Calculation of diet Dyukan in Russian for free

The name of Pierre Ducane, a French diet expert with many years of experience, is known far beyond his native country – he developed a diet that is a balanced food system. It is based on the content of a large amount of protein and the minimum of carbohydrates in the foods used. The main “chip” of the creation of Pierre Ducane is that you do not need to limit yourself in the amount of food and be hungry. Among the doctor’s clients there are a lot of “stars”, both men and women, and the book, written by Dyukan in 2000, became a bestseller.

Express diet of Pierre Ducane by days

The basic diet consists of four independent steps that have their own characteristics( “Attack”, “Alternation”, “Fastening”, “Stabilization”).The first two parts of the Ducan system are aimed at effective and rapid weight loss, the last two are weight fixing. The result of the diet will depend on the consistency of all its phases and rules.

In addition to the classic diet system for Dyukan, there is also an express die

t, which will help achieve certain results in just a week. The protein food system resembles a seven-step ladder( 7 days) – a certain set of products is added daily to protein foods:

  1. Consumption of protein food without restrictions + addition of bran( 1.5 tablespoons per day).
  2. To the diet menu described above, vegetables are added.
  3. 150 g of fruits are added to the list of permitted products.
  4. To what was used on the third day, you should add a piece of bread with bran.
  5. The list of products of the previous day includes cheese( 20%).
  6. 220 grams of pasta or legumes are added to the approved diet products.
  7. Any food is allowed( without abuse).

What you can eat on the diet

The list of foods that should be consumed with this diet is very extensive. It includes 72 protein products, which allows you to maximize the diversity of the diet. The main condition is to use only the products that are on the list, and the amount of consumption is not limited( except for eggs – a maximum of two per day).All products allowed for consumption on a diet are allowed to soar, bake, stew, cook.

Products table

Meat Beef tenderloin, veal, rabbit, horse, poultry and beef liver
Fish All kinds of fish in any form: raw, boiled, dried, smoked, salted, canned.
Seafood Mussels, crabs, shrimps, lobsters, crawfish, caviar, scallops, shellfish, oysters.
Ham Lenten ham with fat content no more than 3-4%: chicken, turkey, gryso, pork ham, basturma.
Bird Chicken, turkey, ptarmigan, quail.
Eggs Chicken and quail.
Dairy products Milk( fat content no more than 1,5%), fat-free cottage cheese and yogurt without additives.
Vegetable protein Tofu
Additives All non-greasy seasonings and additives: greens, garlic, vinegar and others.
Drinks Water in quantity of 1,5 liters daily. Coffee, tea, infusions on herbs without sugar. Juices.

Stages of the menu for the week by Dyukan

The first day is similar to the “Attack” stage of the classic diet option. For this period, any protein products from the allowed list in an unlimited number will fit, be sure to take into account the nutrition features of each day of the program “Ladder Dyukan”.Drink 1.5 liters of water daily. Another rule is not to eat fatty foods during the diet, which harm the figure. Approximate ration on the first day:

  1. Breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese, 2 hard-boiled eggs, oat bran( 1.5 teaspoons), coffee without sugar.
  2. Lunch: baked chicken( 350 g.), Tea.
  3. Snack: shrimp.
  4. Dinner: grilled turkey meat( 300 g.), Bran.

In the second stage, vegetables are added to the previous version of the food, except potatoes, becauseIt contains starch. The approximate menu of the second day of the diet:

  1. Breakfast: natural non-sweet yogurt, scrambled eggs with skim milk, tea, bran.
  2. Lunch: grilled fish, baked vegetables.
  3. Snack: salad of chicken breast, lettuce and onion leaves, seasoned with linseed oil, coffee.
  4. Dinner: carrot cake with ginger, bran.

On the third day, 150 g of fruit should be added to protein products and vegetables. The diet menu looks something like this:

  1. Breakfast: low-fat ham, omelette with slightly salted salmon, tea, bran.
  2. Lunch: veal meatballs, salad with any vegetables( tomato, cucumber, onion).
  3. Snack: kefir with bran, apple or orange.
  4. Dinner: boiled chicken, vegetable stew.

The next stage of the diet – to the previous allowed menu is added a few pieces of whole grain bread. The ration on the fourth day looks like this:

  1. Breakfast: chicken fillet, coffee, apple.
  2. Lunch: borsch with meatballs( veal), vegetable salad, bran.
  3. Snack: sandwiches with salmon and greens.
  4. Dinner: steamed fish, tea.

On the fifth day of the express diet, low-fat cheese( several chunks) is added to protein foods, vegetables, fruits and bread:

  1. Breakfast: skimmed curd and kefir with bran and half oranges.
  2. Lunch: an ear, a couple of slices of bread.
  3. Snack: pancake( bran) with carrot salad.
  4. Dinner: turkey fillet, baked with cheese, hot vegetable salad, tea.

On the sixth day of the diet, the diet is supplemented with a portion of potatoes, macaroni of solid wheat varieties, cereals or legumes:

  1. Breakfast: fried eggs, bran, yogurt, tea.
  2. Lunch: bean stew with vegetable salad, fish fillet( the one you love).
  3. Snack: syrniki with tea, apple.
  4. Dinner: a piece of smoked fish to taste, bran, bread.

The last, the seventh stage of the diet is a reward for the labors. One meal is allowed to use any healthy foods and alcohol. All within reason:

  1. Breakfast: fried eggs with meat filling, coffee, bran.
  2. Lunch: chicken soup with vegetables, bread.
  3. Snack: fruit with cheese.
  4. Dinner: baked fish with pasta, vegetables, fruit for dessert, glass of wine.

