What does the Kuznetsov applicator look like?

What is Kuznetsov’s applicator? This means, which has a reflex and therapeutic effect on the human body and its processes.

What does the applicator look like? This is a ready-made fabric fabric of different shapes and sizes. It is tightly sewn or glued laminae, consisting of a lot of needles. The height of the needles is several millimeters. There are applicators in the form of a rubber belt with metal needles sewn on it. Also applicators with a lot of plastic plates are sold. You put them on the canvas, the size of which you choose individually. For children recommended to sew needles with a distance of 2-6 mm. Adults 8 mm between the plates. Do not worry that needles can penetrate the skin. This will not happen, because the needles are small and very close to each other.

Application of the applicator

Applying a session of acupressure, there is a mechanical effect on the skin. Improves blood circulation and activates lymph circulation. The pain is blocked and a sense of well-being comes. It

is proved that the hormone of happiness is released during the procedure. Applicator Kuznetsova completely relaxes and relieves muscles of strong tension and acts as a relaxation to the entire body. Positive effect of the applicator on the body you receive immediately after the first session.

In what diseases and ailments is applied the applicator :

  • With chronic fatigue and insomnia.
  • With high and low pressure.
  • With arisen pains after strong physical labor.
  • For various skin conditions.
  • With erectile dysfunction in men.
  • Asthma.
  • With varicose veins.
  • The state of panic and fear.
  • Stress and depression.
  • Painful condition with arthritis.
  • Pain in the lumbar region and above.
  • With bronchitis.
  • With radiculitis.
  • Various spasms.
  • Nerve pincers.
  • Pain in the knees.
  • Muscle and joint pain.
  • Headache.
  • With cellulite.
  • For osteochondrosis.

Using an applicator Kuznetsova

Applicator is applied to the pain area and pressed with hands for 2-3 minutes. Then go to another pain area and continue the procedure of massage. During the day you can carry out this manipulation 2-4 times. To relieve pain in the lumbar region and above, the applicator lies down and 20-30 minutes lie on the thorns. After the procedure, it is necessary to lie down for 20 minutes. Repeat massage on the lumbar region 2 to 3 times a day.

For chronic bronchitis and muscle pains, the applicator is moved higher to the area of ​​the scapula and lie for 30 minutes. With cellulite use the applicator-mitten. Massage the massage from 10 to 20 minutes several times a day. With proper application, you should not feel pain, a strong tingling sensation. Change the venue, shift the applicator pad and try to relax. If you feel a slight feeling of tension in the place where the applicator is located, do not be scared, it will soon pass. Beginners are advised to conduct the procedure for 10-15 minutes. After two weeks, you can bring the massage to 30 minutes.


  • Various pustular manifestations on the skin, warts, large moles.
  • Tumors and papillomas.
  • Thrombophlebitis.
  • Blood clotting disorder.
  • Pregnancy.
  • High temperature.
  • Epilepsy.
  • Alcoholism and drug addiction.
  • For heart defects.

Cleaning the applicator

After each application, the applicator must be disinfected. Soak the applicator in a warm solution with soap or detergent for 20-40 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly for 10 minutes under running water. Applicator Kuznetsov not recommended to rub hard, squeeze and mechanically act during disinfection.

Dear readers! We recommend that you start using Kuznetsov’s applicator at home, consult a qualified masseur or an acupuncturist. Treatment of diseases with the help of Kuznetsov’s applicator is not a basic, but ancillary.


The modern way of life is characterized by low mobility. It became almost the norm. Working in offices, high heels, tossing feet on the leg is one of the many reasons for poor health. The person begins to complain of migraines, vegetovascular dystonia, pain in the spinal column. Scoliosis often develops, dizziness, dysfunction of the heart, a person becomes sensitive to weather conditions, quickly becomes depleted. There may appear flat feet and a violation of posture. All these problems contribute to a decrease in efficiency, the appearance of stoop, osteochondrosis and jamming of nerve endings in the cervical spine.

Use of applicators

For the treatment of osteochondrosis and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system, there are many different methods:

  • medicines;
  • physiotherapy;
  • baths;
  • massage;
  • physical education or a suitable sport.

Many are turning to methods of alternative medicine. Acupuncture became especially popular. It should be noted that the procedures have a high cost, and one trip to the specialist will clearly not be enough.

One of the ways to solve problems with health is the applicator for the back. What kind of device has the device, and what is its effect, described in this article.

