How to pump the lower abdomen at home



of the stomach very much spoils the appearance of the figure. The situation can be corrected if to work out every day


the press. Exercises that will help tighten up

the bottom

of the belly , are made with great specificity. Usually doing crunches, we used to only strain his muscles upper. However, don’t forget about

the bottom

belly .


Lie on your back, hands along the body, legs lift up. On the inhale lower the right leg inthe bottom, but do not touch her sex. Hold for 4 seconds in this position. Exhaling, lift the leg up again. Repeat the exercise on the left leg. Do 20 approaches on each leg.

Palm put under the buttocks, lower back, try to nail to the floor, straightened leg position at an angle of 90 degrees. Exhaling, lower the legs to 60 degrees and within 20 seconds, ‘ s them up atthe bottom. On the inhale lift your legs up. Repeat the exercise 10 more times.

Put your feet on the floor. On the inhale lift them at a distance of 20 cm from the floor. Hold the legs in the air for 1-2 minutes, then completely relax. Do 3-4 approach.

Palms put on the back of the head, the legs lift off the floor, but keep them very bottomto (not higher than 10 cm). Do crossing of the legs, that is, the exercise “scissors”. Try to do it at least a minute. Then lower your feet on the floor and completely relax the muscles of the lower press.

Put your hands along the body, legs raise off the floor. Describe feet circles clockwise for a minute. Knees do not bend. Then repeat the exercise counter-clockwise.

Bend your knees, place the heel near the buttocks. On the inhale make a twist in the lumbar spine and down both legs right thigh on the floor. Legs squeeze tightly together. Exhaling, return to original position and repeat the twist to the left.

Feet put on the floor, hands put on the belly. On the inhale maximally inflate the belly with the exhale, draw it in, straining the abdominal muscles. Perform each exercise for 1 minute. Then loosen the press. This exercise can be done during the day, for example at work or in transit. Only it does not need much to inflate the abdomen and to keep hands on it. Regular repetition of this exercise will accelerate the positive effect you desire to achieve.

Paying attention to upper and middle thoracic muscles, we should not forget about the bottom of the breast. It is heavier than amenable to pumping than other departments and requires a specialized approach to exercise. To pump up the bottom of the Breasts is possible by means of the usual bench press and dumbbell bench press on a bench with a reverse slope. The training should include exercises such as the pullover and push on the wide bars.


The bench press is a basic exercise for the development of the chest muscles. It can run medium, narrow and wide grip on flat bench, on the bench with tilt up and tilt down. To pump up the bottom breast, it is necessary to do bench press wide grip on the bench with a slope down 35-45 degrees. To perform the incline press you need the help of a partner who will take your rod and put it back. Do this exercise by yourself is risky.If there is not specialized bench for a reverse bench press, incline bench press for pumping. Important mounting foot. You should not slide during the execution of the bench press. Inhale lower the barbell to your chest closer to the solar plexus. Elbows dissolve in hand, cross in relation to the torso. Try not to press them to yourself. So you transfer the load on the triceps. After touching your chest squeeze the barbell up while exhaling.

Dumbbell bench press lying on the bench with a slope downward runs in a wide arc to make maximum use of pectoral muscle to isolate and work the triceps. Grip the dumbbells at the top. In the starting position the dumbbells are directly over you, touching the disks to each other. On the inhale, dilute with dumbbells in hand. Elbows dilute “cross”, as in the bench press. Exhale – I. p.

Dips primarily involve your triceps. However, performing push-UPS on the wide bars helping to load and the bottom of the breast. Pick a load that allows you to do push-UPS 8-10 times. The load is usually hung on the belt using the belt hook on it. As cargo can be a weight or a drive.

Pullover shakes the chest, but it helps to expand the volume of the chest and visually enlarge it. It is made with light weight for 8-10 times until you feel the stretch in the rib area. Running on a flat, horizontal bench with a dumbbell. Lie on your back, head is at the edge of the bench. Hold a dumbbell with both hands around the abdomen and lower part of the chest. On the inhale, bring the dumbbell behind your head. On the exhale, return to I. p., you Can perform pullover and breadth of the article, basing on her shoulders. Pullover to perform better in front of the bench press and dips then.