Recipes for every day

Chicken with tarragon

Prepare this dish simply because you do not need to chop the chicken according to the recipe:

  1. You need to take an average chicken, rub it with garlic and tarragon.
  2. Salt, pepper the carcass, chopped tarragon into the bird.
  3. After a half an hour in a preheated 180 degree oven, a delicious, hearty meal will be ready. Salmon baked in foil

    The main and favorite product of most people is fish. It is very tasty and quickly prepared. For example, you can prepare a dish of salmon for a protein diet:

    1. Put the fish fillets on a piece of foil, and season with salt, pepper, lemon juice.
    2. Add the onion, sliced, and sprinkle with fresh dill.
    3. Dish wrap the foil, bake in the oven for ten minutes.
    4. Delicious dinner served at the table with a glass of red wine.

    Fricassee with mushrooms

    Vegetables can be an excellent dish for a diet. For example, prepare the fricassee with mushrooms for this recipe:

    1. Place the bottom of the pan onions, season with a small cube of broth dissolved in a small amount of water.
    2. After baking the onions until golden brown, lay a layer of thickly chopped mushrooms.
    3. Cook the dish over low heat for 10-12 minutes.

    Strengthening the results of

    The main meaning of the protein diet is not so much weight loss itself, as the consolidation of the results of all stages. Many people, after a week’s course, break down and start eating any food – it’s wrong. That the weight is stabilized and fixed, it is necessary to observe a sparing diet and after a diet. Pierre Duccan describes in this book this stage of the diet formula: “10 days for fixing each weight dropped.”

    Alternation in the diet

    An important part of the diet is protein-vegetable alternation. This regime of weight loss for Dyukan is needed to continue to lose weight. These days it is necessary to alternate protein foods and vegetables until the desired result is achieved. The diet at this phase helps to continue to consistently lose excess kilograms, though not as “shock”, as in the first stage of the diet. The days of protein foods and vegetables alternate at their own will( 1/1, 5/5 days), and the result will be one.


    Ольга, 26 лет

    I’ve never been on a diet before, and I was not particularly worried about my overweight. But after pregnancy began to think about the beauty of her body. My friend told me that there is such a diet. I looked for information, learned how to calculate a diet for myself, and decided to try. I prepared myself a diet of foods on the principle of the first stage of the diet “Dukan attack – a menu for a week.”The result surpassed my expectations. Now this protein diet has become my way of life.

    Svetlana, 34 years old

    Thanks to this diet, I feel good and easy! I bought the book of Professor Dukan a year ago – during this period in my life there have been significant changes. It was difficult, but I took the fist and coped. The result – more than 30 extra kilograms disappeared. I compared my photos before / after the diet and was horrified. The main thing is not to break down, to perform each stage as it is written in the book. I advised this diet to all friends, they are very happy.

    Calculation of weight according to Dyukan

    If you know your ideal weight, there is an incentive to strive for it, especially if the extra pounds interfere with normal life, feel easy. To understand what kind of diet Dyukan official website for free offers to know the ideal weight and make a detailed slimming program. You just need to fill out a special form, indicate contacts and wait for an answer.

    Video advice on light Dyukan for 7 days

    To lose weight in a short time is a difficult task, but feasible. One has only to try to lose weight by Dyukan, and the result will not keep you waiting. Like any other method of getting rid of excess weight, this diet has important conditions that must be respected. After watching the video below, you will get acquainted with the description of the diet: requirements, stages, advice and feedback of nutritionists.

    Reviews of a dietician

    Method of express diet Dyukan

    Slimming system

    Menu and phases

Reviews of the diet Dyukana indicate that losing weight with it is very effective. Many people who have already reached a rather venerable age, in which to lose weight very difficult, could do it. In this article we will tell you about the pros and cons of Dr. Ducane’s diet .

Pluses of the Dukan diet

  1. The basis of the diet for Dyukan is only natural products. In it there is no at all or a minimum of spices, therefore the diet for growing thin is recommended to a wide range of people. The diet for Dyukan, according to reviews about her, for a long time helps to get rid of excess weight. Its use is effective even for those who have already tried a lot of other diets for weight loss and have not received a lasting result.
  2. Those who lose weight on the diet of Dyukan , quickly lose weight in the first week. And the result is fixed for a long time.
  3. One of the stable advantages of the Dukan diet is that it gently affects the body, and there are few banned products in it. This makes it possible for a person who is losing weight not to give up favorite dishes, to eat meat products quietly.
  4. The Ducant diet does not imply strict dietary restrictions. Time for the menu can be chosen at your own discretion, and this is another plus of comfortable weight loss.
  5. The Ducant diet is simple, so you can eat your favorite foods even on a picnic. This power system does not require special conditions.
  6. The diet according to Dyukan , if there are no contraindications from the attending physician, gives a very stable and effective result – weight loss with fixation of the ideal weight for a person.

And what else is needed for someone who has already calculated all the benefits of comfortable weight loss and improving the appearance?

