Cleansing the body for weight loss folk remedies

General recommendations on cleansing the body

for successful cleanse the body with the help of folk remedies need to know what the basis for the purification of the human body is based on three main principles.

Cleansing the body of folk remedies – principles

  • eliminate the causes of pollution;
  • “mitigation”;
  • use strong thinning and kamnedrobyaschih funds.

stage of cleansing the body of folk remedies – Cause

To eliminate the causes that contribute to thickening colloid body do so:

  • limit or even exclude from food, contributing to the formation of xerogels: meat, fish, dairyproducts (which are rich in casein – animal glue), starchy foods, especially highly refined, mill ground and dehydrated (bread baking, starch, biscuits);
  • try to consume more fresh vegetable food, which feeds its charge micelles and less cooked, heat-treated, which, on the contrary, takes the charge;
  • avoid the harmful effects of weather conditions – cold, dry, draft-free, dry heat, which contribute to dehydration;
  • change the inactive lifestyle that reduces the metabolism and cyclosis in cells more active, mobile.

proper and timely implementation of the above will allow you to eliminate the cause of all sorts of stagnation, slush and stone formation.

Liquefaction colloids – the second stage of purification of the body with the help of folk remedies

In order to facilitate dilution of colloids and increase circulation in them, proceed as follows: use external heat in a variety of ways.For the general warming of the body using bath, bath and other facilities.For local warming – half-baths, poultices, hot water bottles, patches rubbing.These procedures help to increase the circulation of liquid environments of an organism;Apply different drink inside.There are lots of options,

for liquefaction and purification of colloidal solutions using distilled water and distilled water is magnetized, the defrost water, and other combinations and variants.The above types of water, due to its purity and composition of the charge, well washed with body wastes removed therefrom and normalize the composition and properties of colloidal solutions.Use liquid, saturated biocolloids: decoctions, infusions, juices, etc.Such liquids have both general and specific effects (choleretic, diuretic).These micelles adsorb toxins and remove them from the body (krovoochischenie), contribute to the resorption of clots, add the charge of the body.

Kamnedrobyaschie procedure – the third stage of purification of the body with the help of folk remedies

In special cases, when curing took consistency of blood clots, xerogels, stones, etc., apply strong thinning, kamnedrobyaschie substances and procedures:

  • to stronglythinning agents include liquid having high surface activity: alcohol, vodka, purified kerosene.Due to their properties, they are not only wetted, but penetrate the material at micropores.This causes “otbuhanie” colloids with subsequent dissolution.Inside the body, you can use a variety of spices that enhance the calorific, circular and thinning processes in the body: black pepper, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, cloves, ginger;
  • to kamnedrobyaschim assets include plants and substances that have a strong bitter taste and volatile properties (resulting in a cooling effect).For this purpose, a good fit: wormwood, parsley (whole plant), fir oil, pine needles;
  • for elimination from the body crushed and dissolved using diuretic foods – watermelon diuretic tea, sweatshops products – diaphoretic tea, as well as substances with astringent taste and enveloping effect: a decoction of pine needles, oats.

Cleansing the body of folk remedies – the main stages

During the purification process, especially in the presence of any pathology, one can clearly distinguish several stages.

  • you have started any cleaning procedures, and she begins to act on your body.This is reflected in the appearance of characteristic physical reactions are generally unpleasant.
  • Then begins the separation of pathogenic start – the root of the disease.As it has a specific type depending on the location of the place in the body.As a rule, this is the most difficult period – spent a lot of energy on the expulsion of disease.
  • After the start of the pathogenic, ie, disease, man greatly weakens, there is a sharp weight loss
  • After a while, there comes a period of reconstruction.The body, getting rid of the burden of sickness, is rapidly gaining strength, restores normal weight.This is reflected in the rise in mood, energy, appetite beautiful appearance.

