Exercises for thin legs at home

tighten figure, shapely legs, elastic ass – the dream of every girl.But always something interferes, the time is not enough for the fitness room, the family budget is limited.Come to the aid effective leg exercises at home.Connect a little motivation, perseverance, positive attitude, and awaited the result will not take long.

How to make your legs beautiful and slim home?

«no good fruit without labor”, teaches the popular wisdom.To achieve the goal, it is necessary to work hard.Secret pumping slim, beautiful legs in the home lies in a healthy diet, regular exercise, body wraps.The latter saves not only on excess centimeters, but significantly improves the condition of the skin, combats cellulite.Nutritionists advise to refuse from sweet, flour, fatty foods to include in the diet:

  • fresh vegetables, fruits;
  • low-calorie dairy products;
  • lean meat, fish;
  • whole grain bread.

Very often, to make the first step to slim legs, the girls do not have enough motivation.New happy life is postponed for tom

orrow, and with it – the dream of a beautiful figure.Psychologists advise to find a personal motive that will inspire and spur to constant training, to help adhere to the diet.The poster on the wall, the refrigerator or the screen saver on the computer, the phone screen with the image of a star with chic hips will be an excellent stimulus.

How to lose weight quickly in the legs?

Someone advised to begin with diet and some – with exercise.But losing weight extra weight first go to the upper part of the body.To get the result soon, fitness trainers are advised to change their lifestyle, to apply an integrated approach.Connect to the dietetic food wraps designed to burn body fat, and daily exercise:

  • go up, go down the stairs;
  • jump rope every day for about 15 min .;
  • Train with weights.

Classes will be more effective if prior to performing exercises on the thighs, buttocks apply anti-cellulite agent.Physical activity will increase the action of the cream, allow him to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin, will have a devastating effect on body fat.Through simple manipulations will obtain expressions cosmetic effect, diminish the appearance of cellulite, skin becomes elastic.

effective set of exercises for the leg muscles

To achieve fast, stable results, use an effective set of exercises for the legs at home, aimed at strengthening the deep muscles.Spend 15 minutes each day.classes, and after 2 – 3 weeks notice the first results.The power range of uses not only the muscles of the legs, but will make even your posture, strengthen the abdominal muscles.To begin the studies should be elated by the cheerful music in a well-ventilated room.Stretching, pumping, strength exercises with dumbbells – the key to successful training.


basic home exercise complex for the slender legs – it squats:

  • Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, keep your back perpendicular to the floor.Hands pull in front of him, clasped in the lock or put on the waist.Start quickly lowered and raised.
  • When slow squat, at the lowest point, when will feel muscle tension, fix a few seconds, take a springy movement.
  • Return to the starting position, repeat the exercise 10 times.
  • Alternate intense squats with slow – fast 10 lifts, 10 then leisurely.Repeat 3 times approach.

Mahi feet

This exercise will not only help you get rid of the hated centimeters in the hips, but will make more slender waist, tighten the gluteal muscles.Mahi feet to be performed in an upright position using a support (eg, stool) and horizontal:

  • Adopt a comfortable position, pull the toe, slowly lift the leg in front of you as high as you can.
  • At the top Fix for a few seconds, the muscles should be strained.
  • Mahi perform alternately forwards, backwards, sideways, the main thing – to give a uniform load on all muscle groups of the legs.


Effective exercise for strengthening the buttocks, the front leg muscles.Lunges carry the additional load or without:

  • Stand up straight, put his hands on her waist, take a deep step forward, a little spruzhinte on bent legs, return to the starting position.
  • Lunges combine with jumps, turns changing the supporting leg.
  • Repeat the exercise 10 – 15 times, changing the pace, do it again.
  • Slimming intensifying attacks, and to pump the muscles – to slow worsening.


regular exercises for the legs at home strengthen the hips, abdominals disappoint.Upgrades are subject to a prone position:

  • Take the starting position, the hand position along the torso, shoulders firmly against the surface, begin to lift the hips.
  • Alternate intense climbs slow.
  • Repeat the exercise 10 – 15 times on each leg, on both simultaneously.


This exercise will strengthen the entire group of muscles of the legs and buttocks.Jumping is done by rope or without:

  • to exercise without aids become straight, feet shoulder width apart, hands on his belt.
  • Sit down, touching the buttocks to the heels, and jump out of this situation as high as you can.Net weight in this exercise is a natural weighting.
  • jumping Repeat 10 times for 3 sets.

For playing with a skipping rope, take the starting position, take sports equipment, start the exercise slowly and gradually increase the intensity.Follow the jump for the scheme – 3 sets of 5 minutes.do not forget about stretching between exercises, which will help to make lessons more efficient, save you from muscle injuries.Jumping rope not only get rid of the hated centimeters in the buttocks and thighs, but will lead to tone arm muscles.

Video: how to build thin legs at home?

beautiful, slender legs – a pledge of confidence of any girl.Nutritionists advise to diversify the diet of foods rich in protein – cheese, eggs, meat, fish, legumes.Effective exercise, individually tailored and designed for pumping muscles will form in the short term relief of attractive hips.Video set of exercises presented below, you will be able to successfully carry out their own home.


