Vacuum massage of the internal surface of the thigh

With the advent of vacuum technology efficacy of therapeutic massage treatments significantly increased.In this expanded opportunities not only medical, but also cosmetic spheres – vacuum massage of the face has been successfully used as anti-aging treatments, and body – as a means to combat cellulite in the buttocks, thighs and abdomen.Although many methods of vacuum massage is new, in fact it has been known about for a long time.Certainly, each of us remembers those days, when the “ill-fated” banks to help when you cough, put to us by our mothers and grandmothers.It turns out that. “All new – is long forgotten old”Thus, using long-proven “old wives ‘methods’ of modern cosmetology seek beauty of the body and youthful face.

In this article we will try to find out what are the advantages of vacuum massage and body faces, some restrictions may be an obstacle to its implementation, and consider the sequence of the implementation of this massage at home.


facial vacuum massage If skin rejuve

nation needs and its correction of cosmetic defects, many cosmetologists offer their customers one of the most in their view of effective procedures – vacuum massage of the face.This method works on the activation of blood flow and improve lymph flow in the epidermis, whereby in its cells the process of natural regeneration and rejuvenation.

Furthermore, by vacuum treatment skin can achieve the following results:

  • get rid of the swelling and bruising under the eyes;
  • improve the tone and elasticity of the epidermis;
  • improve facial contour and reduce the severity of the second jaw;
  • wrinkles, scars and scars;
  • remove hyperpigmentation and stagnant spots;
  • align the complexion;
  • improve the texture of the skin;
  • reduce the secretion of the sebaceous glands and thus reduce the number of lesions on the skin problems.

addition to a wide range of options the vacuum face massage has one significant advantage – the maximum efficiency of procedures with minimal time and financial costs.

Types vacuum massage face

In modern cosmetology apply one of two types of vacuum massage – kinetic or static.In the first case, banks are set to the pre-treated oil skin and then move on the surface, focusing on limfonosnye way.In the second case, the manipulation make double – put the banks on a particular area of ​​skin and then removed in the necessary moment.Differences in technique does not appear on the effectiveness of these types of massage.

As for the vacuum treatment the person at home, in this case, there is more “against” than “for”.This is primarily due to the rather complicated procedure technique, the slightest non-compliance with which can be fraught with not the most pleasant consequences.

Contraindications to the vacuum massage face

Any manual therapy has a number of limitations under which its absolute advantage turned into evil.Apply vacuum facial massage is not recommended in such cases:

  • rosacea
  • increased fragility of blood vessels
  • thrombophlebitis
  • proximity of blood vessels to the skin surface
  • severe cardiovascular disease
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases
  • damaged skinin the area of ​​massage
  • infectious diseases
  • inflamed lesions and tumor formation in the skin

Technology hardware vacuum massage face

conducting vacuum face massage in the salon environment is carried out by means of a special device, which operates on the principle of alternation of high and low pressure.In general, the procedure is as follows: with a special tonic epidermis is cleaned of sebum and dirt, and then coated with massage cream for better gliding on the surface of the bowl stimulation occurs in a direction from the neck to face.The starting point of the vacuum cup – in the lymph nodes above the collarbone area location.In the course of the discharge air unit is a deep saturation of epidermis cells with oxygen, strengthens the processes of intracellular metabolism and the natural production of collagen and elastin.As a result – the skin is tightened, and the facial contours become clear and becomes smooth contours.Duration of one session of the vacuum massage of the face takes up reached the 10 minutes.To be most effective it is often combined with other massage techniques, or carried out in conjunction with cosmetic procedures.

Jar Vacuum facial massage at home: preparing and conducting

desire to have flawless skin does not always coincide with the possibility of visiting the salons.Those who want to hold a vacuum face massage at home, need special banks and cosmetic oil( you can replace conventional petroleum jelly) for the treatment of the skin before carrying out manipulations.As mentioned above, the self-suction facial massage is better to choose all the same salon.The first option is possible under the condition of strict compliance with all the basic requirements.