Disadvantages of Dr. Ducan’s diet

  1. In the first weeks of diet for Dyukan, a person can feel fatigue and even weakness. This is due to the fact that due to the change in nutrition in the body, ketone bodies are produced in abundance, which have the property to reduce not only the appetite, but also to reduce the vitality
  2. Due to the fact that during the diet of Dr. Dukan can not eat all of the food, a person loses some vitamins. Because of this, increased drowsiness may develop. But over time it passes.
  3. To get rid of weakness and drowsiness, nutritionists recommend to buy a complex of vitamins on the recommendation of a doctor and drink the whole course. As a rule, it lasts 21 days.
  4. For those who do not like to cook, Ducane’s diet may not be to your liking. Still, there are porridges and other thermally processed dishes. Meat, for example.
  5. One of the drawbacks of the diet Dyukana – it should be carried out only according to the indications. Because the rejection of certain products may lead to disruptions in the work of the gastrointestinal tract in people with a number of diseases.
  6. For those who are allergic to certain types of foods, it is important to consult a doctor before a Ducant diet. Maybe he will not recommend this kind of food at all.


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The latest research relating Минусы и плюсы диеты доктора Дюкана

Springtime is characterized not only by the bright sun, warm light wind and green lawns, but also by sharp changes in air temperature and instability of atmospheric pressure, which is why many people on the planet have problems with the…

Considerable low-calorie food can contribute to the extension of human life. This conclusion was made by scientific researchers from the University of Wisconsin in Madison, together with scientists from the National Institute of Aging.

The name of the diet comes from the name of its creator – a French nutritionist and expert on food habits of Pierre Ducant. He started working on a fundamentally new diet plan back in 1977, which today has become one of the most popular and effective diets in the world.

The methodology is based on the workings of nutritionists from around the world, as well as on the practical experience of Duncan himself. A clear structural approach helps to get rid of excess kilograms and centimeters without disruptions and strict limitations – evaluate yourself!

The essence of the Dyukan diet

What the world has become accustomed to calling Dukan’s diet is rather a full-fledged power system, which with little interruptions can be adhered to at least a lifetime.

The basis of the diet is 100 authorized products, among which 72 – the basic protein( low-fat meat, offal, eggs, any dairy products with 0% fat content) and 28 – additional( different kinds of spices, seasonings, vegetables, etc.).The alternatio

n of protein and vegetable days make the diet safe for the body, because the weight goes away evenly, leaving no unpleasant memories like stretch marks and cellulite.

The basic rules of the Dukan diet

  • to drink at least 2 liters of liquid per day( here you can include tea, coffee, chicory, herbal decoctions);
  • prepare food without the addition of fat and mayonnaise;
  • any heat treatment methods can be used;
  • to reduce salt intake, but to diversify food with seasonings and sauces based on allowed products;
  • it is mandatory to consume a daily portion of bran;
  • do not forget about daily charging and walking on foot.

To these rules it is important to add one more: regardless of the presence of chronic diseases it is worth consulting with your doctor. Only after the examination and the appointment of a complex of vitamins can begin to fulfill all the conditions of this diet.

Advantages of

  • results are visible in the first week( an important motivational moment);
  • protein products are allowed without restrictions and without calorie counting;
  • from 100 natural products approved by Dyukan can make a rich menu;
  • availability of many recipes in free access( including dessert recipes);
  • after weight loss is easy to hold throughout life.

Disadvantages of

  • you must clearly adhere to all rules and regulations, otherwise the expected effect will not be;
  • long duration;
  • need to take a vitamin complex, otherwise problems with nails and hair due to the ban on fruit during the first two stages are possible;
  • prohibited any kinds of alcohol.

Phases of the Dukan diet

The whole diet consists of four stages – attack, alternation, anchoring and stabilization. The first two are aimed at achieving the correct weight, and the second – to get used to the body.

Phase “Attack”

This stage is the shortest, but it is during the attack that the first kilograms go away, and the body is reconstructed into a regime of losing weight.

The length of the stage depends on how many kilograms you have to lose during the diet. If the excess weight is up to 5 kg, you can limit yourself to two days of attack, if 5-10 – five, if you are overweight 10-30 kg, you will have to adhere to a fairly tough attack ration for 7-10 days.

The list of approved products for the first phase includes 72 items, which can be eaten in any quantities and in any combination. This includes lean meats( rabbit, chicken, veal, beef), eggs, fish, skim milk, seafood and offal.

3 reasons to bet on proteins:

  1. they quickly saturate;
  2. for the assimilation of protein requires more calories than on the breakdown of carbohydrates and fats;
  3. protein food allows you to burn the fat mass without destroying the muscles.

Also during the attack, you can diversify the diet with sugarless mustard, herbs, onions, synthetic sweeteners, low fat cocoa, bouillon cubes and light coke. But to lean on these products is not necessary – just a little “refresh” the diet, so as not to hinder the acceleration of metabolism.

Every day you should eat 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran and take a twenty minute walk with a quick step. Of course, no one forbids even longer anaerobic loads.

Phase “Alternating”

When the metabolism has received a push in the form of an attack, it is necessary to maintain a tendency to lose weight. It is for this that there is an alternation – by the end of this stage you will come to your ideal weight, which can be calculated on a calculator.

Calculator for calculating the weight of Dyukan

The idea is that for 15-160 days( depending on how many kilograms you need to lose), you must alternate protein days( BW) and protein-vegetable( BO) sets 1/1, 3/ 3 or 5/5.

The diet of pure protein days completely repeats the menu of attack, but during the protein-vegetable you need to diversify the food with 28 kinds of plant products, mediums of legumes, carrots, beets, spinach, cabbage, pumpkin, mushrooms. Only potatoes, corn, avocados, peas and olives( olives) are strictly forbidden.

As before, the portion size is not limited, as is the time of food consumption. You should not go hungry, let alone fall asleep, otherwise instead of fat burning the body will begin to process muscle tissue.

