White day on the duck

Jethro Tull — One White Duck


Jethro Tull — One White Duck


Duck Sauce — Barbra Streisand


A Day in Black and White — Lame Duck


Watch The Duck — Poppin’ Off (Oscar White Remix)


Madonna — Miles Away (Thin White Duke Remix)


Madonna — Hollywood (Jacques Lu Cont’s Thin White Duke Mix)


Madonna — Material Girl


Danny Kaye — Little White Duck


Jethro Tull — One White Duck/010 = Nothing At All (2002 Remastered Version)


Burl Ives — The Little White Duck


Henrik — Pieni ankanpoikanen (The Little White Duck)


Saindhavi — White Duck


Danny Kaye — Little White Duck


Kidzone — A Little White Duck


Malin Akerman — Little White Duck


The Richard Wolfe Children’s Chorus — The Little White Duck


Sound of Nature — Erismature à Tête Blanche (White Head Duck)


The Singalongasong Band — Little White Duck


The Tinseltown Players — Little White Duck


Sugar Kane Music — The Little White Duck


Les Elgart & His Orchestra — The Little White Duck


Jethro Tull — One White Duck (Live)


Danny Kaye — The Little White Duck


Frank Ifield — Little White Duck (Original Mix)


Ameritz Karaoke Entertainment — Little White Duck (In the Style of Children’s Favorites)


Rebel Duck — Snow White


Boogie Belgique — The Little White Duck


Watch The Duck — Poppin’ Off (Oscar White Remix)


ODESZA feat. Jenni Potts x Jai Wolf — White Lies (DJ Mac Duck mash-up)


Duck Sauce — Big Bad Wolf (White Boy Mush-Up)


Dj Endru mash up mix — Wondarland Avenue vs. Duck Sauce – White big bad wolf


Boogie Belgique — The Little White Duck


Watch The Duck Feat. Trinidad James — Round Here Dreams (Tour Remix) (Anatidaephobia Part 3)


Sean Price — Duck Down (no white)


Jethro Tull — One White Duck


Danny Kaye — Little White Duck


White jazz band(Vocal Samson Movsesyan) — Cold Duck Time


duck_sauce_-_ — big_bad_wolf_(dj White Fox Mush up)


Jethro Tull — One White Duck/0(10) = Nothing At All


The White Duck/Sydius — Икар (by Otto Dix)


Сидиус – The White Duck – — Травы России Интерлюдия


Madonna mix *Official — Hollywood (Jacques Lu Cont’s Thin White Duck Mix)


Sydius – The White Duck — Strippvisite (by Thomas Buhe)


The White Duck/Sydius — Кокон (by Otto Dix)


The White Duck/Sydius — Антихрист (by Otto Dix)


The White Duck/Sydius — Орфей (by Otto Dix)


The White Duck/Sydius — Эдельвейс (by Otto Dix)


The White Duck/Sydius — Мечта о весне (by Otto Dix)


Madonna — Hollywood (Jacques Lu Cont’s Thin White Duck Mix)


Jethro Tull — One White Duck / 0^10 = Nothing At All


Madonna — Hollywood (Jacques Lu Cont’s Thin White Duck Mix)


Duck Sauce & Mike Candys & JoeDeSimone — La Barbara Streisand (Dj Sasha White Mash Up)


icy duck — same ol white girl bounce


Kalm Kaoz — White Rabbit (Double Duck)


Сказки на английском — White Duck


Madonna R&D — Hollywood (Jacques Lu Cont’s Thin White Duck Mix Edit)


Danny Kaye — Little White Duck


The White Duck/Sydius — Романс (by Otto Dix)


Рома Зверь Vs. Plastik Funk Vs. Duck Sauce — Районы Кварталы (Dj White Mash Up)


Paul White — Duck Calls


Fists Of The White Lotus — Duck Or Get Head Cracked


Burl Ives — The Little White Duck


Jethro Tull – A little light music (1992) — 08. One White Duck


Madonna — Miles Away (Thin White Duck Mix Edit)


Jethro Tull — One White Duck/0=Nothing at All


Papa Duck x Scrill White — I Wish


White Duck — No Time


Boogie Belgique — The Little White Duck(mp3cut.ru)


A Day In Black and White — Lame Duck




Boogie Belgique — The Little White Duck


Madonna — Hollywood (Jacques Lu Cont’s Thin White Duck Mix)


English for Kids — Little white duck


Madonna — Hollywood (Jacques Lu Cont’s Thin White Duck Mix)


Boogie Belgique — The Little White Duck (Remastered)


White Pisces — Sitting Duck


Jethro Tull 1975 (LP) — 5.One White Duck / 0^10 = Nothing At All


Madonna — Hollywood (white duck mix)


Jethro Tull — One White Duck


smk,Вадюс,гурман,johny white,сухофрукт — как нибудь(dirty duck instr.)


