The required number of calories per day

Weight loss is complicated.

You need to know how many calories each day you should eat, what your balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats should be then what you do when you add to exercise and even the exact time of the day that you should eat. It’s no wonder that many of us are mistaken? Therefore, if you intend to lose a few kilograms, here are the main points that you need to know in order to get the results you are looking for.


The average number of calories we need (remember that this mostly changes every day), affects our age, genetics, muscle mass, activity levels, current weight, hormones, menstrual cycle and, of course, sex.

There is not one exact number that we can tear out and adhere to, too, and basically the calorie needs are changing daily.

Most importantly, an increasingly sedentary lifestyle means that, since we are less active than ever before, often public health guidelines on recommended calorie needs overestimate that everyone burns every day.

As an approximate guide, a small woman engaged in less than one hour of exercise each day will require 1400 to 1600 calories each day, while the average man will need only 1800-2200 calories per day.

Based on this for sustained weight loss, women tend to respond well to any dietary regime based on 1200-1400 calories and men from 1600 to 1800 s (19659010). Although this may sound like a lot of calories, the truth is that when you keep a strict log about the calories you consume, you will see how easy it is to eat more than this average day. 2. YOUR MACRO

Other key variables that affect the metabolism of fats are the relative proportions of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in the diet.

Although low-carb diets (less than 20 percent of the total calories from carbohydrates) will lead to rapid weight loss initially, low carbohydrate intake compromises metabolism for a long time because muscle mass is used as an alternative fuel source.

Active people will need 45 to 50 percent of the total energy from carbohydrates to maintain fat loss, while less active individuals may need 30 to 35 percent of the total carbohydrates to lose fat.

If you limit calorie intake and do not see weight loss results, it’s worth checking your macros – you may find that your percentage of total carbohydrate intake is too low for the amount of activity that you do.

Or you may find that fat intake is too high. Consuming fat more than 30 percent of total calorie intake is unlikely to lead to fat loss.


Calorie restriction is an important aspect of weight loss, but if you exercise regularly, you need to consider this in your calorie intake in the baseline.

For every hour of intense physical activity that you do, you will need an additional 200 to 300 calories in addition to your basic intake. These calories are best consumed during your training.

For example, if you are training first thing in the morning, add an additional 200 calories for breakfast, and if you train late, add 200 to 300 calories an hour or two before you exercise, or a small snack in advance, and an additional 100 -200 calories with dinner.

Unfortunately, easy walking every day or light sessions of low intensity lasting less than 30 minutes will not result in you need significantly more calories every day.


No matter how limited your calories are, if you eat too few calories in the morning and over at night, your weight loss results will be compromised.

So, the goal is to eat the biggest meals for breakfast and lunch before you make sure that you have at least 10 hours without food for one night and a relatively small dinner.


Extreme hunger is a sign that you need more calories when you are trying to limit the amount of calories to lose weight.

For example, if you are hungry late in the morning, add in addition to breakfast, or if you are hungry after dinner, add a little extra food for your dinner. Hunger is one of the best indicators of the time when you need to eat a little more to continue to lose weight as the metabolic rate increases.


  • Physiological parameters
  • Some features
  • calories and age
  • Calorie men dishes, the formula for calculating
  • Present pros and cons

Questions regarding the maintenance of optimal body weight were more likely to worry about all the male half of humanity.For it is not only women dream to look graceful, beautiful, toned.To a man was strong, energetic and able to do any work, you must make an effort to produce a correct diet.After all, healthy food will help any person male suck energy.How many calories per day for men is the norm?

worth noting is the fact that at a young age, numerical indicators of energy consumed will be different in the direction of increasing, it is distinguished by the youth of the older generation.

Men require a significant reserve of nutrients than women.

Physiological parameters

order to maintain their body weight in the optimal volume should be done counting the day of the absorbed

substances.So say nutritionists around the world.To do this, get rid of unnecessary kilograms produced during the day.Thus you can ensure a flow of data and to start the process of losing weight.

The most interesting thing is that the resolution of nutritional products for men and women will be completely different.Even with the same weight with a man for a woman the necessary amount of calories a day less.The representative of the stronger sex in the night should receive up to 2500 kcal.A woman should consume about 2,000 of their units.The reason for this distinction is different physiology.After all, men metabolic processes occur more quickly.For this reason, to lose weight for men is not as difficult as for the weak half of humanity.

People male is known to lean body mass is much greater.She needs a permanent and high-calorie diet to maintain a stable index.

Men consume more protein.In a somewhat larger volume it should be the people in the usual diet is actively involved in a specific sport or involved in physical labor.

body fat in people of opposite sexes differ markedly.This distinction by types say.Anyone heard of the definition of “male” and “female” type of obesity.Have strong sex can be observed fat in the abdominal area.Active physical exercises and exercises will help to easily cope with this problem.

