Means for cleaning the intestines in the pharmacy

Problems associated with the correct functioning of the intestines are often excluded from the list of important tasks even by the most inveterate advocates of a healthy lifestyle and constantly monitor their health. This is completely unreasonable. To solve problems with the intestine, we usually start when they led to serious discomfort and a deterioration in the quality of life, which can no longer be ignored.

The main thing in the article is

  • What is cleansing of the intestines necessary for?
  • Cleansers for bowel cleansing from toxins and toxins
  • Cleansers for bowel cleansing
  • Cleansing preparations for bowel
  • Bowel cleansing salads
    • Fruit yogurt salad
    • Vegetable kefir salad
  • How to cleanse the intestines with folk remedies
  • Cleansing the intestines with salt water
  • Cleansing the intestines with kefir
  • Cleansing the intestinesoil
  • Cleansing intestines with flax seed
  • What is hydrocolonotherapy?

Why do I need to cleanse my bowels?

Problems associated with the work of the intestines, often cause a number of uncomfortable conditions in our daily lives, which we would have the least connection with the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Here are some of them:

  • irritability
  • fast fatigue
  • indiscriminate eating
  • abundant acne rash
  • causeless weight gain
  • discomfort in the waist area
  • edema

The above and many other symptoms may indicate that your intestines need cleaning of the same type,as a scrub for the skin. Deep cleansing of the intestine requires intervention, which can be called “scrubbing” the walls of the intestine.

Another serious problem, based in the intestines, is the presence of parasites in the human body. Sometimes helminths lead to symptoms that literally drive a person mad:

  • panic attacks
  • state of causeless viscous fear
  • unwillingness to leave home
  • lack of concentration of attention
  • causeless crying.

Sometimes people are treated for years by various doctors( most often psychotherapists) without result, killing years of life and destroying the liver and other vital organs by medical preparations, not suspecting that all their problems will disappear almost overnight after taking a modern remedy for helminths oranother way of cleaning the intestines from destructive substances and helminths.

Sometimes it seems to us that with a healthy diet, sports and a healthy lifestyle in general, we have a strange full belly that does not match our constitution and lifestyle. Many people would be surprised to see what effect the passed hydrocolonoscopy procedure would have on their figure.

Also, you should definitely try cleaning the intestines, if you suffer from copious pimples of pimples all over your body.

The vast majority of people who face skin rash problems begin to heal the skin. But this is initially the wrong way. All kinds of lotions and ointments, offered on the market in unimaginable quantities, can not eliminate the cause of acne – it is always inside the body. In the best case, you temporarily eliminate external manifestations – acne itself. In 90% of cases, the appearance of acne is associated with impaired functioning of the body’s organs( hormonal failures, malnutrition, etc.), and not with external problems( irregular washing, acute allergic reactions to various substances, etc.).

Means for cleansing the intestines from toxins and toxins

These drugs are usually drugs with laxative effects. Among them there are compositions with more and less aggressive action. If you need emergency cleaning, get Fortrans powder. He drank diluted in a liter of water for an hour.

IMPORTANT: You can take the drug only when the toilet is available for about 12 hours.

Of soft laxatives, choose those that are comfortable to take in any life situation. It would be superfluous to consult a pharmacist.

Laxatives for cleansing the intestines

Pay attention to the soft-acting preparation “Regulax” in the pastilles, the drug “Pikolaks” in the drops. They begin to operate within a day. Important recommendation: the indispensable use of 2-2.5 liters of water during the day of purification. These drugs are also recommended for constipation, suitable for children older than 10 years and the elderly.

Preparations for bowel cleansing

For regular effective cleaning of the intestine, safe means should be used, since intestinal cleansing with Fortrans preparations more than once a year is contraindicated for healthy people, since it completely cleanses the intestinal microflora, which contains useful and important forhealth and life of a person’s bacteria. Choose soft laxative herbal preparations, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. They usually include flax seeds.

