Dairy products with pancreatitis and gastritis

Gastritis and pancreatitis – diseases of the mucosastomach and pancreas. These problems are most often found in people over the age of 30. A special diet for gastritis and pancreatitis helps to avoid complications of the disease.

Helpful Tips

There are several general tips for nutrition:

  1. Eat small mealsnot less than 5 times a day. So, in addition to basic meals, make small snacks. Thanks to this, you will not feel hungry and do not hurt your health.
  2. Eat slowly, chewing food carefully. Since saliva contains enzymes that break down carbohydrates, food will be absorbed much better.
  3. Do not eat on the go and dry.
  4. In your diet should not be present hot and spicy dishes, as well as products that provoke the process of fermentation in the stomach.
  5. Be sure to drink enough water, at least 1.5 liters.
  6. The last meal should be done no later than 2 hours before bedtime.

Diet for chronic pancreatitis and gastritis acts as sparing on the mucous as possible, which helps reduce the risk of ulceration or erosion.

It is very important to follow the rules of cooking:

  1. In no case can they be fried, since such food is very harmful to the stomach and pancreas.
  2. It is best to steam, boil or stew.
  3. During the exacerbation of the disease, it is recommended to eat foods in powdered form.
  4. It is recommended to cook meat on 2 broths.

Permitted foods in a diet with gastritis, cholecystitis and pancreatitis

During such diseases it is very important to monitor your diet. It is best to compile a list of allowed products:

  1. Flour products – bread should be made from flour of the first or highest grade, and also it is possible to dry a biscuit, not baked pastry and a biscuit biscuit.
  2. First meal: soup puree from vegetables, dairy and low-fat first dishes.
  3. Cereals: Semolina, chopped and boiled buckwheat, rice and oatmeal.
  4. Meat and fish products: rabbit, beef, veal, chicken and fish.
  5. Dairy: Low-fat whole milk, kefir, cottage cheese and other products with low fat content.
  6. Eggs: omelette for steaming and soft-boiled eggs, but not more than 2 pieces.
  7. Vegetables: Potatoes, beets, young zucchini, cauliflower and not sour tomatoes.
  8. Fruits and berries: Not sour in the garbled form, but also boiled, baked.
  9. Sweets: sugar, a little honey, jam, pastille, jelly, marshmallows.
  10. Fats: Vegetable, olive, cream and ghee.
  11. Beverages: Kissel, weak tea and cocoa with milk, non-acidic juices, decoctions.

Diet with exacerbation of gastritis and pancreatitisIs considered the most stringent option. In the early days it is recommended to use only water and tea. The next step is to introduce mucous soups, mashed and sufficiently liquid porridges, eggs, cooked soft-boiled and kissels.

Menu diet for pancreatitis and gastritis

You can design your own individual menu, taking into account your wishes, for example.


  • A portion of oatmeal cooked on the water;
  • 100 g of boiled beef;
  • slice of bread;
  • water or juice.


  • pudding from cottage cheese – 100 g;
  • one baked apple;
  • slice of bread;
  • tea with milk.


  • A serving of vegetable soup;
  • slice of bread;
  • Steam cutlet from meat or fish;
  • pumpkin porridge;
  • 15 g of low-fat cottage cheese;
  • tea or jelly.


  • 120 grams of meatballs;
  • 140 g of carrot puree;
  • 100 g of puree from apples;
  • A glass of low-fat yogurt.


  • 140 g of meatloaf;
  • 140 g of potato puree;
  • slice of bread;
  • 100 g of pudding from cottage cheese;
  • a glass of decoction of rose hips.


pancreatitis and gastritis – a gastrointestinal diseaseThe intestinal tract, which arise after a wrong lifestyle, malnutrition and propensity to addictions. Many of these problems are known not by hearsay, so to neutralize the situation and eliminate acute pain, you must first restrict your diet and forget about the most dangerous products that can provoke the disease.

Features of food

Experienced moms and grandmothers always strive to introduce hot porridges and liquid dishes into the baby’s diet, excluding harmful, fatty, fried foods. With age, especially for food, no one watches, and food converges to sandwiches and instant food. It is in such situations that the risk of getting acute pancreatitis and gastritis increases at times. Diseases can occur in two forms – the initial and chronic stages.

Having diagnosed these two diseases with an experienced doctor, you should immediately abandon the main pathogens, namely spices, alcohol, acids and other irritating ingredients.