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Some features

question about how many calories you need to consume a man, is not so important for them.And the results achieved can be much easier.Proper diet is organized together with the calculation of nutritious meals quickly show results.Unnecessary kilos in a few days will begin to leave the body, and the person will acquire former stateliness and ease.

slimming norms have a strong half of humanity are defined by the following data.

monthly rate should be 4 kg in the fairer sex it should be halved.This is explained by the physiology: a woman by nature tend to accumulate more fat because they are hatching, give birth and feed children, so to get rid of unnecessary kilograms for them is more problematic.

Men are rapidly gaining weight and just as easy to get rid of it.This feature provides unlimited possibilities.However, that man does not feel deficit in power, the number of calories you need to constantly count.It will also help rid it of excess body weight.

Anthropometric indices remain the same, if every day to absorb a number of energy units, which will correspond to the norms of age, sex and general rhythm of life.Changing the numbers to one side lead to adverse results.

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calories and age

To calculate the numerical indicators absorbance units per day needed to ensure full operation and activities, it is important to determine their specific number corresponding to each person individually.

to provide energy and proper selection of nutritious meals often use special tables developed by nutritionists.It is known that the youth need much more energy than older men.

Calories and way of life

Determination of the number of units depends on the lifestyle and way of life of men.For example, actively involved in sports befits include in your diet the greatest number of securities in terms of nutritional value of food.

People most of the time conducting in a static position, shall deduct from the daily diet of certain data.The resulting sum determines the nutritional factor.Thus, moderate household activities, such as exercise should be based on the daily addition of 200-400 kcal per day, given basis weight.

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men Calorie dishes, calculation formula

Currently, there are a wide variety of tables relating to the right vyschityvaniya these important indicators.The required amount of calories a day is not only determined by the standard rules of 2500 kcal, for the body of each person is unique and individual.To calculate this indicator, it is important to pay attention to the formula:

  • 18-30 years: (0,063 × weight + 2,9) × 240 × physical index of initiative;
  • 30-60 years: (0,05 × weight + 3,65) × 240 × physical index of initiative;
  • older than 60 years: (0,05 × weight + 2,46) × 240 × index of physical initiative.

Such calculations can help subtract how many calories you need to meet the man optimal life.Keeping such information every day will help keep the body weight within acceptable limits, and the figure will remain the same.Minor transformation into one of the parties will lead to undesirable changes in dimensions.

required amount of calories per day and estimates have to be combined with active movements, sports and regular exercise.Men are to maintain body weight is not so difficult, because the metabolic processes of the body are much faster than those of women.

In order to maintain a stable body weight, many nutritionists recommend daily representatives of the stronger sex to consume a sufficient amount of protein foods, which helps to increase muscle mass in their body.And their growth is known to contribute to high energy costs.

Every day should be controlled by the incoming food fats. recommended to reduce animal foods and fast food.

Good results are given regular consumption of cereals, foods with fiber in the composition, bran.They saturate the body with vitamins not only necessary but also valuable carbohydrates that provide energy supply for the whole day.To maintain a stable weight of the representatives of the male half of humanity should include in your diet a significant amount of fruits and vegetables.

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Present the pros and cons Pros

counting nutritional value:

  1. rational approach.Necessary restrictions coming from the food calories will promote the burning of accumulated fat.
  2. selected program operates flawlessly as a result of human dimensions can be maintained in the former borders while facilitating men health.
  3. Use the scoring system can be any man, especially having problems with excessive weight.Fixing calorie meals eaten in a special blog will look at your power supply system with different eyes.This will prevent overeating and overweight.
  4. helps control the amount of food eaten, and their nutritional value.


  1. Not everyone agrees constantly count the nutritional value of foods.
  2. need to involve willpower in bringing the business started to its logical conclusion.
  3. Fear not withstand the harsh at first glance diet.
  4. Similar tables leave a chance to the people eat not very healthy foods, make a choice in their favor.It is a fatty, fried foods, not bringing any benefit to human.

Thus, in order to maintain optimal body weight and provide the body essential energy necessary to determine the rate of nutritional value.It should actively engage in activities that help keep the body in the right way.All these recommendations will help to achieve remarkable results.

Every person knows that if you need to adjust the weight( and, in any direction), then first of all you need to determine how many calories a specific organism needs for normal vital activity of the body.There are several methods that allow you to calculate the number of calories needed – choosing one of them, experts recommend checking the results in some other way.This is due to the fact that the values ​​obtained have some variability.