Impact of the applicator

Applicator for the back, the photo of which is presented in this material, has different effects.

  • Mechanical. It can cause a fast and active reaction of the whole body, in contrast to the usual massage performed by the hands.
  • Reflex. When acupuncture promotes activation of the skin segmental reflex, which has a positive effect on the condition of internal organs.
  • Galvanic. It is characterized by the effect of applicators (Lyapko’s invention) with osteochondrosis of the neck and diseases of the spinal cord and muscles. A low-voltage feed current helps to relieve inflammation and swelling.

Applicator Kuznetsova

The device was invented by Chelyabinsk music teacher Ivan Kuznetsov. It was created in 1980.

Kuznetsov was an admirer of Chinese medicine. Having once received a severe lung burn caused by a remedy for cockroaches, he decided not to resort to the help of official medicine and come up with his own method of cure.

To the rug of yoga rubber, he attached sharp pins and began using a device to heal injuries. Noting the positive effects of the invention, Kuznetsov began to treat other people.

It should be noted that for a long time no importance was attached to the official medicine of the new invention. Soon the applicator for the back spread all over the world. In the Soviet Union, he was in great demand. The device had a positive effect in the treatment of osteochondrosis, fatigue and severe diseases of the bone system. Applicator Kuznetsova is constantly being modified.

What is the effect of the applicator?

Applicator with needles for back helps to fight pain in the thoracic and cervical spine, and also heal the area of ​​the lower back and joints. He also provides an opportunity to cope with the strongest migraine.

The main component of any device of this type is the needles. They do not spoil the skin and do not hurt it. Therefore, this method of treatment does not carry the danger of blood infection.

Needles cause a body reaction, affecting its reflex areas. Impulses are transmitted to the spinal cord and to internal organs and tissues. Absence of pain is caused by increased production of endorphins by the pituitary gland. Therefore, tactile sensitivity is reduced.

Applicator Kuznetsova with back pain promotes vasodilation, which improves blood circulation and speeds up metabolic processes in the body. Parallel to this, protective mechanisms are connected, biologically active substances, including opioids, that have analgesic action begin to be released.

The scheme of the applicator’s effect is based on the fact that it promotes the excitation of a new painful focus in the brain. He acts as a competitor to an already existing focus, provoked by a disease of an internal organ. As a result, the pain gradually decreases.

What does Kuznetsov’s applicator look like today?

The structure of such a device, as an applicator for the back, is not difficult. Its basis is a regular rug made of oilcloth or cloth, on which are placed plates of square or round shape. On the plates are stupid spikes of plastic, metal or polystyrene.

The distance between the spines is called the step. Rugs for sale, have two dimensions: a step of 5 mm (has a soft effect) and a step of 7.6 mm (has a hard effect). The wider the step, the stronger the pressure level on the skin. The rug is a classic modification of the applicator.

There are other models of Kuznetsov’s applicator:

  • Massager. It is presented in the form of a roller with or without a handle. The size of the platen and the size of the needles are selected individually. He treats muscle pain and breaks salt. If you roll the roller with your feet on the floor, then not only the spurs will disappear, but also muscle fatigue.
  • Disk. On its surface there are also needles made of plastic, and a belt is located below it. The device is worn on the arm. It is an applicator for back massage and other problem areas.
  • Belt. The device is quite wide. The inner side is covered with spikes of polystyrene.
  • Insoles. They are designed to hold a massage in the area of ​​the feet.

Color difference applicators Kuznetsova

Applicators Kuznetsova differ in color:

  • The green device is designed for people with sensitive skin and a low threshold of pain.
  • The blue applicator is designed for patients with normal pain threshold.
  • The device of yellow color has the maximum effect on people with an increased pain threshold. Spikes are equipped with additional inserts from the magnet, which contribute to the formation of a magnetic field.
  • Applicators of orange color are intended for all patients. Often it is used by yogis as the first stage in the transition to nails and glass shards.

How is Kuznetsov’s rug used for osteochondrosis?

Applicator Kuznetsova for the back is fixed on the back or neck. To increase the impact, the patient lies on his back. The bulging angles exert pressure on the skin of the back or neck. Massage is combined with the impact on the acupuncture points.

What processes are activated?

When using the applicator, the following effects are achieved:

  • improves blood circulation;
  • exchange processes are optimized;
  • toxins are released;
  • muscle tension decreases.

What zones can the therapeutic effect be directed to?

