Psychology slimming bormental

The technique of weight loss, which the doctor suggestsBormental, interests many. Whether a joke is a promise to lose weight without having to starve and exhaust yourself with physical exercises. Many who tried this technique in practice, praise it and recommend it to others, while others, on the contrary, call the principle of losing weight in Bormental banal hypnosis.

Slimming system Bormental: physical activity

According to the adherents of the methodology,Active sports only strengthens the appetite and does not lead to a reduction in weight. Therefore, for women, the technique recommends instead of excessive efforts in the gym, to choose walking and light physical exercises. The most popular way to improve the relief of the body by “Bormental” is massage. Directed exclusively to problem areas, massage relaxes and improves skin tone.

In the philosophy of losing weight over Bormental moreYoga and Qigong gymnastics will be effective. If you are on your own wish to visit a fitness club and exercise active physical activity, you are allowed to eat 200 kcal more per day. The essence of the same diet is precisely in the regular calorie counting of foods.

Doctor Bormental’s weight loss method: principles of nutrition

Slimming Clinic Bormental uses the technique,based on the interaction of psychology and dietology, which appeared in 2001. The problems of obesity and obesity are mostly based not on physiological processes, but on psychology. The reason for overeating is often not increased appetite, but emotion. Emotionally overeating is caused by sadness, stress, complexes, feelings of loss and other experiences. In this regard, the method of losing weight by Bormental suggests taking into account the psychological aspects of overeating, that is, to consider the cause, and not the consequence. Diets will not give a positive result, if you do not understand the reasons for overeating, and they each have their own.

According to theorists, the technique of losing weightDr. Bormental is attractive by the complete absence of strict limitations. The only and basic limitation is calorie counting. The daily norm is up to 1200 kcal, while taking into account the lifestyle of the slimming. Within this figure, you can eat anything. The principle of nutrition methods Bormental calls for a sense of proportion and discipline of the slimming. A few recommendations will help achieve the desired effect:

  • After eating, it is advisable to drink a cup of hot tea;
  • it is better to avoid hearty and high-calorie foods;
  • it is preferable to divide the ration into 7 portions, the volume of which will not be more than 200 g;
  • To accelerate the process of losing weight, two days a week should be unloading;
  • a day should drink up to one and a half liters of liquid.

The Bormental diet suggests an individualapproach, self-medication in this case should not be dealt with. Ideally, you need to visit the clinic, where your health condition will undergo a thorough analysis and specially for you will be developed an individual technique and diet.


Whoever is difficult and long struggle with overweight, are constantly in search of miracle diets that can help deal with the problem once and for all.However, most diets imply numerous and severe limitations in food and drinks, but you are constantly adhere to them can not everyone.

Diet, developed by Dr. Bormental – exception to the rule.Her motto is – to get rid of excess weight, without bans.But how to lose weight without restricting yourself in a favorite treat?Is it so easy this diet as it may seem at first sight?Try to understand.

essence of the diet of Bormental

Although meals Bormental and promises the absence of any restrictions in food, we have one of the diet, but very strict rule – daily calorie counting.To do this, you must know the calorie content of products Bormental.

Author methodology has calculated that successful weight loss is necessary to reduce the number of daily calories to 1000-1200 kcal per day.Thus, to some extent taken into account peculiariti

es of lifestyle slimming:

  • 1000 kcal per day for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle;
  • 1200 calories a day for those who are engaged in at least some physical activity.

On this any restrictions and bans really ends.Subject to the daily norm of calorie Bormental allowed to eat any kind of food.

At first glance, the diet is quite simple.However, at an early stage in the calculation of calorie Bormental many difficulties arise.This is due to the fact that before the meal should be carefully calculate the calorie content of each portion – it should be handy kitchen scale.The second difficulty lies in the fact that the restriction in the 1000-1200 kcal per day, is quite strict for those who like to eat greasy food, and of little use in unlimited quantities.Therefore, to comply with the basic rules of the diet should be approached with responsibility for drawing up the menu for the day.Over time, all efforts will be repaid with interest.This diet allows you to reset 3-5 kg ​​of excess weight in a month.Scientists have shown that these are the rates of weight loss are optimally safe for the human body.

Calculation calorie products Bormental

Calculate calorie a particular dish (or a portion of the product) can use the table of caloric Bormental.This table summarizes the main ingredients that we use in the preparation of certain dishes.

