Massager with infrared radiation from cellulite

Do you want to know why you keep losing your battle against cellulite?

Today you’ll find out why your anti-cellulite gel is not working, and why even massage, exercise (and praying) don’t help much either.

The orange peel/cottage cheese skin is still there, no matter what you do.


Because there’s a missing piece in your home anti-cellulite treatment:

Red and Infrared Light therapy.

Also known as Low Level Laser, this little known secret is proven to dramatically enhance any cellulite treatment you’ve ever tried, whether it’s:

  • Massage
  • Anti-cellulite gel
  • Exercise
  • Detox
  • Or just about any anti-cellulite treatment you’ve ever done.


If you use this natural, non-invasive, painless and side-effect-free method correctly, you may finally see visible, clear and obvious cellulite reduction – for the first time since you’ve started this battle.

Why Use Red Light Therapy for Cellulite?

Red light therapy (LLLT) – which can be used at home by yourself whenever you want to- is now proven to supercharge any cellulite treatment, because:

1.  Red light therapy is proven to reduce overall body circumference measurements of the hips, waist, thighs, and upper arms,  with recent studies demonstrating the long-term effectiveness of results.

Fat thickness assessment by ultrasound before treatment (a) and after treatment (b), shows thinning of the subcutaneous fat layer from 12.0 to 8.0 mm (reduction of 4 mm)

2. Red & infrared rays are proven to boost collagen and elastin production (reversing breakdown of collagen typical to cellulite, and fixing damaged skin)

3.  Infrared heat improves lymphatic drainage, essential to any cellulite treatment to prevent swelling.

Most women don’t know about this little known secret, that’s why they are extremely surprised to find their cellulite almost diminished after a few infrared sauna sessions!

(Read on to see a few amazing stories)

Below you’ll find how to use cellulite light therapy to finally see visible reduction in your cellulite, when you combine it with other common cellulite treatments, such as gels, massagers, exercise and detox.

1. The Powerful Massage & Red Light Therapy Combo

Have you massaged your thighs vigorously only to find no visible results?

It’s because you didn’t know about red light therapy for cellulite.

This study has proven that combining vibration massage with infrared light therapy results with “significant reduction of fat thickness”.

This fat thickness reduction was proven with objective tools such as photographic evaluation, blood tests, and ecographic evaluation.

The study concluded:

In this study we have demonstrated the safety and efficacy of the combination between low-level laser therapy and vibration therapy for the resolution of localized adiposity and fibrous cellulite.

Another study has found:

The low-level, dual-wavelength laser energy and massage device safely improves the appearance of cellulite while reducing thigh circumference

Bottom Line:

You can dramatically boost your anti cellulite home treatment by using a hand held massager with infrared heat, like this one. (for less than $30!)

And there’s a bonus:

You can use your infrared massager to naturally and effectively relieve muscle pain anywhere in your body!

We’ve reviewed the 2 best infrared massagers HERE.

2.  Anti-Cellulite Gel & Red Light Therapy

Did you ever try an anti-cellulite gel for weeks only to be disappointed by the results?

It’s probably because you haven’t supercharged it with red and infrared light therapy.

A promising study has found that 90% of subjects, treated twice a day with an anti-cellulite gel, and 15-minute red & infrared LED light therapy twice a week – were downgraded to a lower cellulite grade by clinical examination, digital photography, and pinch test assessment.

The results of this small but well-documented, randomized, double-blinded study:

eight of nine thighs with Grade II-III cellulite responded positively to a novel, combined 3-month treatment program of a phosphatidylcholine-based, anti-cellulite gel and LED exposure, as determined by the clinical determinants obtained

Bottom Line:

Treat your cellulite areas with a good anti-cellulite gel twice a day, and use a home infrared light therapy device, or an infrared heat lamp – twice a week for 15 minutes.

See the top 5 infrared light therapy home devices HERE.

3.  Exercise & Infrared Light

We all know that exercise can help reduce body fat and release toxins through sweat, further helping the cellulite problem.

Exercise improves lymphatic drainage, which carries toxins out of the body. Those experiencing challenges with drainage often notice more cellulite in their body.


Here’s what happens when you add infrared light therapy to the mix:

This study has found that a group of women working out on stationary bicycles 3 times a week for 4 weeks and exposed to infrared light therapy lost an average of 8 cm’s or 444% (!) more body fat – compared to 20 women doing the same without infrared radiation.

