your legs and abs. You need to lie down on the mat facing upwards. Place your legs close to each other, now lift them straight up and bring them to your tummy. Put your legs down, while putting them down stretch them out in the opposite directions and bring them up to your tummy. Again as you place them down, close them and pull them up. Continue this same procedure for 30 seconds. You will feel a burn in your tummy and legs as you proceed.  This is undoubtedly the best exercise to lose fat from the lower part of the body.

Superman Exercise: (30 seconds)

This is a power-packed exercise to reduce tummy that work your thighs, abs and lower back. After the W lifts turn around and face the ground. Stretch yourself on the ground by keeping your hands and legs straight. You need to lift your chest and thighs of the ground at the same time by balancing yourself on the tummy. While doing this try to keep yourself as straight as possible. Repeat lifting your thighs and chest off the ground for 30 seconds. This exercise is extremely effective to tone your belly.

Jump Squats Exercise: (30 seconds)

The jump squat exercise is a power packed cardio exercise to lose weight that is often included in various fitness regimes. It helps in toning the thighs and working out the whole body. You need to stand straight with your feet at shoulder width. Bend down as much as you can into a perfect squat. However, while coming up, you need to exit in a jump. Again go down into a squat and jump up. This is a great intensive workout which will keep your heart beat up and make you sweat.  Make a nice and deep squat for best results. You will enjoy doing this exercise and also experience an effective weight loss by doing this exercise regularly.

Single Leg Lift Jump Exercise: (1 minute)

This is one of the most effective workouts to lose weight and tone the body. It works the core muscles and back of the thigh at the same time. It will also help you to gain balance. You need to start by standing straight and lifting the left leg of the ground. Try to touch the ground with your hands and as you come up, you need to jump. Make sure to keep your left leg up all the while. Keep it in a bent position and don’t strain it. First you will touch the ground and then jump on your single foot. Do this for 30 seconds. Then shake it off and continue with the next leg. Bend your right knee and continue the same exercise. It may be a little challenging for beginners, but with practice you will pull it off well.

Push up and Knee Kick Exercise: (30 seconds)

This is an innovated variation of the traditional push-up and is one of the best home exercises to lose weight that takes very less space to perform. This exercise will work your whole body and is great to lose arm fat, especially for upper arm fat removal. Men are recommended to do a proper push-up. Women can begin with knee push-ups. You need to lie down flat on the ground. Come up to your hands and feet. This is your starting position. You will do just one push up and come back to your starting position. After this you will need to bring your right knee forward to touch your right elbow, and then you will bring your left knee to your left elbow. This is the complete exercise; you need to do this for 30 seconds. Begin with a push-up, go for the knee kicks and then do a push up again. This will build strength in your arms and core.

Bent Leg Rotating Exercise: (1 minute)

This exercise will work your inner thigh and abs. You need to stand straight and place your hands on the back of your head. This is to give you more strength and bring your concentration to the legs. You need to lift your right leg which is bent, to your waist. Rotate your leg by keeping your knee bent in circular movements. Rotate it as much as you can for 15 seconds to the front. Now repeat the same rotation with the same leg to the back for 15 seconds.

After completing the right leg, move to the left and repeat the same. Bend the knee and rotate it forward for 15 seconds and backward for 15 seconds. This is a challenging weight loss exercise; do try it for strengthening your thighs.

Skipping Exercise: (30 seconds)

This is best exercise to lose weight for both men and women. It is simple, easy to do and entertaining so that you don’t get bored. It is the ultimate solution to the question of how to lose weight in thighs and stomach. Take your jump rope or skipping rope and jump for 30 seconds. You can do normal jumps for the first 20 seconds and go to an intensive one. Jumping with both your legs at once will be a much better choice. You will be warm enough to sweat by the end of this session. Keep your back and knees straight while jumping.

This amazing 5-minute fat burning workout at home will give you the best results. You need to try it. It is suggested to do this in the morning on an empty stomach. However, you can drink 2 glasses of water an hour before this workout to help flush the toxins out. You can take a very short break of 10 seconds after each exercise if you like. This is an exercise which will help you lose weight fast.