Caloric content table on Bormental

Meat products

kcal / 100 g


kcal / 100 g


kcal / 100Mr.

Legumes and cereals

kcal / 100 g




cocoa powder



cheese Lambert




cheese Russian


braised pork


Dutch cheese



salmon fried


wheat flour


smoked salmon

cream 20%

cereal wheat

beef roast


cream 20%

rye flour

beef stew


curd 20%

cereal barley

fried chicken


cottage cheese 0%

pearl barley

boiled chicken



corn flakes



milk 3,2%



pollock roe

yogurt 3,2%



caviar chum

yogurt 0%






beef liver

canned in oil










barley flakes


sprats in oil




cottage cheese with sour cream


kcal / 100 g



yogurt fat

fresh egg




egg powder

Calculate calorie foods on the table Bormentalja very easily.To do this, see the calorie content of 100 grams of the product, and then, after weighing the required amount for the preparation of meals, calculate its calorie content.

prepare meals using the table of caloric Bormental, not too lazy to write it in a separate notebook calorie.In such a case the repetition of already prepared dishes once again no need to weigh food and calorie count it.

There are not only the table calorie products Bormental but separate table calorie foods.You can find them in the literature produced by the author techniques.

Slimming Secrets in the calculation of calorie Bormental

limiting itself in the consumption of calories, it is important not experience constant hunger.Otherwise, there is a great temptation to break the cardinal rule for losing weight Bormental.There are little secrets that allow “trick” the body and do not suffer from malnutrition:

  • avoid eating foods with high caloric content, but not bringing satiety – the sweet yogurt, cake, chips, donuts, etc .;
  • Minimize intake of foods that can enhance the appetite – alcohol, hot spices, sweeteners;
  • drink after each meal or a warm cup of hot tea – this little trick will help to extend the feeling of fullness;
  • Eat small, frequent meals – 200 grams of food 7-8 times a day.

Pros and cons of diet

With this diet you can really get rid of the extra kilos – is its main advantage and the main axiom, which is not subject to any doubt.

Nevertheless Bormentalja diet has its drawbacks:

  • Diet categorically is not suitable for those who are actively involved in sports and fitness.For such people, the rate of calories (even if they need to lose weight) is much higher than 1000-1200 calories a day.
  • diet can not be called universal.Author methodology does not account for individual characteristics of each person – a way of life, height and weight, the rate of metabolic processes, etc.
  • number of contraindications.This diet is contraindicated in cancer patients, people suffering from diabetes, those who had a stroke, a heart attack or has a mental disorder.There are age limits – a diet suitable for people aged 20 to 55 years.

Calorie for Bormental – 1.5 of 5 based 2 voice

A person who decides to take the path of losing weight is not always able to cope with their problems without help. If there is money, they can compensate for the lack of willpower. However, with the clients who are not adjusted to a positive result, many slimming clinics do not want to work.

Slimming Clinics exist in every city. But how not to run into charlatans, how to spend money without harm to health, because the methods of work slimming clinics vary.

Consider the methods of work of the most famous slimming clinics.

1. Slimming Clinic Dr. Bormental .Of course, no doctor Bormental actually exists, it is a patented trademark, a brand. In the clinic is carried out psychocorrection of excess weight , the goal is to form a stereotype of eating a slender person. Work with clients is conducted in several stages, first the specialists of the clinic identify the causes of excess weight by testing, individually working with each person. A person should tune into a w

eight loss program, understand the difference between hunger and appetite. In the process, a person must get rid of food addiction, the habit of seizing problems and there is nothing to do, learn to lose weight independently. Psychological weight correction includes, in addition to individual work, several group trainings. A month later, a repeated meeting with patients is held in order to consolidate the result and demonstrate success. The method of weight loss clinic Dr. Bormental was developed at the Tomsk Medical Institute.

2. Slavyanskaya slimming clinic, she is Elena Morozova’s slimming clinic .The technique of losing weight was developed by the heads of the clinic Elena Morozova, which is a positive result of the fight against excess weight. Methods of working with patients of the Slavic clinic differ from each other, depending on the incomes and preferences of clients, include both psychotherapeutic treatment and homeopathic.

3. Gavrilov’s weight loss clinic .Dr. Gavrilov, based on the reliability of the information provided on the Internet, is the author of the method of slimming the clinic Dr. Bormental, that is, the basis of the methodology is psychotherapy. The clinic of Dr. Gavrilov provides Internet support to patients who have no analogues.

