What herbal preparations help to lose weight

By its action, the herbs that help lose weight can be divided into 4 types:

1. Stimulants – they help the body burn calories faster.

2. Diuretics are diuretics that decrease the fluid content in tissues, increase the excretion of urine from the body.

3. Laxatives – interfere with the full absorption of food, reduce the consumption of calories, accelerate the release of the intestine.

4. Suppressants of appetite – reduce the feeling of hunger when increase in volume in the stomach.

Some make tea, others are added to food.

1. LucerneThis weeds are used to feed cattle. It acts as a diuretic, it stimulates digestion well. In alfalfa there are many substances that accelerate dissolution.

2. Laminaria
Sea kale is an edible seaweed. It is produced in the form of tinctures, tablets, dragees and in dry form. It can be used instead of salt. Laminaria accelerates the metabolism. Substances that are contained in kelp, dull the feeling of hunger. This alga has a mild laxative effect.

3. The mug is big Burdock root accelerates the metabolism of fats, possessesMild laxative and diuretic action. The use of burdock root dulls the feeling of hunger. It is more convenient to use a decoction of dried roots: we pour 2 teaspoons of root with a glass of boiling water, boil on low heat for 10-20 minutes, after cooling and straining we drink it between meals.

4. Dandelion The root of this plant accelerates the metabolism of fats. Acts as a stimulant and light tonic.

5. Nettles Nettle dulls the appetite. From nettles drink a decoction, add soups and some other dishes, prepare salads. Nettle is not recommended for pregnant women, as it can provoke their fights.

6. Fennel The fennel seed acts as a mild diuretic,Dulls the feeling of hunger and provides the body with energy. For weight loss, it is recommended to use tea from a mixture of nettle leaves and fennel seeds. Take 1 teaspoon fennel seed and 2 teaspoons nettle leaves, fill them with 3 cups of boiling water and boil over low heat with the lid closed for 15 minutes. Filter and consume 1 cup in a cold or warm form 3-4 times a day.

7. Flax
Preparations from the seed of flax, rich in fiber andProtein, increase in the intestines 5 times, thereby reducing the appetite and acting as a laxative. Decoction of flaxseed stabilizes blood sugar levels. Take flaxseed need 1.5 hours before meals.

8. Garcinia Cambodian
This overseas plant is now very popular,Preparations from it can be purchased in almost all pharmacies. It helps to reduce appetite, strengthens immunity well. Garcinia inhibits the accumulation of droplets of lipids in fat cells.

9. Hawthorn Liquid extract of hawthorn fruit is part of the famous drug cardiovascular. It lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood, it has a stimulating effect on the heart.

10. Parsley A good natural diuretic. Juice from parsley reduces appetite and dulls the feeling of hunger

11. Senna The senna leaf (Alexandrian leaf) is an effective laxative. It stimulates the activity of the intestines, accelerates the metabolism of fats.

Precautions for using 11 herbs for weight loss The use of all of the above drugs, although it will help reduce weight, but in no case is not recommended to abuse them.

In practice it is proved that the use ofLaxatives reduces weight by depleting fat cells, but the problem still remains, since the amount of fat cells remains unchanged. The body regains its former weight after stopping the use of laxatives quickly enough.

The use of laxatives and diuretics inFor a long time leads to violations in the natural functioning of the kidneys and large intestine. Due to the constant loss of fluid, dehydration of the body occurs, the electrolyte balance is disturbed. Abuse of diuretics leads to a decrease in the level of potassium in the blood. Its deficiency threatens with serious impairment of kidney function and the appearance of muscle weakness.

Stimulants – improve mood, help to reduce appetite, but their use leads to disorders of the body, drain it, when you stop taking it often lowers vitality, develops depression.

Means that bind fat, disrupt absorption, and assimilation of important components of food, vitamins, resulting in deteriorating the condition of hair, skin and teeth.

Now we know 11 herbs with which you canLose weight. Therefore, one always needs to know that everything needs a measure. Losing weight should not be harmful to health. Before using these medicinal herbs it is best to consult a doctor. After all, it’s better to be healthy and full than thin and sick!


Advertising and visiting doctors affect ushypnotically – we are pinning more and more hopes on pills and injections, and that some kind of grass can really help, it’s even inconvenient to speak out loud. Yes, there is a leaflet to medicines, where, although it is not clear, the whole spectrum of action is described seriously and solidly, it is to this leaf that we are inclined to believe and trust our life. Whether it’s good or bad is not for us to decide, but today we’ll talk about the reverse side of pharmacy fanaticism, which also affected the sphere of weight loss – about what herbs help to lose weight.


Medicinal herbs affect us at the expense ofBiologically active substances that they contain, they, in other words, and there are notorious dietary supplements, only here in the herbs you will not come across banned ingredients and the scam of pharmacists. Weight loss is possible with the help of four categories of herbs:

  • Diuretics – diuretic;
  • Stimulants – fat burning;
  • supressan – suppress the feeling of hunger;
  • Laxatives.


