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Today separate food is a popular method for eliminating excess weight.Many popular people claim that the method used to adjust your weight.Many nutritionists believe that it is easier to comply with the established diet if a person alternates foods in your diet, getting the required amount of vitamins with different fruits and vegetables every day and cooking different dishes without repeating them more often several times a week.

carry out the similar recommendations in practice is not easy, because most people get some food set, which prevents over-diversify your daily menu.

When compiling a diet and buying products can be guided by the simple principle:

  • acquire three types of protein products.For example, cod, chicken breasts, beef low-fat varieties in the required amount for a week.

  • add protein products may be five kinds of vegetables – carrots, cabbage, greens, beets, cucumbers and tomatoes.

  • addition to purchase several types of fruits – pears, citrus fruit

    s, apples.

  • To prepare side dishes to vegetables and cereals buy several kinds of cereals.

Create your menu daily separate power supply in the following ways:

  • At breakfast, I eat porridge with vegetables.

  • For lunch eat a protein product with vegetable salad or daily cooking various cereals.

  • diet dinner can make fish with vegetables or pre-boiled chicken breast.

  • Throughout the day snacking on a variety of fruits, preferably with no repetitions.

for each individual menu must be installed individually.Ready-menu options are, as a rule, for example.

separate food diet for 7 days

exemplary embodiment based on the seven-day diet nutrition separation might look like.

breakfast always consists of fruit (sweet and sour) or fruit juice with no sugar added.The juice can be used in addition to the fruit.

first day – protein. Dinner – 100 grams of green salad, 150g salmon steak.Dinner – 200 grams of chicken sandwich with lettuce and tomatoes.Before going to bed drink a glass of kefir.

second day – vegetable. Lunch – 250 g vegetable stew (peppers, cabbage, zucchini, carrots, potatoes).Dinner – 200 grams of rice fried with celery and turmeric.At night, allowed a handful of dried fruit.

third day – delicious. Dinner – 300 grams of pizza home (option: bell pepper, tomatoes, olives, a small amount of cheese, tomato paste, the dough).Dinner – 200 grams of pasta with basil and tomato sauce.Before going to bed it is permitted to use a biscuit with tea.

fourth day – fruit. Dinner – 250 grams of fruit salad (Chinese pear, watermelon, grapes, papaya).200 g of baked apples with cinnamon.Bedtime melon (some slices).

fifth day – protein. Dinner – 250 grams of bean salad with avocado (lettuce, avocado, several types of beans).Dinner – 200 grams of omelet with ham and cheese.Before going to bed to eat a low-fat cottage cheese.

Sixth day – vegetables. Dinner – 200 grams of eggplant stewed with carrots and garlic, 50 grams of bread.Dinner – 200 grams of potato casserole with herbs.At night you can eat a banana.

seventh day – delicious. Dinner – 250 grams of vegetable lasagna.Dinner – 150 grams of cake to taste.Before going to bed is permitted to use a cup of hot chocolate.

there are other options like the menu for the week.For each individual should choose an individual diet.

separate food diet for 90 days

Power split type often used in diets aimed at weight loss.This 90 day diet offers to share power for days, during which only allowed to eat certain foods.Weight loss during the system power is due to changes in metabolism, may also lower blood pressure and to leave some excess weight associated with the disease.Ration separate diet pleasant enough and suitable even for those who are hard to completely give up sweets

However, even here there are limits, compliance with which is necessary to break the cycle of prohibited or skip a day diet.Before the transition to separate food products should get rid of the house, not related to the number of permits.The basis of the menu is constantly repeating the cycle four.Certain days of the cycle contain their own set of products.Breakfast is always the same – fruit juices without sugar or fruit.

the first day should eat foods rich in protein to – poultry, dairy products, meat, eggs.The meat is allowed to boiled or fried.You can eat salads dressed with olive oil.The soup should not add the potatoes and pasta.The diet of the second day is rich in starch products.Vegetables, in any combination, rice fried or boiled.The portions should present the largest possible amount of ingredients, but they should be small in size.

the third day of the menu is filled with products that contain a lot of carbohydrates.This is the most enjoyable day of the diet, allowed dark chocolate, low-fat ice cream, bread, desserts, cookies and cakes, low-calorie biscuits, pizza and pasta.The only solution is a tomato paste sauce.Fourth day diet consists of foods rich in vitamins.Should eat fruit in any quantity.However, there is one rule – it is forbidden to mix sweet and sour fruits.