Reviews slimming clinic can order, buy, because there is a battle for customers. But the main methods of work are:

  • Psychological: training, coding.
  • Practical, starting from issuing to the patient a list of allowed products, recipes for their preparation, the ( weight loss doctor’s doctor’s diet) , until the client’s 24-hour stay in the slimming clinic.
  • Drug treatment is also practiced.

As in any medical practice there are failures, deaths of patients, about which it is difficult to find truthful information on the Internet. Therefore, before deciding on treatment in a clinic for weight loss, you need to think seriously. It is better not to save on health, and if you really address, then in the most famous slimming clinics.

It is important to want to change your life for the better, otherwise not one technique will not be effective.

Specially for – Elena

In the minds of most people the word “diet” is associated with hardships, discomforts and inconveniences.”Diet” is not desirable, we expect to still have your favorite foods and still lose weight.And it would be great to have not pace yourself workouts in the gym.Let’s see if this is possible.

Features diet Bormentalja

Each of you knows a lot of stories when people are trying to stick to a diet, but they can not bring the case to the end.Justifies itself by the fact that this diet does not suit them and make a new attempt with another diet, but with the same result.Why is this happening?Because it “resists” the unconscious, not eliminated the psychological reasons of completeness.

For each baby is food safety.With the birth of this relationship firmly “imprinted” in the subconscious mind and determines our behavior in the future.When we are ill, lonely, scared, when there is no joy in life, we eat and we get satisfaction from food to compensate for their lack of other pleasures.

Sometimes we eat “out of boredom” on holidays – for the company.Sometimes, pulling some unpleasant business( popyu first tea, and then do a bad call).We eat to something to do, although it is not experiencing hunger.

Diet Bormentalja unique in that it provides to work with the psychologist and the elimination of the “root causes” of excess weight.

Self-hypnosis for weight loss

«Psychological” part Bormentalja diet consists of:

  • testing to identify the psychological causes of excess weight;
  • individual counseling, in which dieters aware of the true reasons of completeness.Together with the psychologist discusses the “road map” remedy the situation;
  • if it becomes necessary during the weight loss process is supportive individual counseling.

Besides individual counseling, there are more group training sessions.Each customer visits the diet center, four such exercises.Topics classes:

  1. Education principles of proper nutrition, elimination of false hunger, teaching methods, reduces appetite, breathing exercises, relaxation.
  2. In this lesson, group members discuss their successes and failures, get support from each other, produce a decision on the methods of overcoming the difficulties encountered.
  3. main questions of the third class, “What, besides food can please me?What is interesting to me?Catching any case, I feel full of life? “.”Switching” of consciousness with intrusive thoughts about food for other purposes.
  4. Motivation and self-hypnosis for weight loss.

group also can be collected for additional training if they are needed.Hypnosis and coding is not used.

Technique diet doctor Bormentalja

Slimming Methods Dr. Bormentalja authorizes the use of any products, but with a single stringent condition: daily caloric intake should not exceed 1200 kcal.

remaining conditions “standard»:

  • eat per meal no more than 300 gr.;
  • eat frequently( 5-7 times a day);
  • last meal no later than 4 hours before bedtime;
  • eat warm food, drink a hot cup of tea without sugar( it increases the feeling of fullness);
  • drink 1.5-2 liters of water per day.

Counting calories for diet

The first group lessons are given table calorie foods and ready meals( calculated calorie servings per 100 gr.).You can cook any dish is not on the list, but will have to carefully calculate the calorie content of products, of which they are composed.

Slimming method Bormentalja necessarily lead “food diaries”, which is recorded everything that is eaten during the day.Analysis of the records reveals the “extra” foods and snacks and give them up.

Table calorie products Bormental

As an example, is one of the tables calorie ready meals( kcal / 100 gr.).

Dr. Diet menu Bormentalja

As such, a single, prescribed diet menu Bormental does not exist.You can eat anything you like, allowing themselves even sweets, but within the prescribed total daily calories.Therefore, you define yourself, from what dishes will be your menu.

binding protein products: poultry, meat, fish, low-fat varieties, steamed, baked in the oven or boiled.It is recommended to give up alcohol, spices, increase appetite, sausages, mayonnaise, canned.

