Diet with beard on cucumbers

Nature is wise, because after a long winter without vitamins it sends such a wonderful product is very useful for health and figure.Spring women often think about how to lose weight.In doing so, they help to quick diets like cucumber.Learn more about what products will complement the main vegetables in the diet.Understand what a cucumber fast diet, and what is its efficiency.

Cucumber diet Ksenia Borodina

Users check for yourself a diet, and so they gain popularity.The method of weight loss with a simple component – cucumber – checking famous Ksenia Borodina.Perhaps this affected diet in popularity.What is the use of a vegetable?Firstly, it contains a lot of water and low calorie.Cucumbers are also rich in iodine and potassium, prevent processing of carbohydrates into fats.

Ksenia Borodina recommends not to forget about fluid intake, even cucumbers and themselves – a watery product.On the day in addition to the three main meals and two additional (if you find it difficult to cope with

hunger), you need to drink 150 ml of water per 5 kg of body weight.The effectiveness of the diet for Ksenia Borodina really high.Many of the women were satisfied with losing weight.However, there are contraindications to the use.Treat them chronic diseases, heart disease and digestive system.After the end of the diet period is important not to go for cakes and eat rationally.

Kefir and cucumber option for weight loss

body responds very well on kefir component of this diet.This shows the rapid disappearance of kilograms.In a first embodiment, the only food – cucumber drink kefir, which is taken three or four times a day for four to five days.The second option is not so hard every day for a week you need to:

  • drink about two liters of kefir;
  • eat a half to two kilograms of cucumbers;
  • dilute the salad menu with the addition of herbs, lemon juice and vegetable oil.

order not to feel weak from malnutrition, can be included in the diet of lean fish and bake it, or cook for a couple.Be sure to fluid replacement in the body: you can drink mineral water, tea without sugar.Always consult your doctor before starting a diet and choice.Important!Such weight loss is contraindicated in:

  • acidity of the stomach;
  • gastritis;
  • ulcer;
  • kidney disease.

Sample menu for 7 days

Day 1:

  • Morning: rye bread (a small piece), two or three cucumber, regardless of their size.
  • For lunch: soup is not fried fresh vegetables (carrot, radish, cucumber).You can eat one apple.
  • At lunch (optional): orange or tangerine.
  • evening: salad with cucumbers, herbs, season with a little vegetable oil.
  • For a couple of hours before bedtime: cucumber.

Day 2:

  • Morning: rye bread or a few loaves, 3 cucumber.
  • For lunch: soup (onions, potatoes, carrots) from a non-fried vegetables.
  • The afternoon tea (can be omitted): banana or pear.A glass of kefir.
  • evening (19:00): salad cucumbers, sorrel, lettuce.You can refuel and olive oil.
  • Before going to bed: a glass of water, fat-free yogurt to choose from, but it is better to skip this meal.

Day 3:

  • morning: two small loaves of bread, 4 cucumber, a cup of green tea.
  • For lunch: soup (carrot, onion, celery, cauliflower, egg), not to roast vegetables.
  • The afternoon tea: two cucumber or apple.Herb tea.
  • evening: a piece of baked lean fish.Cucumber salad.
  • Before going to bed: a glass of water.

Day 4:

  • morning: a glass of cold water.The bread and cucumbers.
  • Lunch: soup (carrots, cabbage, rice, a small piece of chicken).
  • The snack: an apple.A glass of kefir.
  • evening: salad with the addition of greenery or more of whole cucumbers.
  • Before going to bed: a glass of cool water.

Day 5:

  • morning: 3 cucumber or tomato, bread or a piece of rye bread.
  • For lunch: soup (carrots, cabbage, tomato, chopped sorrel).
  • At lunch: orange.
  • evening: salad of tomatoes and cucumbers, add dill and parsley, it is possible for a change to fill yogurt.
  • Before going to bed: a glass of apple juice squeezed before use.

Day 6:

  • morning: 3-4 cucumber with rye bread.
  • For lunch: cold soup (diced cucumbers, yogurt, greens).
  • The snack: tangerine and other fruit, grapefruit can.
  • evening: a piece of steamed fish and cucumber salad, dressed with low-fat sour cream.
  • Bedtime: cold water, green tea.