So, if you decide to do on their own, then start the procedure with careful skin preparation – a good clean it and steam out of the steam tray.Steaming is a mandatory step, as the probability of occurrence of hematomas as a result of manipulation could decrease dramatically.Next, apply the oil on the skin and set the jars as described in the instructions.Due to the fact that the skin of the face itself is very tender and sensitive, the intensity of suction cans should be minimal.Carefully adjust the scale and move the unseparated banks strictly for the massage lines, avoiding the attention of the eye area.In case of discomfort or pain, stop the procedure immediately.

During the vacuum massage at home alternative to banks could serve as a vacuum massage.Specificity of its effect is similar to a can – the absorption of the skin, but by a special suction cup attachment.When using the massager stages of preparation for the procedure remain unchanged.

Deciding to test the efficacy of vacuum therapy, do not count on instant results.Of course, the improvement of the skin condition will be observed after the first session, but its noticeable rejuvenation or eliminate existing defect will require a longer time.It is recommended to repeat the procedure once a week.

The effectiveness of anti-cellulite vacuum massage

Increased subcutaneous fat and accumulation of excess fluid in the tissues – this is one of the main reasons for the appearance on the hitherto rovnenko skin of the buttocks, thighs and abdomen is well known to many women “orange peel”.For her “schischeniya” with anti-cellulite vacuum massage successfully used the body surface.The principle of its action is aimed at removing from the body of unnecessary fluid, but to fight the fat deposits vacuum treatments supplement is also physically demanding.

addition to eliminating manifestations of cellulite vacuum massage can model figure.With it, the muscles acquire its former tone, restores elasticity of the skin, there is resorption of scar tissue.

For people with a passive lifestyle vacuum therapy – it is an opportunity to strengthen the weakened muscle mass, and for those who are engaged in active sports – a great way to rebuild muscles after a workout.

Contraindications to the vacuum massage

body Among the serious contraindications to the vacuum body massage include the following:

  • varicose veins
  • thrombosis
  • gynecological inflammation
  • tumor formation
  • presence massaging zonewounds, pigment or birthmarks larger
  • hypertension
  • coronary
  • heart disease, exacerbation of chronic diseases
  • colds
  • disease blood
  • diseases of the skin
  • pregnancy and 2 months after the birth

In the case of sensitive skinand its tendency to bruising, vacuum massage body can be replaced by a light manual massage combined with a contrast shower.

cellulite vacuum massage at home: features and stages of

Performing anti-cellulite vacuum massage at home is possible if you approach the process correctly and responsibly.It should be understood that the treatment of “orange peel” – is not a matter of one day.Rate it first results obtained after a minimum of ten sessions are recommended to spend a day.Independent vacuum massage against cellulite performed using silicone or glass jars with suction cups, which are widely available in pharmacies.And they both have the same principle of action, but at the same time, many women say that silicone is more convenient to use.In addition to the cans should be prepared for the massage anti-cellulite cream and essential oils.Although often in the recommendations are advised to use one of two tools, in fact, only one cream should not be limited.Its rapid absorption leads to the fact that banks are no longer how to glide over the skin and the massaging process becomes more traumatic and painful.It will be correct to mix anti-cellulite cream with orange essential oil, black pepper oil, lavender or geranium.

main rule anti-cellulite vacuum massage – carefully and sensibly on the skin.Otherwise, it would spoil the appearance of bruises and severe redness.

During the massage banks stick to problem areas of the body, with the result that their skin is stretched as much as possible and there is breaking up of fatty deposits.

Let’s look at the stages of the anti-cellulite vacuum massage in more detail:

1. To begin, take a contrast shower.Thanks to him, the vessels will be fully ready for the impact, and the possible trauma of the skin is reduced to a minimum.By directing a jet of water from the feet to the shoulders, massage the body through reached the 10 minutes.Change the water temperature every 30 seconds.After showering, pat the skin dry with a towel and go to the next step.