During the alternation, the daily portion of bran increases to 2 tbsp.l., and physical exercises should take at least half an hour.

“Fastening” phase

By the beginning of the third stage, the weight should return to normal, but the Ducane diet only reaches the equator. The fact is that the body must get used to a new state for it and do not start to dramatically increase the fatty layer “for a rainy day.”

For this, for 10 days for each kilogram you have to adhere to the alternation diet with some changes. In addition to dishes BO and CB days are allowed daily to eat 1 small fruit or a cup of berries and 50 grams of cheese to 40% fat. It is also necessary to divide the fastening into two parts, and once a week during the first and twice a week during the second one to allow yourself a portion of starch-containing foods and one meal called “feast.”During the “feast” you can eat any food, including sweets, fast food and any prohibited products.

The obligatory norm of bran is 2.5 st.l.daily, and physical activity – at least 30 minutes.

Phase “Stabilization”

This stage of the Ducane diet should last until the end of life. He does not provide for strict restrictions in food, but orders to adhere to certain rules.

First, no one cancels the required physical activity, a daily portion of bran( 3 tablespoons) and active drinking.

Secondly, on Thursdays only protein nutrition is allowed. This does not mean that on other days you need to overeat fat and sweet, but once a week it is worth to arrange a “proper” unloading day.

Duck’s diet menu for every day

As you know, the diet menu for dieting Dukan is based on protein nutrition, which at other stages is supplemented by other products. If in the first stage the main source of energy is exclusively protein, then in the next stages, the diet gradually introduces vegetables, fruits, bread, cereals and even potatoes and pasta.

For each stage( and there are only four), a separate menu is developed, while it is quite diverse throughout the diet. For example, only at the first stage the menu includes 72 protein products. The nutrition in the remaining three phases becomes even more complete, therefore this food system, proposed by the French doctor Pierre Ducant, is transferred very easily and can become the main one throughout life. Consider the menu of each phase separately.

Menu phase The attack of the Ducane diet for every day

The first and most effective stage of the Duket Diet is “Attack”, the menu of which consists exclusively of protein products every day. This is lean meat, poultry, fish and seafood, dairy products 0% fat, eggs. In total, the menu includes 72 products. Given this variety of products, even the first week of the diet is easily tolerated.

On digestion of protein foods, the body spends even more calories than is contained in the products themselves. The name “Attack” speaks for itself, because during this period it is as if an attack on the body is being made, but it is during this short period of time that the maximum weight is lost. This is the shortest stage( 3-10 days, depending on the initial weight), but the most difficult.

The main rule of the first stage of the Ducane diet is the almost complete absence of fat and carbohydrates in the menu. Every day the body will lack glucose, which will lead to an active burning of its own fats as it needs energy.

The duration of the “Attack” phase is from 3 to 10 days. On average, last 5 days, which will be enough, if the excess weight does not exceed 20 kg.

Approved products in the “Attack” phase of the Dukan Diet

  • any lean meat( except pork and lamb): turkey, rabbit, poultry, beef, veal, turkey or chicken;
  • seafood and fish, including fatty varieties and canned without tomato sauce and added oil;
  • chicken and quail eggs( yolks not more than two per day);
  • by-products;
  • low-fat dairy products: kefir, fermented milk, yoghurt, cottage cheese, tofu cheese, low-fat cheese curds;
  • drinks( drinking and mineral water, tea, coffee, chicory).

There is no limit, at any time, but exclusively protein food.

It is forbidden : sugar( except sweeteners), ketchup, any oil, alcohol and all other products containing carbohydrates and fats.

is allowed: add various spices and spices to the dishes.

Required : every day, take 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran in its pure form or add to dishes;drink 1.5-2 liters of water( tea and coffee are not considered).

How to prepare : all products included in the menu of the Ducane diet can be boiled, stewed, cooked in a multivariate, baked, but without the use of oil.

Detailed menu of the phase Attack for the week

Below in the table is the menu of the stage “Attack” of the Dukan diet, calculated for 7 days. Each day includes four meals, at will, their number can be increased. You can stick to the diet for a week, or less or longer. But bear in mind that in the phase of “Attack” can not be more than 10 days.

Day 1
omelet from two eggs( 2 squirrels + 1 jelly) and milk 1.5% fat 2 beef cutlets cookedon a pair of 200 g fat-free yogurt with bran half a chicken breast, stew or baked chicken in the oven( the second half for tomorrow)
2nd day
2 pieces of ham from chicken or turkey and 1 boiled egg left from yesterday halfchicken breast 1 staffeta kefir with bran 200 g of baked fish
Day 3
200 g fat-free yogurt with bran 2 chicken cutlets 1 cup ryazhenki 2 boiled eggs and 200 g low fat curds
4th day
100 gcheese tofu or any other cheese with fat content no more than 4% 2 slices of ham and 1 boiled egg 200 g of skimmed yoghurt with bran steak from beef or turkey meat on grill
5th day
eggs from two eggs 2 cutletsfrom beef 1 cup kefra or ryazhenki with bran halved chicken breast
6th day
150 g of low-fat cottage cheese 200 g of boiled or stewed beef 200 g of low-fat yoghurt with bran 200 g of fish baked in the oven or steamed
7th day of
100 g of tofu cheese or any other cheese with fat content no more than 4% 2 chicken drumsticks without skin baked in oven 1 cup ryazhenki with bran veal steak

Also you can choose from the table any allowedetcucts with the Dukan Diet and make up their varied menu for every day. But remember, only 72 kinds of protein products are allowed, vegetables are not allowed in the “Attack” phase.