Day 7:

  • Morning: cucumber and tomato, bread 2-3.
  • For lunch: soup (cook fresh carrot, onion, tomato, rice and a slice of low-fat chicken).
  • The snack: a glass of fresh juice or fruit – pomegranate or orange.
  • evening: salad of cabbage and cucumbers.Tea or juice.
  • Before going to bed: a glass of water.

Recipes Cucumber Salad

first method: 6-7 cucumbers, sour cream or mayonnaise, salt and pepper to taste.Cucumbers cut into rings, season, add the fennel and onions, season with salt, add the necessary spice.Do not be afraid of the presence of mayonnaise or sour cream in the recipe.This will give the number of calories satiety after a meal, but they will not stay long in the body.It is better to make a salad for breakfast or dinner.

Method two: 5 cucumber, 1 medium carrot, small onion, 6 pcs.radish, tomato.Grate carrots, add chopped vegetables and sour cream, yogurt, olive or vegetable oil, a little salt the.This salad can be eaten with rye bread or bread roll.Onions can not add, if you are afraid of bad breath.You can add the cabbage, you get a very tasty too.

feedback on the results of weight loss

Svetlana, 26 years : Tried this diet for 7 days, about a year ago.The menu was very tasty, varied.I want to lose 5 kg in the summer, but one week later only to rid diets of 3 ex.On the recommendations of friends “get down” with a diet carefully, not gained the weight back.

Lisa, 20 years : Cucumber diet for 3 days helped me a few years ago to lose weight.At the beginning of the diet I had 62 kg, after a week on the cucumber salad was 57 kg.It is by my standards was a great result.I was so happy that I missed the moment when I started to eat too much.Total – again I gained 2 kg.

Valya, 35 years : Six months ago, decided to try this fast diet, as already did not know how to lose weight.I do not know what it was.Adhering to all the tips about the menu, I did not shed a single kilogram.Losing weight with a simple cucumber diet is considered unrealistic.

Photos lost weight before and after

Cucumber diet is one of the most popularWays of losing weight in the “people”. Not surprising, because cucumbers have a lot of advantages. On the benefits, precautions, and, of course, about the diet menu on cucumbers, we’ll talk today.


Often wishing to lose weight in words, but not in fact,Complain that any diet is very expensive. After all, despite the fact that there is little need, all products are more expensive than the menu of the average consumer. After all, it is much cheaper to fry potatoes in sunflower oil and with a saline than to spend for the sake of an ephemeral result on artichokes. Cucumbers defend the cheapness of a healthy diet. For one day of an effective cucumber diet, you need only 1kg of cucumbers, 1 apple or pear, a little cereal, 1 egg and a little bit of cottage cheese.

And satiety, and low-calorie

Cucumbers are 95% composed of structured water, respectively caloric content of 1kg is only 150kcal! Due to the large amount of water, the walls of your stomach will stretch and create a feeling of satiety.


Cucumbers are a vitamin bomb. Cucumber juice contains tartronic acid, due to which the conversion of carbohydrates into fats will be slow. Cucumber diet is not in vain used for cleansing the body, their juice is a natural sorbent, besides they consist of fiber, and all this together, with full force, activates our “lazy” intestines. As for vitamins and microelements, in the cucumber there are vitamins of group B, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, silicon, phosphorus, calcium.

Cucumbers are good for the skin, hair and nails. The skin can be wiped with a piece of cucumber, it moisturizes and whitens. Consuming cucumbers you make the nails and hair more sturdy and shiny.

Due to the property of normalizing the acid-base balance, cucumbers are the prevention of cancer. Since an excessively acidic environment is most favorable for the development of cancer cells.


So, a day you eat 1 kg of cucumbers, but thisnot all! In the morning, after waking up, drink 1 glass of clean water, after half an hour we can have breakfast. Breakfast is your main meal for the next 7 days. You can eat porridge or a steep egg, allow yourself a toast with butter and low-fat cheese, or a portion of cottage cheese with a minimal fatty sour cream. You can drink coffee or tea with honey. Your breakfast should be 200 kcal.

Next, we prepare a cucumber salad. Its basis will be our 1 kg of cucumbers, in addition to any vegetables. Let’s not salad! You can pepper, season with lemon juice, 1 tablespoon vegetable oil or low-fat sour cream. This salad is eaten throughout the day in three meals, each time allowed to eat a slice of rye bread.

At dinner, eat something from the fruit, the total calorie content is 100 kcal. Apple or pear, grapes or orange. During the day you can drink the same as usual, but do without sugar.