Example daily menu:

  • Breakfast: coffee without sugar( . 0 calories), low-fat cottage cheese, 150 gr.(130 kcal.), Low-fat yogurt, 200 gr.(76 kcal.)
  • Snack: a cup of tea without sugar( . 0 kcal), half Zephirin 50 kcal.
  • Lunch: soup, 200 grams.(100 kcal.), Fish cakes 100g.(259 kcal.), Bread, dietetic 2 pcs.(46 cal.), Vegetable salad 100g.(20 kcal.)
  • Snack: fruit( apple, orange).44 kcal.
  • Dinner: vegetable salad( eg, tomatoes and cucumbers), 150 gr.(30 cal.), Buckwheat 100g.(163 kcal.), Chicken 80 gr.
  • Snack: unsweetened crackers, 100 g.(120 kcal.), A cup of yogurt( 76 calories.)

food menu for Bormental may vary, but it is forbidden to consume less than 1000 kcal.per day, as this can cause a loss of power, poor health and mood.

Meals on Bormental

dieting, have, nevertheless, increased in the diet of fruits and vegetables.In summer it is easier to do in the shops abundance of “herbal” products.In winter, we are available beets, cabbage, carrots, apples, oranges, pumpkin, lemons.Lose weight by Bormental possible with low-calorie foods.

Here recipes are very tasty “winter” fruit and vegetable dishes with low-calorie.

Salad “vitamin bomb”.

One large carrot and two apples my, clean, three on a coarse grater.Half an orange cut into small pieces, mix with carrot and apple.Filling: 1 tablespoon honey;1 tablespoon of vegetable oil;2-3 tablespoons of lemon juice.The mixture should be slightly warm to dissolve the honey.Pour salad, give the stand for 20 minutes to impregnate.

Baked pumpkin.

300 gr.purified pumpkin and cut into large pieces, pour the juice of half a lemon, sprinkle 1-2 teaspoons of cinnamon.Stir, “wrap” in the foil, bake in the oven for 40-50 minutes.

Due to the low caloric content of the food, they can eat a lot and get a feeling of satiety for a long time.

Exercise with diet

Obraduem those who are not friends with the sport: physical activities are discouraged( but not prohibited) in the diet Bormentalja.Maximum load – a walk in the park.

However, let’s think logically.What happens when losing weight with your body?The skin stretched over body fat begins to sag when the fat away.

And then the body gets so ugly kind, that you no longer are pleased with their weight loss.It is necessary to take care of the body to take some action to ensure that the “new” body brings only positive emotions.

  1. If you decide to do in the gym, the caloric content of your diet can be increased by 300 kcal.In the hall you need to work with a coach who will advise you and will select an optimal exercise program for you.He tells “energy value” of training.If you
  2. categorical opponent of sport, then you will open the road to beauty salons.All kinds of massages, wraps and all that tells you a beautician for the formation of a beautiful body.

It is much more expensive sports training, but also much nicer.

«For” and “against” diets Bormentalja

Like any diet, Bormentalja method has its positive and negative sides.Many people have successfully grown thin by this method, recommend it to your friends and acquaintances.Opponents of this diet believe that all this “nonsense and brainwashing.”

Let’s consider the “pros” and “cons” of the method.

«plus” method:

  • guaranteed weight loss;
  • no subconscious resistance;
  • results remain for a long time;
  • products and menus, you choose, you can have your favorite dishes.

«Disadvantages” method:

  • very tiring and uncomfortable to count calories;
  • have to refrain from visiting restaurants, cafes, going to the guests( there you can not accurately take into account the calories);
  • if you do not pay attention to your body, the ultimate goal of the diet – slimness and beauty – will not be achieved.Body Care = extra material costs.

Contraindications to the diet

Diet is contraindicated:

  1. People younger than 18 years old or older 60.
  2. cancer patients.
  3. diabetics.
  4. People with mental disorders.
  5. Pregnant and lactating women.
  6. People who have had a stroke or heart attack.

Consult with your doctor before starting dump of weight, even if you do not have these contraindications.

Miracles do not happen.Eat huge amounts of biscuits, fried potatoes, svininku, various sweets and lose weight – will not work in any way.

Maybe, after reading the article, you decide to lose weight by the method of Dr. Bormentalja.If not, from a huge variety of diets, you can always choose a diet that is appropriate for you, which will allow you to become slim, beautiful and feel confident.

Love yourself and stay healthy!

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