Duck Sauce — Big Bad Wolf (J.O.White Club Edit)


(9) Jethro Tull — One White Duck 0^10 = Nothing At All (1975)


Slam Duck — Blackboy White


Nancy King and Glen Moore — White Duck


Jethro Tull — One White Duck / 0 x 0 = Nothing At All


Watch The Duck — Poppin’ Off (Oscar White Remix)


Boogie Belgique — The Little White Duck


Duck Sauce — Big Bad Wolf ( WHITE FOX Bootу)


White Duck — Again


Jethro Tull — One White Duck


Boogie Belgique — The Little White Duck


The Golden Orchestra And Chorus — The Little White Duck


Boogie Belgique — The Little White Duck


Watch The Duck — Round Here Dreams Feat. Trinidad James (Tour Remix) (Anatidaephobia Part 3)


Jethro Tull — One White Duck / O¹º = Nothing At All


Madonna — Hollywood (Jacques Lu Cont’s Thin White Duck Mix)


Duck Sauce // Gucci // Lil’ Wayne — We Be Barbra Streisand (the White Panda Mashup)


ElCrash a.k.a White Mike & Псих a.k.a Псих Одиночка — 3D(diss Dok and Duck)


White Duck — Black-Eyed Susan



This is one of the largest species of duck. In fact, among all wild species called duck, only the steamer ducks are larger and heavier on average. The muscovy duck also attains sizes that nearly rival the white-winged duck but may average a bit smaller in a wild state. Length is 66–81 cm (26–32 in) and wingspan is 116–153 cm (46–60 in). Males weigh 2.94–3.9 kg (6.5–8.6 lb), while females weigh 1.95–3.05 kg (4.3–6.7 lb). The most noticeable feature on adult birds, is the dark body contrasting with a whitish head and neck. Males have mostly dull yellowish bill, blackish mottling on the head and upper neck, white lesser median coverts and inner edges of tertials and bluish-grey secondaries. In flight, white wing-coverts contrast with the rest of the wings. Females are smaller and usually have more densely mottled head and upper neck. The juvenile is duller and browner.

This secretive species is only known to feed at night. Its diet consists of seeds, aquatic plants, grain, rice, snails, small fish and insects. It inhabits stagnant or slow-flowing natural and artificial wetlands, within or adjacent to evergreen, deciduous or swamp forests, on which it depends for roosting and nesting, usually in tree-holes. Although lowlands (below c.200 m) provide optimum habitat, it occurs up to 1,400 m of altitude, especially on plateaus supporting sluggish perennial rivers and pools.

Distribution and statusEdit

Historically, the white-winged duck was widely distributed from north-east India and Bangladesh, through South East Asia to Java and Sumatra. It is extinct in Java. In India, the duck is found only in the northeastern part of the country with main concentration in eastern Assam and adjacent areas of Arunachal Pradesh. However, in 2002 it had a population of only 800, with about 200 in Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, 150 on Sumatra, notably in Way Kambas National Park and 450 in India, Bangladesh and Burma.

In India, the key protected areas for the white-winged duck are Dibru-Saikhowa National Park, Dihing-Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary, Nameri National Park and Namdapha National Park.

The white-winged duck occurs in dense tropical evergreen forests, near rivers and swamps.

They tend to nest in tree cavities, and are threatened in part since the destruction of hollow trees is destroying their nesting localities. The draining of swamps and rivers and other forms of habitat destruction is also destroying the habitat that they could survive in. Additional threats include loss of genetic variability, disturbance, hunting, and collection of eggs and chicks for food or pets.