2. Apply to the problem areas of cream or oil and carefully massage them with circular movements of the hands.Work through the legs from the ankles to the buttocks, and then pay attention to the stomach.

3. Squeeze massage jar in his hand and leaning against the skin.On her good suction will testify light soreness that occurs during manipulation.

4. Start alternately to work out every problem area – Move the jar in the skin, using circular, zigzag and straight.Your landmark – the direction of lymph flow.Repeat each movement 5-6 times.Do not pay the same area more than 10 minutes.

5. The ideal completion of vacuum therapy will cellulite wrap.Another option – to lubricate the skin cream for weight loss.

Vacuum body massage in the salon

It is clear that existing in modern beauty salons suction equipment has great potential than conventional cosmetic jars.Apparatus for vacuum massage can adjust the pressure and intensity of the exposure on the skin, depending on its degree of sensitivity.In addition, under the skilled force to assess the real state of the problem areas of the body and to develop a coherent and effective program to combat cellulite.

Underlying hardware vacuum massage – reflexology techniques, which involve exposure to point to specific areas of the body that have a direct relationship with the internal organs.The result is not only a local improvement, but also the strengthening of the whole organism.

only deterrent against the salon vacuum body massage can be quite impressive cost of the procedures.

Ancient Chinese technique of vacuum massage has found its application in the contemporary world. Cupping massage is a very popular type of vacuum therapy, this simple and available equipment allows to achieve excellent health benefits. Negative pressure, coupled with the effect of absorption relaxes soft tissue, removes from the body excess fluid and toxins promotes the resorption of salt deposits, tightens the connective tissue and stimulates blood flow to the skin and muscle tissues. Vacuum massage is quite accessible procedure, it is incredibly effective and useful for health.

About the efficiency of the vacuum massage written numerous works, many of which came to us from the deep past. In modern practice, vacuum or cupping massage is often used to enhance the effect of Spa treatments for the General health and prevention of many diseases.

A bit of history

In ancient times, the practitioners practiced the primitive vacuum massage for sucking the poison after snake bite treatment of skin damages. Vacuum bottles in those days was replaced by hollow tusks or horns of animals. To replace these simple items came jars made of bamboo, and later they were replaced by glass vessels. The Chinese have found the application of vacuum massage in surgery, a practice that would allow to avoid accumulation of blood in the area of operations. Over time, cupping massage spun off into a separate branch of the vacuum therapy, the glory of the miraculous effect of the vacuum massage reached America and Europe, and since then the popularity of massage grows with each year.

Vacuum massage as an independent therapeutic tool or as an addition to the General massage has an excellent relaxing effect, allows to reduce tension and increase circulation. It is often vacuum massage allows patients to get rid of the spasms and the feeling of stagnation in muscle tissue.

Cupping massage of the back is one of the most common cosmetic procedures. For this zone, the specialist uses cans larger strong absorption in combination with massage movements allows you to have a profound impact on muscle tissue. Long movement aimed at conclusion of a superfluous liquid from an organism, circular – on stimulation of blood circulation, relieving congestion and breaking sites. Redness of the skin during massage is a perfectly normal phenomenon that testifies to the rush of blood to the skin surface.

Vacuum massage considerably raises efficiency applied to the skin immediately after the procedure, liquid ointments, analgesics, essential oils and plant suspensions.

Massage perfectly stimulates circulation and blood flow to the tissues, which provides not only power supply of the muscles and the skin and remove toxins. After the massage you will feel warmth and light tingling, this is quite normal, and says that massage was done correctly. This vacuum massage does not cause irritation or damage to the skin, this technique allows to affect internal inflammatory processes, not make them worse. Vacuum massage is combined perfectly with colour therapy, for example with cold compresses or fluid ointments.