Common rules for separate diets:

  • Observe an interval of two hours between breakfast and the subsequent meal.

  • Do not use milk with meat products.

  • not be combined with other melon fruit.

  • salads should fill with olive oil exclusively.

  • used for filling pasta tomato paste.

  • The daily rate is one and a half liters of water.

As a rule, based on the expiration of 90 separate nutrition day diet dumped kgs will not be returned.The loss depends on the original kilogram weight.People with a sufficiently large overweight can be observed in its shape changes more severe than those with a small amount of excess kilogram.

separate food diet recipes

Zrazy on-Warsaw .Ingredients: onions – 50 g butter – 20 g beef tenderloin – 600g, pepper and salt.Wash and remove the meat from the film and the core, cut slices across the grain size of a palm.Discourage hoe each piece.Finely chop peeled onions, add salt, meat, pepper and well mixed.Each piece of meat grease the stuffing, take the form of tubes and fasten thread or stud wood.Then season with salt.Fry zrazy in a wide pan.

Then add the water, cover the lid and cook in the area of ​​one and a half hours on a mild fire.The dish is well served with a vegetable garnish, after removing the wooden studs.

stew with vegetables rice. Ingredients: rice – 120 g cup of broth, salt, fresh pepper, carrot, onion, oil (olive), a couple of cloves of garlic.Fry in butter finely chopped peppers, carrots, crushed garlic and onions.Pour in the broth, and after boiling, add the washed rice.About 15 minutes to put out at a low heat.If necessary, stir, add salt.Vegetable salad complements this dish well.

Reviews of separate food diet

among health care workers can be seen mixed reviews about the system power.Some say its dangers, others are the facts that speak of its beneficial effect.Psychologists blame this method for weight loss is that after the body is badly perceives traditional dishes.

Marina : stick to this diet and the results were satisfied.In a month it takes about six kilograms, and after the end of the diet the weight is dialed again.Carried her easily, excessive hunger is not felt, and so all the delicious days of the holiday were.At first, just a little bit difficult to make the menu, but then everything is easy.

Victoria : sat on this diet under the persistent influence of friends.Conscientiously he held on to this kind of diet for three months, during which it took as many as nine of excess kilogram.This result is quite significant for me.While that’s my husband such a diet is absolutely not helped, though he sometimes broke regime.Over time again I expect to lose weight by this method.

Many people are interested in the detailed menu of the separatepower supply. However, due to the complexity of this system, so as not to accidentally make a mistake, it is important to begin to understand all the rules before starting to look for examples. In this article you will find both ready-made examples of a daily diet, and principles for self-compilation.

How to make a menu for separate fractional power?

Fractional food is the principle that foodtaken in small portions 5-6 times a day. As a rule, there are 3 main meals and 2-3 extra meals. But the principles of the separate power menu are somewhat more complicated, but you can also remember them if you want. So, the basics:

  1. Proteins can not be eaten with fats. In other words, meat, fish and poultry are allowed only lean, without fatty interlayer. The garnish is suitable only for non-starchy vegetables (starchy vegetables are potatoes, corn, legumes, and they are excluded).
  2. Starchy vegetables (corn, potatoes, beans)Are combined either with green vegetables, or with vegetable oil, but not with animal fats! This group also includes pasta, bread and semi-starchy vegetables – turnips, radishes, radishes, swede.
  3. Tomatoes, watermelons, melons and all sour fruits can only be eaten separately from all other foods.
  4. Green and non-starchy vegetables are a universal group that can be combined even with animal fats.
  5. Milk should be taken separately and is not considered a drink, but a meal. This rule also applies to cottage cheese.
  6. Eggs belong to the protein group, combined withgreen vegetables. Protein can not be combined with another protein, in other words, fried eggs with sausage or steak with egg is a forbidden dish. As well as meat with cheese or a sandwich with cheese and sausage.
  7. Nuts are taken in a separate meal.
  8. It is forbidden to eat two types of carbohydrates (pasta or dumplings with bread, etc.).
  9. Mushrooms are a neutral product and are combined with proteins and carbohydrates.

Based on these rules, you yourself easily compose an exemplary menu with separate meals. We offer several examples to choose from.

Examples of split power menus

Consider several menu options thatyou can safely use every day without harm to the body. Do not forget that it is important to control the size of portions! As snacks, you can also use a portion of fruit or dairy products.

Option 1

  1. Breakfast: oatmeal on water with dried apricots, whole wheat bread, green tea without sugar.
  2. Lunch: vegetable stew, vegetable salad, tea without sugar.
  3. Afternoon snack: salad of cheese and tomato.
  4. Dinner: fish baked in the oven and vegetable garnish.

Option 2

  1. Breakfast: fried eggs with tomatoes and herbs, tea without sugar.
  2. Lunch: potatoes baked, bean salad, tea without sugar.
  3. Afternoon snack: a cocktail of yogurt and berries.
  4. Supper: stew with vegetables chicken breast.

Option 3

  1. Breakfast: curd casserole, tea without sugar.
  2. Lunch: buckwheat with vegetables, light salad, tea without sugar.
  3. Afternoon snack: fruit salad.
  4. Dinner: mushroom pilaf, vegetable salad.

Option 4

  1. Breakfast: omelet from eggs, salad from sea kale, tea without sugar.
  2. Lunch: vegetable soup-puree, tea without sugar.
  3. Afternoon snack: boiled chicken breast and tomato.
  4. Dinner: turkey, stew with zucchini or zucchini, vegetable salad.

Option 5

  1. Breakfast: porridge buckwheat with mushrooms, tea without sugar.
  2. Lunch: a dish of beans, vegetable salad, tea without sugar.
  3. Afternoon snack: apple baked.
  4. Dinner: salmon baked with onions and carrots, vegetable salad.

Among these options, anyone will findsuitable for themselves. The main thing is not to allow the scarcity and monotony of food: everything must change, so that the body receives a variety of combinations of vitamins, trace elements and amino acids.

It is known that the products have in their composition of three basic components: carbohydrates, proteins and plant foods.There are also more and fats – they are combined in the gastrointestinal tract and carbohydrates, and proteins.With regard to plant foods, it is easy to digest, because, in fact, she splits herself.Proteins and carbohydrates are more complex for cleavage – first digested mainly by the acid, and the second – using alkalis.

separate food diet is based on simple logic: supplying proteins and carbohydrates in the body in separate batches, you can improve digestion, relieve your body and, consequently, lose weight.

separate food diet –

menu main meal will include two components: fresh vegetables and protein or carbohydrate meal.

first dish – a salad of fresh vegetables.Cabbage is a required component.To cabbage salad can be added according to the season of red beets (raw, boiled or baked), celery root, parsley, parsnips, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, turnips, lettuce, onion

s, parsley, dill, celery and cilantro.The number of components in a salad, in addition to green, should be limited to four or five.

second dish – carbohydrate or protein.

Option 1 – carbohydrate meal.Carbohydrate meal includes, for example, crisp cereals (buckwheat, millet, oats, rice) with cream, vegetable oil or sour cream, vegetarian pilaf, stuffed with vegetables and rice, stewed cabbage, vegetable stew, toast (the dried black bread) with lard or butterbutter, boiled potatoes, baked or stewed with vegetables, etc.