Due to ongoing habitat loss, small population size, and because this duck is hunted for eggs, pets and food, the white-winged duck is evaluated as Endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. It is listed on Appendix I of CITES. The white-winged duck is also found the central Sumatra province of Riau, specifically in the peatland acacia plantations of a large pulp and paper company. The plantations at least temporarily provide suitable habitat between periodic harvests (once every 4–5 years). The ducks are frequently observed along canals where large and overhanging Acacia trees provide shade and cover from predators and a haven in which to feed and rest. The quiet and still water in the canals of the plantations provides an undisturbed and secluded location, away from local communities which may hunt the ducks or collect eggs. Near-by natural forest conservation areas and greenbelts also provide suitable nesting and roosting habitat in close proximity to the canals.

It is the state bird of the Indian state of Assam.


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Once upon a time a great and powerful King married a lovely Princess. No couple were ever so happy; but before their honeymoon was over they were forced to part, for the King had to go on a warlike expedition to a far country, and leave his young wife alone at home. Bitter were the tears she shed, while her husband sought in vain to soothe her with words of comfort and counsel, warning her, above all things, never to leave the castle, to hold no intercourse with strangers, to beware of evil counsellors, and especially to be on her guard against strange women. And the Queen promised faithfully to obey her royal lord and master in these four matters.
So when the King set out on his expedition she shut herself up with her ladies in her own apartments, and spent her time in spinning and weaving, and in thinking of her royal husband. Often she was very sad and lonely, and it happened that one day while she was seated at the window, letting salt tears drop on her work, an old woman, a kind, homely-looking old body, stepped up to the window, and, leaning upon her crutch, addressed the Queen in friendly, flattering tones, saying:
‘Why are you sad and cast down, fair Queen? You should not mope all day in your rooms, but should come out into the green garden, and hear the birds sing with joy among the trees, and see the butterflies fluttering above the flowers, and hear the bees and insects hum, and watch the sunbeams chase the dew-drops through the rose-leaves and in the lily-cups. All the brightness outside would help to drive away your cares, O Queen.’
For long the Queen resisted her coaxing words, remembering the promise she had given the King, her husband; but at last she thought to herself: After all, what harm would it do if I were to go into the garden for a short time and enjoy myself among the trees and flowers, and the singing birds and fluttering butterflies and humming insects, and look at the dew-drops hiding from the sunbeams in the hearts of the roses and lilies, and wander about in the sunshine, instead of remaining all day in this room? For she had no idea that the kind-looking old woman leaning on her crutch was in reality a wicked witch, who envied the Queen her good fortune, and was determined to ruin her. And so, in all ignorance, the Queen followed her out into the garden and listened to her smooth, flattering words. Now, in the middle of the garden there was a pond of water, clear as crystal, and the old woman said to the Queen:
‘The day is so warm, and the sun’s rays so scorching, that the water in the pond looks very cool and inviting. Would you not like to bathe in it, fair Queen?’
‘No, I think not,’ answered the Queen; but the next moment she regretted her words, and thought to herself: Why shouldn’t I bathe in that cool, fresh water? No harm could come of it. And, so saying, she slipped off her robes and stepped into the water. But scarcely had her tender feet touched the cool ripples when she felt a great shove on her shoulders, and the wicked witch had pushed her into the deep water, exclaiming:
‘Swim henceforth, White Duck!’
And the witch herself assumed the form of the Queen, and decked herself out in the royal robes, and sat among the Court ladies, awaiting the King’s return. And suddenly the tramp of horses’ hoofs was heard, and the barking of dogs, and the witch hastened forward to meet the royal carriages, and, throwing her arms round the King’s neck, kissed him. And in his great joy the King did not know that the woman he held in his arms was not his own dear wife, but a wicked witch.