The session of the vacuum massage

For carrying out of vacuum massage will need a minimum set of tools: jars, isopropyl or meth, cotton swabs, candle or a lighter, and a clip for tampons. Light a candle, on a cotton ball, apply 5-10 drops of alcohol, be sure to use the clip. Apply with a cotton swab to the candle, so close that he was on fire, then place it inside the jar. Quickly remove the tampon and put the Bank on the patient’s body upside down. High temperatures creates a vacuum that draws a jar to the skin. If the jar is not stuck, repeat all steps again. If you have a special set for vacuum massage, simply place the jar on the skin and using a pump to remove her air.

Distinguish between stationary vacuum therapy and directly vacuum massage. Stationary cupping therapy in Chinese medicine used to get rid of stagnant phenomena, in particular from the stagnation of blood, for the withdrawal of the organism is pathogenic factors, and also to reduce internal heat. For this cans were placed on the patient’s skin and leave on for about 15 minutes. Sometimes used four to six jars, which then filmed in a circular motion. Both techniques were widely used in the treatment of pulmonary congestion and to reduce body temperature.

Fans and practitioners of Oriental medicine widely used vacuum massage for the treatment and prevention of various diseases.

For the massage the patient’s body abundantly greased with vegetable oil. Oil provides soft massaging movements and easy slip jars. Pre-installing the place of greatest tension or stagnation, place the jar in the area and begin to massage the area with sliding movements. No need to press the jar to the skin, additional pressure reduces the effect of absorption.

Value of pressure

If you practice vacuum massage, necessarily during this procedure, ask the patient how comfortable it feels. This type of massage is suitable for work on any part of the body, including the neck division of spine, shoulders and chest. Vacuum massage of the abdomen, inner and outer thighs, and typically requires a lesser degree of suction and pressure on the skin. Experts recommend starting with weak absorption, gradually increasing effect. Often, after vacuum massage bruises and bruises, and if the ancient Chinese saw this additional evidence of the effectiveness of therapy, modern experts are gentler approach.

The intensity of cupping therapy depends on a number of factors:

  • how quickly the jar is placed on the skin after removing a burning fuse.
  • how strong is the flame (some alcohols burn better, others worse)
  • the size of a jar
  • when using vacuum massage device, the power of absorption is regulated by the pump.

Articles on the theme

Surely, you catch yourself thinking that your bodyIt looks like something is wrong, that some places I would like to make a more toned, which is something I would like to change. Thoughts come and actions demonstrating their effectiveness, should not have been. And not because beauty salons are too high prices, because you for myself do not mind. The reason is simple – lack of time: to cosmetologists and massage therapists still need to get. But do not despair, vacuum massage at home is no less effective than salon treatments. Why is this so, try to understand.

What is a vacuum massage?

Jar vacuum massage – a procedure that helps to increase blood flow and increase metabolism. The result will be a logical improvement in all tissues (nerves, blood vessels, connective tissue, muscles). In addition, the vacuum massage can be done, in particular, and on the face.

The effectiveness of vacuum massage has been provenOriental medicine. Using banks for vacuum massage, you create pressure drops, causing blood to the acupuncture points (biologically active points), regenerative processes will improve, and the body will remove toxins.

vacuum massage method restores normal movement of vital energy in the human body and improves its energy.

How to make a vacuum massage, and in what cases?

Jar vacuum massage can do cellulite, bronchitis, osteochondrosis, tracheitis, musculo-tonic syndrome.

Vacuum massage with varicose veins, if the extensionveins observed directly in the area of ​​influence are not permitted to do (more pressure). The method of vacuum massage with varicose veins can be used only at the initial stage of the disease, and only after consulting your doctor.

Vacuum massage has contraindications whenthe presence of the following diseases: various malignant tumors, acute inflammatory and infectious diseases, skin diseases and blood in acute rheumatic fever, tuberculosis, thrombophlebitis. If the patient has an implanted cardiac pacemaker – vacuum massage is contraindicated.

Vacuum massage can bring harm, if you have increased fragility of blood vessels, and you, in spite of prudence, decided, after all, put yourself this procedure.