Option 2 -.. a protein meal.Protein meal may include a variety of dishes of meat, fish, dairy products, eggs, legumes, nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts), sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

scheme separate power supply –

menu Morning: 7.00 – drink (tea, coffee, etc…).7.15 – light breakfast.

day: 12.00 – drink (tea, coffee, juice, water – as you want).12.30 – 2 toast of black bread, vegetables and cheese (or sour cream).16.30 – coffee, etc. (hereinafter drinking optional)…

evening: 18.00 – tea, coffee.18.15 – fruit one name.18.40 – the main meal (salad and protein or carbohydrate food).22.00 – tea.If the evening is very hungry, you can drink a glass of kefir or eat something more substantial, you could even piece of chicken, toast of black bread and cheese – this is good, and our system.

Monitor your fluid intake.Adult body per day is required, including all types of food, at least 2.5 liters of fluid.

Set a time – 3 months.I think that 3 months – enough time to get used to the new.Divide it into stages.

Principles of separate food diet

Basics separate food diet

order to easily remember what basic foods are carbohydrate, should be removed from the memory all the names of the products that we often prohibited, except for fat, of course,.So, to the carbohydrate group includes all the sweet, flour, grains and potatoes.Of course, there are many more, but these products are statisticians are the largest providers of carbohydrate in humans.

Protein foods divided by origin in the animal and plant food.The main protein foods of animal origin – it is meat, fish, poultry and eggs, dairy products and cheeses.With regard to plant food, the protein is a major component in flour, cereals and potatoes, as well as nuts and legumes.

In order to successfully use a separate food diet is necessary not only to know what it consists of certain products, but also to understand which combinations are able to neutralize the negative aspects of each other.So perfect match for meat is any vegetable or vegetables, except those that contain starch.They allow you to neutralize the negative properties of animal protein, help the body to withdraw cholesterol from the blood, as well as improve the digestion of meat.There are still many other such secrets, but the main rule of a separate food diet reduced to the fact that most of the carbohydrates one should get from fruits, vegetables and grains, while it should consume sufficient but not excessive amount of protein and little fat.

combination of products for separate food for weight loss

Foods rich in protein include meat, fish, offal, eggs, low-fat dairy products, legumes, nuts.

Foods rich in carbohydrates include bread, flour, cereals, pasta, potatoes, carrots, sugar.

fats – is animal fats, butter, cream, fat cottage cheese, fatty cheeses (fat content of more than 45%), vegetable oil.

There is also a group of “neutral” foods: herbs, fresh vegetables and fruits.”Neutral” products have an advantage over the other groups, as they are compatible with foods rich in proteins and foods rich in carbohydrates.

very important in the theory of a separate food to fresh fruits and vegetables accounted for more than half of the daily diet foods.

incongruous products

  • Proteins and carbohydrates {starches, sugars).
  • proteins and proteins.
  • proteins and fats.
  • fats and fats.

combines products

  • proteins and green vegetables, root crops.
  • carbohydrates (such as cereal, bread) and green vegetables, root crops.
  • fats and carbohydrates.

main principles of a separate food are the following items:

  • should not consume large amounts of protein and a large amount of carbohydrate per meal (fish with pasta, meat and bread, etc.).
  • should not consume acidic foods in one meal reception together with carbohydrates.
  • should not have simultaneously two products, if each of them contains a concentrated protein.
  • Do not eat proteins with fats (such as butter and cheese).
  • Do not consume sour fruits and proteins simultaneously.