Ever feel like a chicken?

Thin legs. Bulky upper body. Feathers…

Well maybe not the feathers. But what about your thin legs and the way they make your upper body look huge!

Don’t they make you feel self-conscious, even if you do keep them hidden away under your clothes?

Well it doesn’t have to be that way!

You can have sexy, toned legs. You can wear the shorts or skirts you want to wear – even if genetics aren’t on your side. You just need a plan.

And that’s where we come in. The following 6 steps are a plan you can use to get rid of your thin legs for good. If you follow it to a tee, your legs will look sexier than you’ve ever seen them before.

Step 1. Take a photo of your legs now

Photo’s are some of the best measurements you can get when it comes to changes in your body. Why?

Because you don’t usually notice your legs toning up from day to day. But over time, the difference adds up. Photo’s show you the real changes that have been happening in your body, that you may have otherwise missed.

They let you see the fruits of your labour.

So do yourself a favour and take a photo now. After you’ve finished the plan, take another photo and compare the results. You’ll be impressed, we promise!

Step 2. Take measurements of your legs

You can also track the size of your legs with a tape measure. Leg measurements will let you know if what you are doing is working.

If it isn’t, then you need to readjust.

Good places to measure are…

  • The thickest part of your thigh
  • Just above the knee
  • The thickest part of your calf.

Step 3. Select some exercises to tone up your legs

Your plan should cover all of the muscles in your legs. Because, if you don’t, it will lead to imbalances. This not only looks weird but it can also lead to injuries.

The last thing you want is an injury when you’re trying to get rid of your thin legs. It will hold you back and destroy any positive momentum you build up.

So play it safe. Cover all bases.

Here are some exercises you can use (These can all be done at home)…

  • Hamstring exercises
  • Thigh exercises
  • Calf exercises
  • Glute building exercises

Step 4. Create 2 – 3 different workouts

Each workout should have approximately 6 exercises in it.

The easiest way to create them is using a spreadsheet. Just type in your exercises and fiddle around with them until the workouts are nice and balanced.

Since you are trying to bulk up your legs, you’ll want to aim for 6-12 reps of each exercise.

If you haven’t done leg exercises for a while, just do 1 set to start off with. As you get stronger over the coming months, keep increasing it up to 3 sets.

The weights you use should be about an 8 out of 10 on the difficulty scale when you’re on your final set.

Make sure you schedule in some warmups before you start and some stretching down after you finish. This will keep you injury free and happily progressing forward.

Step 5. Schedule the workouts throughout your week

Depending on how busy you are, you may only fit in 2 workouts per week.

3 is ideal but 2 is okay.

Try to schedule them with 2 days rest in between. This will give your legs enough time to recover between workouts.

As an example, you might plan them for

  • Monday, Wednesday, Saturday or
  • Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday

Hot tip!

Do your workouts as soon as you get up in the morning. This is great for…

  • Boosting your metabolism – So you burn more fat throughout the day
  • Giving you an energy boost – So you get more done
  • Sticking to your program – It’s much easier to put off a workout to tomorrow when you do them in the evening.

Step 6. Stick to your plan religiously for at least 3 months

This is probably the hardest part of the plan to bulk up your thin legs. But it is also the most important.

Those chicken legs of yours should start blooming within the first month. But you need to put in decent effort for at least 3 months. This will give you enough time to see some awesome improvements.

And once you’ve got sexy, toned legs…it’s easy to maintain them. You only need to do 1 intense workout per week!

Want Someone To Build A Plan For You?

Yes, creating your plan and then executing it successfully takes a lot of time and effort. And there will be some hiccups along the way – for sure.

But you don’t have to do it all by yourself. You can use a pre-made plan developed by personal trainers. That way, all you have to focus on is doing the exercises.

Click here to find out how a pre-made plan will help you banish your thin legs for good!

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Legs! Who doesn’t want a pair of perfectly formed and shapely legs? You can show them off almost any time of day or place (hemline will vary!) – unlike the chest area or the abs (if you have them!). Luscious legs are an easy way to look fabulous, without seemingly trying. The perfect pair of legs requires a low body fat percentage (you need cardio and diet for that) and muscle for shapeliness. The bad news is, to get a pair of perfect pins you do have to put in the work. The good news is; it’s totally worth it.


To get amazing legs you need to target all four areas of your thighs (areas 1 – 4, see diagram below) with exercise, as well as increase the shapeliness of your calves (5). Perform the following exercises in a slow and controlled manner. At the most challenging part of the exercise, hold your position briefly and gently return back to your starting position. As you get stronger, do the exercise slower to increase the intensity of the workout. Remember, it is better to go slow and do fewer repetitions than to go fast and do more. To make some of the exercises more challenging you can use dumbbells/ kettlebells, or if you don’t have any to hand, grab a couple of cans of beans to use as light dumbbells or fill a couple of old plastic milk/ juice containers with water to use as kettlebells.

Keep your core muscles engaged at all times by pulling your belly button in to your spine. This will ease the pressure on your lower back and make it more difficult on your legs. 

Continue to next page for exercise instructions and video.


