Clothing with sauna effect for sports

In the modern world women who dream to quickly and effortlessly get rid of unwanted weight, increasingly buy special pants for weight loss. The product can not only help in reducing volume, but also make the skin smooth. It is promised that «normal pants» in General will improve the physical condition of the body. Special slimming clothing buy not only women but also men.

Varieties and the principle of the pants for weight loss

The increased temperature that occurs around the body, effectively fights with excess weight. Such an increase of heat can be achieved by natural (bath, hot summers) or by artificial means. To artificially create a greenhouse effect possible – by using clothes for weight loss. The principle of operation of such clothing is that adhering tightly to the skin, breeches slimming help soft micro fabric. Sauna effect helps the removal of harmful substances together with sweat secretions.

Neoprene models with sauna effect

Special material for pants with a slimming effect – neoprene. Its structure in the form of a grid makes it easier for oxygen to penetrate the skin. The material adhering to the body, massaging the problem areas of the body and enhances the effect of wearing trousers. In appearance neoprene models resemble rubber pants. Lingerie for slimming sauna leg fits tight and slightly restricts movement. In this useful article of clothing perfectly breaks even inveterate fat deposits, eliminating toxins and excess lipids.

With compression effect

People who are professionally engaged in sport, often used compression garments in order to avoid the development of varicose disease. When choosing this garment, please note: the fibers of the product needs to be twisted in a special way. Pressure should decrease in the direction from the bottom up, gradually. Anti-cellulite compression slimming pants combines several effects:

  • stimulate weight loss;
  • support muscle;
  • tone the skin;
  • reduce the risk of injury;
  • bring the liquid;
  • stimulate lymphatic drainage, metabolism.

With micro-massage

Slimming pants thanks to the micro massage can enhance the effect of exercises. The result of training is achieved due to the special production technology that creates under the cloth of the trousers microfauna. When moving the product, strongly presses down on the muscles. There is a state similar to being in a sauna due to the ability of the fibers of the threads to distribute the load. In addition some models have an inner uneven surface, which increases the massaging effect.

Infrared pants with the radiation source

Yet another excellent option that can help in the fight against the hated kilograms – infrared pants. Inside of these products are sources of radiation that contribute to the warming up of the body, increase metabolism and improve blood circulation. Such heat is more effective action of the sauna several times. Experts advise to obtain the effect to apply infrared pants a course of 15 procedures.

How to choose and wear the pants men and women

Sports shorts, pants and other garments for weight loss today I offer to buy by many manufacturers. To enjoy the beautiful figure, you need to choose comfortable underwear with maximum corrective effect. From the variety of sizes, manufacturers and models, the buyer must choose those that will suit him in all respects:

  • Size. The best option is to buy pants a size smaller than its present.
  • Material. As a rule, the slimming pants are produced from nylon or lycra, also includes elastane, polyamide, neoprene and cotton.
  • Height. To determine corrective underwear, you need to know with what clothes you will wear. Under the dress, choose a set of clothes with high waist, skirt/pants, a product with low-slung.
  • Seams. Easier to hide under clothing underwear, in which few joints. Modern technology now produce slimming shorts without seams.
  • Price. Pants, slimming shorts low cost, as a rule, cannot be of good quality.

An overview of the known trousers manufacturers

There are many companies that are engaged in the production of pants, shorts, and pants with a sauna effect. Manufacturers offer to use their products both in life and in training. Slimming pants can be worn for a walk or work beneath ordinary clothes or to study. Easy to do housework and play sports. The most popular manufacturers of trousers for slimming is:

  • Hot shapers;
  • Artemis;
  • Gezanne;
  • Volcano (Vulkan);
  • Lytess.

Volcano (vulkan)

The volcano is famous in Taiwan firm that produces pants with a thermal effect for quick weight loss. In its composition the pants turbo slimming contain multilayered materials: termosel, neoprene, nylon, spandex, cotton. Among the products include women’s and men’s trousers. Corrective action clothes the Volcano is based on the sauna effect, performed in parallel, the micro-massage the skin, creating an obstacle to the appearance of stretch marks.

Artemis (artemis)

Slimming pants Artemis are manufactured using high quality raw material: 10% nylon, 90 – neoprene. To avoid health complications, doctors are advised to wear thermal pants Artemis not more than three hours a day. The new model of trousers from the company Artemis called delux includes natural cotton. This feature gives the pants extra comfort when wearing.