Menu phase Alternating Duck Diet Diets

So, the first step is successfully passed, your body is visibly transformed, and the body gradually began to get used to the correct assimilation of products. It’s time to start the next phase of the Ducane diet called “Alternating” or “Cruise”, in which the menu is now allowed to add vegetables.

During the second stage, besides the protein food, the menu includes vegetables, except those that contain a lot of carbohydrates – peas, corn, potatoes, avocados. Now the list of allowed products during the diet for Dyukan extends to 100. The menu of the phase “Alternation”( Cruise) consists of protein and protein-vegetable days, which alternate according to a certain scheme.

By the end of the second phase of the Ducane diet, you must come to your ideal weight. It lasts much longer than the “Attack”.It all depends on how many kilograms you plan to dump( usually this phase lasts at least two months).

Dr. Dukan offers a schedule for alternating protein and protein-vegetable days to choose at your discretion. The most easily tolerated diet, if one day there are only proteins, and the next – supplemented with vegetables. You can also use the scheme 2/2, 3/3, 4/4.

It is forbidden : fructose and sugar( except sweeteners), ketchup, any oil, alcohol and all other products, except vegetables and protein foods.

is allowed: add salt, various seasonings, spices, herbs, ketchup and mustard to dishes( but only as a seasoning up to 1 tablespoon per day), vegetable oil( 1 tsp).

Required : every day, drink two liters of water, taking bran increases to two tablespoons a day.

Ways to prepare : all products included in the Ducane diet menu are allowed to cook, stew, cook in a multivariate, bake, but do not fry.

Permitted products in the “Alternating” phase

  • any lean meat, except pork and lamb;
  • offal: tongue, liver, kidney;
  • fish and seafood;
  • dairy products with low fat content: cottage cheese, unsweetened yogurt, milk, kefir, tofu cheese, cheese curds;
  • eggs of chicken and quail;
  • all vegetables, except beans, beans, corn, peas, lentils, potatoes, avocados, olives and olives;
  • drinks: tea( green, black, herbal), coffee, chicory, cocoa( up to 1 tsp per day).

Detailed menu of the stage Ducan Diet alternation

We will review the diet for 7 days, each of which consists of four meals. You do not need to strictly adhere to the menu, given in the table for the “Rotation” phase. You can change the dishes of each day in places or add your own. But remember, at the stage of “Rotation” only vegetables and protein products are allowed.

Day 1
curd, warm drink( tea, cocoa or coffee) steamed fish, yogurt kefir( lean) with oat bran omelet from two eggs, warm drink
2nd day
2 boiled eggs, vegetable salad, dressed with 1 tsp.olive oil, coffee chicken soup with herbs yogurt without additives, curd pie salad with seafood and vegetables, warm drink
3rd day
curd casserole with milk sauce and vanilla, tea fish soup low-fat kefir withoat bran chicken fillet steam, cream cheese, tea
4th day
scrambled eggs, vegetable salad, coffee squash soup with egg and dill curd or yogurt chicken steamed chicken, vegetable stew,tea
5th day
2 pieces of chicken ham, coffee chicken boiled with yoghurt sauce, fermented milk or milk fat-free curd, tea meatballs baked in the oven, warm drink
6th day
curd with herbsand black pepper, tea or coffee light soup with seafood, fresh vegetable salad and canned fish( without oil) tofu cheese, yoghurt eggplant cutlets, slices of salted salmon, vegetable salad
7th day
yrniki of nonfat cottage cheese with yogurt sauce, tea or coffee baked chicken, tea yogurt or fermented baked boiled egg, cottage cheese diet menu

foregoing Ducane Everyday phase “alternation” is exemplary. Focusing on it, you can choose the dishes on your own. The result will not keep you waiting, the main thing is to follow certain diet rules and use only the products allowed from the table.

The phase menu Duck dieting

The third step of the Ducane diet is the “Fastening” phase. From how you will adhere to the recommended menu, will depend the result of all your efforts. In the third stage, you gradually return to a balanced diet, the main purpose of which is to consolidate the results. But be careful, now your body is capable of every piece, eaten above the norm, instantly turn into extra pounds.

In addition to protein and vegetable products, the menu includes whole grain bread, hard cheese with fat content up to 40%, fruit portion( except bananas, grapes and figs), vegetable oil in the amount of 1 tablespoon. The range of meat is expanding( once in 7 days you can afford fried pork or any other fatty meat).Also, in the “Fastening” phase, you will get a nice bonus in the form of a potato portion or any forbidden by the diet product.

Despite the fact that the diet menu is becoming more diverse, the “Fastening” phase is one of the most difficult psychologically and the longest in time. After all, you have already reached the goal, excess kilos are discarded and now, it would seem, you can afford to eat a portion of something very tasty.

In order to easily pass the penultimate stage of the diet of Dr. Ducane, your daily menu should be quite tasty and varied. The length of the “Fastening” phase depends on how many kilograms you lost in the first two phases. The fixing of each kilogram requires 10 days. For example, if you lost 10 kg, then the third stage of “Consolidation” should be 100 days.

The main rule of the phase “Fastening” – once a week to arrange a pure protein day.

Now everything that was included in the menu in the “Attack” and “Rotation” steps is allowed. On this day, you eat the same way as in the first stage of the diet. According to Dr. Ducane, this measure is necessary to consolidate the lost weight.

Do not use : fructose and sugar( other than sweeteners);by this time you should already get out of the sweet.

is allowed: the use of various condiments and spices in preparation, and at this stage of the diet, Dr. Dukan permits the use of one glass of dry wine.