Diuretics help to remove decay productstogether with urine, thus, if we are dieting or actively training, it is diuretics that will help to purify from the decomposed fat cells. In addition, diuretics are effective herbs not only for losing weight, but also for getting rid of swelling (for example, after a sleepless night), or to fight cellulite. The most characteristic diuretics are alfalfa, fennel, parsley, anise and dill.


Stimulants are grasses that enhancebody temperature, and thereby accelerate all life processes: palpitation, breathing, digestion and, in particular, weight loss. Stimulants can not be taken daily, they should be alternated with other herbs. Representatives: guarana, dandelion, ginger. From these herbs you can not only cook broths, but also eat, and make infusions of herbs for weight loss.


These herbs suppress hunger, swell in the stomach and have a mild laxative effect. The most characteristic suppressants are burdock, kelp and nettle.


To explain the effect of these herbs there is no need – allThe components of natural herbal laxatives are known, and most of you know their action: they swell and clean everything they get in their way through your intestines. The most famous grass-laxatives are senna, flax and garcinia Cambodian.

Despite the fact that the effect of herbs, of course, is softerAnd more natural medicines, to lose vigilance is also not worth it – careless combining of unknown components can lead to unexpected, and even tragic consequences.


has long been established that work on losing weight bearing fruit only through an integrated approach.A balanced diet, regular daily routine and physical activity will give good results if you combine diet with plant helpers – herbs for weight loss.Besides its main task, they also make up the body missing due to limitations in a food nutrients.Traditional medicine has been well studied properties of natural medicines and knows what herbs can help in losing weight.

to determine which herbs can be useful, you need to understand their properties and methods of application.After all, one characterized by the ability to envelop the gastric wall mucus or swell, fill the stomach, thereby reducing appetite and cause a false feeling of satiety.These qualities have flax seeds, spirulina seaweed, bladder wrack, Angelica archangelica.It was established that one of the reasons for the accumulation of body extra kilos is a metabolic disorder.Therefore, no less important, and the other group of plants, which can h

elp in losing weight, normalizing the digestive system and stimulating the body’s metabolism.It includes: nettle, mother and stepmother, anise, dill, parsley, fennel, elder flowers.It has been observed that good burn fat seasonings: ginger, rosemary, pepper, turmeric.If necessary, this bouquet you can add herbs with laxative effect: buckthorn, hellebore, rhineberry, senna, yarrow.This will not only help fight constipation and cleanse the body of toxins stragglers.Another required component of the composition of plant – herb with diuretic and choleretic properties.Withdraw excess liquid corn silk, field horsetail, bear ears, tansy, everlasting, and others.It is important to understand that drinking water should not be limiting.Given that the cleansing of the body and excretion is accompanied by a loss of fluid and minerals in some way, should be provided in the diet of herbal teas and infusions, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables, compensates for the deficiency of vitamins and minerals.To do this, perfectly suited rose, currants, raspberries, cranberries, Rowan, nettle leaves and many others.

determine which herbs can be useful in a particular case, it is possible to prepare a multi-component herbal combining plants with different qualities, but all can be brewed individually.Broths recommended by no more than 1-2 days, so that they were effective.It also has the reception of regular infusions and treatment system.As with any drug, herbs can help greatly in losing weight or harm the body if taken randomly or wrong pick herbal combinations.In addition, it is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of the organism and the disease before starting treatment with herbs.To do this, you need to be examined and get expert advice.The fact that many herbs are contraindicated in case of kidney, liver, stomach and pancreas.Some plants can cause allergic reactions.And pregnant women need to know what herbs can trigger uterine contractions and miscarriage.Even in the absence of contraindications while taking herbal infusions should be closely monitored for health and stop their use, if there was a strange redness, rash, swelling, cough or shortness of breath.The course of treatment herbs for weight loss should not exceed one and a half – two months, after which you need to take a break of the same duration.Nor should we take more and more broth than indicated in the recipe, because it does not speed up the process of losing weight, and cause allergies, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract or even poisoning of the body.Caution should drink infusions of herbs growing in a different region or exotic plants, as the body’s reaction can be unpredictable.

Pharmacies sold finished fees that can help in losing weight, they professionally selected plants with different properties and ideal proportions.And if for some reason is not suitable mixture pharmacy, you can manually choose the recommended herbs and brew them to the specified recipe on the package.When preparing herbal infusions of many ingredients you can use one of the most simple and well-known recipes.First, you need to take 1 tbspherbs selected from each group and mix thoroughly.Then select spoon the mixture, pour a glass of boiling water and keep in a water bath for 15-20 minutes.The broth must insist 45 minutes, then it is filtered and the solution is poured into him another glass of boiled water.This infusion to drink 3 times a day before meals.The composition of herbal teas, experts recommend to change after 1-2 weeks of reception.

Another way to lose weight with the help of herbs – is the acceptance of herbal baths.These procedures improve blood circulation, purify pores and has a rejuvenating effect, moreover, reduced skin elasticity, weight loss if the process has already begun.For this purpose, mint, oregano, chamomile, lavender, linden, St. John’s wort and many other herbs.For example, you can take 50 grams of sage, mint, oregano and calendula make this mix one liter of boiling water for 20 minutes, drain – and the remedy is ready for a bath.