Shapers hot (hot shapers)

Pants slimming Hot Shapers, due to active advertising, became the most popular clothing purchased specifically for the relief of excess weight. Buying these pants, you will lose weight, without any special effort. Wash Hot, Shapers after each use. Pants this company are made of special material Neotex, has a number of advantages:

  • Pants from neoteks absorb odor and moisture.
  • Eliminates toxins.
  • Wearing pants with no seams that contributes to the excellent fit to the body. This enhances the sauna effect.

Contraindications to the use of

Properties of trousers for «lazy weight loss» not applicable to all. The main contraindications to the use – it:

  • gynecological diseases;
  • kidney disease;
  • pregnancy;
  • dermatological pathology and problems;
  • varicose veins;
  • disorders of the heart.

Feedback on the results of the application of

Irina, 32 years: After birth you gain extra 10 pounds. Watching the ads on the Internet, ordered a Hot, shapers. Comfortable pants, I wear them 3 hours a day, no longer suggest that you may develop varicose veins. For the month significantly decreased volumes in the waist and hips, the pounds until they leave. But I hope that pants will help me cope with the weight in the near future.

Constantine, 36 years: a Month ago I bought myself a pair of shorts with a sauna effect. Do freelance work, can wear at home shapewear for 5 hours. Specially not engaged in sports. Without dieting and effort lost already 6 pounds in a month. Did not expect that simple clothing will help me in the fight against excess weight, but the result pleased me.

Antonina, 27 years: Especially for the day of the wedding decided to lose weight. Day responsible, wanted to look at the proper level. Decide to buy special underwear for slimming. Classes in the gym time simply wasn’t. Wore special pants every day for 4 hours for 3 weeks – took 3 cm in the waist and 6 pounds. Happy with the result.

The desire of the fair sex to achieve the harmony of his figure knows no bounds. However, not everyone has free time to go to the gym, and diets and proper nutrition give only a temporary result, so you have to look for additional and inexpensive methods of losing weight. In this case, you can help special clothes – pants for weight loss with thermal effect. These products, created by experts in the field of beauty and health, will allow you to get rid of excess weight, even during everyday activities or leisure.

The effect of slimming pants

How do pants work for weight loss and what is their secret? If there is a desire to be fit and slender, then one must lead a certain way of life, make efforts on oneself. Some either do not want to commit them, or do not have free time for it. This attitude is used by manufacturers of all kinds of products, which offer effortlessly to part with fat. A vivid example of this is thermoshocks for weight loss. They are armed with trademarks, whose activities are

clothes for slimming men and women, its development and creation.

The basic principle of slimming trousers is the effect of the sauna. The material for such products is neoprene. It has an elastic base, possesses pulling properties, can take any form. When neoprene is heated from body temperature, sweating begins, resulting in the effect of a sauna for weight loss. The metabolism in the tissues is accelerated, harmful toxins with excess fluid are excreted. The result of such a process positively affects the figure – the skin really aligns and becomes elastic.

What to buy pants with thermal effect

Companies that produce pants with the effect of sauna, the market abound. All of them suggest using their goods in different spheres of life. Pants can be worn under everyday clothes for a walk, study, work or perform ordinary household tasks in them. To enhance the effect of such trousers it is desirable to put on training in the gym. The most popular manufacturers of neoprene trousers are Artemis, Vulkan, Lytess, Gezanne, Hot shapers. Products of these firms should be considered in more detail.

Artemis with sauna effect

The trousers of this company are manufactured using high quality raw materials. On 90% they consist of neoprene, the rest – nylon. The cost of such thermal clothing is about 650 – 1300 rubles. From different implementers. To avoid discomfort and complications of health, doctors recommend wearing thermo-stamps from “Artemis” no more than three hours a day. Neglect such a lesson is not worth it in the future not to face such a disease as varicose veins.

Artemis deluxe

The new separate line of trousers from the firm “Artemis” is called delux. Their inner layer is natural cotton, which differs from many analogues. This deluxe feature gives trousers extra comfort in wearing. In the pants-sauna contains: 95% neoprene, 2% cotton, 3% nylon. Anti-cellulite pants of this line are sold at a price in the range of 2300 – 2600 rubles. See below for a table of sizes for the entire line of trousers “Artemis”.