Even if you do not have the opportunity to undergo a full diagnosis and treatment, and problems and pains are present, you need to immediately adjust your diet, include new recipes and cooking methods. First of all, you must give up all fried, fatty, spicy and salty. Gastritis and pancreatitis also makes itself felt to fans of the “dry-skinned”.With such problems with the gastrointestinal tract, you must definitely eat more liquid food – soups and broths. Also allowed are liquid cereals, vegetable sauté, pasta, cutlets, meat and fish – steamed. Eat slowly and often, in small portions.

List of products

The diet for pancreatitis and gastritis should consist of a strict list of products that are allowed without causing increased gastric acidity and painful symptoms. Completely eliminate from your diet you need carbonated drinks, alcohol, pickles, canned goods, chocolate, sausages, sour juices, mayonnaise, mustard and confectionery.

A huge number of foodstuffs need to be properly thermally processed and cook only dishes that are allowed by the diet:

  • Flour products. Only bread of the highest grade is allowed, dry biscuits, biscuits, buns;
  • First courses. You can prepare soups without broth, with vegetables, vermicelli, with a small amount of lean meat. It is rare to fill soups with egg yolk, butter or sour cream with low acidity. Borscht, okroshki, rassolnikov categorically forbidden;
  • Groats. In the menu you can enter rice, oatmeal, semolina and buckwheat porridge. Pearl barley, corn porridge is inadmissible, as well as beans( soy, peas, beans);
  • Meat. It is allowed to eat beef, chicken, rabbit and fish in boiled or baked form. Pork, smoked foods and various canned foods are strictly prohibited;
  • Dairy products. It is allowed only whole milk, non-acid curd, sour cream, yogurt;
  • Eggs. You can eat steamed omelets or soft-boiled eggs. The allowed amount is 2 eggs a day;
  • Vegetables. It is allowed to cook steamed or boil potatoes, beets, non-acid tomatoes, cabbage, pumpkin and zucchini;
  • Fruits. You can eat raw, mash, wipe, cook jelly and compotes. Dry fruits and unripe fruit are forbidden;
  • Sweet dishes. A good alternative will be honey, sugar, jam, dairy and fruit jelly, as well as cream;
  • Fats. It is allowed to use and cook dishes on vegetable, melted and butter;
  • Beverages. Do not drink alcohol and fizzy drinks. It is necessary to limit coffee, tea and juices. Broths, berry juices, loose tea with cream are allowed.

Similarities and differences in diets with pancreatitis and gastritis of different acidity

If the diseases of the gastrointestinal tract recede and the pains steadily decrease, then it is possible to introduce quite carefully into the diet other dishes and foods. The main thing is that they also be reasonable and relevant. Products with acids that can cause fermentation in the body are best excluded completely.

Diets in pancreatitis and gastritis may vary slightly. Everything depends on the degree of the disease and the complexity of the process of recovery of the body. Quite often doctors themselves prescribe a special diet, each individually, given the gender, age, complexion and occupation of the patient. In such cases, the diet is calculated by the caloric content and properties of the products.

In case of exacerbation of two diseases at once, it is recommended to abstain for several days from eating, using only mineral water without gas. With a strong hunger, you can use liquid porridge, mashed potatoes, compotes and berry jelly.

If the condition has normalized and painful sensations have disappeared, then do not categorically change your diet, again starting to eat the food forbidden before. It is best to adhere to a less strict diet and exclude further all harmful products.

Useful video about pancreatitis


Often such diseases as gastritis and pancreatitis come to us right along. They appear due to irregular and poor nutrition, stress, bad habits. It all irritates the mucous membranes of the stomach and pancreas. When one body begins to surrender, the second follows it, so the person gets two diseases immediately.

Treatment and prevention of these diseases is proper diet and carefully chosen menu every day and for the week ahead. Today we’ll show you how to eat with pancreatitis and gastritis and also how will be the menu for this diet for a week.

Features of pancreatitis and gastritis

In our body all the organs working in sync and interlinked. This is especially evident on the example of the digestive system. Our pancreas is located just behind the stomach and problems with it have a negative impact on the gastric mucosa, causing inflammation. Further, disturbed acid-alkaline balance, and have problems with digestion in the form of pancreatitis and gastritis.

Characteristic features of these diseases are spasmodic pain. When pancreatitis pain are observed, as in case of cholecystitis. The first step on the path to treatment is following a special diet in these diseases.