Obligatory : still consume two liters of water per day, the intake of bran remains the same – two tablespoons a day.

Allowed products in the fastening phase

At the stage of “fastening” to previously allowed products, new ones are added to the menu:

  • fruits, except grapes, bananas, cherries, cherries, dried fruits;
  • whole grain bread – 2 slices per day;
  • fatty meats: bacon, ham, pork, lamb( once a week);
  • cheese in the amount of 50 grams per day( at a fat content of 50%, if less, then the portion can be increased);
  • separate starch-containing products: rice, potatoes, lentils, legumes, pasta from durum wheat( 2 times a week);
  • any beverages without sugar, and also a glass of dry wine.

Despite the fact that you are now on a diet, you can now arrange yourself a “belly holiday”( there is something that you want, but in moderation): in the first half of the stage – once a week, in the second – twice a week.”Feast of the belly” does not last all day, so it can be applied only to one meal: for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Detailed menu of the “Fastening” phase for the week

To adhere to the diet was easy, we give the table of the daily menu for the “Fastening” phase. You can change dishes in places, add your own, and eat anything you want, but once a week.

1st day
cottage cheese casserole with berry sauce, unsweetened coffee fish soup, slice of whole grain bread with bran pear or apple vegetable casserole, boiled fish, green tea
2nd day
oatmeal in skim milk, coffee drink macaroni from hard wheat, slice of cheese baked chicken cutlets, vegetable salad syrniki, a glass of kefir with bran
3rd day
omelette with lean ham, bread cake with bran, coffee with milk vegetable borscht, chicken breast( in the oven), a piece of charlotte with apples, tea any berries or fruit(not more than 200 g) curd soufflé, low-fat yoghurt
4th day
curd cakes, baked apple, green tea pea soup, low-fat pork ragout and vegetables, coffee Mimosa salad with light sauce, baked filletsalmon kefir with bran
5th dend
curd with yogurt, green tea pancakes made from bran, coffee omelette from two eggs baked fish, warm drink
6th day
boiled rice, steamed chicken cutlet, cocoa borsch, zucchini pancakes, tea seafood salad, skimmed yogurt with bran lemon soufflé, herbal tea
7th day
cheese rolls with blueberry sauce, black coffee chicken soup with egg, slice of whole grain bread, warm drink mushroom soup kefir or yogart with bran

The third step of the Ducane diet – the “Fastening” phase – is a necessary link on the way back to normal nutrition. Be sure to stick to the recommended menu, because this will depend on the result of all your efforts. And remember that increased physical activity is very important for maintaining ideal weight and good health.

The phase menu “Stabilization” of the Dykan diet

Successfully passing through such a complex path, consisting of three stages, you can easily adhere to the menu of the phase “Stabilization”, which will now become the main one for life. Now your metabolism is restored and your slim body will extract every calorie.

The “Stabilization” phase is not a diet stage, but the rules of nutrition, which you have to adhere to all your life .Foods banned during the Ducane diet are minimized. Among them – sugar and other sweets. Fruits are allowed to eat everything, but not more than once a day and in limited quantities. Starchy foods are allowed no more than twice in 7 days. Once a week you can arrange yourself a “holiday of the soul” – eat whatever you want, but in moderation. And once a week, arrange a protein day.

The phase of the diet “Stabilization” assumes the maintenance of an ideal weight throughout life. Now your menu for each day should consist of certain products.

Do not use : use sugar( you can use sugar substitutes).

is allowed: to use all the products included in the menu in the third stage. In the days when you arrange yourself a “Belly Festival”, everything is allowed, but in moderation.

Be sure to : drink enough water, increase the intake of oat bran to 3 tablespoons a day.

Be sure to arrange yourself once a week unloading day.

Pierre Ducan recommends among the week, namely on Thursday, the menu include only protein products. It is better to reduce salt intake that day to a minimum. Even if you at some point eat something superfluous and the arrows of the weights will rock a little in the big party, the protein day will help to return weight to the former value.

Detailed menu of the phase “Stabilization” for the week

Let’s give a table of the daily diet for the last phase of the Ducane diet. You can take it as a food source, and you can supplement or even come up with your own menu. But remember that once a week you should arrange a protein day.

1st day
low-fat cottage cheese, slice of whole grain bread, coffee with milk chicken broth with hard wheat noodles, steam chicken cutlets syrups with apples, kefir with bran fish baked with vegetables and cheese
2nd day
omelette from two eggs and tomatoes, tea mushroom soup with herbs, bread( cereal) pancakes with cottage cheese and fruit sauce, toFRUITS seafood salad, herbal tea
3rd day
oatmeal with prunes borsch with greens, baked chicken breast, Greek salad, tea ice cream or slice of pie meatballs with ground beef rice, kefir withbran
4th day
curd casserole, coffee with milk veal cutlets, steamed yogurt with bran chicken soufflé, herbal tea
5th day
scrambled eggs with vegetables, cheese, tea andcabbage, chicken nuggets, fruit curd soufflé, kefir with bran steak from white fish with vegetables, ginger tea
6th day
curd with apple puree, coffee vegetable soup, steam chicken cutlet, whole grain bread pancakes from courgettes, kefir with bran seafood salad
7th day
cupcake chocolate lemon, cheese, green tea chicken soup puree with egg and greens, whole grain bread cottage cheese, kefir with bran fish casserole, salad withldereya,

tea As you can see, the phases of the menu “Stabilization” is varied and appetizing. When choosing food, listen to your body. After going through such a long path of the Ducane diet, you will know exactly what foods are good for you, and which ones are best excluded from your diet.

