How to lose weight a man

Method 1 Burning Calories Quickly

  1. Start a circuit training regimen.

    Circuit training is a combination of workouts designed to work every major muscle in your body. The quick switching between exercises gets your heart rate up higher than most other workout regimens, which in turn burns a lot more calories.

    Start a circuit training regimen to burn more calories faster and help lose weight.

    There are a number of good workouts you can include in a circuit session, but an example workout would look like this.

    • Burpees, three sets of 10. Read Do a Burpee for details on this technique.
    • Squats, three sets of 10.
    • Bench press, three sets of 10.
    • Lunges, three sets of 10.
    • Perform workouts fast to get your heart rate up to its max and burn the optimal amount of calories.
  2. Sprint.

    Sprinting, unlike distance running, involves running as fast as you can for a short distance. This workout gets your heart rate up quickly and is an ideal workout to shed fat quickly. The explosive motion of sprinting will also sculpt your legs and abs, while simultaneously increasing your endurance and lung capacity.

    Follow these steps to perform a sprint workout.

    • Go to a track, or measure out a straight path of 100 yards.
    • Warm up with either a jog or a brisk walk.
    • Stretch thoroughly after warming up. The explosive motion of sprinting can pull or even tear muscles if they’re not properly stretched. Stretch for 10 minutes before your sprinting workout.
    • Start at the beginning of the 100 yard (91.4 m) path and sprint to the end. If you are a beginner, don’t start out with a true spring just yet — run at about 50% of your top speed to make sure your body is ready and you don’t injure yourself. Then gradually increase your speed with subsequent sprints.
    • Slowly walk back to the starting line. If you’re still fatigued when you reach the start, rest until you feel up to sprinting again.
    • Perform six to 10 sprints in a session. Repeat the training two to three times a week.
    • Be sure to wear an athletic supporter, or at least tight-fitting underwear, while doing sprints. The quick motions can lead to a pulled groin or testicular injury without proper support.
  3. Start strength training.

    Most people think that endurance training is the only workout that will help you lose weight, but strength training is very important too. For starters, weight training boosts your metabolism, so you’ll burn more calories in the hours after a strength workout. Also, muscle burns calories more efficiently than fat, so building muscle will help you burn calories even when you’re resting.

    • Read Build Muscle for workout tips that will help you pack on calorie-burning muscle.
    • Some good muscle-building workouts for men include dead lifts, pull ups, and squats. These exercises build major muscle groups like the back, legs, and biceps. Click here for more details on these workouts.
  4. Vary your workout.

    You may be working out regularly but not seeing the kinds of results you’d like. In fitness, this is called a plateau. Your body has gotten used to the exercises you’re doing, and they’re not having a noticeable effect anymore. Draw a completely new workout schedule to revamp your fitness regimen.

    • Try changing up the order in which you work out. For example, if you always to abs, triceps, biceps, back, and legs in that order, come up with a new order.
    • You could also look up other workouts that train the same muscle groups.
    • Perform this change up routine every few weeks to prevent a plateau.
  5. Be conscious of increased risk of injury.

    Though you may be eager to start shedding pounds as soon as possible, if you are obese (a BMI of 30 or higher) or have not exercised much in the past year, jumping right into an intense exercise regimen can lead to injury, which could derail your efforts to get fit. Be careful not to do too much too soon.

    • Know your limits. Think about how long it has been since you last exercised, how much you move around on a regular basis (for instance, are you walking all day for work or do you sit at a desk?), any recent injury or illness, and your current age.

Method 2 Keeping Weight Off With Diet

  1. Stay well hydrated.

    Besides all the other health benefits of drinking water, it will also help keep your metabolism up. When the body gets dehydrated, metabolism slows down. This means you won’t burn as many calories, making it harder for you to lose the weight you want to.

  2. Eat plenty of protein.

    While protein is important for building muscles, it also helps keep your metabolism high. This is because the body burns a lot of calories digesting it, so your metabolic rate will stay high if protein is a normal part of your diet.

    • Good sources of protein are chicken, fish like salmon and sardines, eggs, tofu, low-fat milk, low-fat cottage cheese, nuts, and beans.
  3. Eat good fats.

    Heart disease is the number one killer of men in the United States, and diets high in saturated fats and cholesterol are a chief contributor to heart disease. Good fats, like mono- and polyunsaturated fats, lower cholesterol and decrease your risk of heart disease.

    • Sources of good fats include oily fish like salmon and sardines, olive oil, avocados, and nuts.
    • Even when you’re eating good fats, make sure no more than 25-35% of your overall calories come from fat. Any more will lead to weight gain.
  4. Include iron in your diet.