Why you need to follow a diet for gastritis and pancreatitis?

After gastritis inflammation of the stomach lining can cause stomach ulcers. Therefore it is very important when it pancreatitis diet and to exclude from the menu the following:

  • very hot and very cold dishes;
  • salty and spicy foods;
  • fermentation products;
  • acidic meals.

When preparing your menu for the week or for a day at the diseases need to form it on the basis of those products do not stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, including those can be spirits as well as tea and coffee. Products should be well absorbed and not create additional stress for the walls of your stomach.

And with pancreatitis and gastritis need to use only ones that spares your stomach from the chemical point of view. Also note that there is a gastritis with high and low acidity in which the diet will be slightly different. With pancreatitis need to follow a diet with a high content of protein products and a minimum of sweets and fats.

What can products with pancreatitis and gastritis, and which cannot?

In these diseases on the digestive flora is positively influenced by such products:

  • fruit and berry drinks;
  • soups and broths without fat;
  • vegetables;
  • boiled vegetables except cabbage;
  • lean boiled fish;
  • beef for a couple (prohibited with acute gastritis and pancreatitis);
  • boiled chicken;
  • dairy products, which envelop the stomach wall and prevents irritation.

If to speak about a prohibited products in these diseases, here is a small list of them when dieting:

  • alcohol;
  • pickled, sour and salty foods;
  • grilled and smoked;
  • spicy with lots of spices;
  • candy, coffee, chocolate, ice cream;
  • oily fish;
  • acidic fruits and berries, juices;
  • black bread and fresh pastries.

If you for pancreatitis and gastritis eliminate these meals from your menu, the normal functions of the pancreas and stomach will recover much sooner.

Recommendations on diet in diseases

In the acute exacerbation of pancreatitis and gastritis the diet should be portioned, and the food — uniform. Eat small meals 6 times a day, while adhering to the same periods in between meals. Chew it slowly and well.

If you follow a diet during the week and over a longer period, «break» and afford something forbidden can be very easy, especially if you are on the mend. But can not do so, otherwise you will slow the healing process of the mucous of the stomach and pancreas.

When you diet during gastritis and pancreatitis it is important to observe these simple rules:

  • do not overeat, so as not to stretch the walls of the stomach and prevent ulcers, inflammation, congestion or heartburn;
  • eat often and regularly.

Acute exacerbations need to eat 6 times a day, and a week – at least 4 times. Compose your menu in such a way that the intervals between meals 3-4 hours.

Sample menu for a week

Gastritis and sometimes when connected pancreatitis menu for the week might look something like this.


  • eat two boiled eggs, rice porridge on water and weak tea for Breakfast;
  • drink the jelly or whole milk for lunch;
  • lunch soup of vegetables, a casserole of potatoes, fish soufflé and stewed fruit;
  • in the afternoon of pumpkin juice and wheat crackers;
  • for dinner mashed potatoes with boiled fish and broth hips;
  • at night eat a loaf of bread, wash down with milk.


  • steam scrambled eggs or pancakes, tea for Breakfast;
  • for lunch, milk and baked Apple;
  • for lunch boiled chicken, barley and milk soup and jelly made from fruits;
  • afternoon tea includes nesdobnoe a loaf of bread, dry biscuits and jelly;
  • dinner rice porridge, fish and milk pudding;
  • tea before bedtime.


  • in the morning, scrambled eggs, buckwheat with milk, tea with milk;
  • second Breakfast – milk and baked Apple;
  • for lunch fish broth, boiled beef with potatoes and jelly with fruit;
  • in the afternoon cakes with broth hips;
  • for dinner, croquettes of fish, buckwheat on the water and jelly;
  • before going to bed yogurt.


  • Breakfast includes oatmeal, soft-boiled egg, tea with cream;
  • the second consists of a jelly;
  • for lunch soup with cream, pudding, steam cutlets of chicken and compote;
  • in the afternoon biscuit and a decoction of currant;
  • dinner boiled fish with pasta and infusion of rose hips;
  • yogurt before bed.


  • Breakfast includes scrambled eggs steam, porridge and tea;
  • lunch is pudding and baked Apple;
  • for lunch boiled beef with mashed potato, pumpkin soup and tea;
  • the afternoon tea jelly with biscuits;
  • for dinner fish souffle with carrot puree and jelly;
  • bun with milk at night.