The effect of the applicator is directed to the reflex zones. These are places on the surface of the body that are removed from the diseased organ, but are connected with it through nerve endings. Massage of these zones contributes to a significant enhancement of the effect in healing the affected organ.

Reflex zones are localized on the feet and palms of a person. Therefore, in the treatment of osteochondrosis, in addition to acupressure, the areas of back are resorted to massaging these areas using rugs and rollers.

Applicator Lyapko

Nikolai Grigorievich Lyapko is a Ukrainian reflexotherapist. He managed to improve the invention of Kuznetsov and create a completely new device based on the applicator Kuznetsov. The invention has also gained wide popularity. Modernized applicator Lyapko helps with diseases of the spine and other problems of the musculoskeletal system.

Applicator for back treatment does not injure the skin. It is based on medical rubber covered with rows of needles made of their metal. Fixation of needles is made by restrictive edges, located along the perimeter of the product.

In addition to point massage and reflex action, the Lyapko applicator makes it possible to achieve a galvanic effect. How is electroplating achieved?

In each protruding tubercle there is a needle. The metal from which the needles are made is able to create galvanic pairs. In the area of ​​contact between the needles and the skin, a current is formed. Thus, massage and acupuncture are supplemented with physiotherapy.

The metal from which the needles are made may be different. It can be copper, zinc, nickel, iron. Needles come with a silvered or gilded point. The presence of precious metals determines the high cost of rugs.

The high price for the applicator for Lyapko’s back fully pays off with a positive therapeutic effect and a decrease in the use of medicines.

Modifications of the Applicator Lyapko

Applicator Lyapko is presented in different versions. It can be in the form of a rug, a platen, a belt, a lining or a ball. All devices have an acicular surface.

What options are applicable for osteochondrosis?

In the treatment of osteochondrosis the following devices are used:

  • Carpet applicator for the back. The patient lies on his back or massages his feet.
  • Belt. He is put under his clothes.
  • Roller. It is used for massage.
  • Flat mat, called “daisy”. It is fixed in the area of ​​the neck, on the lower back, shoulder or knee.

Impact of the Lapko applicator for osteochondrosis

Applicator for back Lyapko is capable of:

  • to stop pain in the spine;
  • relieve muscle spasm;
  • improve blood circulation;
  • restore cartilage tissue;
  • reduce the intake of medicines;
  • stimulate the reserve forces of the body.

Lapko Massager in the form of a ball

In the series of devices created by Lyapko, there is a ball, on which needles are also located. Games with such a ball contribute to the stimulation of development of babies and small children. In children, students in school, the device helps in the development of brain activity and provides relaxation during night rest.

Elderly people are advised to keep it in the palms of their hands or to roll it on the floor in a sitting position. This massage reflex areas, relaxes the nervous system, improves the quality of sleep.

What are the criteria for distinguishing the Lyapko applicator?

Applicator Lyapko is represented by a variety of products that have different characteristics:

  • Distance between needles for people with an increased threshold of pain, sensitive skin. For children, models with a small distance between the needles are preferred. Patients who are over 40 are advised to use devices with a large step.
  • By size and shape, they can be large, small, round, palm-length, long. Can have the appearance of a rug, belt, cushion or insoles. This variety is suitable for any physique. If the classic Lapko applicator in the form of a rug is suitable for the treatment of osteochondrosis, other forms will be suitable for eliminating other diseases.

What do you prefer?

The device invented by Lyapko has a pronounced curative effect. What is the advantage over Kuznetsov’s invention?

Applicator Kuznetsova for the back optimizes blood circulation. The Lyapko method, in addition to improving blood flow, provides additional effects. Needle plates, as already mentioned, are able to provide the generation of galvanic current and supply the skin with the necessary elements of metal. Such treatment helps to reduce spasms in the muscles, eliminate inflammation, accelerate the recovery of the body.

At what diseases is the application of the applicator shown?

The applicator is applied for the following diseases:

  • pain in the knees, muscles, joints;
  • migraine;
  • arthritis;
  • insomnia;
  • pinched nerve;
  • spasms;
  • radiculitis;
  • defeat of the skin with cellulitis;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • fractures of the joints;
  • rachiocampsis;
  • bed-wetting;
  • neuralgia;
  • hemorrhoids;
  • low or high blood pressure;
  • bronchial asthma of an allergic nature;
  • pneumonia;
  • inflammation of the respiratory tract;
  • diseases of the digestive tract;
  • diabetes.

