Diet for slimming your hands and back

System minus 60: diet for weight loss of the abdomen as well as hips and legs.

The greatest effect when losing weight is not just a diet, but a diet in combination with sports or individual exercises. Only in this case the effect exceeds all expectations and the weight goes away, and it leaves from there, from where it is necessary! Such a system of exercises for various diets is called a system of minutes 60, since it allows you to dump the most unthinkable volumes. There is no diet that allows you to lose weight where you want, but there are exercises that contribute to this .

Losing weight in the stomach

Diet for weight loss belly should be low-calorie and include a set of physical exercises.

  1. Lying on its side, it is necessary to put the head on one hand, which is supported on the elbow on the floor, and the second to rest in the side. Keep our legs together and tear off the floor. In this case, we draw the stomach into ourselves. Count to 20 out loud, slowly, then lower your legs. Repeat three approaches on each side with a ten minute break between the approaches. Contraindicated exercise for those who have problems with the musculoskeletal system and blood circulation.
  2. This exercise allows you to lose weight not only in the stomach, but also the hips, pulls the ass. It is necessary to lie on your stomach, raise your arms in front of you, and also tear off your legs from the floor. We begin to swing back and forth, like a boat.
  3. An effective diet for weight loss belly will be even more effective, if you take the rule every day to do exercises. We put one hand on the waist, the same foot is raised parallel to the ground. Do not change the position of the arms and legs, do inclines to the sides.
  4. Daily slopes are fast weight loss of the abdomen and sides. The main thing is to make at least thirty slopes in one direction for one approach and at least three approaches for the exercise.

Losing weight in the hips and legs

This complex of exercises will tell you how to lose weight in the hips.

  1. For this exercise, you will need a special ball for fitness, but you can do without it. We lay down on the floor, lap knives on the ball( you can replace the chair or a low sofa, you can a big soft toy).We raise and lower the pelvis without lifting our shoulders from the floor. Press at the same time keep in suspense.
  2. Diets that are effective for the hips will be well supported by the following exercise. We get on all fours. One leg is raised parallel to the body, we pull the toe on ourselves, do not bend the knee. Slowly raise the leg as high as possible, then slowly lower it down, almost to the floor, but without touching it. We do ten swings with each foot. To lower and raise legs was easier, one rise from the floor to the top lasts 10 accounts.
  3. Effective exercises for losing weight legs – it’s jumping. You can jump on a rope, if it is not in the house, then ordinary jumps on two legs, on one, changing the position of the legs, jumping with an overlap is a great way to lose weight.
  4. Squats will help to remove cellulite on the nogat. A diet for the hips and legs will fix the result. The main thing is to squat not taking your heels off the ground and not leaning forward. And if you squat before the moment when your legs bend at a right angle, then you can puff up the ass.

Lose weight in the hands of

The diet for the legs and abdomen will be good, if the whole body, including the hands, is losing weight.

  1. Push-ups are very useful for the whole body, but they focus on the hands. In this case, muscles of the chest, shoulders and arms swing. Pressing is necessary from the most simple method to the most complex. The main first time is not the quantity of push-ups, but the quality. Let it be five times, but done correctly than twenty, but wrong.
  2. Rotation of hands in the hands, elbows and shoulders strengthens muscles and improves blood flow. This also includes the mill exercise. Putting his hands on the width of his shoulders, one hand is lowered to the floor, the other is pulled to the ceiling, quickly changing the position of the hands.

The main thing in the exercises

Diets always include a certain food. And exercises help burn calories in those places where it is necessary. Diets for slimming legs and abdomen without adequate gymnastics are just a name.

During the exercises you need to get a little tired, but do not do something of the last strength. If the exercise does not require effort, then it is done either a small number of times, or wrong. Only when there is effort – there will be a result.

The first time after exercise, the muscles will ache. The main thing is to continue the exercises. At first it will be difficult, but no one promised that it would be easy. A fast diet for the hips and abdomen excludes fatty foods, but leaves only fruits and vegetables and then in limited quantities. The muscles have nowhere to draw the building material, so they will be sick more. Be prepared for this.

Do not forget about the warm-up before starting the exercises. Absolutely the entire body needs to be stretched and stirred, starting from the neck and ending with the feet and brushes. Not warmed up muscles are very easy to injure, stretch. And this is fraught with bad consequences.