3 basic rules of nutrition that must be observed at each stage of the diet:

  1. Daily drink at least 1.5 liters of water.
  2. Every day use 1.5 tbsp.l.oat bran.
  3. Products can be cooked, baked, stewed, cooked on the grill, but without the use of oil.

This is the menu developed by Dr. Dyukan for each stage, it is considered optimal for both beginners and those who have tried many diets, but to no avail. This is not an express diet, but the right balanced diet, which you must come to after a while. This is how a person should eat, in order to maintain the habitual rhythm of life and not gain weight after losing weight.

Recipes for Dukan Diet

You can make a very varied diet from the allowed hundred products – you just need to include fantasy.

Even during an attack, when it is allowed to consume only protein foods, one should not eat only chicken broth and crab sticks. From the list of products of animal and marine origin, you can cook a lot of soups, second courses and even snacks. And a variety of methods of heat treatment allow you to cook absolutely different from the taste of dishes from identical ingredients.

A selection of recipes for the “Attack” phase of

Interlacing expands your culinary possibilities. The presence in the diet of vegetables and greens gives an unimaginable space for creativity in the form of salads, stew, borscht. And the usual soups and second dishes can be varied with a light vegetable note. You can also add additional products to the DOP menu, which you can eat no more than two servings per day. These include cornstarch, soy milk, low-fat sour cream, soy flour, yoghurt with pieces of fruit. Based on these ingredients, you can prepare good desserts.

Selection of recipes for the “Alternating” phase

In the third stage, the body already gets used to the protein and vegetable ration, so the allowed fruits and cheese are perceived as an unimaginable treat. Recipes are even more diverse: now you can cook even real pizza, pies, cakes, which do not differ in taste from more calorie counterparts. As a side dish, it is allowed to eat a little rice, spaghetti, potatoes, but still the basis of the diet should be protein products.

A selection of recipes for the “fastening” phase of the

During stabilization – the fourth stage of the Ducane diet – you can eat absolutely any food in moderate portions. Therefore, familiar recipes from the previous stages can be diversified with the help of previously banned avocados, pork, lentils, any fruits. Sugar during the preparation of desserts is better replaced with honey or sweeteners.

A selection of recipes for the phase “Stabilization”

Otherwise, your meals will no longer differ from the diet of the rest of the family except for the mandatory protein Thursday.

Results after the Dukan diet

Everyone who strictly adhered to all the rules agrees that the Ducane diet gives a 100% result to the .A scrupulous calculation of the duration of each stage, the consumption of a specific list of products and constant physical activity allow you to get rid of excess weight even for people with a slow metabolism.

As the kilograms go away gradually, there are no stretch marks or cellulite left on the body. Problems of “saggy” skin also does not exist – it is pulled up gradually throughout the diet.

It is important that people do not just improve their figure and metabolism is accelerated, but food habits and the attitude to food change. The myth that delicious food is caloric, breaks down on dietary desserts, casseroles, du-soups, meat dishes that taste even to those who never sat on a diet.

Why exhaust your body with heavy food, if you can please it with no less delicious natural products?

At the end of the diet, another awesome result awaits you – you will learn how to cook, even if you did not like to go to the stove before. It is impossible to eat for a few months with one chicken breast, but more complex( and what’s wrong, tasty dishes) require a lot of time. Therefore, gradually you will wake up a mistress, who can easily cover a festive table with useful dietary dishes.

By the way, another myth that proper nutrition is much more expensive than usual, is dispelled literally as a result of several weeks of monitoring the costs of food.


, you refuse “junk food” like fast food, purchased snacks, sweets, chips, which are unnoticed to leave a lot of money.


a rich protein diet makes it possible to cover the need for calories by much smaller portions of products. And those who say that you can eat a kilogram of chicken per day, you just never tried it!


correctly nutrition can save a considerable amount on doctors – acne, migraines, liver problems are often caused by an unbalanced diet.

Reviews about Dukan’s diet “before and after” with video

Therefore, make a decision – change your worldview for the better with the help of diet Dyukana or continue to continue to search for “magic wand”, which magically will help get rid of a lot of extra pounds. After all, the main hitch is not to lose weight, but to stabilize your weight. With the help of fast diets, kilograms literally melt, that’s all they will return with lightning speed, often together with cellulite and stretch marks.

We are for a balanced scientific approach to losing weight. Join us!

Diets for losing weight at home

Do you suffer from excess weight? Have you tried to overcome this problem for a long time, but have not achieved tangible results? In this publication you will learn how to drop more than five to seven and even more than ten kilograms and make sure that they never come back to you.

The most effective home weight loss diets are:

– Ducane Protein Diet;

– Ketogenic diet( weight loss without fasting);

– Low-Carb Diet;

– Tea diet;

– Diet for calculating calories for each day;

– Weight loss on eggs;

– Drinking diet;

– Buckwheat diet.

Among all the diets for losing weight at home most often prefer a protein diet for losing weight Dyukan. It really has many advantages over others, it is a universal and very effective diet.

Diets for losing weight at home: diet Dyukan

One of the most effective ways to lose weight is the protein diet of the Ducane, which is designed specifically for those who can not lose weight. Some people

do not understand how powerful they can be, because basically everything that surrounds them is negative and hostile, and this does not help to believe in oneself, it only lowers self-esteem and generates new complexes. We will give you support, thanks to which

you will believe in yourself and lose weight!