Are Harmful vacuum massage, if you do it on the skin of the face? Definitely not. After the procedure, there is improvement in the oval of the face and skin color.

Vacuum massage for weight loss is used by manywomen. In general, this method could adjust its shape. In addition, vacuum massage cellulite will return your skin to its former smoothness and elasticity.

None of harm from vacuum massage will not, if you do it according to the rules.

How do vacuum massage than it should be reserved and are there any requirements? Of course, there are requirements, and stock up on something necessary.

First, banks will need to vacuum massage. They can be either plastic or glass. There may be both traditional and manual vacuum pump.

Secondly, before the vacuum massage is not harmful, but rather, just need to lubricate the skin cream, Vaseline or massage oil if there is at hand.

Vacuum facial massage

Properly done facial vacuum massage at home with the help of special cans for vacuum massage. The skin before the procedure lubricate the moisturizer.

Vacuum massage at home is best performed afterhow the person will be pre-steamed. You can visit the sauna and massage directly there, and the house can be steam in the bathroom. This will reduce the risk of bruising after vacuum massage.

How do vacuum massage at home, what method? Having pre-treatment stage, which we have described above, we proceed to the massage itself.

Set the jar for vacuum massage onskin and gently begin to create a vacuum in it. Banks Vacuum facial massage should not be sucked very badly, and the duration of the procedure – only a few minutes.

After sucking for vacuum massage banksface it starting to make cautious smooth movements. The move follows the massage lines. Bruising after vacuum massage can occur if the motion would hastily and sharp.

Make vacuum massage at home should be neat. The area around the eyes and the eyelids just covered jar for 2-5 seconds, rotate and move the jar for vacuum massage in any case can not be.

How often do vacuum massage of the face, that the procedure was most effective? No more than once a week. After the massage, for half an hour, it is better to sit in a warm room.

Make vacuum massage at home is possible with the aim ofimproving skin immunity, smoothing of wrinkles and improving skin appearance as a whole. With the help of vacuum massage in the home can be controlled with a variety of scars, but it is better to consult a doctor.

The effect of vacuum massage evident immediately: radiant complexion and a more aesthetic contours. Vacuum massage reviews which are left satisfied with the result of women, helps considerably to “soften” and scar tissue.

Vacuum massage slimming

Vacuum abdominal massage was invented in Tibet. Today doctors and cosmetologists use it when it is necessary to reduce the weight and reduce the amount of excess fat in the body.

During vacuum massage for weight lossaffect certain areas of the body. Receptors located in the skin, stimulate the inflow of lymph and help improve metabolism. As a result of the physiological reactions of the body temperature begins to rise, adhesions gradually broken down, and subcutaneous fat is burned. Doing massage vacuum banks, you will help the removal of salts from the body. And the whole procedure as a whole contributes to weight loss.

How to massage vacuum banks in the home? The procedure quite complicated, but will require some effort.

Initially well-pound body, preheat it. Those who often makes the vacuum massage, can be used as a hot compress to warm up, so normal hard massage.
Doing vacuum massage bruises may remain,if you are not greased surface of the skin massage oil or cream, remember that sensitive skin requires less effort and shorter treatment time.

How do vacuum massage of the abdomen? Squeeze gently jar and attach to the skin. Decompresses it should be slowly, watch for the “absorption” of the skin.

Doing vacuum massage the belly, keep in mind that the more you compress a jar, the more volume will be able to massage. From a medical point of view is considered permissible height of the “raised” of the skin is equal to 1.5 cm.
Vacuum massage of the abdomen begins to smoothmovements in a clockwise direction. After repeating the same operation after a pause, but counterclockwise. Turn the jars carefully so as a result of the vacuum massage bruises practically no choice.

Massage the abdomen vacuum banks without special knowledge and advice is better not to do. Independently, you can hurt yourself.

