Racionika siluet reviews

The products of «Рационика» (Racionika) – another innovative breakthrough in the diet and healthy foods. The company offers a number of funds, the use of which seems to be the most sensible of the present-day approach to losing weight. In other words, the weight will go slowly, but surely. Moreover, to hunger, to sit on a strict diet and to take synthetic drugs, exposing your body hazard, do not have to. Well, lost weight, according to the promise of the manufacturer, return should not.

Product line

Add in the diet of the following products allows to achieve a smooth parting with the hated overweight. Guaranteed «Рационикой» result – minus 6-10 % of body weight over a 2 to 3-month course. Consider more than the same manufacturer offers to enrich the power of losing weight is desperate people.

«Рационика Diets» (Racionika Diet) diet cocktail basis of which is the skimmed milk powder. Also here to benefit the figure of work fructose, pectin, fiber, fiber. Abundant flavors, colors, sweeteners (but not sugar), which seemed to be natural. One portion of a drink containing 84 kcal and minimum fat and carbohydrates, allows to provide a feeling of satiety 4 hours. That is, the time between Breakfast and lunch, in theory, can spend without painful thoughts about food. Cocktails with strawberry-yogurt and chocolate flavors.

«Рационика Dessert» (Racionika Dessert) – sweet, tasty and low in calories (190 kcal) candy bar, which is in the process of use be sure to drink water. It is necessary to plant fibres good swelled in the stomach and provided a sense of satiety all on the same 4 hours. Dessert is enriched with vitamins of group B, zinc, calcium, magnesium and pleasant gives a banana and coconut.

«Рационика Express» (Racionika Express) – bar-muesli (123 kcal) with oat, corn and wheat flakes, air rice and a piece of Apple. Collection of useful substances is the same as its dessert fellow, as well as the promised effect of 4 hours, and a quiet life without desire to look into the bowels of the refrigerator.

«Рационика Light» (Racionika Light) – «light», but not at the expense of energy value (their 129 kcal) sweet variation on the theme of the previous two dietary products. The feeling of satiety dessert can provide only two hours. Also requires an own water.

«Рационика Beauty» (Racionika Beauty) – set of the sachet with collagen, vitamin C and many other important for the preservation of youth and beauty substances. The contents paketika dissolving in a glass of water used in food supplements.

«Рационика Sport» (Racionika Sport) capsules, the main active ingredient of which is a CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), on the basis of which also works «Редуксин Light». Additive is intended for those who plans to combine reducing caloric intake and intensive physical load. Product increases stamina and helps fats to be converted into energy, and not be disposed of «dead weight» on the body.

 «Рационика Silhouette» (Racionika Siluet) – tablets losing weight with the help of which are financed by the acceleration in the body of catabolic processes and elimination of excess fluid. The additive is intended to be dissolved in water and subsequent use.

Rules of preparation of the menu

Depending on your goals, you can choose the one rate of weight loss. Recalculation of the caloric content of its reduction due to use of products «Рационика» in each meal and replacing it some familiar foods) is based on the energy value of the daily diet, as well 2680 kcal. Currently, there are three power scheme:

  1. Easy course – four meals a day, calorie – 1890 kcal. The usual Breakfast Supplement cocktail, lunch, eat candy bar, for lunch – dietary salad, soup and again Hershey bar. Eat fruit cocktail and another батончиком.
  2. Normal rate – three meals a day, calorie – 1500 kcal. We distribute products «Рационика» just as in the previous course, distance ourselves from the daily snack батончиком.
  3. Intensive course – four meals a day, calorie – 1229 kcal. A hearty Breakfast replace something light, a type of protein omelet, which запиваем dietary cocktail. Snack батончиком, then we have lunch one usual meal (salad, first or second), cocktail and батончиком. Dinner will be the same as in previous versions.