Salads for bowel cleansing

Fruit yoghurt salad

  • Take 200-300 grams of your favorite fruit
  • Then dilute 1 tablespoon of flax flour in low-fat yogurt( 100-150 ml)
  • With the sauce, fill the sliced ​​fruit.

Vegetable kefir salad

  • Take 300-400 grams of Peking cabbage, 1 tablespoon of flax flour and your favorite kefir
  • Stir thoroughly

It is not recommended to use white cabbage for salad, as it, unlike Peking, most often leads to increased gas production,which is unacceptable in the process of purgatory purification of the intestine.

How to clean the intestines with folk remedies

Vegetable products do not have an aggressive effect on the internal organs of a person, which is very important in the process of bowel cleansing. After all, if you are faced with the need for such cleaning, it means that in your body there are already a number of problems that, if reasonably approached, can not exacerbate plant products in any way.

Recall that the simplest and safest method of cleaning the intestines is the use of 2-3 glasses of drinking water on an empty stomach, immediately after awakening.

If your mode allows you to do this for a while before you go to work, you can first start with this old, effective way.

Purification of the intestine with salt water

This technique came to us from the teachings of yogis.

  • For 1-1.5 liters of heated water, dissolve one tablespoon of sea salt.
  • In case the water tastes very salty, you can reduce the salt concentration to a more tolerable level.
  • The time for this procedure is the morning before meals.
  • Fill the glass with warm salt water, drink it, then lie on your back and pull your knees up to your stomach.
  • Lie down for a few minutes. It is possible that you will feel the urge to go to the toilet now.
  • In the future it is necessary to repeat the procedure for an hour about 5-6 times. The dressing room should be available to you both during the procedure and for several hours after it.

Cleansing the bowels with kefir

Your favorite kefir must be drunk in the morning, on an empty stomach, every day. Another glass should be drunk before bedtime. Do not give preference to the so-called low-fat products, or products with a reduced life. Their useful qualities are controversial. At best, you will find improvements about a week after the start of regular intake of kefir.

Cleansing the intestine with

oil Another fairly simple tactic is to drink a tablespoon of olive oil or vegetable oil several times a day on a relatively empty stomach during a day between meals. Some people tend to nausea after taking pure vegetable oil, so, unfortunately, this method is not suitable for everyone. The effectiveness is comparable with the kefir purification, described above.

Cleansing the intestine with flax seed

Flax seed meal contains a large number of valuable dietary fibers that actively stimulate the correct functioning of the intestine. Thanks to the adhesive substances that make up the flax seeds, it acts as a soft laxative. Flaxseed contains a significant amount of antioxidants, normalizing the state of the gastrointestinal microflora. Due to the high content of super-useful polyunsaturated acid “omega-3” and potassium, flax seed flour can effectively prevent the development of a number of serious diseases. To ensure that all the beneficial properties of flax seeds are maximized, you must use them for food on an empty stomach.

There is a very simple and extremely effective scheme for the application of flax seeds for cleaning the intestines:

1. We purchase flax seeds from the pharmacy.
2. Grind the seed with a conventional household coffee grinder.
3. Add 1-2 teaspoons of the obtained flour to 100-150 grams of your favorite yogurt.
4. We consume the resulting mixture on an empty stomach in the morning, at least 20 minutes before the first meal.

You will notice pleasant changes in the form of normalization of the stool very soon, after a few days, and possibly on the second day after the beginning of the course of cleansing. You will need to draw your attention to the fact that the chair will become less rigid, and the process of defecation – more comfortable.

What is hydrocolonotherapy?

Hydrocolonotherapy – a fashionable modern method of cleaning the intestines, is used as one of the methods of combating obesity.
In the course of the procedure, about 40 liters of water with an admixture of minerals( herbal infusions, vitamins) passes through the walls of the human intestine: stools, mucus, helminths are excreted. The procedure is carried out with the help of a special device for colonoscopy, after its passage the specialist usually prescribes a course of prebiotics that will help stabilize the intestinal microflora.
The procedure takes a long time and is not recommended for people with an increased pain threshold. These disadvantages cover its high efficiency.