If there is any injury and exercise is done painfully not because of the physical strength, it is better not to do it, otherwise it can be harmful to your body. During illness also physical exercises it is better to postpone .Since during the illness all the efforts of the body are aimed at fighting the virus, not the load. You need to spare the body and leave for a while alone. Also, if a disease is found during a diet, it will be better to get off the diet and eat fully, so that the body could draw energy from.

In any situation you need to look at your state. Only our body can tell us what to do and what not to do. But do not confuse the body’s advice with laziness or unwillingness to work. These are completely different moments. With laziness, it is necessary to fight and not to listen to her advice under any pretext. One day of missed exercises crosses the works of previous days. For this reason, if the day of the exercise is not done, the countdown of the desired effect can be started from the beginning.

The last, most important moment is health. It is one for every person and it must be protected most strongly, so as not to waste it on stupidity. Forget about alcohol, fast food and fatty foods. They are enemies in the fight against extra pounds on your favorite body. At the slightest ailment it is necessary to address to the expert. In general, once or twice you need to go to the gym or fitness room, so that the coach has followed the correctness of the exercises and suggested that it will be most effective. After all, for each person can be drawn up an individual program of both exercise and nutrition.

Problem zones are called so not without purpose, except for external signs of imperfection, they are the last ones that can be corrected. In the article, we will look at how to deal with the problem zone, and also give a set of exercises for slimming your hands, which you can easily perform at home.

Weight loss in a specific area. Myth or reality?

There is an opinion that with the help of special exercises you can lose weight in a particular zone. If you still think so, we hasten to say that this is a real myth. To lose weight in a particular zone, you must get rid of fat everywhere.

The appearance of problem zones is facilitated by malnutrition and a low-activity lifestyle. The hands or any other zone will never be complete compared to the whole body, if you follow the calorie and nutrition balance, and also lead an active lifestyle.

In other words, adherence to the diet will help you to quickly lose weight in the problem area( in the hands), and the exercises will work on its appearanc

e: that the hands are tightened and nothing hanging. Most women have weak muscles of the triceps, as a result, the lower part hangs like a kissel.

Exercises for slimming hands – what they should be

Many girls are afraid of exercises like fire, thinking that they will make their arms muscular. Do not confuse classes for weight loss and classes for muscle mass. Unlike the latter, weight loss exercises are not so radical, rather resemble a more thorough version of charging or school warm-up. Their advantage is that they allow you to work point-by-point, emphasize precisely those problem areas that need correction.

Top 10 exercises for slimming your hands

Let’s give the simplest of exercises that help slimming hands that do not involve the use of special athletic equipment or simulators, the only exception is dumbbells.

Hand exercises without dumbbells

Classic push-ups is the most effective way to overcome excess fat, focused on the forearms and back, and at the same time improve the shape of the hands and chest. The beginning of classes should be sparing – no more than three approaches with 10-15 repetitions. In the beginning it will be difficult for you to push yourself from the floor, so use a sofa or chair, on which your legs are fixed. Hands can be placed both on the width of the shoulders, and already( in this case the load is more shifted to the triceps – the problem zone of most women).

Back push-ups The is the best exercise for tuning the hands, which strengthens the weak muscles of the triceps, making the contours more taut. Sit on the edge of the sofa and put your hands behind you. Put down the buttocks. Do push-ups until the shoulders are parallel to the floor, return to the starting position. Do a few approaches for 10-15 reps.

Makhi hands – are very effective as a warm-up before more solid exercises, and by themselves for the purpose of losing weight. Make a series of swings in the horizontal and vertical planes. This exercise is also accomplished by approaches, within each one, up to 50 vigorous movements are performed.

The push-up bar is a unique exercise that brings several muscle groups into tone at once. Take the horizontal position, pull the body, leaning on the elbows / forearms and foot socks. The position should be such that you can mentally draw a straight line from head to toe. The abdomen is retracted. Slowly rise, leaning on the palm of your hand, immediately return to the emphasis on the palms. Do 15 repetitions.