    Iron deficiency will slow down your metabolism, so you’ll want to get plenty of this nutrient in your diet. Some good sources of iron are shellfish. red meat, lentils, beans, and spinach.

  5. Eat complex carbohydrates.

    Carbohydrates are important for a diet geared towards building muscle. Without carbs, your body will burn protein for energy, which means that the protein won’t go towards building your muscles. There are two kinds of carbs, however. Complex carbohydrates take longer for your body to digest than simple carbs. As a result, your body’s metabolic rate will remain high if you eat these foods.

    • Good sources of complex carbs include whole grain products, starchy vegetables, green leafy vegetables, and beans.
  6. Add spices to your meals.

    Spicy foods like chili peppers give your metabolism a short boost right after eating. It doesn’t last very long, but eating spices regularly can have a sustained effect on your metabolism. Try adding a scoop or two of chili powder to your meals to add flavor and give your metabolism a boost.

  7. Eat lean meats.

    Although men usually love a good steak, red meat is not the best choice for your health.

    Satisfy your meat craving with lean meat like poultry, and keep red meat down to 3 servings per week.

    • You don’t need to cut out red meat entirely. Extra lean cuts of beef and pork will provide much less fat and cholesterol, which is good for your waistline and overall health. The USDA considers an extra lean cut of meat as follows: for every 100 grams of meat, there are no more than 5 grams of total fat, 2 grams of saturated fat, and 95 milligrams of cholesterol.
  8. Count your calories.

    It’s very important to keep track of your calories to avoid overeating. Make sure to read all food labels and write down everything you eat. This will help you keep your eating under control by showing you where you stand in relation to your daily maximum. Keep your count low by swapping high-calorie, low-nutrition items for nutrient-dense, low-calorie foods and snacks.

    • Also check for apps that will help you track your calories. There are several of these that will give you an accurate measure of what you’ve consumed.
  9. Avoid crash dieting.

    Some people think that eating very few calories every day will help them lose weight. While you’ll probably see some weight loss from this, it is overall counterproductive. First of all, it slows down your metabolism, so the calories you do eat stay around longer. Second, you’ll probably lose muscle as well, which means your body won’t burn as many calories. If you want to lose weight, crash dieting is not the way to do it.

Method 3 Keeping Weight Off With Lifestyle

  1. Wait 20 minutes after eating to go for another serving.

    When we eat, it usually takes 20 minutes for the body to stop feeling hungry. That means that in this window, you can eat a lot more than you really need, because you won’t feel full. Force yourself to wait those 20 minutes before eating more. If you’re still hungry, then you can go get some more.

  2. Avoid eating out often.

    The portions you get in restaurants is usually larger than you would normally eat, which encourages you to eat past the point of being full. The food is also usually high in sodium, an ingredient that can cause you to gain weight. Keep your time eating out to a minimum to keep pounds off.

  3. Move consistently throughout the day.

    Staying idle will slow your metabolism, and you won’t burn calories as efficiently. There are a lot of tricks that you can use to stay active.

    • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
    • Get up and walk around or do push ups while you’re watching TV.
    • Walk places that are nearby instead of driving.
    • Stand on the bus or train instead of sitting.
  4. Get plenty of sleep.

    Lack of sleep will slow down your metabolism, as well as boosting your appetite. That combination means that you’ll eat more and not burn it off efficiently, making weight loss difficult.

  5. Cut down on alcohol intake.

    The classic “beer belly” is a real problem for many men. Alcohol contains a lot of calories, which can lead to fat accumulation around the stomach. Help your weight loss regimen by keeping your alcohol intake to a minimum. This will cut out a lot of calories and help you shed excess weight.

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  • Will losing weight make my penis longer?

    wikiHow Contributor

    Losing weight may cause fat around your penis to decrease. Therefore it might look longer.

  • How do I lose weight on my face?

    wikiHow Contributor

    This will happen naturally as you lose weight all around.

  • Is drinking milk good for losing weight?

    wikiHow Contributor

    Not necessarily. If you drink it in moderation it helps with bone growth during the growing stages of life, but after those years you should stick to water. If you’re going to drink milk, stick with skim or 2%. Avoid soda and other sugary drinks.

  • How do I lose weight and gain muscle when exercising?

    wikiHow Contributor

    Exercise by definition causes one to burn fat and gain muscle. Lift weights to maximize muscle gain.

  • Does cinnamon really boost your metabolism?

    wikiHow Contributor

    Yes, it has been proven that if you eat a tablespoon before bed, you burn excess calories in your sleep.