32-year-old teacher Diane says: “After I underwent the procedure for hydrocolonoscopy, I was amazed that what I considered to be” the age belly “or the consequence of stress-based overeating disappeared overnight. Instead of the inflated lower abdomen, I saw a completely flat, even hollow surface with outlined muscles of the press! The fact that we, the owners of a slim figure, often take for unexplained fat in the abdomen, is in fact an abundant accumulation of gases and waste in the intestine. “


People unreasonably do not pay attention to the problems of maintaining a stool in the norm, sometimes turning a blind eye to regular constipation. This problem contributes to the development of a variety of diseases: from hypertension to neuroses of varying severity.

Do not leave problems related to the intestines, without attention, because they can serve as an impetus to the development of much more serious violations of the human body.

Normalization of the digestive tract is the guarantor of your excellent mood, stable state of health, getting pleasure from food, sports, your daily activities!

There are many causes of acne on the face, but very often doctors consider, as a primary, a disruption in the work of the intestine.And such a strange connection “pimples-intestines” is easy and simple explains microbiology – with poor bowel work, disease-causing bacteria begin to release toxins that are actively absorbed.And then the case for small – from the incoming toxins begins to suffer the immune system, which leads to violations of the ability of the skin to resist the external harmful effects.

How to determine that the “culprit” of acne is the intestine, what can be done to solve the problem, how to prevent such a phenomenon in the future?All of these questions can be answered in this material.

Table of contents: What will tell acne about the intestines

So, the intestines work with impairments, the toxins have already absorbed, the immune system can not cope with the surging problems, and the result of this will be a blockage of the sebaceous glands.The ducts are clogged, the secret se

cretion of the sebaceous glands becomes denser and remains in the ducts, dirt and dust join – these are ideal conditions for the propagation of pathogenic microorganisms.The same thing happens with sweat glands – under the influence of toxins and a weakened immune system, there is a disruption in their work, which leads to obstruction of the ducts and the development of pathogenic flora.The only difference is that in the first case on the skin there are notorious zhiroviki, but the second – acne.

According to the location of the rash, one can even assume which digestive system department is functioning with impairments:

  • acne and acne on the chin – a failure occurs throughout the digestive system;
  • rashes on the forehead – obviously there are problems in the operation of the stomach, pancreas or gallbladder;
  • pimples in the eyebrows area – there are problems with intestinal motility;
  • rashes on the cheeks – in the intestine accumulated too much undigested food.Of course, you can not diagnose yourself by yourself – you will need to visit a cosmetologist or dermatologist who, through a thorough examination of the body, will reveal the true cause of the appearance of rashes in the form of adipose and acne on the face.But if no pathologies have been identified and the cause of the phenomenon is not a hormonal failure, then most likely, it is necessary to restore and stabilize the digestive system in general and intestine in particular. How to clean the intestines

    For sure, everyone vaguely guesses that if the cause of the appearance of acne and acne in impaired intestinal work, then you need to adhere to some kind of diet.And very few people understand that even strict limitations will not work if you do not clean your bowels beforehand.

    Intestinal cleaning at home

    There are several methods for cleaning bowels without the use of medicines:

    1. Enema.Everything is done according to the classical scheme, as a liquid you can use ordinary boiled water, saline solution( 1 tablespoon per liter of water), herbal medicinal herbs( chamomile, sage, turn).Entering water into the intestine, you need to keep it there for at least 10 minutes, but if it does not work, then you should not torture yourself – just constantly increase the fluid retention time in the intestine.

    Please note: should never be used to cleanse the intestines at all times!To get the result, 2 procedures a week are sufficient.As soon as there are noticeable improvements in the condition of the skin of the face, you need to stop the procedure.