Hand compression – another exercise for losing weight and improving the shape of the breast is borrowed from yoga. Sitting in a “Turkish” pose( optional), raise your hands so that your elbows are bent at right angles, and your palms are pressed together. With force squeeze your hands for about 20-30 seconds. Relax your hands and repeat the exercise several times, changing their position.

Burpy , perhaps the most effective exercise for weight loss in crossfire. It involves almost all muscle groups, maximally loading the upper body( which is especially important for women with excess weight in the shoulders and arms).This type of training increases metabolism, helping to burn the maximum amount of fat.

The exercise consists of the sequential execution of movements:

  • accept the squat position, palms facing forward;
  • jumping kicking back, take a position, both for push-ups;
  • perform a push-up;
  • return to squat position;
  • as much as possible jump up, returning to the starting position.

Dumbbell exercises with dumbbells

Dumbbell dumbbell from behind the head is an exercise for strengthening the muscles of the triceps. Standing or sitting on a chair, holding both hands with a dumbbell, pull them up. Then, bending your arms in the elbows and starting behind your head, hold them there for 10 seconds, then return to the starting position. Only elbows work.

Raising hands standing – in this exercise, the upper arm is more involved. Standing, take the dumbbells in your hands and lower them along the body, brush slightly inward. Slowly spread your arms to the sides to the level of the shoulders, return to the starting position. Perform the specified number of times.

The extension of the arm in the slope of is another effective exercise for losing weight and strengthening the muscles of the hands. Take the dumbbells in your hand and take the standing position, the body is slightly tilted forward, and the elbows are bent at right angles. On exhalation straighten your arms in the elbows, hold on for a moment, return to the initial position on inhalation. Watch that your hands move smoothly, without jerks and swings. Be sure to pause at the top.

Lifting of dumbbells – the exercise excellently leads to muscle tone of the biceps, tightens the contours without pumping hands( with a large number of repetitions with low weight).Take the dumbbells in your hands and lower them into the outstretched arm position. Elbows try to keep as close to the body as possible. Palms unfold so that they at the bottom point looked at each other. Now start lifting one dumbbell until it reaches the level of the shoulders( the brush should turn outward during the ascent).Slowly lower the dumbbell to the starting position, then lift the dumbbell with the second hand. Do 20 repetitions for each hand.

Hand-stretching exercises

Training always ends with a stretch, which not only helps relieve tension, but also improves contours of the hands, making them smoother and more graceful. Do the following set of exercises:

  • take your hands in the lock behind your back and pull the muscles for 30 seconds;
  • one hand bring forward and pull it to yourself with the second hand;
  • again take your hands in the lock and stretch up;
  • Bend one arm at the elbow and take it by the head, pull it by the elbow with the second hand.

Such exercises aimed at losing weight hands, there are other positive aspects. For example, push-ups are very useful not only to get rid of excess weight, but also to improve the shape of the breast. Pleasant bonus, agree!


  • Diet and proper nutrition
  • Exercises Slimming Hand
  • Swimming slimming hands

If losing weight is usually little attention is paid tohands. The main problem areas of the female body has always been considered hip, waist, abdomen, buttocks. However minimal number of fat cells, and is in our hands, especially in the upper part thereof. Usually, losing weight rapidly, it first goes to the weight of these problem areas – waist, hips, buttocks, abdomen. This is due to the fact that the body, when the accumulation of fat, transports and secures it in the first place, it was there. But in the area of ​​arms, shoulders and forearms fat comes only when there is already a strong set of a large number of excess weight. But trapped excess fat deposits in the hands of a long time, they are not so easy to throw.

For effective weight loss in the handIt would not be enough alone power exercises with dumbbells, but without them, too, can not do. Slimming hands will only happen when the reduced percentage of fat in the body. That is, for effective weight loss, not only in the hands, but also throughout the body, you must follow three rules: diet and proper nutrition, cardio and aerobic exercise, weight load on specific muscle groups. With the exclusion of any single rule, weight loss can significantly slow down the process in all areas of our body, but at the same time respecting all three rules, you can get results quickly and easily.

Diet and proper nutrition

In order to lose weight in the hand, it is necessaryput on a diet the entire body. No other way! Proper nutrition for weight loss of the whole organism is no less important than physical exercise. You can choose any diet at its discretion, the benefit of them now offers many, and each blows its uniqueness and exceptional efficiency. Or, if you are the enemy hard and aggressive diet, just try to adhere to the principles of good nutrition: Eat a healthy diet, the product is treated by boiling or steaming, drink plenty of fluids per day – not less than one and a half liters.