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  • Visit your doctor before you start a weight loss regimen if you suffer from chronic diseases, such as joint pain, diabetes or other serious diseases. The doctor may suggest certain exercises that will prevent unhealthy stress on your body.
  • Remember to check your weight before and after the programme.

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  1. Set your weight goal. When you set your weight goal, make sure not to set it up too high. Because it might discourage you to stop losing weight if you can’t reach your targeted weight. For example, if you weigh about 256 pounds, you should probably set it to about 220 or 225 or if your stomach ratio is about 60 inches (152.4 cm), than try to reach for 45 or 50 inches (114.3 or 127.0 cm). But if you’re willing to reach a bigger goal, that’s your choice if you can handle it. But don’t expect that you’ll reach that target so quickly.There are plenty of apps on the appstore that could be helpful for you.

  2. Find a coach. When you chose someone to be your partner, make sure you have a strong bond with each other, rather than hiring a personal trainer which cost thousands of dollars. Your partner should be the same gender as you. He could be your brother, your best friend or even your son. Just make sure he is in top physical shape. Do not choose someone who is also losing weight, then he won’t serve as an inspiration for reaching your goal.

  3. Measure up. This step is very important and must be done annually. There are two methods of measuring you. You can use a weighing scale or measuring tape. The measuring tape is better, because it easily measures the ratio of your stomach but the weighing scale only measures mass and it doesn’t really determine if someone is overweight or not, because muscle weighs more than fat. When measuring with a weighing scale, your partner must observe the number being shown as you step on the scale. Make sure to put the scale on a flat surface. When you use the measuring tape, you must remove your shirt as your partner wraps the tape around your abdomen which is located at your belly button. Make sure to record the sizes every time you exercise.

  4. Work out regularly. When you and your coach exercise, you have to be in full cooperation with him. If you’re too conscious of people watching you exercise then you should exercise in a place where you feel most comfortable at like your house, a gym or a park. Before you exercise, make sure to do a little stretch exercise and limber up before doing intense movement like push-ups, cardio or sit-ups. Once you’re done stretching, run a couple of laps around a track or your house. Wherever you are. The most recommended exercise would be sit-ups because it directly targets your mid-section giving you a better chance of shedding pounds.

  5. Eat a healthy diet. Since you’re on this weight loss journey, you must observe a strict diet in order to attain the goal weight you want. This means no junk food, soft drinks, fast food and other unhealthy products. Eat a high fiber and sodium rich meal at least five times a week and just drink water, milk and juice made from natural ingredients as your beverages.Avoid eating food that have too much oils in them. If you crave to eat these fatty foods, don’t give up, just remember the reason why you chose to change your life.Your coach could decide what diet is most suitable for you.

  6. Never give up. This is the most important step of them all. Just never give up. You have the encouragement of your coach. Inside of you there is a new you trying to struggle free and you are the only one who can let him out. It may seem that your coach may torture you with all these exercises and not let you eat your favorite food but he actually cares for your health. Just believe in yourself and you can become like these changed men.
By Anna Dickens on September 16, 2013


Call it the battle of the sexes: When it comes to shedding unwanted weight, men have a distinct edge. True, men are genetically wired to possess more calorie-burning muscle mass and less body fat than women, and women have more fat cells than men, a genetic adaptation designed to prepare their bodies for childbirth. But experts say that guys also approach dieting with a different mentality than women—a mindset we can adopt and use to our advantage. Read on to discover how to lose weight like a man.

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Men are less likely to be emotional eaters. Women have a fundamentally complex relationship with our bodies, and so our relationship with food is equally complex. We look at a burger and think, “That’s bad,” or “I shouldn’t eat that” or “I’m so stressed—I need a treat.” Men look at a burger and think, “Oh yum, a burger.”

“Women’s hormonal makeup is far more complex than men’s, and hormones can have a huge impact on emotion and food,” says weight loss coach Jonny Bowden, a board-certified nutritionist with a master’s degree in psychology and the author of nine bestselling books on health, healing, food and longevity.

Women tend to give credence to the expression “eating one’s feelings.” Crappy day at work? Irked with the BF? Time to bust out the Ben & Jerry’s. Men, though, are less likely to turn to food for emotional comfort. They often find other, more productive ways to cope with emotions that don’t involve rifling through the pantry.