Reviews of vacuum massage excellent. This is an effective method to help effectively lose weight. The only cupping vacuum massage reviews which leave themselves doctors are not allowed to do on the inside of the thigh. It would not have seemed to you that this part of the body requires the greatest elaboration, it is not necessary. The fact is, that is where the lymph nodes, which can be damaged, and it is fraught with adverse consequences.
If you want to massage the abdomenvacuum banks, but doubts about the correctness of its decision, do not rush. Go to the expert, it is possible in your case, this method of getting rid of fat is absolutely contraindicated.

Vacuum massage cellulite

Vacuum massage cellulite todayday is considered to be a very effective tool in the fight against the “orange peel”. Anti-cellulite massage vacuum banks contributes to the softening of dense fat formation and increases blood circulation in problem areas.

Vacuum massage for cellulite is effective and at home, but should follow the necessary rules.

If you come to make a vacuum massage againstcellulite, do it regularly and not from time to time. In this case, your muscles will always be on our toes, skin tighten and restore its elasticity.

anti-cellulite vacuum massage is applied in cases where the required correction of the body, such as the method is very effective.

Vacuum massage is done using anti-cellulite cosmetics, very good, if this procedure will alternate with manual massage.

These are the principles of cellulite vacuum massage, which will help to achieve maximum results:

  • Anti-cellulite massage vacuum banks made solely from the bottom up.
  • In order to avoid violations of lymph flow, massage, anti-cellulite vacuum is not done in the groin, popliteal cavity and upper inner thigh, about which we have already mentioned above.
  • Vacuum massage banks, reviews, tips and tricks which leave and write themselves masseurs, best done with the help of a complex of anti-cellulite oil.

Women who do cupping vacuum massagereviews of independent cooking oils leave a sufficient number that allows you to choose any liked it and prepare it at home.

For all recipes use the same base – 50 ml of linseed or olive oil:

  1. Base + 5 drops of essential oil of anise, grapefruit and orange.
  2. Those who make the massage vacuum banksIt speaks very well of the oil red pepper mixed with the base and with tea tree oil. Base + 2 ml. red pepper oil and 5 ml. tea tree oil.
  3. Basis + on 5ml. Each oils: lemon, fennel and tangerine.
  4. Base + 3 ml. essential oils of fennel, cypress, juniper, tea tree and lemon.
  5. Base + 5 ml. vetiver oil and 3 ml. essential oils of mandarin, lemon and cypress.

Vacuum massage cellulite reviews, which is not difficult to find, and still has a general strengthening effect on the skin.

Vacuum massage feet

Vacuum foot massage – it is a process, during which affect the subcutaneous fatty tissue, in order to normalize blood circulation, as well as the removal of edema of the vascular wall.

Due to the vacuum leg massage stimulates the leg muscles, activates the synthesis of proteins, collagen and elastin, provides lymph drainage effect.

Let’s vacuum massage during pregnancy cando with edema. The main follow your feelings and reactions. You can work out jars leg or face, but, in any case, not the abdomen. But, of course, before you decide to vacuum massage, you need to consult a doctor.

Vacuum massage postpartum used for the purposeto get rid of stretch marks, in order to quickly return the beautiful body shape and lose weight. In both cases, it is necessary to control the sensations and carefully read the composition of creams and oils, so there was not any harmful substances or allergens.

Vacuum massage is not the most pleasant procedure,there will have to have a little patience, but the result is worth it. The main condition – regularity. Another point: if you do not follow a diet, do not exercise, do not expect that the result will be long. Massage is most effective in the complex. And work on yourself or not – it’s up to you. Be beautiful!

recognized by all the enemy of female beauty Cellulite does not rest either full or thin.His treatment should begin with the remedy, in other words, need to change dietary habits and normalize the correct way of life, increase physical activity, and more.All is well in the complex, and help eliminate cellulite formed a special massage.Currently, the most popular procedure in beauty salons considered LPG-massage and vacuum massage apparatus.At home, the same terms often practiced anti-cellulite massage using vacuum cans.


Basics method

So, this procedure will require conventional medical banks to create a vacuum.Not so long ago, these banks were made of glass, vacuum created by burning them in the air, but now it’s plastic jars having on its bottom bulb.Due to the suction blower air in such a vacuum jar.