Cucumber diet, if you have not noticed,refers to low-calorie. Therefore, to sit on it for more than 7 days is contraindicated. In addition, such a global cleaning should be done no more than once a year, preferably in the season of cucumbers.


Cucumber diet can not do without contraindications. You can not abuse cucumbers to those who suffer from peptic ulcer, gastritis, acidity.

In addition, cucumbers are dangerous in the early spring andWinter period, as it is likely that they are full of nitrates. The most saturated nitrate parts are peel and tips. Shoot before the use of peel and cut off on 1-2 cm tips of cucumbers.

Cucumber diet is ideal for those who want to lose weight, and quickly! To everyone who is impatient, or to those who suddenly found out that he does not fit into the already bought wedding dress – a cucumber diet is shown!

After hearing about what is possible with the help of cucumber weight loss, a lot ironic smile. Yes, the fat in them do not, but how much they need to eat to feel not hungry? These vegetables are not taken seriously because of their prevalence and ease of cultivation. Yet, nutritionists advise to pay attention to the cucumber and use it to reduce your weight.

cucumber diet

Despite the fact that cucumber consists almost of water, which is almost 95%, they also contain a lot of vitamins. The most important of them – vitamin C, B and PP. They are involved in the most vital processes of the body. They are also essential for tissue repair, strengthening the immune system and maintaining joint mobility.

Despite the fact that the plant is essentially composed of water, it has the property of deducing excess fluid from the tissues of the body. At the same time, a cucumber can satisfy both thirst and hunger. So in 100 grams only contains 15 calories. He simply created to be used in the diet menu.

Cucumbers promote weight loss, as they are known for their laxative properties. This effect is quite easy and does not cause discomfort. However, the result will be visible. Cucumber capable of excreting toxic and harmful substances, which have accumulated for a long time. Due to this property in the use of cucumber a decrease in the rate of “bad” cholesterol, normalize intestinal function and a complete cleansing.

cucumber diet Subtleties

To lose weight on a cucumber diet, experts advise to pay attention to a few nuances.

  1. The basis of daily diet, of course, must be fresh cucumbers. Allowed to use up to 2 kg of vegetables a day. To diversify the diet, you can include in the menu some brackish cucumbers.
  2. cucumber diet observation should forget the spices and salt. If there are no unpleasant salt vegetables, you can add it to the diet in small portions, no more than one gram per day. Diversify the taste of cucumber juice recommend citrus fruits. This will not only bring a new flavor to the cucumber quality menu, but saturates the body with vitamins.
  3. In order to remain active and vigorous throughout the diet, the diet must be supplemented with vitamins and minerals. Cucumber has a number of essential nutrients, but they are not sufficient for the proper functioning of the body.
  4. Cucumber perfectly quenches thirst, but also it is imperative to drink about two liters of drinking water a day. It can also be green tea with a teaspoon of flower honey, or low fat yogurt. At the use of dairy products with a cucumber must be aware of a strong laxative effect, and therefore the need to use them together carefully.
  5. Because cucumber contains very few calories, experts advise during a diet to give up training and long-term mental stress. However, this does not mean that all week to lie on the couch and absorb the cucumber. During the diet will be beneficial or light workout rides for all muscle groups.

In accordance with all the recommendations we have proved that in the last 7 days you can get rid of 3 kg of weight. This diet is popular among those who want to quickly bring you back to normal, like before going to the sea. Among the stars of music and movies know many fans of this simple diet.

Kefir with the cucumber diet: recipe

diet yogurt and cucumber is one of the most popular express diets. In no time of use, it can get rid of 1.5 to 3 kg of weight loss. It will suit girls who have decided to shed pounds before a major event.

But doctors warn: this diet should not be used often. It only takes one time in 5-6 months to get rid of unwanted pounds.

How does the diet

Like a cucumber and yogurt are foods containing a small amount of calories. They saturate the body, without overloading the digestive system. Kefir has a mild laxative effect and improves the intestinal flora. Cucumber diuretic effect and delivers excess fluid from the body, simultaneously saturating with potassium and sodium.

Adherence to such a diet not only reduces the amount of fat tissue, but helps to clean the intestines. Scientists have proved that according to the lifestyle and nutrition on the intestinal walls can be up to 7 kg of faecal deposits. And imagine that this burden must go.