Features menu with a separate feed

sweet (chocolate, sugar, honey) is possible, but only on an empty stomach (UTO have 4 hours after eating), you can wash down immediately.

exclude from the daily consumption of the following products: milk, yogurt with fruit fillings, sausages, smoked meat products, white bread, pasta, canned goods of all kinds (except for the home vegetable preparations without vinegar and fish canned in its own juice), soups allspecies, soups, mayonnaise, margarine, jam, ice cream, cakes.Avoid canned sweet drinks (lemonade, cola, etc.)

Fruits – a separate food, you can eat in 30 minutes before the main meal and 15 minutes after drinking.

This system is not only limited, but also the pleasant resolution):

  • there for the night;
  • if you drink alcoholic beverages, then only before eating.(As it turns out the company a lot of fun!);
  • occasionally violate the categorical terms.

How easier to go to a separate food whole family

Preparing for transition to a separate food diet

Take a sheet of paper, divide it by a vertical line into two parts.Write to the left side of the sheet names of all the products and dishes that you eat constantly.On the right side next to each product or dishes write “good”, “not good” or think what you can replace this dish.

example: favorite sausage can be replaced with boiled meat or ham, but without bread, but of the “Olivier” salad will have to give at all.Categorically exclude the drink during the meal, as well as sweetening dishes.

has long been known that the digestive function of the body change their activity during the day, there are so-called physiological and biological clock.According to the biological laws most favorable time meal from 12 to 21 hours, but from 22 to 4 hours organism is most active in the assimilation, ie digestion and assimilation of food.On holidays and self-cleaning time is from 4 to 12 pm.On this basis build his regime.

So, you wake up at 7 o’clock in the morning and after the toilet can have a cup of coffee or tea.After 15 minutes, until you want to, for example, after applying makeup, you can eat an apple, banana, orange -.. Nothing more, or a toast from black bread with cheese, or scrambled eggs with green peas and cabbage salad, etc.

Onthe convenient tea and coffee;or eat a sandwich (toast) with cheese or bacon;or fruit;or a piece of chocolate and leave it at that;or drink a glass of kefir;or eat about 100-150 grams of unsweetened curd, you can with sour cream, and so on. d.

main meal in the evening transfer.It is advisable to come home and drink a cup of tea at once, can be sweet, or any juice, stewed fruit, just water.This will distract you from the compulsion to eat immediately.

After 15 minutes, eat 1-2 apples, and more can be no apples – oranges, apricots or any other fruit, but only one species.Then calmly proceed to the preparation of dinner.Before going to bed, if you later go to sleep, and time permits, you can drink a cup of yogurt, or eat apples, or a sandwich – brown bread with cheese, but not earlier than 4 hours after the evening meal.

Watch for a variety of diet and the presence in it as carbohydrates and proteins in the required proportions and quantities.

Balance of Power provides full maintenance of the body proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and trace elements.Considerable importance is the correction of the fat component of the diet, which directly affects the metabolism of fat.

Increase the amount of vegetable oil relative to animal fats.When this oil must be used carefully in the diet separately from animal fats, while in the gut it is not converted into human fat is not necessary for it contains saturated fatty acids.If you eat vegetable and animal fat at the same time, it formed a double amount of fat in our body.

theoretically balanced daily ration should include protein 100 g (60% vegetable) fat and 80 g (60% vegetable separately from the animal), and 500 g carbohydrates.Not necessarily completely deprive yourself of sweets, because in its absence sharply reduced associative ability of the brain, that is, sharpness of mind.

Alternate methods of eating meat and carbohydrate.If at 12 pm you eat boiled meat, the dinner can eat porridge or boiled, baked potatoes.Good in this case and vinaigrette together with toast (black rye bread, the dried in a toaster or oven).Accompany any food raw cabbage salad, or just raw vegetables.

stages of transition to a separate food

Stage 1 – 1st-3rd week: the development of the mandatory drinking regime.

the first day should be weighed in the balance, on which you will be weighed in the future in the same conditions, that is, after the morning toilet before your morning drink.This phase involves development of a new mode of drinking, ie drinking just before meals and breaks, but not earlier than 3-4 hours after a meal.Do not wash down the food!