5 Minute Fat Burning Workout Set 2:

Here is another variation of the 5-minute fat burning workout where we have grouped 5 stretching exercises for fast and easy weight loss.

Glute Bridge (1 Minute)

The Glute Bridge is the most effective exercise to lose weight from the lower parts of the body because the move specifically targets the butt and core muscles. It tones the glutes along with core, calves, hamstrings, flexors and lower back. It is a complete workout for the lower body. In addition is is also an amazing back exercise that works as good as traditional yoga exercises for back pain. Lie flat on a yoga mat with your knees bent, and feet placed flat on the floor. Raise your hips in a way that your body forms a straight line from the shoulder to the knees. Now lift your right knee up towards your chest, wait a moment, lower it. Lift your left leg towards your chest, wait for a moment and lower it. This makes one complete repetition. Repeat the move as many times as you can for 1 minute.

Inverted Shoulder Press (1 Minute)

The inverted shoulder press is a unique exercise for the limbs that tones the deltoids, middle deltoids and triceps. It is an absolutely equipment free workout that effectively utilizes the body weight to tone the arm and shoulder muscles. Begin in a push-up position with your hands placed slightly wider than shoulder-width apart on the floor. Now, move your feet towards your hands and raise your hips to form an inverted “V”. Now bend your elbows till your head almost touches the floor. Pause for a few moments and return to the starting position. This makes one repetition. Repeat it as many times as you can in one minute.

Alternating Lunge (1 Minute)

Lunges are a time-tested cardio exercise to lose weight that targets multiple muscles of the body at the same time. This exercise of often included in the best calisthenics workout routine for fast results. This exercise not only tones and strengthens the leg, but also develops the muscles of the abdomen and lower back and enhances the stability of the core. It also increases the flexibility of the hip flexors. Stand straight with your right leg placed forward. Now, bend both the knees to lower your body to a lunge pose. Press through the heel of the right foot to return to the starting position and immediately move your right foot back and lower into another lunge. Press through the heel of your left foot and return to the standing position. This entire move makes one repetition. Repeat this exercise as many times as you can in one minute.

Skater Hops (1 Minute)

This is an amazing plyometrics workout that speeds up the heart rate effectively and helps in working the quadriceps and adductors along with hamstrings, abductors, calves and glutes. It requires absolutely no equipment and helps in toning the lower body and correcting strength imbalances in the legs. Stand straight resting the pressure of the body on the left leg and your hips and knees slightly bent. Now, extend our left knee and ankle and jump forwards towards the right and land on the ball of your right foot, bending your hips and knees slightly to absorb the impact of the landing and immediately jump off to your right with your right leg. Continue to repeat this jump with alternate legs for 1 minute.

Rotating T Extension (1 Minute)

This power packed exercise helps in working all the abdominal muscles – rectus abdominous, transverse abdominous and obliques along with the deltoids, rhomboids, glutes, abductors and quads. Begin in a push-up position and straighten your arms. Shift your weight from both arms to only your left arm and rotate your torso to the right completely. Raise your right straight up towards the ceiling and look up towards your right palm so that your body forms the shape of “T”. Hold this posture for a few moments and return to the push-up position and repeat the same on the other side. This entire move makes one repetition. Repeat the exercises as many times as you can within 1 minute.

Try to include some natural sources of protein such as egg white to your breakfast to support your workout. It is hard, but it is worth it! Eat well and enjoy a fun filled workout at home! Enjoy being healthy!

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Exercise is the key to a healthy lifestyle; doing it the right amount can push you forward to your weight loss goals, in addition to doing favors for both your body and mind. Use exercise wisely as a tool to help you lose weight by selecting a routine that fits you, concentrating on aerobic exercises, knowing how many calories you’re burning, and supplementing it with a healthy diet. When you combine these steps, exercise can be a very good tool to help lose the weight and keep it off.


  1. Select an exercise regimen that is appropriate for you. Choose activities that you like, exercise at convenient times of the day, and have a variety of exercises to chose from to avoid getting bored.

  2. Familiarize yourself with the benefits and potential risks of the exercises you are considering.

    You will want to know approximately how many

    calories are being expended

    , what muscle groups are being used, and how long you should perform the exercises.