During dieting the body enters a state of stress. He does not receive the usual amount of calories and, as a result, begins to consume his own reserves. Depending on the initial mass and the desired amount of nutritionists recommend one-pound kilograms, three and five-day kefir-cucumber diet. To apply this method of weight loss is not recommended for more than five days, because then begins absorption and muscle processing.

One-day diet on cucumbers and kefir

Cucumber for weight loss in a duet with yogurt to be useful even in the case of a day diet. It can be considered a day of fasting, during which the need to use only these two products. This will require at least 2 kg of fresh cucumber and 1 liter of zero fat butter milk. In addition, you can use yogurt to fill the cucumber salad. Vegetable can be used in any form as without prior training, and in salad.

Salad of cucumber slices in thin slices and dressed with a vegetable oil, better than olive. The dish can be loaded and a small amount of yogurt.

For a diet is recommended to use young cucumber with a small amount of seeds. Use them best with the skin because it contains a large amount of nutrients and vitamins.

The result of this diet one day may be less 1-1.5 kg. During this day of colon cleansing, the body performs a kind of “reset” and begins to function normally.

Diet for three days

Cucumber for weight loss, in addition to the yogurt will be effective if the “hold out” for three days. During this period during which a person loses weight up to five kilograms.

In the process of compliance with this diet should be excluded from the diet of all products, except yogurts and cucumbers. Complete the diet need for green tea or herbal sugar-free. However, maintaining such a diet very often can be difficult. If you overcome the feeling of hunger is not possible, it is allowed to enter the menu of protein two hard boiled eggs or 100 grams of low-fat cottage cheese.

Five days on cucumbers and yogurt

During this period of time, people not only lose weight 5-7 kg, but it cleans the intestines, normalizes its functions and rids the body of harmful substances. But it is worth considering what food does not provide the body with all the necessary nutrients, so before you start eating cucumber diet with yogurt, you must start taking extra vitamins.

Within five days the diet can include kefir, cucumber cocktails or cold soups. The soup is prepared as follows: grated radish, cucumber, parsley. Pour the mixture two cups of yogurt. For more variety, you can add to the Chinese cabbage soup. Seasoning salt soup and use is not recommended.

The pros and cons of losing weight on yogurt, cucumber and greens

Yogurt, cucumber, herbs for weight loss reviews are quite contradictory. In such a regime has many admirers and opponents. Opponents of this method of weight loss with one voice say that the mono diet harms the body, the person feels lack of energy and vitality. Comments from those who have dieted for yourself dropped kilos so hard very quickly returned. But experts attribute this effect to the bad output of the diet.

Yet he noted many positive comments. Try this method of weight loss noted that improved work of the intestine and the entire digestive system. Thanks to clean the body of harmful substances improve the skin and hair. Also known the diet say they did not feel strong hunger, and therefore easily move it.

Cucumbers and apples

In the summer, when a lot of cucumber and apples, you can try to connect the two cultures and organize a day of fasting. Apples contain a small amount of calories, but the fruit is rich in vitamins and trace elements.

Lose weight on cucumbers and apples will be effective if you stick to this menu:

  • Breakfast: cucumber apple salad with yogurt vinaigrette. Green tea or apple.
  • Second breakfast: fresh cucumber and apple.
  • Lunch: 1-2 fresh cucumbers + large cooked apple.
  • Snack: a big apple.
  • Dinner: salad, as for breakfast, with greenery and seasoned with vegetable oil.

During the day, you must consume a sufficient amount of liquid, whether it is water or green tea.

Lose weight on cucumbers and tomatoes

Everyone knows the classic recipe salad of cucumbers and tomatoes. It turns out that if you take a few ingredients from it, then it can be used to lose weight successfully. In addition, scientists have shown that tomatoes are useful for the cardiovascular system and is a source of potassium.

An approximate ration for a day of unloading tomato cucumber is 4 medium tomatoes and 6 cucumbers.

Lose weight on cucumbers and tomatoes gets positive reviews for the most part. People who have lived this diet for yourself, say that such a diet is not only possible to reduce weight, but also to normalize bowel function. The body has been satiated with vitamins and the weight loss is high at 2 kg per day.

Nutritionists also advise people who are overweight, sweets or snacks to replace flour for tomatoes and cucumbers. This will help you correct figure to the settings of your choice easily.