This is the first exercise that will allow you to pump huge chest muscles with a steady progression of weights. The first thing you need to do is to find the optimal inclination of the bench to 30 degrees. You can leave it unchanged (tilt up), and can be done negative — then the load vector is in the crossover. The more negative angle you take, the more in isolation will work the chest, the more the emphasis will be on the bottom.

Useful advice

Now that you know about the anatomy and mechanisms of the movement, let’s see how to build broad chest. Presents the movements and exercises designed to produce maximum results each time you visit the gym. Exercises on the flat bench develops the lower and middle parts of the pectoralis major muscle, on the bench with a positive slope involves, for the most part, the upper and, to a lesser extent, the middle part, and presses on a bench with a negative slope help to pump up the bottom…

One of the most problematic zones of the body in women is the bottom of the abdomen. To enhance the appearance of this zone can, if systematically do the exercises for lower abs, massaging it in and to adjust your diet.


Physical load on the muscles of the stomach should be daily. In the morning, select a few minutes to strengthen your abs. Lie on your back, hands put under the buttocks, raise straight legs up. On the inhale lower your legs to the floor, but not touch it. On the exhale, raise your legs up. Repeat 15-20 times.

Lie on your back, hands under hips, raise your legs up perpendicular. On the exhale, lift hips off the floor a few inches, inhaling, return to starting position. Repeat the exercise 15-20 times. The rise of the hips should be at the expense of the muscles, bottomand belly.

Lie on the floor, legs lock over the edge of the sofa, hands behind his head. On the exhale lift your upper body using the muscles of the lower press. Tingling inthe bottomfrom the stomach will mean that you have involved the right area. On the inhale return to starting position. Repeat 15-20 times.

Stand up straight, take a hula-Hoop. Turn it in at the waist for a few minutes. With this exercise you effortlessly pull the bottom of the abdomen. Folds of fat disappears, the muscles will become stronger, and lost the sagging skin inthe bottomfrom the belly.

Purchase a course of massage on the stomach. A professional massage therapist gradually




of the stomach , and makes the skin smooth. Revise their own food, stick to the zone diet. Eat seeds, nuts, dairy products, fish, poultry, eggs, fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes, seafood, vegetable oils. Avoid consuming chocolate, canned foods, pastry, fried, sweet, smoked, salted, fatty.

To pump up the back muscles can be using various exercises on the bar, the weight, etc. But in order to quickly achieve the desired result, you must know how to do it. How to build muscle back?


Beautiful relief muscles back – the dream of every man engaged in bodybuilding. But not everyone knows how to pump up the muscles of the back. Here are some exercises that will help you to achieve the desired result.

The first exercise is the wide grip chin – UPS. Grasp the bar with a grip slightly wider than shoulders and hang on her. A little lead with your chest, cross your ankles and point the sight on the rail. Pull up, reducing the blade and try to touch the bar with his chest (her top). Without a pause, slowly return to the starting position again and repeat the exercise. It is important that the bar touches your chest below the collarbone or on their level.

The second exercise is the dumbbell pull in slope. In the right hand take the dumbbell and your left palm and put the left knee on a bench, straighten your back and a bit rotten to her. Pull the dumbbell upward arc on itself, reducing the blade. At the top make clear the pause and return to the original position. Repeat desired number of times. Try to pull the dumbbell not to the middle of the abdomen or chest and to his belt.

The third exercise is the pull rod in the slope. Take the barbell so that your hands were slightly narrower than normal grip bench press. Pull back and make the pelvis tilt forward, the neck should fall to mid-Shin. Pull the rod and try to touch it to the lower stomach. Without any delay go to starting position and repeat the exercise again. The load on the lower back has become easier, try to keep your legs in a bent condition.

The fourth exercise – traction unit wide grip sitting. Sit on the simulator so that slightly bent feet located on the support, and in hand take the handle. Raise your head and rotten back. Pull the handle to the middle of the abdomen, reducing the blade. After a distinct pause return to the starting position. During the exercise try not to round your back and do not tilt the head backward, forward.

Fifth activity – mixing blades on the lower block. Attach a long stick to the bottom of the block and sit in front of him. Take a wide grip handle, with back straight and hands at chest level. Hands do not bend, and just try to shoulder blades while you zoom in to his hilt. Return to starting position and repeat the exercise again. Please note that the shoulders did not rise up when performing exercises.