It is necessary to completely eliminate from the diet of sugar andsugary foods, sodas and canned fruit juices. Avoid alcohol in any form, but if you came to the feast, you can afford a small amount of dry wine. Smoking also harms the body impairs the metabolism and blood circulation, speeds up leaving toxins. For the manifestation of the hands of the relief necessary to perform strength exercises aimed at the muscles will grow. To ensure the effective manifestation of the muscles of the relief, is to eat foods rich in protein and protein – lean meats, such as veal or chicken, fish meat and seafood, eggs, low-fat milk and milk products.

It is very useful to be used, and alsovegetables, especially fresh. Cabbage, which is consumed daily by replacing one of its meals, is a very effective fat burner, good cleans the gastro-intestinal tract. But the fruit is to be careful. The clear leader in the use are apples, pineapples and citrus, especially grapefruit, which also reduces the absorption of fat from food and causes decay already deposited fat. Do not eat sweet fruit: grapes, cherries, bananas. Do not forget also about the water, which can effectively clean our body, speed up metabolism, nourish the skin with moisture and leave it supple even after losing weight.

Exercises Slimming Hand

The most effective exercise forslimming hands – a combination of fat-burning exercises and loads of power in his hands. A good set of exercises you will pick up any fitness center, but to engage in physical activity for weight loss in the hands of you and home. For this purpose two types of dumbbells must purchase – the lighter ones (2 kg), and the second – the heavier (2 kg). It is better if heavy weights will vary in weight, i.e. you can add a lot of additional screwing pancakes.

fat Burning

That light dumbbells are aimed at burningfat, weight loss in the hands and intense tightening muscles and skin. For starters, if your hands are not accustomed to loads, it is necessary to take a dumbbell in pound or kilogram. The most effective is to burn fat and reduce the volume of the hands will be aerobics, especially boxing aerobics. Its principle lies in the fact that the simulated motion boxer in the ring, you take on a light dumbbell. In this case all of the exercises are done in a very active accelerated rate under rhythmical music. This allows you to effectively tighten the muscles and skin.

It should also carry out exercises aimedat burning fat. Their main feature is that they must be carried out quickly and vigorously. If you feel tired and can not perform the required amount of exercise, it is better to take the lighter weights, such as 500-gram, or do the exercises at first without any dumbbells.

  • Take a light dumbbell, put your hands up. Lower the arms, bending them at a right angle to the shoulder level. It should be done with a short break of three sets of 30 movements, at the same time to perform them quickly and vigorously. At the end of the exercise you will feel a burning sensation in the area of ​​the biceps, and it will be a signal to the fact that the muscle is tightened.
  • Take a light dumbbell in your armshand at shoulder height. Slightly bend your elbows, as if forming a semi-circle, palms direct parallel to the floor. Lower the lift arms down and back up, not above the shoulder, making a motion like birds flapping wing. Movement should be carried out quickly and vigorously, doing three sets of 30 exercises.

Building muscle

Building muscle is not as effectiveSlimming hands than the burning of fat and tightening. The fact that muscle, increasing in volume and acquiring force helps to burn fat intensively around it. For the first time after the start of exercise, you can note an increase in the volume of hands, however, it is a normal reaction. Subsequently, the muscle begins to burn fat around them, and the volume of hands is reduced, redrawn beautiful muscular relief.

  • The most effective of weight trainingIt is a push. Lie on the floor, resting his feet on tiptoes. If so difficult to perform push-ups, try to kneel. Spread your hands wider than shoulder level. Push-ups three sets of 10 times. Later, you can increase the amount of exercise.
  • Good will also be exercises for the triceps -push-ups with a narrow shifted hands. Press the upper part of the arms to the body, put his hands narrowly. These push-ups more sophisticated in its execution than the previous ones, but they effectively help to build muscle triceps, which is the most problematic for women.
  • Take heavier weights – not less than 1 kgfor starters, you can later increase the weight. Stretch your arms above your head upward. The elbows should be fixed in a stationary position and the arms flex back toward the elbow and down. Exercise repeat 10-12 times for three sets. This helps to strengthen the muscles of the triceps, the manifestation of a significant relief.
  • Nice exercise are also considered mahi -forward and sideways. To do this, take a dumbbell, extend arms straight in front of you and raise them to eye level. For swings to the side need to raise a direct hand in the side of the body as to the level of the eyes or ears. These exercises should be repeated 10-12 times for three sets. After the strides forward and to the side, should do this exercise: starting position – as in mahah in hand, arms raised to eye level. After that they should be lifted up to the stop and lower to the starting position about 10-12 times three approaches.

