Conspiracy for those who want to lose weight

Among women who believe in magic, greatpopular use effective plots for weight loss. The main principle of such a tool is the impact on the energy of a person who will fight with extra pounds. It is very important to pronounce the conspiracy to lose weight in the right emotional state, thoughts should be only positive, and it is also important to believe in a good result. Conspiracies can help reduce appetite and speed up the metabolism.

Several rules of effective conspiracy to lose weight

  1. The words of the conspiracy must be only positive, without any aggression.
  2. To speak the conspiracy is necessary during the period of the decline of the moon.
  3. All conspiracies have their own specific rhythm and vibration, which affects the energy of man.
  4. Pronounce the plot in a whisper and calmly.
  5. It is best to conduct the ritual on an empty stomach.
  6. Try to completely exclude aggression and envy from the life of the conspiracy. It is not recommended to tell someone that you are going to lose weight in this way.

Examples of effective conspiracies

  1. In order to reduce appetite, take not a faceted glass, pour water into it and say 3 times: “Water girl, sea queen! You baptize people and wash. Take away from me your great strength the great hunger, so that he does not torment me, pull out of me a passion for food, so as not to think and do not want to. As a wise man does not eat, does not drink, and lives in prayers, so you, the virgin maiden, strengthen me to abstinence from the dishes. May it be so!”. After this, you need to gradually drink water.
  2. At sunset, light the red candle and say the following words: “In the black and blue sea, hunger is on constipation. Do not let the hunger go out, the slave (s) of God (her) (name) of the mare do not know. Hungry – insomnia, uymis, on all sides of the world dissolve. My eyes are asleep, do not tug your soul. As the nights are, so I do not know grief. As the nights can melt, the eyes can sleep, the body does not break the hunger. The word is said, the knot is bandaged. In the name of the Father, and of the son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Amen. Amen”. After that, put out the candle, but do not blow it,And put it under the pillow. Wash your hands, put on red linen, read “Our Father” and go to bed. This ritual must be performed daily until the new moon.

The Magic of Voodoo

Enormous power and energy has a plotVoodoo on weight loss. This kind of strong magic was very popular in the ancient world. It is best to use the plot on Monday or Friday. It is believed that the use of water greatly enhances the effect of the conspiracy. Scientifically proven that it has power. To this method worked, it is necessary to know the cause of the appearance of excess weight. It can be overeating, health problems and the like. Conspiracy Voodoo helps you not only lose weight, but also get rid of the cause of excess weight. Write magic words on paper and read them when you feel hungry. To conduct a ritual, you need to go to the river in the evening

And draw water downstream. After that, you need to speak the water, saying the following words:

I go (Name) the evening, to the river I will come quickly,I’ll get the water from the river and talk to her: “The first water is big, and after it the water is small, the last water expires, so let the fat melt on my body.” This water came into my vessel, and from the body of white the fullness departed. And how this water will go away on the river, just the same fat from me, slaves (Name), will come down.

After these words, the water is poured back into the river and pronounced the following:

It’s true that this pitcher does not go home by himself, so it’s true that fat will come down from my bodies. And which word is forgotten – live, and which word is smoothed – die. Key, lock, tongue. Amen. Amen Amen.

In this article we give you the the recipe for 2 amazing drinks that will help you to speed up metabolism and lose weight. The results are more than great!

Recipe 1:


  • 1 tsp ginger root, grated
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 lime
  • 12 mint leaves
  • 33 oz/ 1 liter water


Peel and shred the cucumber. Shred the lemon, lime and ginger as well. Put all the ingredients in a glass bottle. Keep the drink in your fridge overnight. Drink 3 glasses of it daily — in the morning and half an hour before your meals.

This healthy combination will help you lose weight and melt belly fat without any starving. It will also strengthen your immune system and give you a nice feeling of freshness.

Enjoy the drink and the changes it brings. Always go for a natural fat burning process. Try it and share your results!

Extra Weight Loss Recipe:

Ginger stimulates digestion and fat burning. It also boosts metabolism by 20% and flushes out toxins from the body. Ginger is an indispensable assistant in every healthy diet regimen.

It protects and rejuvenates skin. Wash your face with some ginger tea once a week and enjoy a fresh and youthful skin complexion.

Ginger tea will help you melt excess pounds

Slice the ginger root and pour in some hot water. Keep the tea in a thermos and drink it throughout the day. For optimal results, drink it half an hour before your meals. It is super easy to make and quite effective!