    1. Herbal infusions.They clean the intestines quite effectively, but do not have to put enemas.It is necessary to use inside the decoctions of those medicinal plants that possess laxative properties.For example, such include fennel, buckthorn, plantain, hay, flaxseed.If you take the broth regularly for 2 weeks, then you can clean not only the intestines, but the body as a whole from the slag.
    2. Decoction of herbs and fruits.To make it, you need to take 50 grams of buckthorn and 300 g of prunes, pour them 1, 5 liters of water, boil and cook for 30 minutes.Then 300 grams of rose hips are added to the dishes, and the preparation is cooked for another 45 minutes.The resulting broth remains at night, then filtered and used.If every day for 14 days to drink ½ cup of this decoction, the pimples will disappear.
    3. Bran.They contain a lot of fiber, so bran is called natural intestinal cleaners.It is necessary before each meal to use 2 tablespoons of bran, washed down with a large amount of water( at least half a liter).In no case do not exceed the dosage – there will be no early result, but flatulence and intestinal colic may appear.The course of taking bran 3-4 weeks – during this time the intestines will clear, acne will disappear.

    Medications for cleansing the intestines

    There are a number of medicines that are prescribed by the doctor when diagnosing acne and acne on the background of problems with the intestines. All of them can be divided into 4 main groups :

    • voluminous laxatives that can improve the evacuation properties of the intestine;
    • chemical laxatives, made on the basis of hay or buckthorn;
    • osmotic laxatives that promote the injection of fluid into the intestines;
    • castor oil.

    It is noteworthy that the medicines give the effect not only fast, but also lasting – some ways of cleaning the intestines at home are not different.

    Most likely, the specialist will designate Carbolekt, Filtrum-STI, Lakrotrofiltrum – these drugs belong to the group of adsorbents, improve the withdrawal of metabolic products from the intestine, normalize the microflora and reduce the level of cholesterol in the body.It is recommended to take 2-3 tablets three times a day for 60 minutes before meals.

    Note: overdose of the above medicines may result in intense abdominal pain, persistent constipation.

    Contraindications to cleansing the intestines

    If there is a need to clean the intestines for getting rid of acne, then you need to visit a doctor.Many doubt about the validity of such a statement – what can such simple decoctions of plants or all known laxatives do? But in fact there are a number of contraindications to the cleaning of the intestine:

    • exacerbation of any chronic diseases;
    • elevated body temperature, including unexplained etiology;
    • diagnosed with hemorrhoids;
    • neoplasms of benign or malignant nature, localized in the rectum;
    • headaches and general weakness of permanent character;
    • has a history of stroke or heart attack;
    • any diseases of the large intestine;
    • ulcerative colitis;
    • recovery period after surgery for any reason.

    Correction of nutrition for acne

    It is compulsory, if there are rashes on the face due to intestinal disorders, it will be necessary to review the entire diet.Of course, ideally it is necessary to visit a dietitian, explain the situation to him and take recommendations and advice. But in fact it’s enough just to follow certain rules:

    1. Eliminate any type of canned food.These specific products are prepared under the influence of very high temperatures, and the intestines are difficult to cope with such food – undigested fragments settle in the folds of the colon, the process of decay begins and toxins enter the body.
    2. Do not buy even slightly rotten vegetables and fruits.They are already completely susceptible to the rotting process, even after heat treatment, the development of fermentation and putrefaction is already possible in the intestine.
    3. Every day you need to eat cereals and vegetables, rich in fiber.Such food is perfectly “smeared” with bile, which ensures its easy passage through the intestines – constipations are absent, peristalsis works perfectly.Always on the table must be present zucchini, carrots, beets and cabbage.
    4. There must always be green and fruit in the menu.They are rich in vitamins and trace elements, have only a positive effect on the work of the intestines, because they contain fiber.Not only will the digestive system be restored, but the skin will receive the necessary dose of vitamins.
    5. Be sure to include in the diet products that have antiparasitic properties.These include garnet, banana, pumpkin seeds, red grapes, pumpkin oil, pine nuts, sauerkraut and flaxseed oil.Often it is parasites that have settled in the intestines that release toxins into the human body, so periodically it is necessary to clean the intestines and from them.
    6. You can not use soups on a strong broth.It is about those meat broths, which are cooked for several hours in a row – they are not digested by the intestines at all.
    7. Prepare food for only one day.According to research “old” food is very difficult to digest by the intestines, often leads to constipation.
    8. You need to drink a lot of fluids.But keep in mind that compotes, juices, water and tea should be eaten either 30 minutes before meals, or 2 hours after eating.To wash down food with any liquid is absolutely impossible!