If you want to pump up the press, first decide exactly what result you need. You can make your tummy toned and flat. With a good physical preparation it will take about a month. But you can pump up the press before the appearance of the cubes. This task is more difficult, but it is doable.

You will need

  • – sports Board;
  • – dumbbell;
  • – the horizontal bar.


If you have excess fat in the area of pressand need to get rid of it. To do it just through exercise is impossible. So you need to start to consume less calories. Lose weight up to 1 kg per week until until I get rid of all the extra weight.

Make daily walks for 20-30 minutes. This is one of the simplest exercises that will help to achieve the perfect press. Exercise 2-3 times a week for 1 hour. Before workout warm up your muscles. In the first 14 days do not overstrain your body. Maximum load start to give the body the third week.

If you want to be toned, athletic press, you need to do the following exercises: conventional, diagonal, reverse and double twist. Lie on the floor and put your hands behind your head. Torsion movements raise the torso to your right elbow moving towards your left knee and Vice versa. During the reverse twisting shoulders are on the floor, up the legs and thighs. Double twisting connection of these exercises. Ie rises and the top and bottom of the torso. Alone is immovable hips.

If you want to achieve the appearance of the cubes to presse, you’ll need a slightly different set of exercises. You must exercise all the abdominal muscles: direct, oblique, intercostal and anterior dentate. In addition to training perform the following exercises. Lie on a slanted Board sports, fix the feet under the rollers. Lift your upper body by 20 to 50 degrees relative to the Board. Then lean back without touching the back surface.

Lie on the bench. Grab dumbbells and get them behind your head as far as possible. Lock position for 5 seconds and raise your hands to your chest. Do this exercise a minimum of 3 sets of 10 times for each workout. At each session, perform 20 to 50 pull-UPS.

Starting from the third week of training, increase the performing of each exercise for 5-10 approaches. Do these changes every two weeks. If the load will seem a little, then add another 10 approaches or perform exercises with weights. Load level should match your physical condition. If you had not engaged in sports, make yourself small indulgences. For example, divide the exercise into two parts: morning and evening.


If you want to pump up the press as quickly as possible, do not engage in daily. Let your body relax, then the result will be better.

Useful advice

To make cubes on a press, buy a gymnastic ball. And do crunches on it.


How to inflate the abdomen

The female organism is arranged not as an example more complicated than the male organism. Planning of trainings, drawing up of their schedule it is necessary to conduct, considering and own menstrual cycle. It is not recommended to practice physical activities one day before the month, during and two days after.

How fast can the

press be pumped? As for the timing, on average the takes at least a month of regular exercises to give the abdominal muscles relief( press the “dice” pump).It is better to practice every day, spending on exercises for half an hour. Assurances that there are miracle programs, through which at home you can achieve the ideal press for the week – just a myth.

The task becomes more complicated if the girl is full. The layer of the fat layer on the stomach with a thickness of more than 1 cm will hide the cubes even in the most intensive occupations. In this case, strength training is necessarily accompanied by exercises for weight loss( running, walking), healthy eating and

drying the body.

How to properly press the girls

Now let’s talk about the basic rules of the exercises. Even if you plan to study exclusively at home, then you do not need special sports equipment. It is quite possible to manage on their own. It is best to rock the press lying on the floor, since we need a rigid base. Be sure to use a special mat for yoga or fitness classes.

Every lesson, start with a warm-up. It does not matter in what form – stretching muscles, gymnastics, dancing. Well warmed up muscles of the press is a pledge of more effectively conducted basic exercises. To start the load you need 2 hours after meals and no later than 2 hours before going to bed.

Anatomy of the abdominal muscles

When it comes to the press, it will be useful to know that the abdominal muscles are not limited to 6-8 cubes and the more so there is no upper and lower press. Cubes are only a visible part of the abdominal muscles, under which lie the deeper layers. The press, like the lumbar muscles, refers to the muscles of the cortex. This is a whole complex of muscles responsible for stabilizing the pelvis, hips and spine. Strong muscles of the bark – this is a beautiful posture, a flat stomach and a healthy spine.