  3. Spend most of your time on regular aerobic exercises. Remember that regularly exercising is best for weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight. You can burn many calories in doing aerobic exercise 4-7 days per week, and you will continue to increase your metabolism even after training, by doing strength training exercises 2-3 times per week

  4. Do include strength training exercise, as well. Building muscle mass is important – especially since dieting can cause loss of muscle mass. Muscles burn more calories than fat over the long term, so consider strength training to be an investment in long-term weight maintenance.

  5. Work up to exercising at least 30 to 45 minutes per day, 4 or 5 days per week. Depending on your level of fitness, you may want to work up to that gradually. Lesser amounts of exercise are adequate if your goal is longevity or a healthy body and mind. If your goal is to lose weight, you need to work towards exercising most days.

  6. Know approximately how many calories you are burning. Many exercise machines give approximations and you can find lists of estimates online. Those numbers are never going to be exactly correct, but you never really know how many calories you are consuming either, so consider it an estimate.

  7. Avoid eating extra snacks or treats and telling yourself “it’s ok, I exercised earlier” if your goal is to lose weight. It is much easier to eat 200 calories than to burn it off with exercise. A small snack could negate the entire workout.

  8. Put your all into whatever exercises you choose. You can sluggishly make it through any exercise routine, but if you put a lot of energy into it you will burn a lot more calories.

  9. Continue to challenge yourself. If your exercise routine is feeling, well, routine, then it is time to shake it up a bit. Try increasing the intensity, duration, or try some new exercises.

  10. Include more natural activity in your daily life. Walk a little extra; don’t take the short cuts; find excuses to move. Fidget in your chair. Park further from the door. Take the stairs. Don’t count this towards your total exercise time, but consider it little bonus fat blasts.

  11. Remember to stretch after your workout, and stop if you feel pain. Talk to your doctor if you have any reason to be concerned about exercising.

  12. Try to get a balance game or something. When doing yoga and some forms of aerobics, balance is key.

  13. Remember always think positive.

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  • What food do I need to eat to lose weight?

    wikiHow Contributor

    All vegetables, fruits, bread with seeds in it, meat, sea creatures, nuts, and milk products. Avoid fast-food, white bread, sugar products, soda, snacks, and candy.

  • How to be a fit fast?

    wikiHow Contributor

    There is no way to be ‘fit fast.’ It is just dedication. Keep going and you will see a difference.

  • Are things like diet soda bad?

    Yes. Eliminate all soda from your diet. Even if its diet and sugar- and caffeine-free, there are still some ingredients that are harmful. Stick to water only.

  • Is it necessary to exercise both in morning and in evening?

    wikiHow Contributor

    Not really. Exercise whichever time works best for your schedule.

  • What can I do at school?

    wikiHow Contributor

    Do your best in gym class and sign up for after-school sports.

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Lose about 5 pounds a week!


  • If you feel that you are too overweight to workout or are embarrassed to exercise in public, please give yourself a break! There is absolutely no need to be embarrassed about exercising. You do not have to wear skimpy aerobic outfits or tight shorts. Find clothes to exercise in that are comfortable. Force yourself to participate. Once you have done it several times you will realize that you deserve to be there as much as anyone else
  • If you are feeling lazy and are tempted to skip the exercise, try negotiating with yourself. Perhaps exercise for just 10 minutes. Once you start, you may want to continue and do the full routine.
  • Try this as a rule of thumb. Quit drinking soda (regular and diet) altogether. Eat right, and try not to eat many calories past 6:00pm. If you do, a low calorie protein snack or vegetables will help you repair your muscles and get your metabolism started for the next day. This should never be a big meal though. Regular aerobic exercise 3 to 5 nights a week and the pounds will start shedding. The more overweight you are the more you will exert your energy, therefore the bigger you are the faster you will shed lbs.
  • Try to exercise at the same time each day so that you make it a routine that will fit naturally into your lifestyle. Experience the feeling after you exercise and lose weight.
  • It can be difficult to get started with your exercise regime. Healthy Monday is a national non-profit public health campaign that encourages people to use Monday as the day to commit to a healthy habit, such as exercising. If you can’t commit this Monday, you have another chance around the corner to get back on track.
  • Think about your goals and work towards them and never tell yourself you don’t need to work out because your too tired. If you really want to lose weight fast you have to work towards it.
  • If you are a people person, join a gym or exercise club, exercise with friends, or find an exercise buddy. If you are independent and like doing things on your own, consider getting an exercise machine or participate in activities like running. If you are a competitive person, consider working up to races or other competitive sporting events.
  • You might have to work hard, but if you want to lose weight fast you should remember that it’s always worth it at the end.