Men are better stress managers. “High stress hormones can have a drastic effect on weight,” Bowden says. “Stress management is key to any diet program.” Women, who tend to occupy caretaking roles more frequently then men, are more susceptible to high-stress levels. “I would guess that there is a greater tendency for female caretakers to neglect their own needs, even more so than men,” says Bowden. Between kids and work and household chores, women try to do it all. But make a point of carving out a few minutes of “me” time every day. Take a walk, relax in a hot bath, read a book—allow yourself to just tune out and recharge, even if it’s just for 10 minutes.

Guys fuel up on real food. Ladies, it’s time to put away the rice cakes and low-calorie salad dressing. To lose weight like a man, harness the power of protein to build lean muscle and ward off hunger. Men don’t attempt to satisfy their cravings with cardboard-tasting diet foods; instead, they fuel up on hunger-squashing, protein-rich food. “Eat like a cowboy,” Bowden says. “Eat real foods like whole eggs and wild salmon and grass-fed beef, and eat all of the vegetables you can scarf down. This style of eating will guarantee weight loss.”

Men train dirty. Scan any gym room and you will immediately spot a trend: While women are doggedly slaving away on the elliptical or treadmill, men flock to the weight room in droves. If you are constantly glued to the cardio machine, you miss out on the fat-scorching, muscle-building benefits of weight lifting. “Building muscle mass stokes your metabolism and burns fat,” Bowden notes. “Aerobics is not the best way to lose weight. It never has been.” So the next time you hit the gym, take a cue from men and saddle up to the weight rack.

Men diet less frequently—but more effectively—than women. Be honest: How many times have you psyched yourself up to try the latest diet fad, only to jump ship after a matter of days? Many of us have been dieting on-and-off for our entire lives, creating an endless cycle of frustration and disenchantment. It becomes somewhat of a self-fulfilling prophecy: Because we are so accustomed to dieting and seeing unsatisfactory results, we might embark on a new diet plan half-heartedly, expecting it to fail.

Men, for whom dieting is often a one-time affair, are more likely to approach their new diet pragmatically, with a definite goal in mind. “Men kind of grit their teeth and tackle their diet like they’re going to defeat it,” Bowden says. To lose weight like a man, formulate a plan of attack and dive right in. Commit to your diet plan 100 percent and don’t let small setbacks deter you from your goals.

Men aren’t diet perfectionists. Women, more so than men, adopt a dangerous “all or nothing” mindset when it comes to their diet. If a woman experiences a diet slip-up and, say, eats a cookie, she is more likely to think, “Well, I already blew it,” and use that as license to binge. Men are more likely to applaud their small weight loss triumphs, even if progress is slow-going, whereas women might throw in the towel early because they aren’t seeing the drastic results they’re expecting.

At the end of the day, losing weight is a challenge, for both of the sexes. “There is a tug of war going on, whether you’re a man or a woman,” Bowden notes. “It’s an uphill battle, and you have to use whatever resources you can to get through the journey.”


  • few words about the features of the organism man
  • slimming Essentials for Men: Tips
  • How to lose weight men: exercise
  • Details forwanting to get rid of excess weight
  • The basic principles of good nutrition for weight loss male
  • some more tips on how to eat to lose weight

If you think that only women care about theirbody and are active in the fight against excess weight, then you are deeply mistaken.

Men also pursues an unwavering desire to have a good and fit body.

To achieve this, they leave not only weeks, but months.Men are also interested in information about what to eat and how many times a week.Therefore, the following information is given for the strong half of mankind.With it, we find the answer to the question of how to lose weight man.

few words about the features of the organism man

There verified information that during the day the men use a sufficiently large number of calories.If in ad

dition to this it is inactive lifestyle, then we have the following situation: the power consumption is minimized, resulting in a marked increase in weight.If at the age of 20 years old man begins to gain weight, the excess fat is distributed in the body in the armpits, chest, face.Not a week goes by, as the most significant portion of deposited in the abdominal area.Thus it acquired the so-called triangle.Over the years, losing weight will have some difficulties.Therefore it is very important to eat right in order to avoid future problems with fat deposits.However, this is the age when a man in a week to lose weight is not very difficult.

deserves special attention adulthood.During this period, there is a special predisposition to be overweight men.This is due to a decrease in testosterone levels (hormone) in the body.As a result of reducing the level of this hormone begins a rapid set of weight.

This is explained as follows: increased number of female hormones, which are carefully envelop the body of impressive size of the fat layer.Lose weight, men 40 years of age is problematic.In such a situation can only help integrated approach: sports exercise, diet, containing the recipes for healthy meals.