Existing contraindications

The applicator is not used in the following pathological conditions:

  • infectious disease in acute form;
  • blood diseases;
  • asthenic condition;
  • epithelial dysfunction;
  • frostbite;
  • presence of thrombi;
  • elevated temperature;
  • the presence of papillomas and warts;
  • epilepsy;
  • ischemia of the heart;
  • skin diseases;
  • low level of prothrombin in the blood;
  • dependence on drugs and alcohol.

The classical model of the applicator Kuznetsov inspires many to use it. The product was widely used by specialists practicing traditional and oriental medicine.

According to many doctors, the applicator with back pain gives an opportunity to improve the overall well-being of the patient, improve the level of his working capacity. Also, the excellent results of the invention have shown when correcting the dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system (fatigue, migraine, dizziness, pressure drop)

A positive effect can be achieved with complex therapy of cellulite. A high level of therapeutic and preventive efficacy allows advising the use of the applicator to a wide range of persons.

According to the patients, the Lyapko applicator helps to get rid of fatigue in the legs. It is great for massages. Also, the device can eliminate pain in the joints, improve immunity. Applicator Lyapko has anti-cellulite effects, helps with violations in the work of the gastrointestinal tract (eliminates constipation and colic).


Kuznetsova applicator are produced in the form of plastic plates with needles up to 8 mm. Plate createsa on the fabric. Acting on acupuncture points, it helps to relieve pain in muscles, improves mobility of joints, spine, optimizes the nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory systems.


The applicator should be pressed against the surface of the skin with the hands, body weight or elastic bandage. The exposure time is determined empirically and can vary from minutes to several hours.

To eliminate headaches, apply the applicator on the back of the head, in the region below the hair or on the collar area.

If necessary, restore joint mobility, the applicator is placed on the feet, knee, calf muscle, or the area from the collarbone to the scapula. It is recommended to make joint active motion within 40 minutes. This procedure contributes to the improvement of metabolic processes in articular tissues.

Osteochondrosis of the spine lie down on the applicator half an hour for two weeks, making a break of 10 days, will stay the course.

To normalize sleep and relieve stress, place the applicator on the spine between the shoulder blades and attach to the soles of both feet. Put a folded towel under the cushion of the lumbar deflection in this region was in close contact. The procedure is carried out at bedtime in an hour.

To increase sexual activity, attach the applicator to the lumbar region and sacrum, as well as on the feet.

Recovery should be enhanced occipital region, back of the neck, the palm of the left hand and feet.

If you want to get rid of cellulite, apply the applicator on the lower part of the buttocks and back of thighs, hips legs above the knee. To improve the efficiency of use simultaneously with the use of special cosmetics.

To get rid of fat, you should attach the applicator pad to the problem areas of the body every day for 40 minutes.


You should not apply the applicator to the skin with warts, papillomas and other entities. Do not use it for acute pain, thrombophlebitis.

Virtually any means by which we want to restore their health, there are contraindications. These include and applicator Kuznetsova. Before you apply it, let’s find out what it is , in some cases it helps, and when it is necessary to avoid its use.

In recent years, cases of diseases of the spine. The reasons for this is the mass, and everyone is looking for their own ways to make their condition easier and to carry out complex therapy of the spine relaxing at home. Helps in this lovely unit – applicator Kuznetsova. During its existence, it has become truly one of the most real “people” means that there is almost in every home.

Why people should choose the Kuznetsov applicator?

The applicator Kuznetsov is a really good tool, which is characterized by exceptional accessibility, ease of use and incredibly high efficiency. True, many users report that after using this applicator they became really lighter and back problems began to occur much less frequently than previously.

What is the Kuznetsov applicator?

Isleapyear, or the applicator Kuznetsov is a very simple tool that consists of several parts. It shipoopie of a thin plate, and elastic or a hard tissue plate where they are secured. Depending on where you intend to attach an applicator, it can be of different shape and size.

Contraindications for the use

Unfortunately, even such a simple to use and safe tool like the applicator Kuznetsova, has its contraindications.

For example, if the area where you have pain, are any warts, growths on the skin, or birthmarks, apply the applicator is in any case impossible, as it can cause very significant damage to health and have to be much more serious treatment.

Also the applicator Kuznetsov is contraindicated in the existence of any tumors on the skin, as this can also lead to certain problems. Plus, if you suffer from blood clotting or vessel occlusion with subsequent inflammation, also do not use this applicator.