This recipe is great for those who want to lose excess weight within a short period of time.


It’s no secret: British men are fat and they are getting fatter. 

At the moment, 66 per cent of British men are either overweight or obese, and by 2030 it’s predicted that this will hit 74 per cent. 

You have to go halfway across Europe to find a country with fatter blokes – in fact, only Malta, Iceland, Greece and Cyprus are bigger than us – and we’re narrowing the gap on them too. 

We all know the medical impact of carrying extra weight – cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, infertility – but an unspoken cost is the day-to-day misery and shattering of confidence that being overweight can bring.

I know this because not so long ago, I was part of those statistics.

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Andrew Shanahan weighed 17st after ‘too many sandwiches, crisps and lager’. But by making simple changes to his diet and levels of activity, he shed 4st. He said: ‘What shocked me when I was looking to lose weight is that there is practically no help for men’

The gut selfie that triggered his weight loss (left) and his stomach after the weight loss (right). He blamed his 16st 5lb frame on ‘too many sandwiches, crisps and lager’. Scar in right image from appendix removal

I weighed nearly 17 stone and my BMI pointed well into the obese range at 34.

I had the sort of gut that makes Christmas an endless round of telling people that of course I’d play Santa at the local school or Cub group. 

I was fat, sick, stressed and miserable. 

One day I took a selfie of my prodigious stomach to send to a mate as a joke. 

It wasn’t a selfie, it was a guttie. Looking at that picture was the breaking point for me. 

I was determined not to live my life feeling that way. I made simple changes to my diet and fitness that anyone could do and shed the weight. 

I’ve put my experiences into a new book MAN v FAT The Weight Loss Manual.

These days I’m wearing 32′ trousers, my BMI is healthy and the gutties don’t look quite so bad.

There is a national scandal when it comes to men and weight loss. 

What shocked me when I was looking to lose weight is that there is practically no help for men. 

A visit to my GP when I was trying to shift the fat got me a referral to a dietitian.

She seemed to know precious little other than how to give out photocopied sheets featuring the NHS Eatwell Plate – which advises you what proportion of different foods to eat, such as fat, carbs and protein. 

There was no talk of resources, exercise programmes or men-only weight loss groups. 

Mr Shanahan said his weight loss prompted him to put together a book which would ‘give men all of the information they need to lose weight, without any of the nonsense that’s usually attached to it’

Then and now: ‘Men are dying of weight-related health issues, the people in charge know that there is an issue and yet still no resources are being created to help them,’ said Mr Shananhan

Sadly, this is the exact situation for a lot of men around the country right now. 

Men who are desperate to lose weight and do anything to get healthier are being met with a series of brick walls and pointless diversions.

Part of the reason is that there’s still a misguided belief that men aren’t actually that interested in dieting! 

There is a national scandal when it comes to men and weight loss. When I was looking to lose weight I was shocked to find there is practically no help for men

If that’s the case, someone should tell the 44 per cent of men who tried to diet in 2013, and compare it to the 25 per cent who dieted in 2003 and try and guess which way this trend is going. 

It doesn’t take a genius to see that weight loss is becoming a major issue for men. 

Yet despite this, the help offered to men about losing weight is practically non-existent – we just get fobbed off with the fitness industry’s ‘get a six pack in six weeks’ nonsense.

Under The 2010 Equality Act, local authorities have a duty to provide weight management groups that work for men as well as women. 

These are the groups paid for by all taxpayers and it’s where your GP will usually send you (if you’re lucky and if you ask for the right help), but provision for men-friendly groups is woeful. 

Of the existing weight management groups (aside from the handful of men-only groups) male participation sits at around 10 per cent.

This is despite the fact that there are far more men who are overweight and obese than women (66 per cent of men compared to 58 per cent of women).

In response to this, last year Public Health England teamed up with the Men’s Health Forum to publish How To Make Weight-Loss Services Work For Men.

‘I wanted to put together a book which would give men all of the information they need to lose weight, without any of the nonsense that’s usually attached to it.’ said Mr Shanahan

This is a guide which aimed to help weight management teams create programmes that would be suitable for men. 

Despite this useful intervention and the eminently sensible advice it contained the number of programmes created for men has not risen at all. 

Men are dying of weight-related health issues, the people in charge know that there is an issue and yet still no resources are being created to help them.

The diet industry is failing men too. 

The commercial weight loss programmes constantly report that they have far fewer men than women. 