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slimming Essentials for Men: Tips

The following information is important for those who are doing all for years to weight loss finally crowned with success.Please note that the weight-loss basis for men are quite important principles, effective in any way and for any person.But do not ignore the underlying disease.Since some exercise can aggravate the condition.So before you interested in losing weight issue, the man best to consult with your healthcare professional.Lose weight the best under his strict control.Only he knows how to lose weight in a particular case and what to eat to lose weight without harm to health.

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How to lose weight men: exercise

  1. useful and proven over the years cardiovascular exercises.A good “recipe” that will help to lose weight man – it’s largely exceed the energy expended on entering the body via food consumed.In this case, weight loss for men will be very productive.Even a week to lose weight for a couple of kilos of a chance.Just actively use interval training, the duration of which must be at least 30 – 40 minutes.This type of training is based on the alternate exercises retention deliberately low intensity.
  2. Targeted strength training.This method also has a good reputation, which is approved and secured over the years.For the full functioning of muscle tissue there is a tangible need for a process of burning calories.In this case, it is very important uniform and comprehensive development of existing large muscles of the body.This “sport recipe” will have a positive result only if the man is conscious and attentive to the lessons and if weight loss issue for men is of particular importance.
  3. stress under control.It is proved that the increase in weight is very influenced by stress.Recall that in the stress hormone cortisol is carried out.He, by the way, is very easy to reduce the subsequent reaction of the organism.What happens next?Fats dense occupy the position in the abdominal area.Therefore, a good control of himself can be a great recipe that can also contribute to weight loss for men in a short time.

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detailed information for those wishing to lose weight

  • look for a diet that is suitable to you.To lose weight, you must eat food in a small amount, but not less than 4-5 times a day;
  • make friends with a variety of cardio and strength training neglect.Choose any of the following activities (football, abdominal exercises, cycling, jumping rope) and lose weight with pleasure.Agree, if desired, for a week, you can find the time to class.Even if the schedule is very tight;
  • there is no need to severely restrict themselves in their favorite foods and beverages.Twice a week, allowed to eat a delicious cake or a glass of good wine.However, in the days that followed clearly stick to the regime;
  • sleep – an important component of good health and excellent mood.Lack of sleep, in turn, have a negative effect on the whole metabolism.Sleep duration should be at least 6 hours.

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The basic principles of good nutrition for weight loss

Every year men with excess weight more and more difficult to fight.This makes sure every man on his own experience.Therefore, it is increasingly interested in the answer to the question, how to eat, went to extra weight.If the weight of males is much higher than normal, then a solution may take several years.Therefore, the best time to prevent bad outcome than spend a lot of time to get rid of him.Thus, the problem of weight loss for men is becoming increasingly important.And it is quite logical, because the state of health depends on the person’s weight.

slimming basis for men is not only a variety of physical exercise, but also a comprehensive proper nutrition.

By ak eat right to lose weight?

  • implement systematic control over the timing of food intake.Do not allow a significant break between meals.Otherwise you run the risk of problems with the digestive system as a whole;
  • eat less but more often;
  • give preference to fresh and low-fat foods;
  • watch the variety of dishes on your menu.

If you follow advice and recommendations of the above, the question of how to lose weight, you will not have just because extra kilos you will not.

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Some more tips on how to eat to lose weight

Rule one.Eat slowly, enjoy the taste of each piece.This way of eating food will not leave you any chance that for one meal, you will eat a lot.This is due to the fact that you will quickly be filled with a small amount of food.

second secret.Consume only products compatible with each other

third rule.Do not eat right after exercise.The fact that the body needs to rest.

Rule Four.Drink any fluid before, during, and after the meal is not recommended because it prevents full assimilation of food and, most importantly, the secretion of gastric juice.

last rule.Make sure that the last meal accounted for not less than 4 hours before bedtime.The body has to digest food entered.

Men do not always know how to cook well, but the next dish recipe differs noticeable simplicity and ease of preparation.So, take chicken breast (you can even a small piece of tuna) and boil for 20-30 minutes.Permission is granted to a little salt.Put in a bowl a small piece of cheese, bread from wheat flour.This dish is an excellent option and a shining example of how to eat to lose weight.

Some do not want to spend a lot of time getting rid of the extra kilos.Therefore, on the lookout for ways to lose weight in a few days.How to lose weight in a week?Is it possible?The answer is yes.But it is important to adhere to clear rules.Namely:

  • with the aim of preventing dehydration is recommended to drink at least 2 liters of water a day;
  • stick to the recommended menu of specialists.Do not add or substitute products;
  • if you stick to a diet, then align it with a fitness and aerobics;
  • not forget about vitamins.

In conclusion, together with overweight leave and illness. This fact should be an incentive for every man.Together with health and good spirits will return.

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