Small 59-71 69-92
Medium 67-76 89-95 72-81
ExtraLarge 93-100 77-86 93-104
ExtraExtraLarge 82-91 101-110


This is a Taiwanese company that produces women’s / men’s slacks for rapid weight loss with thermal effect. In their composition thermoshocks contain multi-layer materials: neoprene, thermosel, nylon, cotton, lycra. Among these products are men’s and women’s pants. When buying, be guided by such parameters of the products: S size corresponds to 40-42, M – 44-46, L – 46-48, XL – 48-50, XXL – 50-52.Clothing for weight loss company “Vulkan” is sold at a price of 950 to 2000 rubles.

Anti-cellulite Lytess

Corrective breeches from the French company “Lytess” contribute to the rapid disappearance of cellulite. Anti-cellulite shorts are made of nanotextile – a special material with a micro massage effect. Such tissues consist of microcapsules of cometics that help actively burn fat and reduce body volumes. Approximate price for anti-cellulite pants Lytess is from 3300 to 3600 rubles. When buying these products, be guided by the dimensional mesh:

Small 38-40
Large 42-44
ExrtraLarge 50-52

Hot Shapers

Another company that produces breeches for weight loss -“Hot Shapers”.Having bought the thermobrushes of this company, you will stop wondering how to lose weight without making any special efforts. The cost of these products ranges from 850 to 1500 rubles. The trousers of the company “Hot Shapers” are made of the material “Neotex”, which has a number of advantages that will help you lose weight at home:

  1. “Smart” material removes toxins, thanks to the ability to increase sweating at points of contact four times.
  2. The trousers have no seams, which contributes to an ideal fit to the body, enhancing the effect of the sauna.
  3. Pants absorb moisture and sweat odor.


This is a French company that creates different garments and other beauty products. Pants and breeches “Gezanne” are made of material in three layers of air-neoprene, which has a mesh structure. The outer layer is lycra, the middle layer is air-neopren, and the inner layer adjacent to the skin is cotton( not less than 80%), which does not cause irritation and makes micromassage. Approximate cost of products: 1000 – 3600 rub. This range of trousers with sauna effect has an extended size range( XXS – XXXL), which you can find in the table below:

Size Waist size Thigh size
XXS 64-65 87-94
XS 67-69 , , , ,
, -135

Video about clothes for losing weight

For those who want to know how to lose weight without much effort, get rid of cellulite and get a slender figure, the specialAlista created special clothing( trousers, breeches), and other aids. After watching the video below, you will learn about the benefits of these products for weight loss and in which cases they should be used to achieve the maximum result.

Breeches Hot Shapers

Draining and impregnation effect

Feedback on results after application of

Marina, 28 years old

I bought an artemis pantyhose for weight loss with thermal effect and was very pleased. I use them during jogging and sports, sometimes during cleaning. My skin became smooth, supple, and I was able to fit in my old jeans. Before the sock of the trousers, I took a photo in the style of “before and after,” and after three months noticed a significant difference. Previously, I used different creams – nothing helped. I wear such pants sauna for more than two months for three hours a day. The only minus of trousers is that they must be washed by hand. I use them intensively, so the process of washing is frequent.

Людмила, 36 years old

I purchased tightening breeches with the effect of the sauna “Hot Shapers”.For three months of wearing a thermobrush for two hours during walks, I was not able to lose weight, but cellulite became less noticeable, and my stomach tightened. A friend said to achieve results, you need to actively engage in sports in combination with a socks trousers, and I’m indifferent to him. On diets I also do not like to sit. Apparently, I will have to sort out myself, sign up for strength training and fitness, in order to achieve victory over yourself and overweight.

Starting in 2007, Kutting Weight revolutionized the fitness world with the introduction of the first Neoprene-based sauna suit.  Here to discuss its creation is the company’s founder, collegiate national champion wrestler in the 174-pound division, Dustin Zahursky.

How did you become acquainted with using sauna suits?

I’ve been wrestling competitively since grade school, so weigh-ins became a regular part of my life.  Cutting water weight is the standard way competitors drop to the levels they need to, but I always hated using those ‘trash-bag’ suits.  Mobility was terrible because they ripped all the time.  Nobody wants to keep rebuying the same item over and over again.  

So what was the inception for Kutting Weight?