Recommendations for cleansing the body

Getting purification, you must consider that this cleaning procedure is the strongest reactions in the body.It is necessary to show restraint, perseverance, patience, to overcome these temporary complications.Subject to the biological law, we can not get a good response without the stress states of the organism.It is necessary to know, understand, and on different grounds, both milestones, navigate in the purification process.

Cleansing the body with the help of vegetable oil

Cleansing the body is carried out as follows: take a vegetable oil (preferably sunflower oil) in an amount of no more than 1 tbsp.spoons and focuses in front of the mouth.It sucks and chews, such as candy or nipple.Swallow the oil in any case it is impossible, even by accident, especially in the early days.The procedure is easy, free, stress-free, duration – 20-25 minutes.At the beginning of the oil becomes thick, then a liquid such as water, after which it must be spit out.The liquid should be as white as milk.White talks about absorption and neutralize poison.If the yellow liquid, the process is not completed, and the next time it needs to be extended.Spit out the liquid is infected and contains many toxins.This procedure is better to do 2 times a day: in the morning – always on an empty stomach and at night before going to bed – on an empty stomach (because at this time all diseases are in the mouth, at the base of the teeth).

benefits of cleansing the body with oil

During sucking oil is released from the body of toxins, bacteria, viruses, salts, mucus, flora, enhanced gas exchange, and activates metabolism.During the procedure well to focus on healing the body or disease, for example, if you have a tumor, mentally it is necessary to repeat the statement: “absorbable as soluble smoke.”When kidney disease – the statement: “suck out pathogenic viruses from the kidneys”, repeat for colds, “I suck the mucus and phlegm from the lungs”, with diseases of the stomach: “The fire of the stomach is cleaned, purified, cleansed”.These assertions are repeated mentally for about 15 minutes after sucking recommended to rinse your mouth with warm decoction of sage.

question of how many times and how long you can use this procedure, a person decides for himself, based on the state of their own health.Acute disease treated easily and quickly, within 2 weeks, and it takes a long time, sometimes up to six months, but in this case to accelerate treatment procedures sucking amount can be increased to four per day for the treatment of severe and chronic diseases.This cleaning method also impressed because our language is a mirror of inner purity of the body.Clean, pink tongue surest index of a healthy, cleansing the body.Whitish, and even more covered with patina, language points to slagging the body and depending on the plaque localization, its color – the presence of toxins in the body or another.How many toxins may be released through the tongue and mouth (in the form of plaque, gaseous substances) can be seen by the famine.Lang quickly covered with bloom, consisting of slag discharged from the body.When these toxins out of the body completely, this also signals our language, it turns bright pink, saliva is clean and all the sensations in the mouth are normalized.

sucking oil, which serves as an adsorbent for toxins, the whole process of cleansing the body through the upper path – mouth, tongue – is made naturally.Especially this cleaning procedure is recommended to all those who for any reason can not go to the bath, bed-ridden, etc.But even in this difficult situation can be cleaned naturally, help the body to fight disease.

Cleansing the body of toxins folk remedies – the roots of sunflower

Tea from sunflower roots very well dissolves many salts in the body.To do this, stock up with the fall of the thick roots, cutting off the hairy roots, washed and dried them in the usual way.Before use, the root is crushed into small pieces the size of a bean, and boil in an enamel kettle prescription: 3 liters of water take about 1 cup of the roots.All boil about 1-2 minutes.Tea to drink for 2-3 days.Then these same roots boiled again, but about 5 minutes in the same volume of water, and also the amount of tea drinking for two or three days.Then, the third time the same roots is boiled in the same volume of water, but 10-15 min., And its drink for 2-3 days.Finished tea first portion, it is necessary to proceed to the next and so on.

Tea from sunflower roots drink large doses between meals for a month and even more.This salt begin to be displayed only after 2 weeks, which is shown by leaving urine – it becomes cloudy and change color.tea reception should be continued until the urine becomes transparent as water, and its suspension will not precipitate salts.If the urine collected by settling all the salt they have an adult sometimes it goes up to 2-3 kg.