In the meantime, outside the palace walls, the poor White Duck swam up and down the pond; and near it laid three eggs, out of which there came one morning two little fluffy ducklings and a little ugly drake. And the White Duck brought the little creatures up, and they paddled after her in the pond, and caught gold-fish, and hopped upon the bank and waddled about, ruffling their feathers and saying `Quack, quack’ as they strutted about on the green banks of the pond. But their mother used to warn them not to stray too far, telling them that a wicked witch lived in the castle beyond the garden, adding, `She has ruined me, and she will do her best to ruin you.’ But the young ones did not listen to their mother, and, playing about the garden one day, they strayed close up to the castle windows. The witch at once recognised them by their smell, and ground her teeth with anger; but she hid her feelings, and, pretending to be very kind she called them to her and joked with them, and led them into a beautiful room, where she gave them food to eat, and showed them a soft cushion on which they might sleep. Then she left them and went down into the palace kitchens, where she told the servants to sharpen the knives, and to make a great fire ready, and hang a large kettleful of water over it.
In the meantime the two little ducklings had fallen asleep, and the little drake lay between them, covered up by their wings, to be kept warm under their feathers. But the little drake could not go to sleep, and as he lay there wide awake in the night he heard the witch come to the door and say:
‘Little ones, are you asleep?’
And the little drake answered for the other two:
‘We cannot sleep, we wake and weep,
Sharp is the knife, to take our life;
The fire is hot, now boils the pot,
And so we wake, and lie and quake.’
‘They are not asleep yet,’ muttered the witch to herself; and she walked up and down in the passage, and then came back to the door, and said:
‘Little ones, are you asleep?’
And again the little drake answered for his sisters:
‘We cannot sleep, we wake and weep,
Sharp is the knife, to take our life;
The fire is hot, now boils the pot,
And so we wake, and lie and quake.’
‘Just the same answer,’ muttered the witch; `I think I’ll go in and see.’ So she opened the door gently, and seeing the two little ducklings sound asleep, she there and then killed them.
The next morning the White Duck wandered round the pond in a distracted manner, looking for her little ones; she called and she searched, but could find no trace of them. And in her heart she had a foreboding that evil had befallen them, and she fluttered up out of the water and flew to the palace. And there, laid out on the marble floor of the court, dead and stone cold, were her three children. The White Duck threw herself upon them, and, covering up their little bodies with her wings, she cried:
‘Quack, quack — my little loves!
Quack, quack — my turtle-doves!
I brought you up with grief and pain,
And now before my eyes you’re slain.
I gave you always of the best;
I kept you warm in my soft nest.
I loved and watched you day and night —
You were my joy, my one delight.’
The King heard the sad complaint of the White Duck, and called to the witch: `Wife, what a wonder is this? Listen to that White Duck.’
But the witch answered, `My dear husband, what do you mean? There is nothing wonderful in a duck’s quacking. Here, servants! Chase that duck out of the courtyard.’ But though the servants chased and chevied, they could not get rid of the duck; for she circled round and round, and always came back to the spot where her children lay, crying:
‘Quack, quack — my little loves!
Quack, quack — my turtle-doves!
The wicked witch your lives did take –
The wicked witch, the cunning snake.
First she stole my King away,
Then my children did she slay.
Changed me, from a happy wife,
To a duck for all my life.
Would I were the Queen again;
Would that you had never been slain.’
And as the King heard her words he began to suspect that he had been deceived, and he called out to the servants, ‘Catch that duck, and bring it here.’ But, though they ran to and fro, the duck always fled past them, and would not let herself be caught. So the King himself stepped down amongst them, and instantly the duck fluttered down into his hands. And as he stroked her wings she was changed into a beautiful woman, and he recognised his dear wife. And she told him that a bottle would be found in her nest in the garden, containing some drops from the spring of healing.
And it was brought to her; and the ducklings and little drake were sprinkled with the water, and from the little dead bodies three lovely children arose.
And the King and Queen were overjoyed when they saw their children, and they all lived happily together in the beautiful palace. But the wicked witch was taken by the King’s command, and she came to no good end.




This song was originally sang by Burl Ives. He sang it on “Burl Ives Sings Little White Duck and Other Children’s Favorites”.

This song has also been performed by famous children’s singer, Raffi.

This song can be a useful tool to help parents and teachers teach colors and animals. This song can also be used to help teach words that are also sounds, for example, in the lyrics “Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!’ The teacher or parent can illustrate to the child that this is the sound a snake makes, but can also be a word that describes the sound.

While being a great song to teach animals, this is also one of the silly songs that teachers and parents can use to teach their children about nonsense. We all know that ducks cannot talk, so it is important that we teach that to the children while teaching the silliness of this song.

he album was reissued by CBS Records Inc. in 1974. It’s often thought of as the best childrens” records ever produced!


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