    It is very important to separate the use of carbohydrate and protein foods.Many are accustomed to eating porridge for garnish and a portion of goulash, which is wrong!The fact that for digesting carbohydrate food requires an alkaline environment, and to digest the meat will need an acidic environment.And now imagine what happens in the body, when carbohydrates and proteins enter the stomach at the same time – the acid neutralizes alkali, the stomach is forced to produce 20% more gastric juice, most of the food does not have time to digest and as a result settles in the folds of the large intestine.Doctors recommend first to eat porridge, pasta( carbohydrate food) and only after 2-3 hours to consume meat( protein food).

    The use of meat with vegetables will be optimal – moreover, if experts recommend using protein foods in a somewhat limited amount, then about eating vegetables and greens “flavored” with vegetable oil, they do not set any limits at all – any number.

    Only an integrated approach to cleansing the intestines will help get rid of acne on the face.Of course, it will be necessary to look after and directly behind the skin – use only specific means, apply various masks.But with proper nutrition and competent cleaning of the intestine, after 2-3 months and no signs of rash.

    Tsygankova Yana Alexandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category.

How to clean the intestines at home with folk remedies? How to clean the intestines and not hurt yourself at the same time?

Are there any contraindications to cleansing the intestines with folk remedies? What is the best way to cleanse the bowels?

Why cleanse the digestive tract?


  • Why cleanse the digestive tract?
  • Can I clean my intestines?
  • Traditional recipes for cleaning the intestines

In the modern world, people often have to lead a sedentary lifestyle, eat semi-finished products and constantly be subjected to stressful situations.

All these factors, along with the annual deterioration of the environment, have a depressing effect on the human immune system.

Meanwhile, everyone knows that the intestine is the primary immune organ. It is in the intestines, as a result of the harmonious activity of lymphocytes and beneficial bacteria, that immunity is created.

Therefore, many diseases of the human body begin with the intestines. These are diseases o

f the liver, joints, skin, cardiovascular and nervous systems, and many others.

Relieving the gastrointestinal tract from old deposits( slags) gives a person a chance to breathe in full and move forward with new strength.

But how to cleanse the intestines so as not to do him more harm than good at home?

Pros of cleansing the intestines:

  • increasing the tone and overall well-being of a person;
  • improvement of gastrointestinal motility;
  • strengthening of immunity;
  • feeling of lightness;
  • elimination of organism intoxication by decomposition products;
  • improvement of the intestinal absorption capacity;
  • normalization of exchange functions.

There are some disadvantages to this procedure, but they are much less and they are easily eliminated with the proper approach to gastrointestinal cleansing:

  1. the probability of dehydration of the body during the cleaning process;
  2. is washed out together with the slag of a significant part of the intestinal microflora.

If you approach the procedure of bowel cleansing correctly and conduct a recovery course after cleansing at home, these disadvantages can be circumvented.

Symptoms of a slagged organism:

  • chronic constipation;
  • abdominal cramps;
  • increased gas production;
  • bloating;
  • severity in the stomach;
  • heartburn;
  • belching;
  • lack of vitamins and minerals;
  • allergic manifestations;
  • frequent colds;
  • smells from the mouth;
  • depression;
  • insomnia;
  • chronic fatigue;
  • Nervous disorders.