  • Stop exercising if you feel faint or ill.
  • Make sure you drink plenty of water
  • It is normal to have muscle soreness or stiffness when you are beginning a new exercise routine. You may alleviate that by warming up with some light walking and then gently stretching. Stretching may be a bit painful at first, but it helps to reduce the soreness.
  • Do not exercise again until the soreness is just about gone.
  • If you experience more than normal muscle soreness, please consult a doctor.

Things You’ll Need

  • Appropriate shoes are very important to safe exercising. Fitness shoes can be expensive, but they are the single most important investment you can make. Select shoes for the activity you chose. If you want to run, running shoes are what you need. For activities such as biking and the elliptical machine, all around fitness shoes are fine.

  • Select clothes for the temperature as well as the activity. There are differences between running shorts and tennis shorts. Yoga leggings are not the same as aerobics leggings. You will find that they are designed to help you move comfortably for particular exercises.

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Do you think that you can lose weight with quick exercises in the morning? In fact, you can if you follow the right physical routine. In this article on VKool site, you are going to discover steps to start your exercise routine, the estimate of the average calorie burning of 30-minute exercises and good morning exercises to lose weight effectively.

Good Morning Exercises To Lose Weight That Work

I. Steps To Start Your Exercise Routine

If you are trying to shed pounds, work toward a physical routine of 60 – 90 minutes of workout regularly. However, that is a lot to question someone who is just beginning out. If you are among them, try following an exercise routine, first in quick chunks of time for 10 or 15 minutes a few times per day, and a few days per week.

To get a morning exercise routine going, you should consider following the below steps.

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1. Talk To Your Doctor First

It is recommended having regular health exam to get of risk factors of heart disease, overweight, high cholesterol, high blood pressure. Thereby, you can also do the right exercises or follow an exercise program for your health improvement. For instance, if you want to control your weight that related to your fatty liver and diabetes, exercise every morning regularly by walking or running. Your doctor will instruct you to choose the right exercise program and you just need to follow and notice your health and weight control after several months later.

2. Start With Walking

Walking is a moderate exercise that is suitable for people in different ages. Set your short-term goal first by following 10 to 15 minute exercise program, then increase the number of workout time gradually. Walking with your dog is also a great ways as it gets you and your pet out for about 15 to 20 minutes every morning, and you should do it for about 20 minutes more at night.

If you can get your partner or someone up to exercises together for about 45 to 60 minutes regularly, you will consider major success.

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3. Consider A Health Club

When it comes to good morning exercises, don’t forget to take part in a health club where you can find the right exercise program for you, find your friend and increase the success levels of your weight control. Also, this is a professional ways for people who don’t have enough time or equipment to follow a physical program regularly.

4. Buy Workout DVDS

If you want to exercise to lose weight at home, consider high quality exercises DVDs with detailed instructions and illustrations. This helps you save your time while following your exercise routine regularly for better results.

5. Don’t Forget Weekends

For those who are busy, they can still follow a weekend exercise program within 2 or 4 times a week. Though it is not as good as daily regular exercise routines, it still helps you be motivated to burn fat and lose weight weekly. Furthermore, it depends on the effectiveness of exercises you choose. For instance, if you can exercise everyday, you can choose moderate exercises such as walking, stretches, or biking. And if you just can exercise in weekends, choose swimming, aerobics, running or basketball. Below is the estimate of the average calorie burning of 30-minute exercises. Check them out and choose the right good morning exercises to lose weight fast!