In all skin diseases, as well as all months of pregnancy also should limit the use of aglepristone not to harm your body, and in the second case, not make it worse for the unborn baby.

In conclusion, I want to warn you: despite the fact that the applicator Kuznetsov is a very common and affordable, it is not necessary to use it widely and without talking with your doctor. Be careful and use only those techniques that you really need.


How to use applicator Kuznetsova


Many of us have heard or know what acupuncture is, acupuncture, and even more people, especially our mothers and grandmothers, have heard about Kuznetsov’s applicator, which is a lot of needles. A reasonable question arises: what is the relationship between them? Yes, the most direct. Influence on the points located on the human body – this is what the applicator or, as it is also called, Kuznetsov’s applicator bases on. Its use, however, is not as universal as in acupuncture or acupuncture massage. But those suffering back pain forgive this device so narrow range of action. We also forgive him, and we will consider what kind of medical miracle is this, to whom should it help and help?

What is Kuznetsov’s applicator?

Despite the apparent simplicity, Kuznetsov’s applicator( the price of the rug is not high, so everyone can try it out for himself, having bought the unit) is surprisingly effective. The scientists who developed it had no idea what acupuncture was, but they knew what Zakharin-Ged z

ones were. Their task was to create something like a massager for the lazy. Why for the lazy? Because all that was required was to buy this rug and lie down on it. And they came up with it.

Applicator is a plate consisting of segments fastened to each other by plastic locks( almost like puzzles).This plate is stuck with plastic needles – do not confuse the board with nails for yogis. Thanks to the locks, you can disassemble the plate and leave only one module and become a foot on it. And you can, having dismantled, collect from him such a needle bed and bring up the strength of the spirit, and at the same time, and treat your back. There are( and judging by the photo of the applicator on the Internet, they are more common) applicators in the form of round needle structures attached to some material – cellophane or fabric. Choose the one that is more convenient for you.

Types of applicators

If judged by the official instructions, the first applicator was released in 1988( TU-135-07-88).And it was classic, that is, it was a needle plate. She could lie down on her, tie her up with elastic bandages, walk barefooted legs. So get rid of radiculitis, osteochondrosis, early stage of scoliosis, flat feet and heel spurs.

The connection between these needles and the ancient Chinese theory of the presence on our body of active points, helping to cope with various diseases, was found out later. And so the industry for the production of applicators turned around and released many modifications of this massager.

  • Classic applicator Kuznetsov. Comments of doctors inspire its use. Especially those Aesculapius, who practice both traditional and oriental medicine. There are two types of simulators: soft( the needles are located 5 mm apart) and hard( the needles are harder, since the step between them is 7.6 mm – somehow they have to hold the weight of the person).

This is what the doctor of medical sciences and orthopedic physician Yarygin NV say about the applicator:

“Application of the applicator improves overall well-being, normalizes sleep, increases sexual function and working capacity. This device showed good results in correcting vegetative dysfunction( fatigue, headaches, dizziness, blood pressure jumps, etc.).Positive effect is noted in the complex therapy of cellulite. High therapeutic and preventive efficacy, convenience and ease of use, as well as a wide range of medical indications allows you to recommend the applicator for use by a wide range of people. “

  • Massager. Available in the form of a roller with or without a handle. Choose the size of the roller and the size of the needles according to your preference, treat the pain in the muscles, break the salt deposits. And if you roll the feet of the roller on the floor, then not only the spurs will disappear, but the fatigue will pass away, the forces and the desire to live will return. After all, on the feet of a lot of active points.
  • Disk. On the top of the disc there are the same plastic spikes, and from the bottom there is a strap. Such a disk can be put on hand and massage yourself or the household.
  • Belt. It looks like a wide belt, but the inside is studded with polystyrene spines.
  • Insoles – designed for foot massage.

A bit like Kuznetsov’s applicator massage silicone discs that cope with cellulite – but they are much softer. And in Western Ukraine, you can find wooden massagers with wooden spikes – than not analogous to a plastic applicator.

Applicators differ in color.

  • Green – for people with sensitive skin and low pain threshold.
  • Blue – for people with a normal pain threshold.
  • Yellow – the most effective, for people with high pain threshold. In addition, the spikes have magnetic inserts to form a magnetic field.
  • Orange – not suitable for everyone. Often it is used by beginning yogis and fakirs, then to go to the nails of the sotochka.