Galina, 30 years. When the first time I stumbled on these products, also didn’t believe. You would think little of my life was all sorts of «Гербалайфов», «Эваларов» and «lose Weight for a week». But the habit ordered. That somehow the effect of reducing appetite and prolonged feelings of satiety not felt. And the cocktail is generally a contagion was. I drink and I can’t stop. Vkusnotischa such. So that the jar quickly came to an end, had to buy another for the future. The recommended menu is not adhered to. Prevented диетпродукты as soon as you like – and meals, and snacks. Apparently, this «Рационика» and is designed is to quickly скушаете and order from us again and again. Lose weight, alas, per kilogram per month failed.

Nadja, 26 years. Real strange. Manufacturer first assures that do not have to make any effort for weight loss and give up your favorite foods. And then offers absolutely diet-compiling diet. The feeling that I should get enough «alone Рационикой», and the sweet and flour me not to pull. While not believe, but already bought on the sample in a network pharmacy one Bank cocktail and 10 bars (5 «Expresses» and 5 «Diets»).

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I was very excited to receive this toy! Bought it spontaneously as it was in the sale down from £80 odd to £30! On arrival it comes packaged in a very sleek box, which can be used for storage.

When first trying, although it’s flexible, the toy itself is very ridged, which I myself found very uncomfortable to use, and it just wouldn’t sit in the right place. The external head didn’t really stay where I wanted it to and I actually had to hold the head for it to bring me to orgasm. Personally I prefer the rabbits with the two ears that go over your clit as they’re soft and follow the vibrations all over the clit rather than just one hard piece pushing over it as it’s hard to keep the position of the head.

Although, on the plus side,the internal motor really does hit the spot as it curves inwards. With the vibrations added – wow.

The vibrations themselves are very strong. Without even changing the speed it’s super strong, so changing them to the higher setting. I screamed the house down! The patterns are good too.

At first changing the speed of a pattern I found difficult. It didn’t really easily recognise that I wanted to up the speed as you have to hold down the same button that you do the patterns with but for longer.

Due to the strong vibrations, the toy is very loud, so if you’re looking for a discreet toy, perhaps this isn’t the one.

Overall, I found this toy okay. For full price I wouldn’t really recommend, but obviously that’s my personal opinion – on to the next toy!


Built in Papenburg, Germany, Celebrity Silhouette traveled 42 kilometers backward along the river Ems navigating several narrow gaps for its official naming in Hamburg on July 21, 2011.

Sister to Celebrity Solstice, Equinox and Eclipse, Celebrity Silhouette joined the Celebrity Cruises fleet in July 2011. Like her sisters, Celebrity Silhouette features Qsine, Martini Bar & Crush, the iLounge Internet center, the Lawn Club and veranda views in 85 percent of staterooms — plus a lot more.

Celebrity Silhouette Overview

Celebrity’s Solstice-class ships are some of the most beautiful and distinctive megaships ever built, offering super-modern styling, sophisticated spas and relaxation areas, a wealth of fantastic dining options, beautifully designed staterooms and suites, and a vibe that feels much more upscale than you’d expect, especially given Celebrity’s competitive pricing.

Launched in 2011, Celebrity Silhouette is the fourth of the Solstice-class ships and, so far, the best of the bunch. Measuring 122,400 gross tons and carrying 2,886 guests at double occupancy, she’s a huge but exceptionally well laid out vessel with an interior design that really flows from room to room, creating a unified feel.

In fact, Celebrity’s Solstice Class vessels rank among our favorites. In 2008, we gushed over Silhouette’s sister in an article titled Celebrity Solstice: Celebrity’s Newest Ship Breaks The Mold. Simply put: Celebrity’s Solstice class ships are attractive and variety-filled vessels that are certain to please almost any palate.

Solstice isn’t quite in the league of the luxury vessels we write about here on Avid Cruiser, but it’s pretty darn close. Some have called Solstice, Crystal Lite, and indeed Solstice could be a contender to such luxury players as Crystal Cruises.