Isn’t that incredible?

Bottom Line

If you are exercising regularly, consider starting with infrared sauna treatments before or after your workout.

There are a few great options:

.       Buy your own low EMF infrared sauna – see the 3 best small infrared saunas HERE (there’s a high quality one for less than $1000)

.       A lower cost alternative – a portable infrared sauna. This is the only one I recommend.

.       The lowest cost option – build your own near infrared sauna (for less than $100)

And since I’ve mentioned infrared sauna, this next section may blow your mind:

4.  Infrared Sauna for Cellulite (Results)

Most people use infrared sauna treatments for a full body detox, weight loss, pain relief and overall immunity.

That’s why they are extremely surprised to wake up one morning and seeing their cellulite almost gone or seriously diminished.

There is little scientific evidence that infrared saunas help with cellulite, but there are many success stories you’ll find when you research infrared sauna results online (which I do. A lot.)

Here’s one example, from

I am a couple of kilo’s overweight, but not obese in any way. Yet, I have had a severe cellulite problem all my life.
Just like my mother.I was diagnosed with Lyme disease 2 weeks ago. Because of it, I bought an infrared cabin to help me detox.
Since then, I have been sweating every day.
It’s wonderful. I feel better, I am happier, the pain in my shoulder has significantly diminished.
I sleep better. Not only me, but the whole family also enjoy the sauna. But the absolutely cool thing is…………My cellulite is clearly diminishing. WOW.
No joking. It works. It really really works.

Want another one?

Here’s more proof, found on the forum:

I know you didn’t ask me but I exercise regularly and eat well and have always had trouble with cellulite. I have tried the Murad Firm and Tone system including the supplements which did have some effect but the one thing that completely fixed my cellulite was regular use of a far infrared sauna.
In fact I am now buying my own.

Bottom Line

Use regular infrared sauna treatments to finally get rid of your cellulite.

How Can I Afford Infrared Sauna Treatments?

I agree:

Regular sauna treatments in spas or clinics are not budget-friendly, and can get very expensive in the long run.


There are a few ways to save a lot of money on infrared sauna treatments (especially if you consider the other amazing health uses for infrared saunas).

1.       Buying your own infrared sauna (you can see the best 2-person infrared saunas HERE) will allow you to use it 24/7 for years to come.

2.       Buying a portable infrared sauna is just as effective yet costs much less.

3.       Building your own zero-EMF near infrared sauna – for less than $100

Note: we don’t recommend buying infrared sauna blankets/wraps since they tend to emit high EMF radiation.


You’ve just found the proven secret to finally see a visible, clear cellulite reduction anywhere in your body, for the first time in your anti-cellulite battle.

Red and infrared light therapy.

This natural wavelength, the heat of the sun, will supercharge any anti-cellulite treatment you do, and can bring amazing results even if used alone via an infrared sauna.

Infrared light therapy offers all the amazing healing benefits of sunbathing – without the dangerous UV rays.

There are many ways to use infrared light therapy at home:

  • Infrared saunas
  • Portable infrared sauna
  • Infrared massager
  • Infrared heat lamp

The technology exists. Use it and reap the benefits.

(Don’t forget to check out 3 more proven skin benefits of red light therapy!)

What about you? Have you ever tried infrared light therapy for cellulite or anything else? Share your experience with me in the comments below.

To your health and happiness,


Since ancient times, massage is one way of health care. He is able to relieve pain, improve health, and relax the muscles of the whole body. Technological innovations helped to create massage devices, which are not inferior to traditional types of massage. Such devices, of course, include massagers with infrared.

The use of infrared radiation

Infrared radiation is electromagnetic radiation, which is also called “thermal” because it is able to raise the temperature of most of the items that are affected. Unlike x-ray, ultraviolet, microwave and infrared rays are absolutely safe for humans, but necessary for the body to regain strength, improve immunity.

Under the influence of infrared radiation in the human body is:

– inhibit the growth of cancer cells;

– neutralize the effects of radioactive radiation, electromagnetic fields;

– the destruction of some types of hepatitis;

– increase the amount of produced insulin in diabetics;

– the cure of psoriasis, improving the condition of patients with cirrhosis of the liver;

– to intensify the production of collagen and elastin, therefore slowing down the aging of skin and organism as a whole.

Infrared waves penetrates the body, warming the thus tissues, organs, muscles, bones and joints of the human body, which contributes to the acceleration of blood flow, lymph. This increases the rate of metabolism, improves supply of oxygen to tissues.