You’ll find on this page a selection of leg exercises that are performed using gym-type equipment, that is equipment you normally find in commercial gyms. These equipments are generally built for a specific exercise and are quite effective at isolating the muscles targeted.

There are 18 such exercises and each is presented using helpful animated images as well as comparison notes.

  1. Leg Extension
  2. One-at-a-Time Leg Extension
  3. Seated Leg Curl
  4. Prone Leg Curl
  5. One-at-a-Time Prone Leg Curl
  6. Leg Press
  7. Incline Leg Press
  8. Squat
  9. Seated Hip Adduction
  10. Standing Hip Adduction
  11. Standing Hip Adduction using Low Pulley
  12. Seated Hip Abduction
  13. Standing Hip Abduction
  14. Standing Hip Abduction using Low Pulley
  15. Calf Raise on Calf Bench
  16. Calf Raise on Leg Press
  17. High Calf Raise on Universal Leg Machine
  18. Low Calf Raise on Universal Leg Machine

Leg Extension

  • The Leg Extension is the quintessential leg exercise and will allow you to target your quadriceps which are located in front of you thighs.
  • You perform by simply sitting on the bench and by extending your legs up.

One-at-a-Time Leg Extension

  • The One-at-a-Time Leg Extension is a variation on the two legged leg extension exercise.
  • As with its source it will allow you to target the quadriceps muscles located in front of your thighs.

Seated Leg Curl

  • The Seated Leg Curl is similar to the Leg Extension in that you sit on a bench and move your feet along the pivots formed by your knees.
  • However, you push your feet down towards your buttocks and the muscles targeted here are the hamstring muscles, which are located at the back of your thighs.

Prone Leg Curl

  • The Prone Leg Curl is a variation on the Leg Curl leg exercise in which you lie prone on a bench instead of being seated.
  • The movements are the same in both case, they target your hamstrings equally but sometimes gyms have one type of machines and not the other.

One-at-a-Time Prone Leg Curl

  • The One-at-a-Time Leg Curl is a close variation where you pull your feet towards your buttocks using one leg at a time.
  • It can seem quite stressing on your hamstring muscles to exercise this way but some people find the variation useful.

Leg Press

  • The Leg Press is a leg exercise similar to the squat but where you use gym-type equipment to give resistance to your legs as they are pushing.
  • Like the squat, the leg press will develop the muscles located in front of your thighs (quadriceps) and in your buttocks (glutes).

Incline Leg Press

  • The Incline Leg Press exercise uses a different contraption that puts you in a position to push weight up using your legs.
  • This exercise is very popular although special attention needs to be taken so as not to let the weights lower too low to a level where you could become stuck, that is not able to push the weights away.


  • The Squat leg exercise uses a gym-type contraption that will allow you to push yourself away like you would in a traditional barbell squat.
  • Some machines like the one shown here will have you lying on your back in order to isolate your thighs and glutes.

Seated Hip Adduction

  • The Seated Hip Adduction is a great exercise to use if you are looking to strengthen the muscles located in your inner thighs.
  • In it you simply try to bring your legs closer to one another by squeezing them together.

Standing Hip Adduction

  • The Standing Hip Adduction is quite similar to its seated variant but will require you to work one leg at a time while you stand on the other.
  • It is another great way to strengthen the muscles located in your inner thighs.

Standing Hip Adduction using Low Pulley

  • This variation of the Hip Adduction leg exercise uses a low pulley system and requires the same movement of bringing the leg attached to the pulley towards the other.
  • You’ll again strengthen your inner thigh muscles by using this exercise.

Seated Hip Abduction

  • The Seated Hip Abduction can be considered the opposite of the Hip Adduction exercise.
  • In it instead of bringing your legs closer to one another you are pushing them further from each other.

Standing Hip Abduction

  • The Standing Hip Abduction exercise lets you strengthen the muscles located in your hips.
  • You perform by pushing the lever outwardly using your leg that should remain straight throughout.

Standing Hip Abduction using Low Pulley

  • Finally the Standing Hip Abduction on a Low Pulley exercise lets you strengthen your hip muscles using a low pulley and cable system.
  • You perform is as you do other hip abduction exercises by pushing your leg away from the other.

Calf Raise on Calf Bench

  • The Calf Raise exercises featured here uses a specially designed bench for calf muscles.
  • By putting your toes on the step and pushing the weight pads straight up will target the calf muscles very effectively.

Calf Raise on Leg Press

  • The Calf Raise can also be performed using the leg press equipment.
  • You sit down on it as you normally would but instead of flexing your knees to allow the weight to move up and down you try to push and release the foot support using only the balls of your feet.

High Calf Raise on Universal Leg Machine

  • The High Calf Raise featured here uses the Universal Leg Machine and requires you to place the ball of your feet on the high pads (if available).
  • Similarly to other calf exercise you’ll be able to target your calves very effectively by using this exercise.

Low Calf Raise on Universal Leg Machine

  • The Low Calf Raise also uses the Universal Leg Machine but requires you to place the balls of your feet on the lower pads of two (if available).
  • You may find the low position to be more comfortable than the high one and may give you a wider range of motion that could enable you to target your calf muscles more effectively.

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