Secret of the effectiveness of the applicator

Whichever you choose the applicator Kuznetsova, the instruction for use is enclosed in a box. It describes in detail when and how to act. But it will not be superfluous to consider now its principle of action and the cause of effectiveness.

Needles of the applicator, affecting the skin, one way or another fall on the capillaries and vessels. Hence, the blood quickly circulates through the body, distributing useful substances and oxygen, incidentally sweeping away all the fat deposits, plaques on the vessels, salt and other filth that has become firmly established inside us. That is, the process of updating is accelerating, the regenerative function is started, even the elasticity of the intervertebral discs is restored.

The applicator acts soothing or toning, depending on what our body lacks right now: muscles relax, pain disappears, irritability and fatigue recede, pleasant warmth spreads through the body. A work capacity increases, as the body and the brain have received the necessary rest.

Extend knowledge. Acupuncture is the science of the points on our body, and every point or cluster of them affects the internal organs, helping to calm pain or heal the disease. By combining these two theories( ours and the eastern one) we will apply the applicator not only to the back, but also to the hands, neck, legs, head.

Benefit and harm of the applicator

Of course, Kuznetsov’s applicator is not ideal, the benefits and harms of it are similar to those of classical therapeutic massage. But first about the benefits. And it helps with various ailments – the list below:

  • Arthritis.
  • Radiculitis.
  • Osteochondrosis.
  • Lumbar pain.
  • Infringement of muscle or nerve.
  • Muscle tightness.
  • Sciatica or sciatica nerve pain.
  • Feeling numbness or tingling in the legs.
  • Muscle and joint pain.
  • Spasms.
  • Headache. Insomnia and fatigue.
  • Cellulite.
  • Endocrine diseases.
  • Failures in the digestive system. Diseases of the genitourinary system.
  • Diseases of the respiratory system.
  • Diseases of male and female genital organs – from prostatitis to impaired cycle and infertility.

But not all shown applicator Kuznetsova. Contraindications affect those who have on the back or other place where you plan to apply the massager, there are papillomas, moles, tumors or warts. It can not be used at high temperature, thick blood, dermatitis, thrombophlebitis, pregnancy.

And not everyone will like to lie on the plastic, but the thorns. First you need to get used to it. And the main secret is muscle relaxation. If the muscles are tight, then the pain from the thorns is felt more clearly.

Here’s what Michael says: “

” As he suffered from childhood, scoliosis, over time, exacerbated him because of sedentary work. The result is incredible and constant pain in the back. I came to the pharmacy, and instead of painkillers I was offered an applicator Kuznetsova – I read reviews about him before. But when I saw these spikes, I could not decide to lie down on them. But it had to be done. He strained, lay down and tried to relax. Surprisingly, the pain from the thorns is gone. For a week, the spines and pain in the back became less felt. “

We use the applicator with the mind

Let’s turn to the instruction of that fabulous time when the medicine was qualitative and free. We collect the Kuznetsov applicator puzzle from the modules by their size. We press it with our hands to the body, wrap ourselves in an elastic bandage or lay down on it a studded mat. A good result can be achieved, not just lying on it, but as if fidgeting. At desire it is possible to make some gymnastic exercises – turn on a side, the press, a rack on scapulas.

To relax, it takes no more than 10 minutes, and to bring the body into tone – only 3 minutes. After the procedure, it is worth taking a warm or contrast shower depending on whether you want to relax or tune in for work.

To the feet, temples, palms, neck, neck, the applicator is pressed for no more than a minute. Repeat the process several times until the disappearance of pain. For other diseases, you need to use the applicator every day for at least 30 minutes. However, everything should be done with the mind, as evidenced by the following video:

Helps the applicator and lose weight. Do the procedure the way her young mother Lena does:

“After the birth of time, I have almost no left myself, and I’m indifferent to physical stresses, since I’m somewhat lazy. But to tighten the stomach, remove stretch marks and get rid of cellulite helped applicator Kuznetsova. I put the applicator on the floor, I lie on this mat with my stomach for 15 minutes, then I lie for 10 minutes on each side, so that cellulite disappears. During this time, the baby is asleep, and I have time to read, watch TV and work out. Do not believe it, but in a week of such lying, the result is already visible. What is the secret – I do not know, but the applicator is really effective. “

If you feel discomfort, heart palpitations, pressure buildup, knocking hammers in your temples, not warm, but already hot, you need to take a break or temporarily reduce the exposure time. If you use the applicator daily, then unpleasant sensations will not bother you.


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