During the massage bank moves on problem areas, resulting in the massaged are

a is a change of pressure.Thanks to this manipulation performed stimulation of the upper layers of the epidermis, is a strengthening of blood circulation and lymph flow, strengthening the skin, normalization of interstitial fluid circulation, and the main symptoms are significantly reduced “orange peel”.

Technology canned anti-cellulite massage

This massage is done in areas with pronounced cellulite, it is extremely unacceptable to perform massage in the popliteal fossa and inner thigh.

Anti-cellulite massage vacuum banks consists of the following steps.


To start with a good warm up the surface.Problem areas are massaged his hands to form a light redness.In most cases, cupping massage is performed on the thighs and buttocks – it’s the place with the most pronounced “orange peel”, in addition, they are available for self-massage.The foot is placed on a chair, then it is necessary to alternate stroking straight and circular rubbing movement in the direction from the knee to the stomach.This should be used the whole palm.Buttocks should carefully knead and pound.Heating procedure to finish Tapping movements of the costal surface of the palms.


in hot and clean the surface of the skin smeared with a special anti-cellulite massage oil.In the absence of such, it is permitted to use conventional olive oil.The skin should be lubricated generously – so that the bank without any problems glided over the surface of the skin.


With hands completely removed the remaining oil is taken to the bank’s net dry vacuum massage.Next, lie on your side, legs bent at the knees.Bank accurately applied to the thigh, and slowly without stopping, without violating the integrity, moving from the bottom up.First, the motion is in a forward direction, then the lines become wavy, helical and zigzag.

important that the surface of the skin stretched approximately 1-3 centimeters.Excessive retraction can cause injury of the blood vessels.If the skin is stretched more than it takes in some air is admitted to the bank to close with the neck of the cans finger press skin.In one area of ​​massage is recommended for 15-20 minutes after the formation of severe redness should finish it.


final stage of the massage vacuum banks – is the application of a moisturizing cream on the body.Daily conduct these procedures is not desirable, it is preferable to do the next day, because the skin needs to have time to recover.

How to choose a vacuum cans

allowed to use conventional medical jars, which were used for colds even our grandmothers, but it is not convenient, and far from safe.This is due to the fact that due to the combustion air therein generates a vacuum.For this purpose approximately 2-3 seconds inside the jar placed homemade “torch”, which is made of conventional cotton wool plug and alcohol, then instantly placed on the bank skin.That need for fire causes insecurity and inconvenience of using this type of vacuum cans.Despite this, they are more effective.

also possible to use “massage bells” – a special vacuum cleaners that are made of silicone (for vacuum you just burn them), plastic and glass (vacuum in such banks is created by compressing rubber bulb, which is located at the top of the banks).

Indications and contraindications for massage


  • in general, as well as any vacuum massage, cupping is effective to eliminate cellulite and fat deposits in the buttocks, thighs and abdomen.
  • In addition, it is recommended for the correction of stretch marks and scars, skin rejuvenation and wrinkles.
  • Vacuum massage has proven himself in the complex treatment of osteochondrosis, vascular dystonia, and muscle pain.


Vacuum Cup massage has a number of these contraindications:

  1. Chronic diseases with the acute stage.
  2. Violation of integrity in the affected area of ​​the skin (insect bites, sores, rashes, and more).
  3. cardiovascular disease.
  4. varicose veins.
  5. thrombophlebitis.
  6. increased permeability and capillary fragility.
  7. presence of acute diseases.
  8. Pregnancy.

Anti-cellulite massage using vacuum cans will help get rid of cellulite even in the 3rd and 4th stage.It is important to remember that these results are possible only through an integrated approach.It should completely abandon bad habits and fast food, begin to stick to an active and healthy lifestyle, learn to consume at least 1.5 liters of water daily, in order to ensure complete elimination from the body decomposition products of fatty tissue.

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