  • in the morning, eat a soft-boiled egg with rice porridge, biscuits and tea;
  • on the second Breakfast – jelly;
  • lunch milk soup, chops chicken with carrot puree and fruit juice;
  • for dinner pasta with boiled fish and jelly;
  • yogurt before bed.


  • for Breakfast – scrambled eggs with oatmeal, tea;
  • on the second cake with jam and jelly;
  • for lunch – soup, fruit, pasta with boiled beef and tea;
  • dinner meatloaf with rice and milk;
  • at night yogurt.

Time dieting

The above menu is a sample, more specifically it should be based on the recommendations of the doctor. Also the doctor will guide you how many days or weeks for gastritis and pancreatitis need to follow a diet. As a rule, the duration of the right diet depends on how quickly will stop all the symptoms and signs of disease.

If you have persistent problems with impaired digestive tract, it is best on a regular basis to observe the rules of proper nutrition. Otherwise, you can purchase pancreatitis in an acute form.

It is preferable to eat according to the schedule, do not skip techniques. The daily dose should be within such limits:

  • protein – 120 grams;
  • fats – 90 g;
  • carbohydrates – 350 g;
  • calories – 3 thousand calories.

If you want to be healthy and not have problems with GIT, choose the right products and cook them in a gentle way, bake or boil. Avoid drinking alcohol even in small doses. Then, gastritis and pancreatitis are not afraid of you.


first in the treatment of pancreatitis is a diet for pancreatitis.Food Menu in chronic and acute pancreatitis is somewhat different, but the same general guidelines.

Sample Diet for pancreatitis

  • Flour and bread in the diet for pancreatitis.Wheat bread, cooked flour-based first and second grades, yesterday or the dried, in the form of crackers;dry savory biscuits.Diet for pancreatitis in chronic excludes fresh, rye bread, butter and products from puff pastry;
  • Soups nutritional pancreatitis.Vegetarian with carrots, potatoes and other vegetables, in addition to the cabbage with noodles, cereals (oats, semolina, rice, etc.);the diet in chronic pancreatitis per serving is added 5 g of butter or sour cream 10 g.Excludes: soups, based on fish, meat broth, broth vegetables and mushrooms, soup, milk soups, soup or cold soups (beetroot soup, hash);
  • Poultry and meat in the diet in chronic pancreatitis.Lean veal, beef, chicken, rabbit, turkey.Diet in chronic pancreatitis suggests that the meat is released from tendons, fascia, fat bird – from the skin.The steam or boiled, minced and pureed (quenelles, cutlets, souffle, mashed potatoes, beef stroganoff, etc.).Rabbit, lean chicken, veal – one piece, boiled.Excluded stewed and fried, fatty varieties, goose, duck, sausage, smoked and canned;
  • Fish in the diet for pancreatitis.Low-fat boiled, chopped and a piece;aspic as a result of boiling.Excluded fatty fish varieties, smoked, fried, salted fish and canned;
  • dairy products in the diet for pancreatitis.It is advisable to reduced-fat: sour fresh cheese, the fat content of which is 9%.And in low-fat natural state, baked and steamed puddings;Whole dairy products – in the case of portability;based drinks sour hammer;sour cream dishes, mild and low-fat cheese.Excluded dairy products high fat content;
  • eggs in the diet for pancreatitis.Diet in chronic pancreatitis suggests that allowed the protein omelets on the basis of two eggs, yolks – in a limited number (approximately 1/2 day) in food;in the case of tolerance – one egg is cooked soft-boiled.Excluded hard-boiled and fried eggs;
  • diet in chronic pancreatitis also includes cereals: semi-viscous and semi-liquid porridge of buckwheat, oats, semolina, rice, which are welded on the water and equally with milk;pudding with cheese, cereals souffles, puddings;in the case of tolerance – crumbly porridge;boiled pasta products.Excluded legumes;
  • vegetables in your diet for pancreatitis.Cooked carrots, potatoes, beets, cauliflower, pumpkin, squash;green peas – in the case of portability.During the diet in chronic pancreatitis excluded eggplant, cabbage, turnips, radishes, onions, radishes, sorrel, garlic, peppers, spinach, mushrooms.