Anatomy of the muscles bark :

  • rectus abdominis;
  • oblique abdominal muscles;
  • transverse abdominal muscle;
  • adductor muscles;
  • small and medium gluteus muscles;
  • muscles of the hamstrings;
  • subacute muscle;
  • beak-brachial muscle.

Complete muscular atlas represents the following picture.

Muscles of the press:

Muscles of the bark :

Exercises for the press for girls at home

Next, we will describe the most effective exercises for girls on each of these muscle groups. In most cases, the press should be swung in the prone position.

Straight Abdominal Muscle Exercises

In the surface layer, the rectus abdominis is located, which is responsible for the visibility of those cubes provided that you have a low percentage of fat. It is a single paired muscle that is located on the anterior abdominal wall. It is not divided into upper or lower press. This division is accepted only for the sake of simplicity of expression. The rectus abdominis is 6-8 cubes, the number of which is genetically incorporated and it is impossible to influence it.

  • Classic twisting – lying on the floor, legs bent at the knees, hands behind the head. The upper part of the body is lifted by 20-30 centimeters from the floor, in this position we freeze for 3 seconds. We make 2 sets of 15 motions. For greater load, you can use the ball.

  • Deflections of – lying on the abdomen, legs stretched, hands clasped behind the back. Raise the upper part of the body, tearing it as high as possible from the floor, fix it, make 5 slow exhalations.2 sets of 10 movements.

  • Raising the legs in the prone position is a power exercise for pumping the press, lying on the back with straight legs extended. The legs slowly rise up, becoming perpendicular to the floor surface.1 approach for 10 movements.

  • Garnishka – the exercise is performed while sitting, legs are straightened forward. Slowly lift them from the floor for 20-30 cm, fix for a few seconds, then pull up to the chest.2 sets of 15 movements.

  • Steps on the weight – lying position, legs stretched, hands behind the head. We raise our legs 45 degrees from the floor and quickly make “pacing” movements.1 approach for 35 “steps” per foot.

  • Raising the legs and pelvis from the prone position – lying on the floor, legs bent at the knees. With the strength of the muscles of the press, we raise the pelvis, straighten our legs above our heads.1 approach for 25 movements.

  • “Scissors” – lying on its side, legs stretched and raised 30 cm from the floor. Straight legs perform the flapping cross movements.2 sets of 30 movements.

As studies show, there is no difference in the exercises for the “upper” and “lower” press. All of them involve the entire rectus abdominis muscle, only some exercises more or less work over the upper part, and some – the lower one.

Abdominal slant exercises( external and internal)

Do not get involved in exercises on oblique abdominal muscles for girls, and even more so perform them with weights. Frequent performance of lateral and cross twists, inclines from side to side using additional weight does not remove the sides, but makes the waist even wider. Therefore, if there is a goal before you to remove the sides and strengthen the oblique muscles, minimize or completely eliminate lateral dynamic exercises and pay attention to the side bar( this exercise will be considered below).

  • Cross-twisting – the exercise is performed lying on the back and in the position of the hem, the legs on the weight, bent at the knees so that the calves are parallel to the floor surface. Alternately stretch one leg and hold in this position for a few seconds.2 sets of 15 movements.

  • Slopes from side to side – in a standing position, we lean rhythmically to the right and to the left. For additional load, you can use dumbbells.3 sets of 30 slopes per side.

  • Lateral twisting – lying on the back, legs bent at the knees and pulled to the chest. While holding the upper part of the body stationary, we toss the bent legs from side to side with the force of the press.3 sets of 30 movements.

The great misconception of many girls is that they think that exercises on the lateral( oblique) abdominal muscles will visually make the waist narrower in comparison with the hips. On the contrary, developed lateral muscles make the waist wider, and the figure is more straight.

Exercises on the muscles of the bark

Exercise on the muscles of the cortex there is only one thing – a bar in which all muscle groups are involved at once. It is not aimed at pumping cubes, the main goal is to strengthen the muscular corset, which makes the belly tighter and the waist narrower.

Classical bar

  • take the emphasis lying, leaning on the elbows / forearms( hands must be bent at 90 degrees) and socks;
  • strain the muscles of the press and make sure that the back does not bend in the lower back, but the buttocks do not go up( your body should make a straight line from head to heel);
  • stay in this position for 30-60 seconds;
  • repeat the exercise 3 times.