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II. The Estimate Of The Average Calorie Burning Of 30-Minute Exercises

Keep in mind that structured physical activities is important. When it comes to good morning exercises to lose weight, Yoga, walking, lifting weights, running, swimming or biking can one of the best morning exercise choices. Here is the estimate of the average calorie burning of 30-minute exercises that you may want to know:

1. Vigorous Exercises

  • 5 mph running or jogging: 295 calories
  • 10 mph bicycling: 195 calories
  • slow freestyle lap swimming: 255 calories
  • Basketball: 220 calories
  • Aerobics: 240 calories

2. Moderate Exercises

  • 3.5 miles mph walking: 140 calories
  • light workout weight training: 110 calories
  • less than 10 mph biking: 145 calories
  • Dancing: 165 calories
  • Stretching: 90 calories

III. Good Morning Exercises To Lose Weight

1. Wake Up With Crunches

Start with an easy exercise that is harder than sleeping with simple movements that take you about 3 to 4 minutes.


  • Regular Crunch: do about 10 to 20 reps by lifting your shoulder blades off the ground
  • Reverse Crunch: do 10 to 20 reps by lifting your hips off the ground
  • Double Crunch: do 10 to reps by lifting your shoulders and hips of the ground simultaneously
  • Left Crunches: do 10 to 20 reps by taking your right elbow to your left knee
  • Right Crunches: do 10 to 20 reps by taking your left elbow to your right knee
  • Bicycle Crunches: do 10 to 20 reps by taking your right or left elbow to your left or right knee as if you are bicycling your legs
  • Plank pose: do it for about 30 to 60 seconds
  • Stomach stretch: do it for about 30 seconds

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2. Jumping Jacks Or Pushups

Next to good morning exercises to lose weight at home, you can do jumping jacks or pushups that take you about 3 to 5 minutes.


  • Do 10 jumping jacks or do 10 pushups
  • Repeat the cycle for about 10 times that depends on your strength and fitness level.
  • Do 10 sets within 3 to 5 minutes

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3. Multi-Joint Dumbbell Exercises

With a couple of dumbbells in hands, you can do different multi-joint dumbbell exercises for weight control.


  • Do bicep curl – military press – tricep extensions for about 10 to15 reps
  • Do squats – bicep curl – military press – tricep extension for about 10 to 15 reps
  • Do squat thrust – pushup (5 times) – stand up – bicep curl military press – tricep extension for about 5 to10 reps

If you do one of these movements, it just takes 30 seconds each set. You can mix in a few sets of the exercise to complete a challenging full body workout cycle.

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4. Lunges

 Lungs will help tone your bum and legs for body sharp control.


  • Start by standing with the feet, hip width apart and the hands on the hips
  • Next, take a large step forward on the right foot, keep your body weight on the left foot
  • Then, bend the left knee until hovering off the ground
  • The knee of the right leg is directly above the right ankle
  • Hold this position for 1 second, then return the right foot and come back to the standing position
  • Do it on your left leg

Repeat 10 to 15 on each of your leg. When you are experience, you can increase to 2 or 3 sets for 10 to 15 lunges.

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5. Band Good Morning

Next to good morning exercises to lose weight, consider band workout.


  • Start by using a 41-inch band and stand on 1 of its end
  • Next, spread the feet a small amount
  • Then, bend at your hips to loop the band end behind your neck (like the starting position)
  • Next, keep your legs straight and extend through your hips to form a vertical position
  • Make sure that you don’t round the back when you get down back to the beginning position

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6. Shoulder Presses

Beside band exercise, you can do shoulder presses for toning your shoulders.


  • First, stand with the feet, hip width apart, the hands on top of the shoulders and the elbows out to your side
  • Next, push up, then bring the arms back to the starting position
  • Do about 15 to 20, build up to 2 slowly, then do 3 sets

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Arm Circles

Next to good morning exercises, do arm circles for toning up your arms.


  • Start by standing with the feet, hip width apart, and the arms stretched out to the side, the palms facing down
  • Next, rotate the arms clockwise, make a circle with the hands, then anti-clockwise, then make another circle. Finish 1 repetition
  • Do about 20 repetitions, build up to 2 and then 3 sets

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Bottom line:

These are 7 recommended good morning exercises to lose weight. Depending on your time, strength, and fitness level to choose yourself the right exercises! Thanks for reading! If you like this post, make a thump up or share it with others!

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