Diets for weight loss at home

Protein diet Dyukan , collects so to speak, exclusively approving comments from rather well-known personalities. What is remarkable about the Ducane diet and how does it differ from other diets for losing weight at home?

And because this diet allows the to quickly achieve the desired result of .In just five days, you can see an amazing aftereffect if you regularly stick to this diet for losing weight from Pierre Ducane.

Diets for weight loss at home assume the use of certain products, and even completely postal fasting, and at the heart of the protein diet is a comprehensive approach to the problem of excess weight. So, let’s get started.

The first phase that you must do is to perform a protein attack, this attack will help to intensify metabolism and fat burning in the shortest possible time. If you want to see the effectiveness of your actions, then it is worth keeping the doctor’s diet for several months. According to the doctor, life without a satisfactory amount of protein in the body is impossible! Of the favorable factors is that the established program of losing weight Dyukan, makes it possible to eat absolutely any amount of food and absolutely at any time of the day. The only point, you will have to follow the four phases in the diet Dukan.


The first phase is an attack. Attack – a strong load of the body to proteins, in the final outcome, metabolism is rapidly changing, and you are most likely to get rid of fat.


The second phase is protein products. Namely – kidneys and liver, beef and veal tongues, low-fat poultry without skin, low-fat pork and beef meat and fish. And remember! All of the above listed in the cooking( no fat, that is, boiled for a couple or on the grill).


The third phase is skew-symmetry. At this phase, Dr. Ducan strongly advises you to replace aleurone protein days with vegetable, if you are allowed to consume carbohydrates.

Record the result

The fourth phase is weight maintenance. With protein attacks, your intentions to lose weight justify yourself and will be won by you. You will be free from excessive weight. After that, one of the most important tasks will be to fix your result. But remember that each organism is different in its own way and everyone can have their own key factors of obesity, so we recommend that you consult a doctor if you have already tried all the diets that you could try.

Whatever your diet for weight loss at home, you have not chosen, the main principles and foundations of all diets are very similar to .

Weight loss methods at home( principles of diets)

All diets for losing weight at home include healthy and effective methods of losing weight.
Weight loss is never too easy. But there are a few simple ways that will help make the process less unpleasant and tedious.

These tips will help you lose weight in healthy and very effective ways. Follow them and you will be proud of the perfect figure.

1. Be attentive to the information on the composition of the products.
We often do not notice the information on packages, but they are informative. Spending money on something that is harmful and violates a diet is not the most sensible decision. Be smarter and read information about the products you are buying. Notice how many servings are included.

2. Use the lemon juice.
Add lemon juice to drinks or vegetable dishes. Make lemon vodichku yourself, squeezing lemon juice into ordinary water, pour into a bottle and carry it in a bag. This juice can be added to fish and meat dishes. It not only improves the taste of food, but also provides you with antioxidants and vitamin C. Lemon consumption improves digestion and cleanses the blood. If even the list of products in your menu is unlimited, do not exclude lemon juice.

  1. Important and useful tea.

Do not forget about the teas. In the world a huge variety of varieties of tea. Many of them contain caffeine. The choice is always behind you – to give preference to herbal tea or a beefless caffeine. Frequent drinking of tea will supply your body with a fluid that speeds up the metabolism.

4. Be active and move more.
Get out of the house, even when the weather is not so good. Walking is good for your health, especially at bedtime. Dog owners are very happy people. They have to leave their couch to walk their pet. If there is no dog, you can do a lot of things at home: wash the floor, windows, put the rooms in order. Go to a museum, gallery or exhibition will also be a good idea. Finally, if you are a holder of a season ticket to the gym, visit him as often as possible.

Weight loss diets at home

5. Coconut flour.
If you are limited in nutrition, the usual flour will not work. Coconut flour is the best option. It is a product rich in fiber and protein, low in fat. Use it to make cocktails and milk pudding.

6. Strength training.
Recommended for women to bring the figure in excellent condition. The chances that you will have huge muscles will only be if you start taking the appropriate drugs. Keep in mind that after strength training, fat is burned for a longer period of time than after aerobics. Remember, along with diet for weight loss at home, exercise will give an excellent result, if you want to lose weight.

  1. Stop eating diet foods.
    Admit that you sometimes buy so-called dietary ice cream, porridge and other products. The fact is that they are completely useless and will not be of any use in losing weight if you are not exercising and do not stick to diets for losing weight at home.

Avoid artificial sweeteners, processed bread and extra carbohydrates. Your body needs fresh and organic products. Always check what is written on the package. If the content of natural ingredients is 90%, you can be sure that you are not wasting money.

  1. Hemp – super useful product!
    Whey protein is gaining popularity. More and more people will find out how useful it can be. The seeds of cannabis are very useful, and they contain a lot of nutrients that allow the muscles to stay toned in a healthy, natural way.

Simple diet of diet for weight loss at home

Let’s give an example of one of the simple home diets that gives a good result.

food intake frequency – 3 main receptions per day, and 2 small snacks between them.

Basic food – cereals with cereals, rice, oatmeal, bread in small portions. For lunch – borscht or soup. Tea, coffee, fruit.

As a snack, is best suited for tea with a cookie or coffee with a small bun.

Such snacks are specially made with the expectation that you eat small portions, and to prevent you from getting hungry and torturing yourself with hunger. And also, frequent meals will speed up the metabolism.

The main principle is not to fill your stomach until you are full, otherwise a home diet will not help you lose weight. Need to eat a little, and drink a lot .

To adhere to diets for losing weight at home, you need to have a strong sense of will. Be strong and watch your health!

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