If you do not have enough strength to perform the exercise, try a light version – with emphasis on bent knees. As you master, you can move on to more complex variations of the bar.

Side lath

  • take the emphasis lying on the side, leaning on the elbow of the right hand;
  • tear off the hips from the floor and stretch out;
  • stay in this position for 30-60 seconds;
  • change your hand and repeat the exercise for the other side;
  • make 3 approaches.

Strap with push-ups

  • adopt the position of the classic bar;
  • lift the body up to the top position, leaning on the hands;
  • stay at the top and return to the position of resting on the elbows.


  • jump strap adopt the position of the classic strap;
  • make a small jump, spreading your legs to the side;
  • return to the starting position.

Hand Strap

  • adopt the position of the classic strap;
  • pull one hand forward so that it becomes parallel to the body;
  • stay in this position and return to the starting position;
  • repeat the exercise for the other hand.

Moving plank

  • adopt the position of the classic strap;
  • roll over one side, assuming the “side bar” position;
  • hold up for a few seconds;
  • turn over on the other side and again linger;
  • return to the starting position and repeat the exercise several times.

Training program for a press at home

Practice shows that daily press is not just useless, but also harmful. The abdominal muscles, like other muscles, need to be restored, which will take at least 48 hours. Therefore, we will consider a training program for girls, designed for 2-3 classes per week with alternating exercises. Training for girls should include:

  • 2-3 exercises for direct abdominal muscles;
  • 1-2 exercises on the muscles of the cortex;
  • exercise is a vacuum.

The first set of exercises :

  • lifting legs in the prone position – 3 sets of 15-20 repetitions;
  • “accordion” – 3 sets of 15-20 repetitions;
  • lateral twisting – 3 sets of 15-20 repetitions;
  • exercise “Plank” – 3 sets of 30-60 seconds.

The second set of exercises :

  • “steps in weight” – 3 sets of 15-20 repetitions;
  • lifting the legs and pelvis from the prone position – 3 sets of 15-20 repetitions;
  • “scissors” – 3 sets of 15-20 repetitions;
  • exercise “Plank” – 3 sets of 30-60 seconds.

The third set of exercises :

  • deflections – 3 sets of 15-20 repetitions;
  • classical twisting – 3 sets of 15-20 repetitions;
  • leg straightening – 3 sets of 15-20 repetitions;
  • exercise “Plank” – 3 sets of 30-60 seconds.

To make it more convenient for you, we prepared a special table how to pump up a house press in 30 days .

File table can be downloaded completely free of charge from this link.

Exercise “Vacuum”

The above exercises will not help you lose excess weight, make the abdomen flat and reduce the waist circumference. With their help, you will give him a relief( the cubes will become visible) and only if you do not have excess weight.

But there is one exercise that involves the internal abdominal muscles responsible for retracting the abdominal wall. This exercise is a vacuum. Performing it daily, you:

  • reduce the percentage of internal fat;
  • get rid of the distended abdomen;
  • make the waist visually thinner;
  • will get a flat stomach without risk pumping the press.

Technique for performing the exercise “Vacuum” :

  • stand up straight or take a reclining position;
  • slowly take a deep breath through your nose;
  • by powerful exhalation, get rid of air, maximally drawing in the belly;
  • stay in this position for 10-15 seconds.
  • exhale. Repeat the exercise 10 times.

If you do not aspire to get cubes, but want to just tighten your stomach and make it more flat, then this exercise is just for you.

In the pumping of cubes, 90% of success falls on the diet. So if you are overweight, revise your diet. And remember, shaking the press, you will not make the stomach thinner, but only give it a relief. And then, provided that the percentage of fatty layer will be minimal.

Most men, especially those “mirror disease” wants to know: how to pump up press during the week? Whether it is possible in principle and effectiveness of “high-speed” exercises that over a short period abdominal “cubes”? In order to have an idea on how to quickly pump up the press at home, you can watch thematic video and begin the daily classes.