By drinking tea from a sunflower can not eat spicy food, heavily salted (for example, herring) and vinegar.Food should be a little salty, but not acidic, and mostly vegetarian.Well dissolved salt and tea from knotweed, horsetail, watermelon peels, pumpkin tails, bearberry, marsh cinquefoil.

Folk remedies to cleanse the body – juices

to dissolve the salts are often used by the juices of certain plants.For example, black radish juice well dissolves minerals in the bile ducts and gall bladder.This juice dissolves and other mineral salts are deposited in the blood vessels, renal pelvis, urinary bladder.To do this, there is a recipe: take 10 kg of tubers black radish, absolve them of small roots, well washed and without clearing of the skin, prepared juice from them.Soka get about 3 liters, the rest is cake.

Juice stored in the refrigerator, and the cake mixed with honey (in a pinch of sugar) in the ratio of 1 kg of oil cake is placed 300 grams of honey or 500 grams of sugar.Everything is stored in the banks under pressure to not moldy.Juice begin to drink 1 spoon bowls th hour after eating.If you feel pain in the liver are not, the dose can gradually increase to 1 tablespoon.spoons, up to 2 and finally to 0.5 cups.We must remember that juice black radish is a strong choleretic product.If many salts (minerals) contained in the bile ducts, the passage of bile is difficult.And the person feels pain in the liver.In that case, when the pain will be significant, it is necessary in the area of ​​the liver to make the water warmer.If the pain is tolerable, then the procedure continues as long as the black radish juice is finished.Usually the pain is felt in the beginning only procedures.Then all normal.Salts go unnoticed, but the effect of salt excretion is huge.

Through this procedure, you must comply with a fresh diet, avoid sharp and acidic foods, but only for the period of consumption of juice.When the juice is over, you need to eat cake, which had already sour.Oil-cake eaten during the meal by 1-3 Art.spoon at all times, until everything is eaten.This procedure is very important to strengthen the body, especially lung tissue, and the entire cardiovascular system.Salts amenable to dissolution and juices of other plants, such as juice, parsley root, juice, horseradish leaves mother and stepmother, chicory, turnips.

Bile birds to cleanse the body People’s

dissolved salts and bile as birds.It turned out that great chicken bile dissolves minerals not only in the bile ducts.It dissolves the salt almost everywhere, but it is necessary to use bile carefully and under medical supervision.For this special bile placed in gelatin capsules which are commonly used for human bitter tablets.Sometimes the bile use in bread balls.To do this, from the crumb of bread make small balls the size of a hazelnut, in them – the little dimples and introduce a few drops of bile, and then their “walled”.2-5 swallows these balls in one procedure.Do it after a meal in 30-50 minutes.At a session usually takes 5-10 gallbladders hens.Bile is stored in a special plastic container in the refrigerator.

has similar properties as the duck, goose and turkey bile.Remember that the maximum dose of bile should not exceed 20-50 drops.

Folk remedy – a bay leaf in cleansing the body

There is some danger in such cleaning provoke bleeding, so it is desirable to carry out a deep and to be sure to take some precautions.However, reusable observations did not reveal any such case.Make it as follows: 5 g of bay leaves crushed and pour 2 cups of boiled water, in a thermos during the night.Then the broth filter and drink on an empty stomach polportsii.After 3 hours, drink a decoction of the rest.

Cleaning can take seriously, until the paralysis of an arm or leg.All this is temporary and is due to the shock of salts excreted from the body.Again, do the cleaning must be a strong man.Six months later again, but take longer leafs ’10 According to the latest information received, confirmed information that the described method of cleaning removes from the body not only salt, but also heavy metals.Similar cleaning procedures should be performed 1-2 times a year.

proposed in this paper, the methods being readily available and effective, allow for a full cleaning of individual organs, systems and whole organism.With their help, you can not only restore lost health, but also significantly increase the vitality and prolong life.Cleaning procedures can often replace any treatment, and treatment without cleansing – something precarious and does not help for long.

Good luck, patience, wisdom and intuition, using data recovery methods!