With Silhouette, Celebrity began pushing the envelope of the original Solstice-class design, re-imagining some of the Solstice-class’s signature spaces and adding new venues to make the experience even more rich, modern, and beyond the ordinary.

Lots of changes at The Lawn Club on Celebrity Silhouette

Lawn Club & Pool Deck On Celebrity Silhouette

The Lawn Club, for instance, the half-acre real grass lawn that’s long been the iconic Solstice-class venue, has been rethought and re-engineered to be both more relaxing and more social.

At one end of the space, The Lawn Club Grill has been designed to offer a casual and interactive backyard barbecue experience. Flanking the Lawn Club Grill, there’s The Porch, a casual breakfast and lunch spot, and on the other side an art studio. Read more about the two dining venues further down on this page.

Port and starboard, the lawn is rimmed by The Alcoves, eight semi-private, shaded cabanas that can accommodate two to four guests, and offer plush seating, themed picnic baskets, WiFi, and an a la carte beverage menu.

“The Alcoves” feature private wifi-equipped cabanas situated on Silhouette’s lush green, real grass, lawn. Cost for rental: $99 per day on port days, and $149 per day on sea days. Worth it? Time will tell.

Nearby, there’s a row of hammocks for the ultimate shuck-off-your-cares experience. On the lawn itself, guests can play croquet, putt around some golf balls, play a game of bocce, or take a little picnic.

A couple decks down, Silhouette’s pool deck is one of the most serene and resort-like in the cruise industry, its two pools surrounded by 25-foot A-frame canopies that have luxurious day beds at their bases and large cantilevered awnings up top, providing shade for chaise lounges spread out along two decks.

The adults-only Solarium on Celebrity Silhouette.

Forward of the pools is a glass-ceilinged, adults-only Solarium offering a lap pool, cushioned teak lounge chairs, and a super-relaxing atmosphere. We like this area a lot. There’s also a small Aqua Spa Cafe for breakfast and lunch (no charge), which we enjoy quite a lot.

Public Rooms On Celebrity Silhouette

Inside, Silhouette feels like a spread in an upscale lifestyles magazine. Her Grand Foyer is designed as an homage to grand ocean liner cruising, while 50 feet up a full-size, 20-foot tall tree sits suspended in a planter, adding a hint of surrealism.

We like the 20-foot tall tree suspended in a planter on Celebrity Silhouette. In the background, a new venue, The Hideaway

Opposite the tree, The Hideaway was designed to be like a treehouse for adults, a place to go where you really want to get away from it all. There’s super-comfortable seating for just 30 people, plus two raised “nests” for the lucky guests who get there first.

Your private retreat: The Hideaway

Other rooms onboard run the upscale gamut, from the Napa-inspired Cellar Masters wine bar to the fashion-world Martini Bar and Crush — the former with a perpetually frosted bar, the latter with an ice-filled table from which bartenders dispense sample pairings of vodka and caviar.

Michael’s Club, a staple aboard Celebrity’s ships from the beginning, has been re-imagined here as a gourmet beer and whiskey bar, serving a menu of more than 60 international beers, plus fine whiskeys, scotches, and cognacs.

The ship’s AquaSpa is done in beautiful minimalist style, all clean lines and soothing colors. Besides massages, facials, and other traditional treatments, the spa menu includes acupuncture, teeth whitening, Botox wrinkle treatments, and other trendy options. For a different kind of trendy option, guests can surf the web, buy the latest iPods and laptops, or take a class from an Apple-certified professional at the iLounge, a sleek, modern technology space developed in association with Apple.

Silhouette features a large children’s area and separate teen center.

For kids, Silhouette offers a large, light-filled children’s center and separate teen center near the very top of the ship.

Dining On Celebrity Silhouette

In all, Silhouette offers six restaurants plus a buffet and several snack and light-meal options. The main restaurant is the Grand Cuvee Dining Room, designed as a dreamy crystal fantasy by celebrity designer Adam Tihany. Another Tihany design, the Tuscan Grille, is an upscale steak-and-pasta venue.