Table of contents: Basic metabolism Elementary methods for determining the daily requirement for calories Harris-Benedikt formula Basic metabolism

In dietetics there is such a thing as the value of the basic metabolism – this is the amount of calories that the body needs for vital activity at rest.It’s about the energy that is spent during a person’s sleep – calories are spent on both blood circulation and maintaining normal body temperature.The main metabolism is the main indicator that can tell a person how many calories it needs to maintain weight, lose weight

or gain weight.

The value of the basic exchange is made up of certain factors :

  1. Gender of the person.According to statistics, the representatives of the male in the body contains less fat and more muscle tissue, so their basal metabolic rate will be much higher.
  2. Weight.The heavier a person is, the indicator of the value of the basic exchange( SBI) will be greater.
  3. Genetics.This factor is congenital – someone exchange processes pass quickly, and someone is born with a low rate of these processes.
  4. The amount of body fat.The less the fatty deposits in a person, the greater the intensity of the basal metabolism.
  5. Body temperature.It is known for certain that an increase in body temperature even for half a degree provokes the acceleration of metabolic processes.
  6. Body surface area.We are talking about the ratio of weight and height of a person: in high and lean people the indicator of the value of the basal metabolism will be much higher.For example, it is worth comparing two people with the same weight, but different height.A year later, with the same diet, a tall person will remain within the initial weight, and a low one will get better.
  7. Diet.Strangely enough, but starvation and even a low-calorie diet reduces the rate of metabolic processes by 20-30%.
  8. Hormonal background.When calculating the value of the basal metabolism, it is necessary to take into account the amount of thyroxine produced by the hormone – it is produced by the thyroid gland.If its amount in the body is increased, then the SBI is almost doubled, and if there is a lack of thyroxine, the SBI will be reduced by 40%.In addition to these factors, the age of a person affects the SBI( after 20 years, the metabolic rate slows down every 2 years by 2%), and the level of physical exertion, and even the external temperature( in the cold, metabolic processes in the body are activated). Elementary methods for determining the daily requirement for calories

    The simplest way to find out how many calories a day is needed for a normal vital activity of an organism, referring to scientific research.Physiologists William McArdle and Frank Kachi found that a man needs to consume at least 2,700 calories per day a day, for women the same figure is slightly lower – 2,100 calories.But these values ​​are very conventional: human activity is not taken into account, its initial body weight – for example, weightlifers are generally shown to take at least 6000 calories per day!There is another simple and affordable way to find out the required number of calories per day for a particular person, for which you need to know exactly the mass of the body. It is enough to remember the following rules :

    • for burning fat, you need to consume no more than 29 calories per 1 kg of a person’s weight per day per day;
    • if you want to maintain the weight in the framework of enough intake of 35 calories per 1 kg of weight per day;
    • if necessary to gain weight( yes, there are people and with such problems!) It is necessary to ensure the intake of at least 40 calories per 1 kg of a person’s weight per day.

    But this method will not give exact results – does not take into account the growth of a person, his physical activity, the degree of obesity.For example, a woman at 50 years weighs 117 kg and leads a low-activity lifestyle – according to these data, you can calculate that she needs to consume 3000 calories a day!It is unlikely that with such calculations it will be possible to achieve effective weight loss.

    Harris-Benedict formula

    This calculation method was adopted in the early 20th century( 1918-1919), two scientists( by their names, and the formula was called), but the formula was adjusted in 1984, because during this timeBoth the biometric indicators of a person and the way of life of people have changed.As a result, the currently accepted as correct formula following variant:

    metabolic level calculation( BMR) for women 447.593 +( 9.247 x weight in kg) +( 3.098 x height in inches) -( 4.330 xage in years)
    metabolic level calculation( BMR) for males 88.362 +( 13.397 x weight in kg) +( 4.799 x height in inches) -( 5.677 x age in years)

    ButTo calculate the level of metabolism in the body of a particular person is small – you need to know how many calories per day you can get for adjustingki body weight.And for this you can use the table below.

    level of physical activity number of required calories per day
    Completely absent or very low BMR x 1, 2
    activity low( maximum of 3 sessions per week) BMR x 1, 375
    moderate activity( 3 to 5 workouts per week) BMR x 1, 55
    activity is high( 6-7 workouts per week) BMR x 1, 725

    If a person is too activetsya exercise and spends 8-10 workouts per week, the number of calories needed per day can be calculated as BMR x 1, 9.

    formula Features Harrison – Benedict

    disadvantages considered the formula for calculating the number of calories needed per day for a particular organismThere are :

    1. There are genetic and physiological factors – some people exchange processes at a fast pace, and someone – in slow motion.Yes, and the level of physical activity is often assessed inadequately – for example, if a person goes to work every day and ignores elevators, this does not mean that his activity is at a high level.
    2. It is necessary to take into account exactly what physical exercises are performed in the framework of weight loss – cardio-loads( classical) burn much fewer calories than plyometric or resistance exercises.
    3. It is very important to consider the type of diet – if it is protein, then the body will need much more energy to burn protein than carbohydrates and fats.