Diet for pancreatitis №5

  • Nutrition in chronic pancreatitis is required to be fractional and frequent, at least five times a day, so that bile does not stagnate in the gallbladder;
  • must be observed drinking diet for pancreatitis, you need to drink every day at least 2-3 liters of water;
  • important not to have a lot to comply with a rule, starting from which the total weight of food consumed should not exceed 3.5 kg per day;
  • Food should be primarily protein and carbohydrates and fats should be excluded from the diet when feeding in pancreatitis;
  • Because food is necessary to exclude pickled, roasted, salted and smoked products.The food in the diet in chronic pancreatitis is accepted only boiled;
  • reduce consumption of cholesterol-rich foods;
  • Reduce intake nourishing soups for pancreatitis based on fish and meat broths (soups only lean on the water);
  • Increase the number of consumable products that contain fiber in the diet for pancreatitis;
  • daily eat some pears (they carry therapeutic effect on the gallbladder);
  • Excellent tool for patients with pancreatitis – chicory, or rather the broth based on its flowers;
  • Drink before bedtime cup of yogurt for the treatment of pancreatitis using the power.

Doctors prescribe a diet for pancreatitis №5, whose main goal is to restore the functional activity of the intestines and liver, stimulating the activity of the gall bladder, but also the accumulation of glycogen in the body.This diet belongs to nutritious food, which contains the best fats, proteins and carbohydrates.In this case the products are excluded which comprise a large number of purines, essential oils, oxalic acid, cholesterol and fat oxidation products, and increase the consumption of fiber-rich foods.Eating small portions take 5 times a day.It thus should not be too cold or hot, also prohibited fry dish is prepared with pancreatitis.

Power pancreatitis patients

not allowed in the diet at a pancreatitis have anything fried, because such a meal in itself carries two dangers for the pancreas.The first is the excess fat in fried foods, the second – carcinogens that are formed due to the overheating of the oil.These carcinogens are literally poison, and during feeding in pancreatitis very exacerbate the disease.First, enjoy all the fruits and vegetables in the diet for pancreatitis in shabby condition, peel the fruit as forbidden crude fiber.Cook and stewed vegetables.

excluded in the treatment of pancreatitis using a non-acidic food, ripe, soft fruits and berries, as well as raw pureed;baked apples, stewed pureed dried and fresh fruit, mousse, jelly on xylitol, or a sugar-sweet.In addition, the nutrition in pancreatitis is also not excluded pureed raw fruits and berries, figs, grapes, bananas and figs.

From patient diet when diet for pancreatitis should be to completely eliminate the mutton and pork fat, and the rest of the content should not exceed sixty grams per day.It is recommended to limit consumption of carbohydrate – candy, sugar, honey.But dietary meats (lean beef, rabbit, turkey, chicken without skin) is encouraged when feeding in pancreatitis.From porridge is better to give preference semolina, buckwheat, pearl-barley.Allowed to use carrots, beets, cauliflower, zucchini, but the beans, cabbage, various pickles and marinades will have to be avoided.

the treatment of pancreatitis with diet soups are simply irreplaceable in the secondary meat broth.As for the bread, it is better to give preference to wheat mind and yesterday.You can also afford to crackers, but the fresh rye bread is strictly forbidden.

Diet for pancreatitis week

When sits on a diet for pancreatitis?

normal diet for pancreatitis №5 begins with the fourth – fifth day and includes fractional and frequent (at least five times a day) diet.In doing so, the power portion of the diet should be small and in a strictly allotted time.Regarding the time intervals between meals, they should not exceed five hours.Meals for pancreatitis (à la carte) the best steamed or boiled.Absolutely all kinds of oils (vegetable, dairy) were added only in the form of a cold finished dish as fats previously subjected to heat treatment, it is extremely harmful to the functioning of the pancreas.

How long diet for pancreatitis?

For the duration of the diet for pancreatitis №5 should normally be not less than eight months.Ideally, when the disease in the chronic pancreatitis need to bring some life interest for themselves: to give preference to boiled or steamed food, as much as possible to avoid the consumption of food in large quantities of fatty foods, sweets and alcohol.Of course, the joy of this small, but kind of lifestyle and nutrition is recommended for health.

Mineral water pancreatitis

content of mineral waters for the treatment of pancreatitis with diet rather complicated.As before, you can not create artificial conditions in mineral water with characteristics similar to the natural.The mineralization is characteristic of mineral water, which reflects the composition of the gas main.For those suffering from pancreatitis and chronic form of people power shown in the medium- and Low-mineralized water.By mineralized waters include mineral water with the amount of active ingredients, is 2-5 grams per liter.Srednemineralizovannaya waters are those for water treatment of pancreatitis, which contain the active components in an amount of 5-17 grams per liter.