In addition, due to permanent constipation, anal fissures and hemorrhoids often occur.

To avoid all these problems timely cleansing of the intestines will help. You can clean the gastrointestinal tract at home using both special pharmaceutical preparations and with the help of folk remedies.

No matter what means a person chooses, it is important to correctly approach the procedure. During the cleansing of the intestine, you should constantly replenish the body of water and mineral salts.

This is done to maintain normal water and salt balance and prevent dehydration, and with it serious health problems.

For this purpose, a preparation of Regidron or ordinary non-carbonated mineral water is suitable.


In addition, after cleansing the intestine it is important to restore the population of microflora, part of which was washed along with the slag.

Bifidumbacterin, Lactofiltrum, and also natural kefir and yogurt will perfectly cope with this task.

Can I clean my intestines?

Like all medical procedures, cleaning the intestines at home has its contraindications.

Before carrying out the cleansing of the body by any method, it is necessary to consult a doctor and undergo a checkup to exclude the presence of serious diseases.

Cleaning the body at home can not be done if a person has the following diseases:

  • stroke;
  • infarction;
  • heart failure;
  • hypertension;
  • kidney failure;
  • abdominal pain of unexplained etymology;
  • acute intoxication;
  • exacerbation of any chronic disease of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • tumor or ulcerative formations in any organ of the digestive tract;
  • hemorrhoids;
  • anal fissures;
  • influenza, viral diseases;
  • if a person has undergone any operation during the last year;
  • for women during menstruation;
  • pregnant;
  • nursing women.

If all of the above contraindications are not available, then the person feels completely healthy, and the attending physician has nothing against, then you can start cleaning the intestines at home.

For the period of cleansing at home and after it it is worth to refrain from the following dishes:

  • containing a large number of animal fats;
  • of spicy, salted, pickled;
  • smoked and canned;
  • flour products.

All these products not only irritate the intestinal mucosa, but also lead to a decrease in intestinal peristalsis, and as a result – to a new formation of slag deposits.

To cleanse the body was more productive, after it should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products.

Protein products are recommended to be consumed at the last meal, without mixing with carbohydrates.

Proteins are digested much longer, so the bowel will have plenty of time to work.

In addition, it is desirable to drink a day 1,5 – 2 liters of water, you can mineral, but without gas!

Many folk remedies will excel at coping with the task of purifying the intestines and impose order there. Below are a few recipes for general cleaning in the gastrointestinal tract.

If the prescription involves cleansing in a day or two, it is better to choose a weekend for cleaning and not to plan for them any urgent business.

If the selected recipe assumes a long purification, then do not plan for this time trips and business trips.

The first day of purification, regardless of the method chosen, is best done at home. Any person may have an unforeseen reaction to any component of the cleanser.

Each organism is individual, therefore it is necessary to select methods for its purification at home individually!

Do not purge the intestines with folk remedies, because it’s fashionable or on the advice of a girlfriend.

This should be a balanced and informed decision of an adult who is aware of the complexity and likely danger of the procedure being carried out.

Folk recipes for cleaning the intestines

People have long used various means to cleanse the intestines at home.

Following are some recipes for cleaning:

  • cleaning with kefir;
  • peeling with prunes;
  • beet cleaning;
  • with sunflower oil;
  • cleaning with flaxseed.

Cleansing the bowels with kefir or curdled milk is used by the people quite often. All because this soft laxative has a beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora.

This is quite effective, but at the same time absolutely harmless means is prepared very simply. In a glass of yogurt you need to add a tablespoon of any vegetable oil and salt.

After mixing, the beverage is ready for use. Apply it is recommended at night.

Cleansing of the intestine occurs naturally, so this remedy can be used twice a week for a long time. The intestine will always be in good shape.

Prunes are a good laxative. Clear the intestines with it is quite simple and tasty – you need to weld the jelly.


To the kissel was enriched with vitamins and minerals, it can add dried apricots and raisins. Dried fruits for making jelly are taken in equal quantities.