Features of the abdominal region

Can the abdominal muscles recover and become strong without the help of a coach? Urgent question for men who want to get the “cubes”, but not having the opportunity to turn to professionals. Experts believe that when properly matched video exercises and the adjustment of the power supply system can efficiently strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and “to make bricks”.

In this period of time the videos and photos that explain the peculiarities of pumping of the muscles of the abdomen, very much. But remember to answer the question as quickly and efficiently inflate the press at home and in a short time, you need to consider a lot of parameters:

  • The main thing – to choose the individual set, which will help to change the external form of the abdomen and form the coveted “cubes”.
  • Strictly and consistently to do what is instruct classes using photos and videos.

Men wishing to transform your torso, it is important to remember that only regular classes, coupled with the power supply system will help to build a press at home. Exercises performed on Mondays, will not give result, especially if the rest of the days instead of training the athlete sits on the sofa with a cherished bottle of beer.

Anatomical literacy

What lurks in most men for a bulky abdomen, is of great value in shaping the press. Abdominal wall – not some faceless mass of skin and muscle tissue, all clearly divided into zones, and if you know how to influence them and to master the basics of pumping, in the short term can be done the relief is proportionate and beautiful.

How much you can pump up the press? This question has no exact answer, but experts in the field of sports claim to achieve results quickly at home you just need to exert maximum effort, and the main aspect is patience.


  1. Direct.
  2. Outer.
  3. Internal obliques.
  4. Cross.

How to build a press for a month or a week? Running, according to experts, the main fighter against excess fat. To get rid of the “bagels” in the abdominal area, every day we need to move rapidly and do a short jog. The frequency of Jogging 3-4 times a week for 30 minutes (before Breakfast). Not to achieve resultsviewer of themed video, lying on the couch.

Exercises are intended to make the press beautiful and sturdy. For this you need to adhere to individual program activities and to divide them into groups:

  • For upper abdominals (curl).
  • For lower press.

Gymnastics will take less time if it is combined with Jogging and diet. Experts remind that begin with the study of the upper press and gradually moving towards the bottom.

Here are a few effective exercises in order to strengthen the upper part of the abdomen:

  1. Twisting. In position “lying on back with legs bent at a 90 degree angle. To bend and to get the right elbow left knee. I. p. and repeat twisting to the other side. Perform 5-7 times, gradually increasing the quantity.
  2. The rise of the hips. To carry on the floor (the bench), the essence is to lift the hips as high as possible, leaning on the shoulder area and elbows.
  3. “Pocket knife”. I. p. lying on your back. The essence of the exercise is to simultaneously pull your knees to your chest and hands with his head, “stack”, simulating a knife.
  4. Turns feet. Horizontal leg raise to 90 degrees and lower them alternately, without bending, from right to left and down. The main thing – the feet should not touch the floor.

How to build lower abs at home? This provides its own program of movements:

  • Lying on your back, hands to fix. Raise legs and pelvis, with isolation from the floor and put my feet over my head.
  • Hang on the bar and lift the legs as high as possible without bending.
  • Simulation of the bike. Lying on back, raise legs and repeat the movement as with the rotation of the pedals.

Daily workout must include exercise “cat” with the bench press. Its essence lies in the successive flexion and extension of the back. This part of the study the press at home are available even for beginners. It is noteworthy that not only work the abdominal muscles but also the muscles of the hips and back. Performing “cat” correctly, it is possible to get amazing results, as well as to eliminate back pain and lower back pain.

Food rules

Diet, if you want to quickly pump up the press at home for 1-2 weeks, special attention. Well formed diet will help to achieve tangible results. This part of the program by pumping the press is especially important for those who have a waist higher than the norm.

During the training days is important to regularly eat the following foods:

  1. Olive oil.
  2. The cooked meat.
  3. Bread.
  4. Seafood.
  5. Oranges.

It is important to remember that the volume of food should not go overboard to the obscene, the essence of the diet is to burn excess weight and not to gain inches inthe area press.

Of course, that to achieve meaningful results in just 1-3 weeks will be a little, but given impetus to the positive dynamics is well worth it. Any part of the training must be performed with enthusiasm and focus on results, then after a while it will be possible to show off a beautiful and toned figure.