During the vegetable season you can eat cucumbers for weight loss, tomatoes and herbs. Thus, you can not only get rid of the extra pounds to steal the show on the beach the beauty of its shape, but also to saturate the body with vitamins for the coming winter, clean up toxins. Be healthy and beautiful!

Cucumbers are extremely beneficial for overall health, especially during the summer since they are mostly made of water and important nutrients that are essential for the human body. The flesh of cucumbers is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and folic acid while the hard skin is rich in fiber and a range of minerals including magnesium, molybdenum, and potassium. Additionally, cucumber contains silica, a trace mineral that contributes greatly to strengthening our connective tissues. They are known to heal many skin problems, under eye swelling, and sunburn. Cucumbers also contain ascorbic and caffeic acids which prevent water loss, therefore they are frequently applied topically to burns and dermatitis.

What is Cucumber?

Cucumber is a fruit from the Cucurbitaceae family. Scientifically known as Cucumis sativus, it belongs to the same family as zucchini, watermelon, pumpkin, and other types of summer squash. The plant where cucumber grows is a creeping vine that develops these cylindrical, edible fruits throughout the year.

You will find different varieties of cucumber grown in different regions, and they are usually eaten fresh or pickled. Cucumbers, typically eaten fresh are called slicing cucumbers. Gherkin cucumbers are specially produced to make pickles. These are much smaller in size than the slicing ones. Slicing cucumbers are available throughout the year, but they are at their best between May and July.

About Cucumber

Cucumbers originated in India almost 10,000 years ago, but are now cultivated in many countries. Different varieties of cucumbers are being traded in the international market and you will find them in abundance all year long.

In the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, and Rome, cucumber was very popular, and its uses were not limited to just being food. It was also praised for its beneficial effects on the skin. Louis XIV cherished cucumbers greatly and the process of cultivating them in greenhouses was invented during his time to make sure he was able to have a steady supply of the enjoyable fruit during any season. The American colonists also took this variety of crunchy and healthy squash to the United States.

It is still unknown when cucumbers began to be used for pickling, but researchers have speculated that the gherkin variety of cucumber was developed from a native African plant. Spain was one of the countries during ancient times that started pickling cucumbers since Roman emperors imported them from this Mediterranean country.

Features and Varieties of Cucumbers

You are probably familiar with the phrase “cool as a cucumber”, which speaks directly to the soothing and cooling nature that cucumbers have when eaten. These fruits are grown mainly to be eaten fresh, and in India, you will often find sliced cucumbers being sold on sunny afternoons. They are usually cylindrical in shape and vary in length from about six to nine inches. However, the size of cucumbers varies according to a variety of cultivating factors as well.

The skin of the cucumbers can vary in color from green to white, and sometimes it may be smooth or ridged depending on the variety. Inside the cucumber skin, you will find pale green flesh that is thick yet aqueous and crispy at the same time. The interior core of cucumber has numerous, edible fleshy seeds.

Many cucumber varieties are also grown in greenhouses; they are seedless with thinner skin and a longer length, usually between 12 and 20 inches. Often known as “burpless”, this variety of cucumber is bought by a majority, since it is easier to digest than the other kinds of cucumbers.

Health Benefits of Cucumbers

The health benefits of cucumber are not widely known in many cultures. The taste of fresh cucumber is somewhat bland in comparison to other squashes, but the thirst quenching and the cooling qualities of this squash are truly refreshing. Cucumber benefits range from preventing acidity to keeping skin well-toned.

Skin Care

Cucumber is rich in silica, which is an essential component that aids in developing strong and healthy connective tissues in the muscles, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and bone. Doctors often recommend cucumber juice because of the silica content for a healthier and brighter skin. Cucumber’s high water content makes it naturally hydrating, and it is well known that moisture is the best friend to healthy skin, so why not acquire the hydration naturally. The extract of cucumbers is often used topically for treating various types of skin ailments like sunburn and swelling under the eyes. Ascorbic and caffeic acid are the two vital compounds in cucumbers that prevent water loss from the body. These are some of the reasons why cucumbers are applied topically for various skin problems. You will be quite surprised to know that this squash also promotes healthy hair growth and can treat skin ailments like psoriasis, eczema, and acne.