One reason is simply that women make up the majority of attendees in these groups and this often leads to men not feeling comfortable. 

Marketdata Enterprises, which tracks the weight loss category, states that roughly 90 per cent of commercial groups are female. 

I want other men who feel trapped by their weight to get the support they deserve – the support that is not being provided anywhere else

The more you look the more you see that even the word ‘Diet’ has been feminised – you only have to look at how Diet Coke is advertised with a hunky male model to realise that ‘diets’ are not aimed at men.

So where do men go to get support for their weight loss?

After my experiences I created MAN v FAT to provide support and encouragement to men who want to lose weight.

I hated the idea that men out there were struggling on their own without anyone to champion what they were doing. 

I launched a crowdfunding campaign which raised 102 per cent of its target and drew support from Jamie Oliver and the National Obesity Forum. 

This launched and a digital magazine and the support that these received led to the book, MAN v FAT The Weight Loss Manual, which has just been published.

The book is desperately needed. 

There is still nothing out there for men who want to lose weight and as a result there are a lot of gaps in the dieting knowledge for many men. 

I wanted to put together a book which would give men all of the information they need to lose weight, without any of the nonsense that’s usually attached to it. 

There are now over 27,000 men who use MAN v FAT for support and information and we have a growing army of Amazing Losers – the name we give to the guys who have successfully beaten fat. 

‘Men who are desperate to lose weight and do anything to get healthier are being met with a series of brick walls and pointless diversions,’ says Mr Shananan

I’m relieved that I’m one of them, but more than anything I want other men who feel trapped by their weight to get the support they deserve – the support that is not being provided anywhere else.

This year we’re launching MAN v FAT Clubs – weight management groups which are purpose-built for men. 

If you’re at all concerned about your health, or just wanting to get more of a picture of your own weight situation and you want to know more about the Clubs then get our free Health Report.

It takes less than three minutes to complete and gives men an in-depth picture into how their health and weight compares to other men the same age, along with suggestions of what you can do.

It’s shocking that men aren’t supported more in their weight loss.

In large part it’s based on an outdated sexist premise which is costing male lives in our country. 

We need to drop the idiotic pretense that men don’t diet and get out onto the streets to start supporting the ones who are doing so on their own. 

We also need to let others know that help is there – in the battle of MAN v FAT we cannot afford to let fat win.

A TIME magazine story, “Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin,” overturns popular thinking about exercise, namely that it helps people lose weight. For many dieters who clock grueling hours at the gym, exercise may be pretty useless when it comes to losing weight, according to recent studies. Here’s why.

Exercise makes us hungry. The weight loss formula remains the same. In order for scale numbers to descend, we must burn more calories than we consume (a pound of fat equates to 3,500 calories). The problem: The harder we work to burn calories, the hungrier we become. This easily negates the purpose of a workout for people who want to lose weight, says TIME.

Ravenous compensation. In a PLoS ONE study cited by TIME, 464 overweight women who did not exercise regularly were separated randomly into four groups. Three of the groups were asked to work with a trainer for 6 months – for 72, 136, and 194 minutes weekly. Members of the fourth group were asked to maintain their regular routines. All groups were asked not to change their dietary habits. While everyone lost weight, surprisingly, the women who worked with trainers didn’t lose much more weight than those who didn’t. Some of those women even gained weight.

Researchers theorize the women who exercised ended up eating more than they did before participating in the study. Blame it on increased hunger or the nagging urge to reward ourselves after a tough workout, but either way, the sad fact is that most of us end up washing our exercise efforts fairly easily.

Weight and willpower. Can’t you just will yourself to eat healthier snacks and meals? Unfortunately, a few people can, but many cannot… and guess what? It’s not anyone’s fault. TIME cites a Psychological Bulletin report that likens willpower to a muscle, one that weakens the more it’s used. Forcing yourself to work out only eats away at your self-regulatory impulses. In one eerie example, Steven Gortmaker, head of Harvard’s Prevention Research Center on Nutrition and Physical Activity, jokes that while it may sound like a conspiracy theory, playgrounds at fast food restaurants might operate with the intention to make kids hungrier.

Bottom line: It’s easier to watch what you eat than to try to burn it off at the gym. But before you quit your gym membership or stow away your running sneakers, remember that regular physical activity has physical and mood-lifting benefits. And losing  excess weight is still important. You won’t just look and feel healthier but you’ll also be helping to protect your body from disease.

Read the full story at “Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin”

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