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The active ingredient of these drugs used to reduce body weight is the central action anorectic Sibutramine. It works as follows: By influencing appetite centers in the human brain, it contributes to quick satisfaction of hunger, activates a feeling of satiety and, thereby, reduces the amount of food consumed without effort on the part of the patient.

The beginning of the transmission of chemical signals (for example, about saturation during food intake) between the neurons of the brain is the release of neurotransmitters, serotonin and norepinephrine, into the intercellular space (synapse), where the signal is obtained. Sibutramine molecules block the return of the neurotransmitters back to the presynaptic cell. Due to this, the synapse increases the concentration of serotonin and norepinephrine, potentiating the stimulation of the neuron receiving the impulse. The saturation signal enters the postsynaptic cells more intensively, the body does not require the intake of a large amount of food. In addition, the drug increases the production of heat by the body, boosting the metabolic processes, which contributes to fat burning. Forms monodemetil- and didmetil-sibutramine-active metabolites, capable of inhibiting the re-acquisition of released neurotransmitters (serotonin and norepinephrine), as well as the pleasure hormone of dopamine, but to a much lesser extent. Working in this way, Sibutramine promotes the rapid development of a feeling of satiety, and, it becomes permanent. Significantly reduced food intake, which leads to rapid weight loss.

The active substance and its active metabolites are indifferent to the release of the enzyme monoamine oxidase and its activation, do not interact with neurotransmitters, including catecholamines, serotonin, histamine, acetylcholine, glutamic acid and benzodiazepines. They suppress the capture of membrane receptors of serotonin by platelets and can change their functions.

Reducing fat deposits with these medications is accompanied by an increase in the level of high-density lipoproteins (“good” cholesterol) in the blood serum on the background of a quantitative decrease in triacylglycerides, total cholesterol due to “bad” and uric acid.

Most drugs with Sibutramine are mono drugs. However, Reductil and Reduxin preparations are complex, containing in addition to the main active ingredient, microcrystalline cellulose is a natural and non-food-producing non-food product. He has the property of staying in the stomach, swelling under the influence of liquid, thus providing a feeling of satiety. In combination with Sibutramine complements its action. Microcrystalline cellulose is able to absorb not only water, but also putrefactive bacteria, cleans the intestines and prevents food poisoning.


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Reviews of Lindakse

Lindaksa drug – a medicine that doctors use to alleviate the condition of patients suffering from obesity. However, this drug has long interested and those seeking to get rid of the extra kilos, and thus does not have the diagnosis as obesity.

Can I take Lindaksa in cases where the percentage of excess weight and BMI are not threatening to human health? Whether the drug will not hurt? What people think about this experts? What feedback on the admission Lindaksa leave the users themselves?

Reviews of doctors

The drug Lindaksa – not such a harmless means, as many people think about it. No wonder the medicine refers to those who are released only by prescription.

Lindaksa has many side effects, and many of them pose a serious health hazard. That is, deciding the problem of excess weight can significantly “undermine” the health of the whole organism.

So, often receiving Lindaksa accompanied by disturbances of the nervous system and psyche. There have been cases where patients who were treated with the drug for a long time, brought himself to commit suicide – so much has changed their attitude towards reality. Although initially the treatment of adverse symptoms were expressed in only a small feeling of anxiety and general discomfort.

In addition, there is a big load on the heart when taking medication:

  • pulse quickens;
  • pressure increases;
  • vessels dilate;
  • a person begins to feel his heart pounding (particularly at night, at rest).

Lindaksa influences the digestive system. With the suppression of appetite appear constipation, thirst, sometimes – nausea.

Women may be disrupted monthly cycle, appear abdominal pain.

Given listed uncomfortable symptoms that accompany the drug treatment Lindaksa doctors is not highly advised to take it without a purpose and without good evidence. Additionally, Lindaksa assigned exclusively with alimentary (food) adiposity. If excess weight is the cause of hormonal disorders or other pathological conditions, in such cases, the reception Lindaksa clearly contraindicated.

Reviews lost weight

Reviews of people who have already tested on myself action Lindaksa are very different. And there is nothing strange, because all organisms are different and react differently to the drug, and the causes of obesity can not be all the same.

Those who have previously suffered from obesity and took Lindaksa on doctor’s orders, often note the drug’s effectiveness. However, they all point to the fact that the medication must be combined with dieting and implementation manageable exercise. Usually, the day mode and the power is controlled by the attending physician, nutritionist and exercise physiologist Dr.

But in many cases Lindaksa take and without the knowledge of the medical professional. In such situations, opinions are divided:

  • Most users believe that Lindaksa really helps to lose weight, but – the number of adverse events that occur during treatment, overshadows all the joy of weight loss; besides, most of the kilos after weight loss still comes back;
  • a smaller number of members noted the excitement of receiving Lindaksa and tend to undergo drug treatment again.