Swimming slimming hands

Very effective, especiallyweight loss in the hand, is swimming. If you allow the time of year, you can swim in the waters, especially in the sea. Resistance to wave an additional burden that is not in standing water. In cold weather, it is useful to subscribe to the pool.

Many women are good swimmers breaststroke, worthalternate intense breaststroke and more peaceful. Standard length of the pool is usually up to 25 meters, in this case, you should swim pool in one direction slow pace, and the other – fast. If you swim in the Olympic pool, it swims breaststroke at a different pace for half of the basin.

Very good also to swim the crawl, like a man. Here, more intense movements of the hands, which will undoubtedly contribute to their tightening. Effectively also alternate between these two types of swimming – crawl and breaststroke. You can even swim with special blades for hands, in this case, any style swimming give your results in losing weight hands.

What to do – the choice is yours. You can run, practice at home or make an appointment for fitness, in the gym. But no matter what you do, the main thing is to do every exercise correctly.

Exercises for slimming belly

Virtually every woman who has experiencedWith excess weight, knows that removing the stomach is the most difficult. And after all, you want a beautiful, pumped up press and not a gram of fat. The whole matter in the structure of the female body, he accumulates most of the fats, which shamelessly corrupt the figure.

If you took a confident course for burning, it is worthRemember that to reduce weight, you can not do exercises for the abdomen and only. We will have to work on other parts of the body. Therefore, we offer you exercises for slimming belly and sides, which are guaranteed to make you slim.


It trains straight muscles and requires specialPerformance with amplitude. Lie down on the floor and press your back to him. Bend your legs, get your hands behind your head and direct elbows in different directions. Breathe – tear off the head and the shoulder blades from the floor. Exhalation – return to the starting position.

Back torsion

The technique is similar, but this time, tearing off the head from the floor, we also raise the pelvis. Exhalation is the starting position.

Torso elevations

We repeat already studied technique and on inhaling tear off the whole body from the floor. It is important not to do the exercise too precipitously, strive for smoothness.


Prepare a chair, sit on it and lean on the edges. Inhale – pull to the body, exhale – the starting position.

All these exercises must be done several times, depending on your preparation. We recommend starting with fifteen times and three approaches.

Exercises for slimming legs and thighs

Each approach has its own nuances. For example, if you have the most problematic place is the lower part of the torso, besides the exercises you will need a diet for slimming your legs and thighs. But you will choose a diet for yourself, and we will tell you about exercises.

Let’s start with our feet.

Exercise Standing

Stand up straight and put your hands on your waist. Take a step forward with one foot and go down, bending it in the knee. That exercise should be done eight times for each leg in three approaches. Between the approaches you can arrange yourself a 15 second break.

Exercise to tighten the skin of the inner thighs

Take the position, lying on your back and spread out your elongated legs. Try to keep the right posture, legs should not deviate either backward or forward.

We remove fat caviar

Lie on your back and bend your knees. Pull yourself socks. Try not to do it too abruptly, it is better to pull it gently and fix it in the maximum possible position for ten seconds. So several times.

Train your hips

Lay on your back, hands on your buttocks and start to reduce and spread your legs. You need to do this at least ten times, and if you can, do three sets of ten.

Say goodbye to cellulite

Exercise is performed while standing. Legs put a little wider than your shoulders and turn out socks. After that, start crouching, keeping your hands straight. For the best effect, do it slowly and stay a little below.

Of course, this is far from all the exercises that youCan actively use. But you can always start with them and move on, gradually achieving perfection. The main thing to remember is that nobody will do it for you. You can always find half an hour for your health and beauty, and the results will not take long. A little persistence and your appearance will make you look more often in the mirror and get pleasure from it.

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