Prevent Constipation & Kidney Stones

Cucumbers are a perfect blend of both fiber and water. Therefore, they help to protect your body from constipation and kidney stones. Reports say that a majority of Americans prefer to have a cucumber rich salad regularly as it is a great way to increase the fiber intake. Cucumber is also a good source of vitamin C, silica, potassium, and magnesium; which have their own health benefits. These fruits have an extraordinary amount of water (about 96%) that is naturally purified, thus making the water content much higher in quality than ordinary water. Cucumber skin contains high levels of vitamin A, so you will gain more nutrition if you eat the entire thing.

Control Blood Pressure

The studies done at DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) consisted of people consuming foods high in magnesium, potassium, and fiber. The results were clear; their blood pressure lowered to normal levels. The group eating a diet rich in these complexes along with the other foods on the diet like seafood, low-fat dairy items, lean meat, and poultry saw their blood pressure falling by 5.5 points (systolic) over 3.0 points (diastolic). Cucumber, therefore, regulates blood pressure and contributes to the proper structure of connective tissues in our body, including those in the muscles, bones, ligaments, cartilage, and tendons.

Manage Diabetes

Cucumbers have been used for diabetic patients for many years. They possess a hormone required by the beta cells during insulin production. The glycemic index (GI) of cucumbers is actually zero. The presence of carbohydrates and their result on the body is measured by the quantity of glycemic index (GI). Every food item contains essential nutrients in different percentages. The carbohydrates contribute in raising the glucose level, however, the ones present in the cucumber can be easily digested by diabetic patients. Thus, consumption of this cool fruit keeps the glucose level in check. Nowadays, most commercial stores have cucumber supplements as spiny sea cucumber extract powder, which is very effective in combating the effects of diabetes.

Maintain Overall Health

Cucumbers have excellent cleaning properties, and they actively remove accumulated waste and toxins from your body. These fruits are very good for optimizing urinary bladder, kidney, liver and pancreatic functions. Cucumber juice along with carrot juice is extremely effective for rheumatic conditions caused by excessive uric acid in the body. Drinking cucumber juice on a regular basis also helps to cure gout and eczema. If you are having lung or stomach problems, be sure to add it to your diet. It also promotes muscle flexibility, while the magnesium content of cucumbers ensures proper blood circulation and relaxed nerves. Since cucumbers are rich in minerals, they even prevent splitting of the finger and toenails. Cucumbers often act as antioxidants when you consume them with barbecued and fried foods.

Other Benefits

Cucumber has high alkaline levels, thus regulating the body’s blood pH and neutralizing acidity. People with gastric issues should consume cucumbers frequently.

Cucumbers help to normalize body temperature during summer. Cucumber juice is diuretic, so it is able to prevent kidney stones. It can also counter the effects of uric acid, which prevents inflammation from conditions like arthritis, asthma, and gout.

Cucumber FAQs

How to buy Cucumbers?

Cucumbers are very sensitive to heat, so try to select the ones which are displayed in the refrigerated cases in the stores. Look for firm ones and check if the color is bright medium green to dark green. Avoid the yellow, puffy cucumbers that have water-soaked areas or wrinkled tips. You will find fewer seeds in the thinner cucumbers.

How to store Cucumbers?

Storing cucumbers in the refrigerator will help retain their freshness for a longer time. If the entire fruit is not used in one meal, then wrap the remainder tightly in plastic or place it in a closed container so that it does not get dried out. Try to eat cucumbers within one or two days of buying them or else they will become limp, especially if kept for more than a week.

How to cut and eat Cucumbers?

Cucumbers can be cut into various shapes and sizes and can be sliced, diced or cut into sticks. Cucumber seeds are edible and very nutritious, but some people prefer not to eat them. You can cut them lengthwise and use the tip of a spoon to gently scoop the seeds accordingly.

Cucumbers are commonly used in a number of recipes. You can use half-inch thick cucumber slices and serve them with chopped vegetable salads. Cut the cucumbers into a dice shape, mix them with sugar snap peas, mint leaves, and pour rice wine vinaigrette into the mixture.

You can also make an excellent purée with cucumbers, tomatoes, green peppers, and onions. Add salt and pepper for some extra flavor. Cucumbers give a fresh taste to tuna fish or chicken salad preparations. They can be eaten alone in their sliced form or with a sprinkle of salt or pepper. No matter how you eat cucumbers, you are sure to get a whole lot of nutrition from these truly “cool” foods.

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