So how to do: to take or not take Lindaksa for weight loss, because of the preparation of reviews so contradictory?

The answer is clear: if the drug has appointed Dr. – Lindaksa take under its control. If you yourself want to undergo a course of treatment and without harm to their health, listen to the following advice:

  • pass a comprehensive examination – diagnosis of the causes of your excess weight;
  • hand over the necessary tests to find out exactly what bothers you to lose weight;
  • visit a nutritionist who will review your diet and pay attention to errors or incorrectly compiled diet;
  • visit the gym or fitness center, where you will be given a personal trainer: not necessarily to engage with him constantly (even desirable), sometimes it is enough two or three sessions with a specialist that in the future you could qualitatively engage themselves.

If the results of the diagnosis you are still receiving Lindaksa will be shown, it must necessarily go through a course laid, but under the supervision of a doctor. Only in this case reviews of Lindaksa can be entirely positive.


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Various pharmaceutical companies produce several analogues of the meridia preparation. The main active substance in all these preparations is sibutramine is a medicinal product that suppresses the feeling of hunger by affecting the brain.

Sibutramine and its analogs

Sibutramine is a medicament for the treatment of centralized obesity. It prevents the spread of nerve impulses by suppressing the process of re-capture of certain neurotransmitters – substances through which nerve impulses are transmitted. Simultaneously sibutramine helps to increase energy consumption by suppressing reflex slowing of metabolism against the background of a drop in body weight. Improved under the action of this drug is also fat and carbohydrate metabolism.

Sibutramine is manufactured by various pharmaceutical companies under the following trade names:

  • meridia( Abbott GmbH, Germany);
  • Lindax( Zentiva, Czech Republic);
  • goldline( Laboratories Ranbaxy, India);
  • slimy( Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd., India);
  • Reduxin( Avista, Russia).

These drugs are recommended to be used only when all other methods of treatment of obesity have no effect. In this case, treatment should be comprehensive and carried out under the supervision of an endocrinologist with practical experience in the treatment of obesity. Complex treatment provides for diet, increasing physical activity, changing the whole way of life. All this contributes to the formation of persistent changes in eating habits and lifestyle that are needed to maintain the achieved body weight after the abolition of drugs.

Original and Reproduced Drugs

Any medicinal product is first produced by a pharmaceutical company that conducts all necessary laboratory and clinical trials, registers the drug under some international non-proprietary name( INN) and receives a patent forIts production for a certain number of years. Further, the company gives its product a trade( brand name) and sells it. Such a preparation is called original or brand. Until the term of the patent has expired, no other company can produce a similar product, but after the expiry of this term other firms can use this formula and produce similar products. All of them have the same INN and different trade names, invented by the issuing companies. Such drugs are called generics.

Are there any differences between brands and generics?It would seem that there should not be, but life shows that there is and sometimes considerable. Brands are usually produced by large pharmaceutical companies with a good reputation, which is of great importance to them. Therefore, they use high-quality raw material, have equipment that meets international requirements( GMP system) and strictly observe all technologies.

Generics also produce smaller firms that do not always adhere to all the necessary requirements. Although, of course, and generics, can be no worse than brands – it’s all individually. In the production of generics, firms often save on the raw material and purchase it in Asian countries where there is no quality control over their production. The instructions to these drugs, of course, do not reflect all of these nuances, so it is difficult to immediately determine whether it is a generic quality or not.

Brands and generics of sibutramine

The original preparation or brand in this case is the meridian preparation produced by the German pharmaceutical company Abbott GmbH.This drug successfully passed all clinical trials, where its safety was proved. Meridia is produced using its own original Abbott technology in accordance with the international quality standards of GMP.The raw material( raw material) for the preparation of this preparation( sibutramine hydrochloride) is used only for the highest degree of purification and European production.

Therefore meridia is the standard of quality for all other drugs, the active substance in which is sibutramine. All generic sibutramine, which are present in the Russian market, completely copy the original meridia drug. Lindax, goldlayn, sulmium and reductin are also available in capsules, in the same dosage. Instructions to these drugs completely copy the instructions to the meridian.

The prices for all these preparations vary. Thus, the average price of meridian , depending on the dosage and number of tablets in the package of 2.5 to 4 thousand rubles and more. Lindax( 15 mg, 90 pieces) – more than 5000 rubles, Reduxin( 15 mg 30 pieces) – 1300 rubles, Goldlayn -( 15 mg 30 pieces) – about 950 rubles.

Which of these drugs to choose is best advised by a doctor who has experience in prescribing such drugs.

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