    But the Harrison-Benedict formula can become a “point of reference” on the path to a perfect body.It is recommended every week to carry out recalculations – in fact, under the influence of dietary nutrition and physical exertion, a person’s weight decreases and, probably, it will be necessary to correct the amount of calories entering the body per day.To make sure that the presented formula is calculated correctly, it is not less than once in 14 days to calculate the body mass index.

    How to calculate the body mass index

    It is well known that the ideal weight can be calculated by a simple formula: a person’s height is 110. But how perfect is the result obtained?After all, the general rule does not include taking into account fatty deposits, the amount of muscle tissue, the way of life.Therefore, to determine the body mass index, it is necessary to use the formula of Adolphe Ketel: the weight divided by the height, squared. The results will indicate what a particular person needs to do to adjust the weight of the :

    1. Body mass index 18, 5 – 24, 9. This is considered the norm, so you just need to keep yourself in shape.For this, it is not superfluous to calculate the number of calories needed per day by the Harrison-Benedict formula.
    2. The indicator was less than 18, 5. This is very small, a person probably wears the nickname “thin.”This index of body mass index is very disturbing – anorexia may soon develop.
    3. The figures after the calculation are more than 25. The same very disturbing sign is a clear sign of impending obesity( or already taken place), it is necessary to urgently adjust the nutrition and begin to conduct regular physical training.

    Note: calculate the body mass index according to the given formula can not be pregnant, nursing women, and also at the age of less than 20 and over 65 years.

    Perspectives for a non-ideal body mass index

    It is believed that if you get the results of calculating the body mass index far from ideal, you need to “sound an alarm”. To understand the importance of such a statement, you need to know what the looks like:

    1. If the body mass index is too low, the necessary nutrients do not enter the body and the result can be hair loss, brittle nails, tooth decay.In addition, with a body mass index of less than 18, fragility of bones develops, anemia, menstrual irregularities, a violation of reproductive function in women( up to the total impossibility of conceiving a child).

    Important: if the body mass index is less than 18, then you need to calculate the number of calories per day, change the diet and, when making the menu, ensure that the body receives all the necessary nutrients from the food.If a person by nature is thin and does not feel any pathological changes in the body, then there is nothing to worry about.

    1. With a high body mass index, the risk of developing heart diseases increases significantly, habitual edemas appear, and large and small vessels undergo pathological changes.Figures more than 25 when calculating the described magnitude is a sign of obesity.It is necessary to urgently reconsider your diet in the direction of reducing the calories consumed daily and exercise.

    Important: with a too large body mass index( above 40) is diagnosed with obesity, which means visiting a nutritionist and other doctors – adjust the diet yourself and immediately exercise yourself with exercise.

    1. The ideal indicator of the described value is 19-25.According to statistics, this is a great rarity, so if you were lucky enough to see such results of calculating the body mass index, then you just need to adhere to the principles of proper nutrition and regularly engage in your favorite sport.

    Recommendations for high body mass index

    Having seen too high a value of the considered value, many people simply “rush” into rigid diets, begin to actively run, engage in simulators.But even such measures should be carried out competently – large loads with obesity can be dangerous for the health of the heart system and the musculoskeletal system.Therefore, it is recommended to visit a nutritionist and get a competent consultation – how much and what to eat each day, what level of exercise can be allowed, how to reduce the appetite.No fat burners, miraculous pills, dietary supplements and even popular liposuction today will not help to normalize the index of body mass index.After these procedures, as a rule, the weight returns to its original position and even becomes higher.To lose weight, you need to calculate the necessary number of calories per day for a particular organism, engage in sports every day( sometimes simple walking and cycling are very helpful in achieving the goal) and generally lead an active lifestyle. Please note: can not be hungry for weight loss purposes.A critical reduction in the number of calories per day can lead to serious consequences – in the best case, organs and systems will suffer.The critical amount of calories consumed per day is 1200. In some cases this is the recommended amount for a certain category of people, but this is the prerogative of doctors alone. For weight loss it is important not only to know the formulas for calculating the number of calories needed per day, but also to change your lifestyle.Diet and exercise, of course, help get rid of extra pounds, but you need to lead a correct lifestyle.For example, a day you need to drink at least 8 glasses of water( only not at night!), Breakfast should be dense and high in calories, and dinner is very easy.Therefore, for proper weight loss, without harm to one’s own health, it is advisable to seek help from specialists – nutritionists know all the subtleties of the weight loss process and will be able to choose a weight loss program individually. Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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