This is the most difficult stage, because, firstly, the beginning is always difficult, besides it is very difficult to change the established long-term life habits.You have to get used to drinking regime.It is important to start small, for example, to wash down the food at once, but drink first 10 minutes after a meal, after 20, 30, etc.

little useful trick:.. To not want to drink after a meal, it is necessary to nedosalivat it, andin some cases even to abandon salt.It also will help you to significantly reduce salt consumption.

Stage 2 – 2nd-5th week: the development of eating habits.

For a week you have achieved, for example, the fact that the soak as much as 20 minutes after eating and drinking only after something.Excellent!Remember, if something does not work, you can always start over.Go to the second stage.

Set the power mode that is closest to the present, such as:

  • Breakfast – 7.00.
  • Lunch – 12.00.
  • Dinner – 17.00.
  • Dinner 2 – 21.00.

Mealtime varies depending on the capabilities, needs and habits, but the underlying condition must be met scrupulously – the gap between any meals must be at least 4 to 5 hours.If you have not sustained and a snack at work in 17 hours, it is advisable to wait for dinner until 21 pm, the only indulgence may be afternoon tea in 19 hours.

to quickly start the process of weight loss, you can use the principle of so-called morning fasting.What is it.Instead of breakfast, you only drink tea or coffee (well be the first time without sugar), and the first meal to carry no more than 12 hours.This is due to the fact that the most active metabolic processes in the body occur in the first half of the day, we are moving even more active at this time, hence the fat in our body will be burned faster.

then your schedule will look something like this:

  • 12.00 – 1st meal.
  • 16.00 (or 18.00, after work) – 2nd meal.
  • 20.00 (or 22.00) – 3rd reception write.

3rd stage – 3rd-10th week: the development of the diet;avoiding harmful products.

move on.Gradually enter into the diet only fit together products and eliminating harmful.Try to bring your daily diet to the recommended.Once again, what foods and dishes should not be used under any circumstances.This milk, yogurt with fruit fillings, ice cream, sausages, smoked meat, white bread, pasta, mayonnaise, canned goods of all kinds (except for the home vegetable preparations without vinegar and fish canned in its own juice), soups of all kinds, meat broth, margarines, cakes, pies.

4th stage – 6th-12th week: full adherence to the system, the weight of the normalization and stabilization of the condition of the body.

only at the beginning of the 6th week you can stand on the scales and check the results of their efforts.From this day you can have weighed every day.Weight change occurs at each differently.It depends on the number of times per received food motor mode, physical activity in this period of life.Please note the speed with which you eat.Do you have time to feel the saturation sooner than eat too much.It is also important and meal duration – 20 minutes is optimal.

If the weight is, in your opinion, is slowly changing, it is necessary to reduce the amount of food – you and only you are the sole control of your diet.You will, of course, need allies in the family or neighborhood.It would be nice to win over her husband and other family members, but if it was not possible, do not despair.Then just have to advertise their intentions and calmly continue to work on their own improvement.

last stage can be stretched for life and fun to celebrate the start date of its renewal.

Efficiency separate power supply as a method of losing weight and maintaining an ideal weight, I checked myself.At the moment I’m happy with their appearance and health.

We would like to note that it is not necessary to bring the idea of ​​a separate feed to fanaticism, as do many.Especially, do not be too strict with their loved ones.Sometimes people move to a separate food whole family, but, in any case, it should be understood that even if you do not make exceptions for ourselves, everyone has the right to make their own choices and to eat as the body requires it.

Today separation food diet is a very popular topic, because eating this way really helpful.However, if you work in an office, prepare for the fact that you separate meals will be a real test.You will often not enough time to buy fresh and quality products, but even more so would be difficult to organize themselves separate meals.However, for people who have a goal, insurmountable obstacles, as we know, no.Lose weight properly and stay healthy!