Yes, after moving on from my competitive wrestling days, I turned my energies towards personal training and coaching.  And while I no longer had need to focus on water-weight loss, I loved the feeling of exercising in the heat, so I returned to trash-bag suits, only to be disappointed by them again and again.  You simply cannot do full cross-fit workouts in the PVC suits.  Plus, there was a lot of research indicating that the PVC plastic they use is not safe for you, so I always wished there was something better out there.   I began designing prototypes and business plans.

And that led you to discover neoprene?

I found that the fabric was very comfortable and durable, allowing full range of motion.  I loved how I could use the new neoprene suit for any activity imaginable and never feel hindered.  Everyone who tried them on felt it was just as comfortable as regular clothing.  And most importantly, the fabric traps in your body heat with far greater effectiveness than the trash-bag suits.  The endorphin rush runner’s high was extraordinary, and it lasted well after the workout was over.  So I knew I was on to something.  I had to get this suit out there.

Was Kutting Weight initially tied to the fitness boot camps you ran?

In the beginning, I offered free five-week classes to anyone who purchased the original suit.  And the feedback I got from this was amazing.  People were gaining speed and strength in their workout activities at accelerated rates.  My students kept saying they only wanted to work out when in our gear.  Adding the heat element proved a game-changer in the intensity of our workouts before, during, and after.

Were you relying on word of mouth?

Yes, and by 2009 we had hundreds of dramatic weight-loss testimonials – some as astounding as 40 to 100 pounds lost in six to twelve months.   These results gave me the confidence to increase the Sauna Suit line to incorporate various other types of shirts, pants, and beyond.  In fact, we’ve just moved into a brand-new facility and introduced our third line of Sauna Suit Clothing.

And it wasn’t just water-weight loss?

No, it was overall fat loss as well!  That’s what the most exciting revelation from the boot camps was.  And it wasn’t the workouts that were producing these results, but the heat-training effects from our gear giving people that extra edge.

Is that backed up by any science?

The American Council of Exercise – ACE Certified – has done extensive studies and research into working out with and without our Neoprene SweatTeck Sauna Suits in identical fitness regimens.  They’ve concluded that those who use our Sauna Suits experienced higher reductions of body fat and overall weight, greater fat oxidation, lowered blood glucose levels, higher resting metabolic rates, and significant benefits in cardio vascular health due to improvement in V02 Max levels.  Plus, there were no adverse effects, either.

So the Sauna Suit doesn’t only target weight loss, it affects athletic performance, as well?

The other major conclusion of all these studies was that training in our Sauna Suits significantly aids in heat acclimation and endurance performance.  By forcing your body to handle various environmental stressors, you push yourself to adapt and grow stronger.  That is why the results for those performing the cross-training in our gear was so exceptional.  Whether you are trying to lose weight or gain a competitive edge, Kutting Weight will work for you.

So what’s next for the company?

We want to take on an educational role in the fitness world, showing everyone the results that come from adding heat training to one’s workouts.  So many already enjoy yoga, Pilates, spinning, and other fitness classes in heated rooms, but we want people to realize that they can receive the benefits of heat training in any activity, anywhere they go, using our revolutionary sportswear.  Whether you are an amateur or a professional, the time to look great, feel great, and maximize your performance potential is now – and we can’t wait to help you get there!

What is the Kutting Weight sauna suit clothing line?

Our sauna suit clothing was born out of a passion for wrestling and a desire to make the required weight class. With the use of our neoprene sauna suit clothing, you no longer have to use uncomfortable plastic sauna suits to lose water weight. Our gear is durable, flexible, and allows more of your skin to breathe. The clothing keeps your core heated up so you can effectively lose water weight and burn more calories. Regardless of whether you’re using the suit for weight loss in a competitive sport or for your own health and fitness goals, the Kutting Weight product line can help you achieve your ideal physique. Our sauna suit clothing is the most advanced product for enhancing weight loss in the fitness industry.

What type of workouts can Kutting Weight clothing be used for?

Any type of workout or physical activity that you would wear regular fitness clothing in can also be done in Kutting Weight sauna apparel! Our elite sauna clothing line has been designed to be worn during all types of activities including Running, Yoga, Group Fitness Classes, Bike Riding, Hiking, Lifting Weights, Wrestling, Boxing, Jiu-jitsu, Snowboarding, and many more! You name it and you can do it in the Kutting Weight sauna gear! We have customers who love wearing Kutting Weight clothing while gardening or doing house work!

Do I need to purchase all the items in order to reach my goals?