Purification of activated charcoal.

Cleansing the body.

Our familiarity with the simple methods of purification, we start with the use of sorbents …
This method is the fact that extremely simple and safe, and can therefore be used in the home. But cleansing is necessary to calculate how many tablets you should take.

Cleansing the body.

Single dose per 10 kg body weight of activated carbon is required, one tablet.
For example, when a body weight of 64 kg is enough 6 tablets, and weighs 78 kg — 8 tablets.
The calculated number of tablets should be taken 2 times a day — morning and evening for 15-30 days.
Tablets are recommended before taking to rub into a powder and drink plenty of water. A need for a day to drink about 2 liters of pure water.
Take along with activated carbon other drugs should not be, as coal will connect and lead them out of the body before they can provide therapeutic effects. It is not recommended in the period of cleansing the body to smoke, abuse alcohol, fatty foods, and other harmful substances, as it will significantly reduce the effect of purification.

Cleansing the body. What can replace the activated carbon?

Activated carbon may be replaced polifepanom Tablets — naturally occurring biopolymer powder prepared also from coniferous trees. It effectively cleans the food weight from toxins, preventing their absorption into the bloodstream and lymphatic flow, which improves liver, kidneys, lungs and intestine itself, can speed recovery and reduce the severity of the disease.
Polyphepanum easier to use, its efficiency is 5-10 times higher than the activated carbon. It has a higher sorbent properties that is able to bind and neutralize toxic substances of various origins, taking them out of the human body, and thus has a detoxifying effect.
There are liferan — highly enterosorbent plant. It improved by adding microcellulose Polyphepanum, it helps reduce cholesterol levels in the blood and the removal of radionuclides, activates and increases the number of beneficial microflora in the intestines, regulates peristalsis, prevents and even reduces the risk of colon cancer.

Cleansing the body. Advantages and disadvantages.

By the way, contraindications are not so much. In particular, activated carbon can not be taken at ulcerative lesions and bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract as well as systemic hypersensitivity and antitoxic receiving means providing a suction effect after (e.g., methionine).

Activated carbon outputs together with harmful substances and helpful, taking it slow intestinal motility and, therefore, may be accompanied by constipation, prolonged use of coal can have the opposite effect — cause toxic poisoning, manifested by nausea and vomiting.

Cleansing the body.  Cleansing rules.

To prevent the negative effects of cleaning with activated carbon, it is necessary to strictly observe the following rules:
• Do not exceed the dose posited;
• Do not take the tablets for longer than 30 days;
• drink plenty of pure non-carbonated water;
• after a course of cleansing drink vitamin complex, and include in the diet as much as possible products fermented with live bacteria.




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Long since people use folk remedies to get rid of disease, maintain the body’s health and well being.The popularity of various recipes and then, when a woman is looking for a way to lose weight.This problem will help to cope special drinks, balanced handling long or mono-diet, bath procedures.Folk remedies for weight loss can help make the process of losing excess weight easy and effective.By using effective recipes, she will be able to quickly achieve results.

What to drink for weight loss?

Many women know that regular drinking water – is the foundation of any diet and one of the main principles of a healthy diet.Every day you need to nourish the body of pure, filtered water – at least half a liter per day.This will help remove toxins, cleanse the intestine, accelerate metabolism, produce a diuretic effect, reduces appetite.But not just an ordinary liquid promotes weight loss.There are special drinks, which make this process faster, helping in the fight against kilograms.What to drink for weight loss folk remedies:

  • Birch sap.The popularity of this folk remedy is conditioned by its unusual taste and beneficial properties.People have long been mined in the spring sap from birch trees, because the roots of this tree go so deep that not absorb harmful substances from the soil, which is closer to the surface.Drink the juice you need immediately after harvest, after a few days of storage birch liquid becomes harmful.On the day you need to drink a large spoon, the duration of the course – a month.This is a folk remedy for speeding up the metabolism.
  • Oat groats pudding.Oats helps the body remove toxins than improves skin, nails, hair, and it promotes the renewal of blood cells.Purification of the stomach and intestines with this folk remedy is very good for weight loss.In addition, oatmeal contains a variety of vitamins, especially needed in the diet.How to prepare: Mix in a bowl a handful of oatmeal, prunes, beets grated.Pour two liters of boiling water, simmer for fifteen minutes.A glass of this jelly (or more) drink before going to bed for an hour.
  • Tincture from the bark of buckthorn.Buckthorn is a natural cleanser of the body, has a laxative effect, which contributes to the rapid excretion of feces, the peristalsis of the large intestine when it is receiving amplified.A big plus use of this decoction is that a folk remedy for quick weight loss does not have a negative impact on the mucous membrane of the internal organs.A teaspoon of bark pour 150 ml boiling water, leave for half an hour.Drinking buckthorn need to before going to sleep for a month.
  • tincture with cherry and lime leaves.This decoction promotes weight loss, helps to cleanse the body.To prepare a folk remedy, take one of the ordinary Hypericum, thistle extraction cake, cherry leaves, and two more of the fake flowers.A tablespoon of this mixture to pour 250 ml boiling water, leave for the night, to drink the present.It is recommended to receive national funds in half an hour after a meal (three times daily) for one-third cup.If the supplement buckthorn tincture, it will also laxative effects.

effective popular recipes for weight loss

use of traditional recipes in everyday life to help the ladies quickly achieve results in losing weight.A girl can try a diet using only natural, natural ingredients, or to combine proper diet with some means – a drink or food.Do not forget about the moderate physical activities that will help your body look more fit and beautiful.Below you can read the recipes of folk remedies, promoting effective weight loss.

means for burning fat

belly fat that accumulates in the abdomen – a problem many women.This is especially true owners of the apple pieces.Their body is so constituted that the extra weight is mainly manifested in the waist area.Get rid of a few centimeters in the abdomen will help special recipes to help speed up the metabolism, fill the body with vitamins, to withdraw toxins and harmful substances, to restore the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.What should take folk remedies for fast weight loss:

  • Buckwheat.Krupa will help any girl to quickly get rid of belly fat, if you follow a diet with the use of this useful product.By including in the buckwheat diet, improves the metabolism, clean the body of toxins, it is much better general condition of skin, hair.Diet involves eating only buckwheat in unlimited quantities.How to cook buckwheat: the night pour a glass of refined grains with boiling water, wrap.The next day, eat small portions.Some recommendations to folk remedies:
  1. During such a power can not eat fatty, salty, fried.Unsubscribe worth of spices.Sugar is also necessarily excluded.
  2. necessary every day to drink plenty of pure water, it is desirable to give up tea, coffee – it is necessary.
  3. the last time you can eat a few hours before bedtime.
  • People’s diet.This method of losing weight includes only natural foods that promote weight loss.Food should not be exposed to severe heat treatment.The diet should be supplemented with fruits and berries such as pineapple, blueberries, grapefruit.Will quickly lose weight daily consumption of ginger tea.Every day it is necessary to supplement the diet of carbohydrates, which can be obtained from cereals: brown rice, barley grits, oatmeal, rye bread.The suit fish, meat steamed, boiled eggs as a protein.

Diuretics Slimming

Often, weight gain happens because of the excessive accumulation of fluid in the body.This effect is sometimes accompanied by people with kidney, cardiovascular disease.It should be noted that healthy people need to take diuretics in limited quantities so as not to lose the water needed for the normal functioning of the body and not to disturb the balance of substances.Admission folk remedies that have a diuretic effect, can occur a few days a week, or every day for a short period of time.What are the natural Diuretics help lose weight:

  • tincture with dill, parsley and chamomile.A mixture of these herbs in the national prescription, helps to quickly bring the liquid, but to make such a folk remedy should be neatly.In no case can not arbitrarily increase the dosage, it can have a negative effect on the body.Mix a tablespoon of dried parsley and chamomile flowers, add two seconds.l.chopped dill.One tablespoon of brew cup boiling water in a thermos, allow to stand overnight.Take during the day half an hour after eating.To wash down the food can not drink.
  • Green tea.It is known that good green tea strengthens blood vessels, improving mood and generally beneficial effect on the human body.To obtain a slimming effect with the drink, it is necessary for use of the day a few cups of such tea.It should be noted that the temperature of its infusion does not exceed eighty five degrees, otherwise beneficial effect will be less.Folk remedy helps the rapid removal of fluid, fat burning.Drinking green tea is necessary for ten to twenty minutes before a meal.
  • Apples with pumpkin and raisins.This mixture is useful for weight loss helps get rid of puffiness, eliminates toxins, helps to reduce bad cholesterol in the body.To prepare proven tool for quick weight loss, you will need a kilo of pumpkin, some raisins and three sour apples.Products are thoroughly washed, then crushed pumpkin with apples.The folk remedy ready added some raisins.This mixture should be taken before a meal consisting of three tablespoons.
  • cucumber and celery cocktail.These two products are the storehouse of vitamins and minerals, in addition, they promote the excretion of urine from the body.To prepare a folk remedy, slimming, it needs one cucumber and three medium-sized pod celery.All ingredients should be thoroughly milled by using a blender, the mixture was diluted with thick pure filtered water, and then take half a cup four times a day.

Ways to lose weight at home

Lose at home may be due to the reconciliation of proper diet, moderate physical activity.Required daily intake of plenty of fluids.Folk remedies that help to lose weight, are not limited to recipes.They help in getting rid of excess weight special bath using a variety of herbs.What girl could take them:

  • Bath with mother-and-stepmother.This useful tool will help folk girl to get rid of skin problems, deduce toxins, improve the long state, clear the sebaceous glands of excess fat.If desired, the representative of the fairer sex can add a little bath calendula for more effective weight loss.
  • mixture of plantain, oregano, birch leaves.Adding these herbs in the bath will allow the body fluid efficiently output, they also improve the condition of skin, hair.Before using this folk remedy, you must first consult with a physician or self-check for allergies.

Effective folk remedies serve fasting days, during which only allowed to use any one product.This may be a beverage, a fruit or vegetable.Examples of mono-diet with foods that help to achieve tangible results in losing weight:

  • Kefir.On the day you need to drink about one and a half liters at regular spaces.Total should get six receptions.
  • Cottage.Allowed to use four grams of the product, divided into four stages.The percentage of fat should be minimized.
  • Prunes.500 grams of the product need to be softened in water, then drink a hundred grams at regular intervals.
  • Cucumber.Buy a kilo two hundred grams of cucumber, eat during the day.It is advisable to consume six servings.The diet can be supplemented by a small amount of boiled meat in the evening.

diet for quick weight loss during menopause

suspension of the menstrual cycle – it is unpleasant period in a woman’s life, which is often accompanied by a strong set of excess weight.This is associated with a slowing of metabolism, a decrease in active operation with the ovaries.Recommendations:

  • Folk remedies described above, help the ladies in losing weight, strengthen the body.
  • planning diet during menopause, you need to take into account all the principles of a healthy diet.To lose weight you need to give up the fat, sweet, salty.
  • Periodically woman can include in the diet of various folk remedies – for example, healthy drinks.
  • Combine proper nutrition is required with physical activity, even minor, or by diet and folk remedies will have no effect.Harmony contribute daily morning exercise for weight loss, trips to the pool, frequent walks.In addition, it is important to keep a positive attitude, believe in themselves.
  • Women during menopause may resort to folk remedies, which do not relate to food – for example, to prepare a special bath or visit the sauna, if health permits.

Folk remedies are ideal as an additional aid in losing weight.During their use of the woman should be sure to take care of yourself: eat right, exercise, and strengthen the body.Natural remedies will help people feel better, faster to achieve the desired weight loss, vitamin will support the body of the fair sex.

desire to lose weight is pushing many women to drastic measures – administration of drugs for weight loss.But not all weight loss drugs are good for health, and there are many tools for weight loss is very expensive.So it makes sense to use folk remedies for weight loss, they are less time tested and harmless to the body.