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Around separate food as a miraculous system for weight loss, there is a lot of controversy, yet nutritionists are inclined towards a separate feed, note its health benefits and weight loss.A man who practices a separate food, think about the part of your diet, eliminate harmful products and eats a lot of vegetables and fruits that can not affect the figure is positive.Separate nutrition is useful for weight loss.

essence of a separate food

  • Proteins and starches be combined in one meal it is impossible, but with vegetable proteins and starches it is possible and necessary.This combination reduces the overall glycemic index food.
  • When food consumed vegetables along with protein rich food, they reduce harmful effects of fat on the body.
  • Habitual consumption of meat and potatoes and bread separate power supply system does not allow.Judge for yourself, the stomach can not cope with this amount of food digestion.
  • not eat starchy carbohydrates with fats especially in the first stage of weight loss.
  • Do not mix vegetable and animal fats.
  • Fruits should be consumed 20 minutes before the main reception meal or between meals.
  • Do not eat ready-made meals, past the industrial processing, prefer living products .
  • There neutral products, they can be eaten alone with carbohydrates and protein.

separate food menu Montignac

  1. Afternoon: fruit, porridge after some time without oil, low-fat yogurt or yogurt.
  2. Lunch: meat or fish, vegetable salad, or vegetable stew with a little vegetable oil, a bit of cheese.You do not eat bread or cereal garnishes.
  3. Dinner: vegetable soup without butter (do not add the potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes and beets), boiled meat, yogurt.Dinner protein can be replaced by amyloid menu, but in order to reduce weight it is better not to have dinner carbohydrates.

To maintain the acid-alkaline balance is to let the menu ¾ of vegetables and ¼ of the protein.

To properly prepare a menu for separate power supply is necessary to know which foods are carbohydrates, proteins, which are called neutral classification system for this power.

  • Carbohydrates: cereals, potatoes, artichokes, bananas, honey, sweets, alcohol, fruits and vegetables with a high content of starch,
  • Neutral Group: Vegetables do not contain starch, sprouts, mushrooms, dairy products, cheesewith a fat content of 65%, vegetable oil, nuts, seeds, egg yolk, avocado, olives, herbal teas.
  • Protein products : any meat, sausage, fish, milk, egg, soy, berries, wine, apples and pears, pineapple, kiwi, citrus.

question may arise why fruits belong to the protein group, because in all logic they contain more carbohydrates, but because the fruit acids interfere with normal digestion of carbohydrates.

separate food: the menu for the week


Breakfast: a banana, 20 minutes oat meal on the water, green tea.

Snack: pear, vegetable salad with vegetable oil.

Lunch: chicken breast, cabbage salad, cheese.

Snack: an apple.

Dinner: vegetable soup, egg.


Breakfast: buckwheat, yogurt or kefir.

Lunch: orange or grapefruit.

Lunch: boiled fish, vegetable stew.

Snack: pear.

Dinner: chicken and vegetable salad.


breakfast: rice porridge, yogurt, green tea.

Afternoon snack: an apple.

Lunch: milk, boiled meat, vegetable salad, a glass of milk.

Snack: walnuts or pine nuts.

Dinner: Cottage cheese casserole.


Breakfast: banana, muesli with dried fruit, yogurt.

Snack: 2 kiwi.

Lunch: salad of seafood and vegetables, cheese.

Snack: dried fruits.

Dinner: scrambled eggs with tomatoes.


Breakfast: oatmeal, yogurt.

Snack: Avocado.

Lunch: steamed vegetables with meat.

Snack: berries.

Dinner: tomato and cheese.


Breakfast: wheat porridge with pumpkin, green tea.

Snack: Banana.

Lunch: fish with vegetables and cheese.

Snack: Nuts.

Dinner: scrambled eggs with mushrooms.


On Sunday, you can arrange a fasting day on apples.

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separate food will help you lose weight and improve health.

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