Classification of mineral water in the diet for pancreatitis

for practicing a diet for pancreatitis use the following classification of mineral waters:

  • table mineral water in the diet at a pancreatitis – have the lowest level of mineralization (about a gram per liter).The active components are present in small amounts.You can consume without indications of the doctor as a usual drink without any restrictions;
  • medical table – index of mineralization is about 10 grams per liter.They include active components, which is enough for treatment.We need to consume mineral water in the diet on the advice of a doctor for pancreatitis, as in long-term consumption may appear upset the balance of salts that will lead to an aggravation of chronic diseases;
  • medicinal mineral water in your diet for pancreatitis – have the highest level of mineralization is about 15 grams per liter.Assign only in accordance with the individual readings.They include a large number of active components.Sale should be conducted only in pharmacies.

Mineral water with pancreatitis in the chronic form of the disease should be the case of medium and low mineralization and contain sulfur, hydrogen, sulfate ion, calcium and zinc.So satisfy the requirements of water Borjomi, Essentuki №20 and №4, Luzhanska.

Fruits pancreatitis

should especially refrain from consumption of food when feeding in pancreatitis such fruits and vegetables, like avocados and apples of different varieties of cabbage and lots of cucumbers and green peppers, and legumes.Most fruits in your diet for pancreatitis are useful in the fresh state, but a huge amount of acids may be contained in them, as well as fiber, etc.Those.we need to cut in the fruit peel and core (by the way, most of the fruit is also a great number of enzymes – kiwi, bananas, papaya, pineapple).

Power pancreatitis (menu) implies a fruit, but it is desirable to use in baked state or steamed.A good dessert is baked apples with cinnamon – this dish is suitable for those who are ill to chronic pancreatitis.After the final pass exacerbation of pancreatitis, it is necessary to begin a diet consisting of low-fat foods, fruits (not red) and vegetables.You must buy green apples with pancreatitis (can not have more than one apple a day and the first to use it only stew), stew zucchini, cook the potatoes when you feel well enough, use herbs, which is added in small amounts to the very end of the cooking process.

Diet for pancreatitis and gastritis

Such diseases as gastritis and pancreatitis are very similar to each other and are often combined disease.The reason for these different diseases.Gastritis – an inflammation of the gastric mucosa, and pancreatitis – a pancreatic lesion.Treatment should be not only medical, but also dietary therapy should be present.Compulsory compliance with all rules of diet will help eliminate the disease.Diet for gastritis and pancreatitis should be used to improve both diseases.It is necessary to clarify what kind of gastritis you then assigned dietary treatments.

What to eat with gastritis and pancreatitis?

In the first few days of gastritis and pancreatitis should be completely abandon the meal, make brief hunger strike.You can only drink mineral and preferably warm water without gas.

In the following days can be added to the diet of liquid food as porridge and mashed potatoes, but in small quantities.From drinks in the diet can be jelly and stewed fruit.Then the menu should expand, but also take into account the patient’s condition.

products that affect the increase in acidity in gastritis and pancreatitis: alcohol, soda, strong tea and coffee, rich broth with meat, fish, mushrooms, smoked and canned foods, salty foods, and black bread.All of these products are prohibited in the diet for people who suffer from gastritis with high acidity.

menu for gastritis and pancreatitis

During the diet for gastritis and pancreatitis should limit their intake of oils and fats in the dietary treatment of gastritis and pancreatitis.The daily dose of oil consumption – it is 30g.Fats and oils for gastritis have no effect on the gastric juice, but they have properties – is poor uptake of cleavage in the stomach, rather than proteins and carbohydrates – which can lead to blockage of the stomach.

Power pancreatitis (à la carte), prohibits for diet products such as fatty meats, rich broth, mushrooms in any form.Drinks like – coffee and cocoa.Chocolate, beans, pickles, sausages, pickles, bread, pastry, too, are prohibited during the diet.Also, all meals must be eaten in the form of heat, allowed dishes temperature of 15-60 c., Not above or below.

If you erosive gastritis and pancreatitis, it is necessary to exclude from the diet products such as spicy, fried, onions, radishes, radish, canned goods.Foods containing large amounts of carbohydrates and, of course, a drink like coffee, too, should be eliminated from the diet, dietary treatment.


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