No. You can mix and match any of the items listed.  They are all made of the same neoprene fabric. Each item of sauna apparel does an amazing job at heating your body up in the same way. 

Do you have to be in shape or an elite athlete?

No. People of all fitness levels can use the sauna suit clothing. No matter what your physical fitness level is, make sure to monitor your heart rate by checking your pulse throughout the workout. It can be dangerous if you feel dizzy or lightheaded. Just make sure to listen to your body and slow down if any negative symptoms occur.

Is it unhealthy?

Not at all! Modern studies have revealed that the use of sauna suits is effective and safe! If your goal is to lose water weight, lower your body fat, increase muscle mass, and boost stamina and endurance, then look to Kutting Weight.

Just be sure to practice responsibility and moderation. Like anything else used in excess, it can be dangerous. For a safe water weight loss, we recommend 1% to 5% of your body weight. Just be sure to replenish your fluids throughout and slow down if need be. 

How does the clothing help me lose weight? Is it only going to be short term water weight?

With the accelerated sweat rate caused by the Kutting Weight sauna suit, you will lose water weight, which is more temporary. It will be regained when you drink fluids, which is beneficial for competitive reasons. At the same time, the clothing promotes a long-term and more permanent weight loss. How is all this possible?

The Kutting Weight sauna suit safely increases your core body temperature. In response, your body will begin to work harder, using more calories, to regulate and control your internal temperature. A higher metabolic rate and greater work demand placed on the body is an excellent and proven way to safely and effectively shed body fat.


What is neoprene? Is there stretch in the material?

Neoprene is a synthetic material that is best known for its application in making wet suits used by surfers and divers to stay warm. Neoprene is highly sought after for its thermal properties, as it helps to trap the body heat of the wearer, which in turn increases core body temperature. This heat-generating property makes neoprene the ideal material to use for creating a sauna suit, as we have done at Kutting Weight. In addition, neoprene is highly flexible and durable, meaning it will stretch and move with the body through any type of workout and will not rip or tear like conventional plastic sauna suits.

How much water weight can you lose?

A good rule of thumb for most athletes is to lose no more than 5% of their total body weight through dehydration. Athletes at an elite level often lose more than this, but it should not be attempted without a knowledgeable coach and medical supervision. 

How quickly can I expect to lose weight?

As with any fitness tool, there is no guaranteed universal time frame for losing an exact amount of weight. The key to accelerating weight loss is consistency. This means that the more often you wear the Kutting Weight clothing during exercise, the greater the benefit.

Be sure to use it during every workout. Ideally, you will be using it AT LEAST 3 to 4 times per week. Make the sauna suit a part of a clean diet, good hydration, and plenty of rest. This will provide fantastic results that you will be very happy with.

Long term, permanent fat loss will come with focus and persistence. A safe and realistic rate of weight loss is 1 to 2 pounds per week.

When you lose water weight, it just comes back when you drink water, right?

Most water weight loss does come back after you drink liquids and eat; however, the Kutting Weight sauna suit also promotes long-term weight loss. You burn more calories and fat when you use the sauna suit because your core temperature rises.

People who lose water weight for competition do so for the official weigh in. These athletes then put the weight back on, giving them an advantage on competition day.

When you lose water weight, aren’t you tired?

Yes, the more water weight you lose, the more dehydrated you are. It is important to remember to replenish your fluids. 

How do I know what size I should get?

The sizing for Kutting Weight clothing runs slightly differently than the sizing of your everyday wear. Therefore, you may not wear the same size in the Kutting Weight clothing as you do with your street clothes.

Our sizes are based primarily on height and weight. Kutting Weight offers helpful sizing charts, which you can see here. Please consult the sizing chart before making a purchase. If you do not fit into an exact sizing category on the charts, it is best to lean more toward your weight and chest measurement to ensure the clothing will not fit too tight.

See our sizing charts here:

How do I care for/wash the Kutting Weight clothing?

Here is the best way to wash and care for the Kutting Weight clothing:

  • Hand wash the clothing
  • Use a gentle detergent (like Woolite)
  • Let the suit hang dry after each use

This can also be done in the shower after a workout for convenience:

  • Spray the suit with water
  • Let it hang dry overnight
  • Wear as normal the following day

If you want to machine wash the suit:

  • Using regular or gentle laundry detergent
  • Set the cycle on “gentle” or “delicate”
  • Avoid spin cycles
  • Let the suit air dry

Sauna Suit vs. Sauna Shirt and Pants

There is no functional difference between the sauna suit, sauna shirt, or sauna pants. Deciding which to purchase is a matter of personal preference.