The benefits of massager with function of infrared radiation

Massager with infrared heating can provide restorative and therapeutic effects. They have a number of advantages over other devices, because in addition to the massage effect, to deeply warm the tissues, muscles, internal organs, what allows to improve the human condition in various acute and chronic diseases, and also to get pleasure from a massage.

The presence of infrared radiation increases the effectiveness of the device, because when using it:

– does massage not only skin but also muscles, joints;

cream and butter used in the procedure are absorbed much better than in other cases;

– is a kind of analgesic effect.

The infrared massager has another important advantage – the design of the massage nozzles. Thanks to her, the apparatus can carry out massage and shoulder girdle, and neck.

Infrared massager helps to relieve fatigue, muscle tension, enhancement of vitality of man, normalization of blood circulation.

Infrared magnetic massager is a good helper in the fight against excess weight and cellulite, because its action is directed at effect on the deeper layers of the skin and splitting of fatty tissue.

To improve the condition of skin and fight age-related wrinkles, scarring you can buy special infrared massager for the face.

Description of the device

Massage is an excellent procedure that allows you to maintain the human body at a decent level. For carrying out of massage today it is possible to take advantage of new development in sphere of beauty and health – electromasser for the house.

With the help of electromasser you can independently carry out therapeutic and preventive massage of hands, feet, head, abdomen and other parts of the body. Physically, this is quite achievable, since the modern ergonomic handle of the device allows you to perform manipulations almost throughout the body and even on the back.

Noteworthy is the fact that modern electric massagers work both from the mains and from the battery( up to 6 hours of intensive work), and thanks to different nozzles it is possible to regulate the intensity of the effect on the skin.

Indications for use

The electric massagers have a wide range of activities. They can be used for relaxation after a hard day of work, for the prevention of certain di

seases( scoliosis, flatfoot, etc.), to combat excess weight and cellulite. Also, a properly performed massage with an electric massager will relieve the pain of a variety of etiologies caused by, for example, trauma( bruising, stretching, etc.) or with a stressed stress in the form of a severe migraine.

In any case, before you decide to get such an assistant and apply it in practice, it is worth consulting with a doctor. It is not enough to read one article in the media on this topic, since often only general information is provided there, and the organism of each of us is individual.

Types of

electric massagers Also, before you spend your “blood” and buy the electrical appliance in question, I recommend to understand its varieties and features.

Each type of massage pursues its goals. Accordingly, the intensity and strength of the impact on the human body should be dosed for each specific case.

Electromassage according to their characteristics are divided into three main groups:

  • medical;
  • anti-cellulite( vacuum);
  • infrared.

Next, consider these groups of electromotors in more detail.

Medical electrical stimulators( myostimulators)

In the recent past, this kind of electro massage was electrophoresis, but in order to undergo a course of procedures it was necessary to register in advance with a specialist and come to him at a strictly defined time, which is sometimes problematic with work and family.

Today, such procedures can be done at home, it is only necessary to consult a doctor.

The operation of these devices is based on the conversion of an electric current from 220 volts to a pulse of 6 volts, which beneficially affects the tissues of the body, increasing their tone and ability to regenerate. The medical electrostimulator has several nozzles, each of which is used at a certain stage of treatment or in the prevention.

Procedures with the use of myostimulators effectively show themselves in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system, when arthritis and arthrosis occur. Often used in a sports environment where the risk of getting a strong bruise or stretching is very high.

Also presented devices performed well during the recovery period after serious operations performed on joints or ligaments. Observations showed that the patient who underwent a course of procedures with the use of myostimulators, recovered in a shorter period of time.

Anti-cellulite massager( vacuum)

If you understand the mechanism of action of a vacuum massager on the human body, it is similar to the work of a pump that reduces its diaphragm with a certain frequency and creates a discharged area where a vacuum effect occurs.

Ultimately effectively, this massager struggles with manifestations of cellulite in women and “beer belly” in men. To the device special silicone nozzles are provided, with the help of which there is an intensive influence on the inner layers of the epidermis and a peculiar muscular spasm is created. Something like this happens with the muscles, when a person visits a gym and exhausts himself with exhausting sports loads.

With the regular use of this device, intensive discharge of excess fluid from tissues occurs, edema is eliminated and the overall energy tone of the muscular corset increases. Can be applied in the face area. Thus, the procedure resembles a natural facelift of the face, and the skin is given a healthy shade.