Instead of sugar, it is better to add honey. Drink at night, adding a tablespoon of oil to a glass of jelly.

Ordinary red table beet not only has a laxative effect, but also contains a large amount of useful fiber( cellulose).

It is not digested in the human body and plays the role of a sponge, helping to cleanse the intestines thoroughly. In addition, fiber is food for beneficial bacteria, which means that their population will increase.

You can prepare a delicious salad of boiled beet, seasoning it with vegetable oil and salt. If there are no chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, then you can add fresh cabbage.

This salad can be eaten at night every day. Progressive cleaning of the intestines with beets is also possible.

To do this, you need to arrange a fasting day – during the day to consume only beet salad. This will have a beneficial effect not only on the intestines, but also will affect weight loss.

You can clean the intestines with flaxseed, using it in its natural form, as well as in the form of broths.

Contraindications this method does not have, so flaxseed can be constantly added to any dish to maintain the intestines in good condition. In day it is necessary to eat about a dessert spoon of flaxseed.

Cleaning with sunflower oil is the easiest, but no less effective way to quickly clean the gastrointestinal tract.

For the night you need to drink half a glass of oil. The last meal before this should be no earlier than two hours.

This method is very intense, it should not be used by people with chronic diseases of the digestive system.

Despite the fact that cleaning the intestines with the help of folk methods is a very simple procedure, it is a wonderful tool for strengthening and maintaining health.


Purified intestine starts to work more effectively, absorbs more useful substances. As a result, a person is renewed both internally and externally.

The rashes on the skin disappear, the complexion improves. Man becomes more energetic. Symptoms such as increased gas formation and heaviness in the abdomen are lost.

All this, of course, affects the mood. Man blooms, eyes shine. All this can be achieved without expensive advertised drugs and debilitating diets.

There are a lot of methods for cleansing the intestines, everyone can find what is right for him. Be healthy!

Before you delve into the prescriptions and their effectiveness, you need to understand a few simple but very important things:

  • from what you need to clean the intestines;
  • why you need to do this;
  • what could be the consequences or side effects of cleaning activities.

Cleaning from slags and toxins is a practical misconception, since slag refers to all the dirt( byproducts of digestion) that is concentrated in the liver, and toxins are in the liver and kidneys. That is, to begin cleaning the intestine, you must first or in parallel pay attention to these organs.

Here the main problem is hidden: the fecal mass with a certain diet can form stool stones of different chemical composition – they reduce the permeability of the intestines, causing constipation, bloating, pain and a feeling of bursting.

To the question of why this is necessary – cleaning the intestines allows you to adjust digestion in accordance with the natural features of the body, increases immunity, speeds

up metabolism and improves the quality of food processing.

Purification of the intestine has several side effects associated with stool disorders, problems with intestinal microflora and liquefaction of stones. Men may experience temporary disorders of the urinary system and sexual function, and women often have problems with the function of procreation, difficulties with pregnancy and an increasing number of “female” diseases.

  • 1 Basics of intestinal cleaning at home
  • 2 Simple means for home use
  • 3 Diet, dietary rules and inhibitions
  • 4 Movement – life. ..
  • 5 Folk recipes for cleaning bowels
  • 6 Ah, bath, bath. ..

Basics of intestinal cleaning at home

In the basic part of the programCleaning is based on two principles:

  • a change in diet, taking into account existing problems( this can not be called a full-fledged diet, however, some products and dishes will still have to be abandoned);
  • regular and maximum effective emptying of the intestine( the goal is not the frequency of trips to the toilet, and the volume and completeness of the output of all products of processing).

Based on the foregoing, it can be concluded that the basis for cleaning the intestines is the removal of stale stool stones with normal feces, but only if the intestinal microflora is preserved.

This can be achieved in several ways:

  • dissolution of fecal stones and their natural excretion;
  • cleaning with the use of specialized equipment;
  • by the introduction of special solutions( including oral agents) for the catalysis and increase in natural defecation.