Many probably dream of a flat, graceful belly, on the beautiful dice press on the abdomen.At the same time, they worry that not enough time to visit the gym.This article will explain how you can pump up the press at home and at the same time to achieve the desired effect as soon as possible.A flat stomach is not only part of his body taut, but also makes your waist thinner thighs – slender, athletic figure and taut.Is not this the dream of almost every woman?

To achieve a beautiful embossed media does not necessarily clock hanging on the bar, raise the torso or legs, perform a variety of exercises.After all, in order to quickly pump up the press at home – will be enough to give classes a day for 20 minutes.If you ask ten bodybuilders same question: “What exercise is the most simple and effective for how quickly pump up the press,” you will hear a very different answers from each bodybuilder.Usually, how many people, so many opinions regarding the issue.But do not worry, this dispute can be resolved wit

h the help of cutting-edge research that is conducted at the unit called “electromyograph” or abbreviated EMG.This apparatus shows how a person intensively working muscles, under certain exercise.Based on the results, determine which exercises at home most effectively pump up the press.

Based on electromyography studies, it has been determined for the abdominals seven most effective exercises, “the Roman chair” – the rise of the feet on the simulator, lifting legs in the vise, vertical twisting, bicycle twisting, reverse twist, side bridges, twisting on fitball.”Roman chair” – the rise of the feet on the simulator.According electromyographic studies lifting legs in the simulator is the most effective exercise is the most activates abdominal muscles.This exercise will suit only those who have a simulator at home.

To date, the purchase of the simulator is fashionable and necessary thing, especially in order to quickly pump up the press.

Because, with the help of a simulator you can quickly pump up the beautiful press, without having to go to the gym.Doing this exercise – the simulator accept the position of Davis, with emphasis on the elbows, as you exhale slowly lift straight leg up, as long as they do not become parallel to the floor.Insulate your abdominals and use inertia.As the lift to the top of his feet a little linger in this position, then in the initial position.When performing this exercise, try to submit your pelvis slightly forward (twisting it) at the top of each climb, his legs while holding vertically floor.Otherwise train and come to the tone of the muscles of the legs are, not the press.Outside the correct execution of the exercises at home must be painful in direct muscle of your abdomen.Pain suggest that the start is given, and the press was able to pull up a little bit.Continue to do the exercises, and you beat pretty pumped media.

Leg raises the Wies – accept the position of Davis on the crossbar, while the hands are shoulder width apart.On the exhale, slowly rising to his feet straight up until the legs are vertical floor.Hold briefly in the upper legs and lower legs at the starting position.Try to not only raise the legs up, but also a bit fed pelvis forward.Alternating twisting of the pelvis to the sides, aimed at oblique abdominal muscles.On the position of the crossbar accept Visa, bend the legs and raise them up to the level of the pelvis (as if you sit down on a chair).Now start to turn out knees of both legs to one side (must be kept together).Taz in this case rises in the opposite direction.At the top and back a little linger in the starting position.Repeat for the other side.

vertical twist designed to rectus abdominis.Lie on the floor, hands behind your head we start, lift straight legs until they are perpendicular to the floor.On the exhale, lift your head and shoulders up.When climbing, you should feel the contraction of your abdominal muscles.Reaching the point, a few seconds delay, and in the initial position.Immediately repeat.By performing these exercises, try to go up by the press and not by the muscles of the back and neck.

Bike twisting (crunches)

main load is oblique abdominal muscles and hips, which will help you to quickly pump up the press.This exercise is ideal for performing at home is quite simple.Lie on the floor, hands behind your head we start, elbows pointing to the sides.Slightly bend your knees and lift them up.Raise your upper body.Shoulder pull to the opposite knee, that is, the right shoulder stretches to the left knee and left shoulder stretches to the right knee.When lifting and twisting the body, try to reach out directly to the tribe of the body, not the elbow.In parallel with the rise of the torso untapped straighten the leg.Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise for the other side.

Reverse Crunch on the bench for this exercise, you must have an abdominal bench, which is installed with a slight slope.On the bench lay down his head up, hands, grasp the handle, bend your legs and lift.Raising the body, try to pull your knees as close to your head.The upper part of the back and pelvis should come off the bench.Twist the body as much as possible, slowly straighten your back.We pass the original position, straighten the legs at the bottom Hold for a few seconds.Return to the starting position.

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