Qsine is a playful, imaginatively designed space serving food from an eclectic international menu, with an emphasis on creative presentation. Murano serves continental cuisine in an elegant, romantic setting, while Blu serves light and healthy menu items to a clientele that’s drawn almost exclusively from guests booked into the ship’s spa-oriented AquaClass staterooms (plus suite guests when there’s availability).

Cook or Look, Grill or Chill at Celebrity Silhouette’s new Lawn Club Grill

Up at the top of the ship, at the forward edge of the Lawn Club, the Lawn Club Grill is an interactive, highly social, indoor-outdoor restaurant that’s centered around grilling. Guests can grill their own meats and seafood and make their own pizza along with Celebrity’s professional chefs, or sit back and have the chefs do all the work, washing it all down with bottles of beer or a pitcher of sangria.

We like the thought of being able to develop our grill skills while enjoying a good meal. At this new open-air eatery on the top deck, guests team up with Celebrity Cruises’ chefs to master the grill.

Of course, you can always sit back and let the chefs — or someone else at your table — do the cooking. Worth the $30 per person fee? For dinner, yes. It’s a fun and memorable experience. The Lawn Club Grill will also open for lunch on port days, also $30 per person.

New on Silhouette is The Porch, with a charge of $5 per person for breakfast and lunch.

The Porch is touted as a breezy, casual dining spot offering sandwiches, coffees and captivating views of the sea and the lawn. Worth $5 per person for breakfast or lunch?

Evening Entertainment On Celebrity Silhouette

After dinner, guests can head forward to the 1,115-guest Silhouette Theatre, which was designed with a stage that thrusts out beyond the proscenium, bringing performers closer to the audience, plus complex gear up above that lets aerialists fly out over the audience’s heads.

Just down the corridor, the smaller Celebrity Central is a performance venue for late-night comedy shows, films, and other entertainment, while Quasar is the ship’s dedicated disco/nightclub, done up in a streamlined, space-age look.

For a quieter vibe, you can hit the Ensemble Lounge, which offers after-dinner jazz, or Cellar Masters, a Napa-inspired space that does wine tastings by day and casual relaxation by night.

Celebrity Silhouette Staterooms & Suites

Silhouette’s 1,291-square-foot Penthouse Suites each feature an enormous living room, wrap-around balcony with whirlpool tub, and palatial marble bathroom.

Silhouette’s staterooms are an evolution of the standard cruise cabin, from their shape and ergonomic design to their thoughtful details and amenities.

In all, Silhouette offers private balconies on 85 percent of her cabins, and each is big enough to fit two deck chairs and a table. Inside, in each standard stateroom, one wall bulges outward to give more maneuvering room around the foot of the bed, whose mattress is designed with rounded corners to make moving around it even easier. Beds are also higher than normal, allowing more luggage storage beneath, and are surrounded at the wall by a tall headboard that has an unobtrusive little cabinet that’s perfect for purses and other small items.

In the bathrooms, the shower stalls are larger than the cruise ship norm and have little foot rails that make it easier for women to shave their legs. There’s also a nice collection of little drawers, cabinets, and other nooks for storing toiletries.

Suites range from the 300-sq.-ft. Sky Suites, which are larger versions of the standard 194-foot veranda cabin, to the 1,291-square-foot Penthouse Suites, each of which has an enormous living room, wrap-around balcony with whirlpool tub, and palatial marble bathroom.

AquaClass stateroom 1642

Between her standard stateroom categories and her suites, Silhouette offers a middle ground in the form of her 130 adults-only AquaClass staterooms, which promote a “wellness” experience through things like special music/sound and aromatherapy options, jetted bodywash showers, pillow menus, and perks like free use of the spa’s Persian Garden aromatherapy steam room and relaxation room and access to the wellness restaurant Blu.

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