More recently, anti-cellulite massagers could only be seen in specialized salons. Today they are sold in almost all online stores. However, do not rush to rush headlong into the pursuit of external perfection.

Anti-cellulite massager has its contraindications:

  • cardiovascular disease;
  • acute stage of chronic skin diseases( psoriasis, dry eczema, etc.);
  • pregnancy( the arising impulses of the working apparatus are able to negatively affect the development of the fetus).

To avoid undesirable effects, consult a specialist before use.

Massagers with infrared radiation

The principle of the electric massager with infrared radiation is based on the ability to penetrate the rays of the infrared spectrum into the deepest layers of the tissues of the human body.

Even in the time of Ancient China, a theory was developed, subsequently proved in practice by acupuncture, about energy meridians. These energy channels permeate the human body and intersect in certain places – energy points. If it is correct to carry out manipulations in these areas of vital energy by internal warming with infrared radiation, then one can improve the body’s quality indices several times, beginning with its motor skills and ending with the normalization of the functions of the endocrine system.

Can be used as a preventive measure against the symptoms of colds and ARVI.In the treatment of chronic diseases, the massager can be an additional remedy that softens the symptoms and speeds up the onset of remission. But again, and in this situation, specialist consultation is necessary, despite the fact that side effects of infrared radiation on a person is not revealed!


To summarize, it must be said that the electromassage is not a panacea for all the negative effects of diseases or the environment. Electric massagers are good when applied as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Stay healthy!

I have cellulite. There, I said it. I spend tons of time trying to keep it covered up, now you all know that under my cute capris, I am a lumpy mess.
I could blame it on having kids, genetics, that extra serving of carrot cake, whatever. I don’t care why I have it, I just want to make it go away. I am extremely hopeful that I may have found a way to at least minimize it enough, so that it isn’t all you see if I wear shorts. In fact, after seeing the incredible before and after pics, of real women who have used this, I have a secret hope that I may wear a swimsuit in public someday!
S what am I talking about?
The NutraluxeMD LED Lipo Reduction Anti-Cellulite Kit.
I am so thankful to NutraluxeMd for sending me this product to review. I actually recieved it last week, but wanted to use it for a few days, and be familiar with it, before I shared with you.

I am going to give you some info, right off their site, then afterwards, I’ll let you know my experience so far.

This revolutionary Anti- Cellulite Skin Care Technology was clinically researched, Physician formulated and tested by A. Hawrych, MD

Clinical studies with over 250 patients has shown that:          •78% of patients reported noticeable improvement in the tightness and contouring of the body.
• 83% Reported noticeable improvement in the skin softness and smoothness
• 78% Noticed improvement in skin firmness, and in overall appearance.


That is from their website.
Now, my take.
First, it is small and easy to handle. The lipo cream that was included is a really nice product, good smell, good texture. I have used this eight days in a row so far, and each time I am amazed at how easy and, get this, soothing it is! I am using a medium setting and figure I will work up to a higher setting gradually.
The spinning rollers have an even, soft action, and I just roll it over the treatment area, without pressure, for a total of about 15 minutes. then i turn the unit off and in the evening target a different  trouble spot.
I am even using this on my underarm area. I haven’t seen any radical changes, and am not expecting it to work like that.
What I have noticed, and checked and double checked in natural light in my bathroom, is that my underarms ARE definitely firmer looking, and less dimpled ALREADY. Now, the problem in this area isn’t severe, and I have been doing my arm toning exercises, but still, I am seeing RESULTS!  I can’t say why it looks better, is it really this device? I am leaning in that direction because I didn’t change anything else. So I am totally committed to continuing to use this on my BAD areas, my sit-downer, my stomach and my thighs. Areas which I don’t see a change in yet.
The instructions give a 4-6 week window to see results, so I will update you on my progress in about 3 weeks or so.
NutraLuxeMd has an incredible website full of products that cause me to  make little whimpering ‘I want it’ noises. I have a new mad money jar so that next Christmas I can buy the Infusor Sonic Wrinkle Remover Treatment System, check out the before/after!!!
Another product that looks great is the Nutra Light Red Clinical antiAging Rejuvenation Treament, again check out the pics!!

Thank you to NutraLuxeMD for providing me with this product to review.

I was not paid cash for this post. Please view my Disclosure Policy for more info.

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