Losing weight with the help of herbs – a lengthy process, in a month you can lose about 1 kg, but retained the achieved results much easier than after other methods of weight loss.Furthermore, the use of natural medicines for weight loss is safer and more accessible than the use of efficient synthetic medical devices.


Weight loss is one of the most difficult things you will ever do because it requires that you completely revamp your entire lifestyle. However, this is not to say it is out of your reach because thousands of people start their weight loss journey every month. It is a fact that 85 percent of people will not meet their goals when they work toward losing weight. Because of this, it is important to explore all of your options.

There are different herbs that may help you to shed the pounds and reclaim your health. It is important that you know which ones are actually effective so you do not waste time experimenting.

Most Effective Herbs for Weight Loss

Once you make a choice to lose weight and improve your health, you likely think about natural ways to make your journey a little bit easier. This is where herbs come in because there are many herbs that have effects that can do things like stimulate your metabolism and help to reduce your appetite. When you combine an effective weight loss herb with regular exercise and a healthy diet, your chances of success become much higher.

1. Gurmar Leaves

This herb has a long history of use in treating obesity in Ayurvedic medicine. It works as a diuretic to flush out excess water and toxins and it also removes toxins with its astringent effects. Gurmar leaves work as a digestive stimulant and are able to temporarily block your ability to taste sweets, helping you to combat your sweet tooth.

2. Ginseng

Most people are familiar with ginseng because it is one of the most commonly used herbs throughout the world. While this herb is most popular for its memory-enhancing effects, it can also be beneficial when you are trying to lose weight. Ginseng acts as a stimulant and a thermogenic, both of which lend themselves to boosting your metabolism and giving you the energy you need to exercise.

3. Oregano

Oregano is an antioxidant powerhouse and it is also an effective weight loss herb. It helps to keep your digestive system healthy and working as it should, it increases serotonin levels and it helps to flush excess waste out of the body. All of these come together to promote weight loss and prevent issues like bloating and constipation. The increased serotonin levels will improve your mood, which reduces the risk of emotional eating. Increasing serotonin may also be beneficial in reducing your appetite overall.

4. Sage

Sage is a very popular herb for cooking because it works in so many different dishes. Sage is effective in lowering blood sugar levels, decreasing blood pressure and reducing anxiety. Since all of these issues can lead to weight gain, sage not only promotes weight loss, but it promotes good overall health too. It has stress-busting effects that will help to keep your cortisol levels normal as well. High cortisol levels lead to weight gain – mostly around the abdominal area – so it is important to keep this hormone in check to be at a healthy weight.

5. Spearmint

There is research that shows that spearmint is effective in helping to reduce body fat. It does this by releasing the excess amounts of the hormone estrogen that the body stores. When your body is storing this hormone, your body holds on to more fat and you gain weight. Balancing your estrogen levels with an herb like spearmint can help to regulate your body so that it does not hold onto extra fat.

6. Guggul

Guggul is an herb that many people are not familiar with because of how old it is. However, there are modern studies that support the claims that this herb is beneficial in improving the health of your thyroid and ensuring that your metabolism is functioning at an optimal rate. It is able to do this without any stimulant effects, so this is ideal for those who need a metabolism boost, but are not able to tolerate stimulants.

7. Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is becoming more popular in recent years for its cleansing effects. It is particularly useful for cleansing and detoxifying the liver so that this organ can function at an optimal level. When your liver is not burdened with excessive toxins, it can focus on keeping your metabolism revved up so that you can burn calories and lose weight.

8. Dandelion Root

Most people see dandelion as a pesky weed that muddles their lawn, but it is actually a very effective cleanser, helping to flush toxins and excess waste from your body. It helps to promote weight loss because it eliminates toxins, regulates the blood sugar, reduces inflammation and alkalizes the body. All parts of this weed are edible and produce these beneficial effects.

9. Yerba Mate

Yerba mate is a very popular simulating herb and many people replace their morning coffee with it. The stimulant effect will give you energy and it also increases your metabolism. It is full of different antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and amino acids, so in addition to promoting weight loss, it also helps you to get the essential nutrients your body needs each day.

10. Coleus Forskohlii

This herb is very popular in Ayurvedic medicine and its use goes back to ancient times. The forskolin component is effective in promoting weight loss by boosting your metabolism and stimulating thyroid function. Men benefit most from this herb because it also increases testosterone which is beneficial for men trying to lose weight.

11. Peppermint

Peppermint is very popular for alleviating nausea and other minor digestive complaints, but it can also support weight loss. It helps to regulate your digestive system and flush out excess waste and water. It can also reduce your stress levels to prevent emotional eating and it helps to suppress your appetite.

Now that you know about multiple herbs that can help you to lose weight, talk to your doctor. This will ensure that you are using the herb correctly, that it is safe for you and that you are getting the proper dose. The proper dosage and administration are critical to ensure you reap the full benefits of the herbs. 


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