The sauna suit is a one-piece article of clothing with less coverage over the arms and legs. It can be worn under your regular workout attire, allowing it to be less conspicuous.

The sauna shirt and sauna pants are two separate pieces that are long-sleeve and have more coverage over the arms and legs. The shirt and pants are worn as is; wearing clothing over them is not necessary.

In terms of function and purpose, they are equally effective. With that said, the shirt and pants combo allows you the liberty of mixing and matching sizes, in accordance to your body type.

How should the clothing fit?

The clothing should not fit too tightly, nor too loosely. It should fit comfortably, allowing you full range of motion during any given workout.

If your clothing becomes increasingly loose over time as you lose weight, this is not a problem. Even when quite loose, the neoprene is still highly effective and will continue to promote weight loss.

The sizing for Kutting Weight clothing runs slightly differently than the sizing of your everyday wear. Therefore, you may not wear the same size in the Kutting Weight clothing as you do with your street clothes.

Our sizes are based primarily on height and weight. Kutting Weight offers helpful sizing charts, which you can see here. Please consult the sizing chart before making a purchase. If you do not fit into an exact sizing category on the charts, it is best to lean more toward your weight and chest measurement to ensure the clothing will not fit too tight.

If you are not happy with the fit of your clothing, you are welcome to return or exchange it within 30 days of receiving it. In order to return or exchange, the clothing must not have been exercised in, the tags must still be attached, and it needs to be in the same condition as it was received.  

Can I order over the phone or do I need to do it on the website?

Though ordering online is the most secure method, you can also call during regular operating hours to place an order over the phone. When ordering online, you will be able to see the total cost, including shipping charges, before you finalize payment. Any credit card or payment details provided are protected by our online security software,

What is the difference between ordering on the Kutting Weight website or on Amazon/eBay?

Amazon, eBay and will have different deals from time to time, but all promo codes can only be used on our website.

Be sure that the item you are purchasing is SOLD BY KUTTING WEIGHT. There are many impostors out there selling counterfeit items. If it’s sold by us, we will stand behind it!

When processing a return/exchange, always go through the website where you purchased the item(s).

How do I tag photos with social media?

We have set up photo tagging for Facebook and Instagram.  Become a part of the Kutting Weight community!

Please post and tag a photo of yourself wearing your Kutting Weight gear, or before/after photos of your progress! Our hashtags are:


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Kutting Weight is 100% confident that you’re going to love your new gear!  

Here’s the deal: Try it out for 30 days, and if you aren’t completely satisfied with your Kutting Weight sauna suit apparel, then we’ll happily refund your money.

To request a return or exchange for purchases made directly through, follow the instructions below:


*Free shipping and prepaid return shipping labels do NOT apply to international orders*

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Kutting Weight 

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*Proof of purchase must be obtained from product purchased by you. No requests from groups, clubs or organizations will be honored. We will not honor incomplete submissions. Not responsible for lost, late or undelivered submissions. While most refunds/exchanges are processed much quicker, please allow 2 to 3 weeks for your refund/exchange to be processed. This is limited to one redemption per household or name (no organizations).


We value all of our customers and we strive to make each transaction a great experience. If there is a problem with any part of our process, please contact us before leaving negative feedback so that we can understand your concern and rectify the issue. We strive to achieve excellence and loyalty with our customers. 


*Persons who are allergic to latex may also be allergic to neoprene clothes, shoes, and other things that contain natural/synthetic rubber. (For example: elastic bands, rubber gloves, condoms, pacifiers, and balloons)

*Clothing is not recommend for use if you think you may be pregnant or during pregnancy.

*Slow down or stop if you feel light headed or dizzy.  Listen to your body and always be sure to drink plenty of water.

*It is always important to consult your physician before starting an exercise program. This is particularly true if any of the following apply to your current medical condition:

– chest pain or pain in the neck and/or arm

– shortness of breath

– a diagnosed heart condition

– joint and/or bone problems

– currently taking cardiac and/or blood pressure medications

– have not previously been physically active

– dizziness

If none of these apply to you, start gradually and sensibly.  However, if you feel any of the physical symptoms listed above when you start your exercise program, contact your physician right away.

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