Simple means for home use

The oldest, proven and far from harmless means is an enema. In the traditional sense, enemas are made on the basis of boiled water or saline solution( for dilution of stool in the lower part of the intestine and their natural exit).Modern versions rarely use a relatively large volume of solution – more popular microclysters are based on specially prepared oil solutions with the content of dissolving active ingredients( such drugs are sold in any pharmacy and released without a medical prescription).

Another option of a simple and affordable means is a copious drink of a saline solution( for 2 liters of water you need 4-5 tea spoons of salt) or a solution of manganese( in the case of manganese, vomiting occurs more often than defecation).

Often meeting the advice on the use of vegetable oil to increase the patency of the intestine does not make sense, since the emerging stool mass easily passes without affecting the deposits.

Diet, dietary rules and prohibitions

Changes in the diet are able to improve the bowel condition, given the number of foods per consumption, the frequency of food intake and the quality of the dishes cooked.

To prevent the formation of solid masses that impede intestinal permeability, it is possible only with the regular use of liquid food( soup, porridge) and the refusal of a dry-well.

For the normalization of digestion the whole system needs to be kept toned( but without overload), so all nutritionists, without exception, recommend eating modest portions 5-6 times a day. Especially for fans of fasting days – hunger is not a medicine, as the concept itself contradicts the normal functioning of the body.

Products that should be abstained – potatoes, bread, hard cheeses, ketchup and mayonnaise, coffee and tea, and also: baking and sweet pastry( if you can not without concoction, you can bake without butter cakes).From the diet to exclude alcohol, fried and spicy dishes, as well as fatty foods. Salted, within the reasonable, the dish is allowed to eat, while the use of liquid( as always after salt) can not be restrained – they wanted to drink – drink.

From what remains without prohibitions you can eat rice, millet and semolina porridge( buckwheat is better not to eat), low-fat soups, fresh and steam vegetables, fruits( especially useful citrus and tomatoes), as well as compotes, fruit drinks and sour-milk products.

Movement is life. ..

One of the options( independent or auxiliary) of intestinal cleaning is strengthening, toning and development of its muscles. Any physical load will inevitably affect all the muscles of the human body, and the more active the load( not to be confused with activity and heaviness), the better the intestine works.

Depending on the current state of health and by age,

  • charging( the most basic movements, but performed daily, increase the contractile function of the intestine) – squats, stretches, swings with hands swinging, etc.;
  • running( speed and long distances are not needed, it’s enough easy runs for 1-2 km).

For fans of weightlifting, charging is useless, only medicinal techniques or( if it is not a competitive period) folk recipes on natural herbs are applicable.

Popular recipes for cleaning the intestines

Brewing phyto-teas based on mint, chamomile and dogrose is extremely useful, but they will give a full-fledged effect if you add squeezed lemon juice or sliced ​​lemon. The watermelon will cope with the task( only without bread), which has a diluting property – at the same time it will remove excess water from the body.

At home, you can take light laxative drugs made from a mixture of beet and carrot juices with the addition of apple and / or pear puree. If there is a predisposition to intestinal obstruction, it is undesirable to eat bananas.

Gently cleanses the intestines without harm to the microflora pomegranate juice( peeled pomegranate seeds), warm tea with honey and milk, and frequent consumption of fresh greens( especially cilantro, tartun and parsley).

Ah, bath, bath. ..

Perhaps the most popular means for cleaning the intestines – a bath with fir and oak brooms. Long stay in the steam room is not necessary, but a relatively high temperature is desirable. When the body warms up, there are natural urge to urinate and defecate, and when steaming with brooms, the body’s muscle reactions increase, the hardened deposits are diluted and decomposed.

Acceleration of blood circulation( including in the intestine) allows you to accelerate metabolism, increase the amplitude of natural contractions of individual intestines, which will lead to increased patency, the destruction of stool stones and prevention of the formation of new ones.

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