Effective folk remedies for weight loss

Folk remedies are separated by the method of action on the body. But when used correctly and herbs and vegetables and a bath for weight loss help to cleanse the body and make it more healthy.In many cases, losing weight is parallel to the main treatment and strengthen the immune system.

Herbal medicine slimming

Phytotherapy – the use of herbs for weight loss, it is effective, but to lose weight in a few weeks you will not succeed.Since this method is harmless, grass act on the body sparing, and therefore losing weight with the help of folk remedies will require more time.

Eat to combat obesity are herbs that can be collected in y

our climate zone.These herbs are effective for treatment.If you want to collect grass yourself, follow the advice of herbalists, observe the timing charges.You must be able to choose the right plants and know their characteristics.Wrong collected herbs can reduce the effect of their use to zero.

How do herbs for weight loss?

  • reduces appetite, give a feeling of satiety.They swell in the stomach, filling it.This effect gives grain flax, bran, spirulina, marshmallow. should include these foods in a low-calorie menu.
  • withdrawal of excess liquid is purified of toxins lingonberry leaves, plantain leaves, burdock, horsetail. diuretics charges should apply, after consultation with a specialist, they should not be abused, as it can lead to dehydration.
  • normalizes the work of the gallbladder and liver dandelion , corn stigmas, everlasting, barberry. use of these plants normalizes metabolism, the food is better absorbed, less fat is deposited.
  • normalize digestion, laxative effect dill, sea buckthorn, licorice, rhubarb.
  • energizing ginger , ginseng, rosemary .Weight loss is due to the greater energy consumption.

Spa slimming

Herbal infusions and decoctions can not only be taken orally, but also to use when taking baths.Baths help cleanse the sebaceous glands and pores.It is recommended to take a bath with his mother and stepmother, calendula, plantain, oregano and birch buds.

Folk remedies for weight loss: recipes

Herbal Slimming Tea

Take 25 g of birch buds, flowers pharmacy chamomile, St. John’s wort, bessmertnika.Travy dry potoloch need 1 teaspoon of the powder should beboil half a liter of boiling water.Let the tea brew, drink in the morning and evening over a glass.You can add honey tea for weight loss.Honey is also used to a course of treatment of obesity.

Herbal Slimming

Take 20 grams of chicory root, buckthorn bark, seeds, parsley, dandelion leaves, corn stigmas are taken at 15 g, 10 g of peppermint and yarrow.Herbs and roots should be dried.At 0.5 liters of boiling water needed to brew 2 tablespoons dried minced collection.Infuse one night to drink three times a day before meals for 2 months.

Beet slimming

Beet considered laxative, it helps in the fight against atherosclerosis, ulcers, reduces cholesterol, cleanses the blood, displays the body of excess salt.For the treatment of obesity is recommended to eat every day in the morning before meals on 150 g of vegetable.Beet just a storehouse of nutrients, contains calcium, magnesium, iodine, pectin, cellulose.It is advisable to eat raw beets.

Cocktail slimming

Take yogurt, honey, walnuts, peeled roasted sunflower seeds, raisins or other dried fruit to taste, half an apple.Chop all ingredients and mix in a blender.This cocktail can be a substitute for dinner and help keep yourself in great shape.

Folk remedies for weight loss: reviews

To use folk remedies for weight loss, you need to tune in to the process seriously.Those who care about their health and trust in traditional medicine, says that over the course treatment can lose a few kilos.But the majority of Internet users prefer not to eat three hours before bedtime, going to the gym and stick to diets.But it should be noted that the herbal medicine helps to normalize metabolism, lost weight due to health improvement will not be returned.

See also: 10 drugs for weight loss.

Rapid weight loss folk remedies is only possible in conjunction with a healthy diet, and exercise unloading days.

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