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Looking for a thermogenic dietary supplement that can further help burn your body fat? If this sounds like you, then you are in urgent need of weight loss. This time, I am reviewing one of the most successful diet pill in the UK – Slim Bomb.

There are a lot of diet pills in the market that offers fat burning benefits. However, there were only just a few products that can really help reduce your weight, without any negative side effects. Like any other supplements, Slim Bomb claims that it is perfectly safe for any weight loss program.

This diet pill review will give you important facts on how this product really works. I will also give you some intriguing issues that surrounds this popular diet pill.

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What is Slim Bomb?

Slim Bomb is a United Kingdom-based dietary pill that claims to have sold over 100,000 bottles.

Manufactured by Dplan, Slim Bomb is currently retailed by different online health retailers such as Evolution Slimming, a known and trusted brand when it comes to dietary supplements.

Slim Bomb is a thermogenic diet pill, which means that it is primarily a fat burner. When you say thermogenic, it will increase your body temperature naturally which leads to fat burning process.

Like its sister product SlimKick patches, Slim Bomb also offers dozens of health benefits including energy boosting properties, appetite suppressant, antioxidants, increases your metabolic rate and many others.

Slim Bomb Ingredients

The official site of Slim Bomb is transparent about its content, which is a positive thing for consumers like you.

Other diet pill manufacturers conceals their ingredients thinking that someone might attempt to copy their formula.

Slim Bomb’s ingredients are not unique and can also be found in most dietary pills in the market. It contains three active ingredients:

Cha de Bugre 4:1 Extracts

Cha de Bugre extracts are from Cordia Salicifolia tree found mainly in Brazil.

Local citizens claims that it offers weight loss benefits and is known as a potent stimulant which helps increase energy and mental alertness.


Caffeine is a known stimulant found mostly in coffees and various commercial products. Caffeine is also a stimulant that helps increase alertness and metabolic rate.

Gree Tea Extracts

Green tea extract are common weight loss ingredient for various dietary pills. It contains compounds that are clinically proven effective in burning fat that leads to weight loss.

Aside from that, green tea extracts have tons of powerful antioxidants which can help prevent dozens of diseases such as cancers.

Other ingredients includes magnesium stearate, silica, microcrystalline cellulose, gelatin and capsule casing.

How does Slim Bomb Work?

Based on the ingredients above, you may notice that the three active ingredients are all stimulants, meaning that it first affects your mental and physical functions.

With regards to weight loss, stimulants can do a lot of things. First, it can help burn more fat by stimulating your body’s natural thermogenic process.

Second, it can help suppress your appetite by sending signals to your brain that you are still completely full.

However, Slim Bomb also claim that it can also increase your metabolic rate. The three active ingredients that were mentioned may probably help achieve this goal but it will mostly likely be in minimal effect.

Slim Bomb Health Issues

Per pill serving of Slim Bomb will give you 250mg of Cha de Bugre, 200mg of green tea extracts and 50mg of caffeine, all of which are known stimulants.

Stimulants do have negative side effects especially if you overdose yourself with it. In my view, Slim Bomb was formulated to be one of the best stimulant diet pill, so that it can help consumers to lose significant weight.

The company behind this pill does not recommend Slim Bomb to pregnant and nursing women, children below 19 years, people on restricted diets and those who have existing medical conditions.

Slim Bomb Review Summary

Slim Bomb could be the perfect pill if you want to lose weight fast due to its high stimulant content. It will take your body into high thermogenic gear, which can burn significant amounts of fat leading to weight loss.

However, there are health issues that you need to consider before you purchase this brand. With high stimulant content, this brand may trigger some side effects:

Here are the reasons why you need this supplement:

  • Natural ingredients
  • May help boost energy and metabolism
  • Supports fat burning
  • May help elevate mental and physical performance

Where to Buy Slim Bomb?

Slim Bomb is available only at licensed distributors and online retailers such as Evolution Slimming. You can’t purchase this pill on any local pharmacies near you.

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Slim Bomb Ignite is a diet pill produced in the UK by Slimming Solutions. The company is based in the North East and markets a number of other supplements, several forms of slimming tea, and a range of body improvement products that includes creams to treat stretch marks, breast enlarging pills, and figure-shaping bodysuits. So they certainly know how to diversify.

If the marketing hype is to be believed, Slim Bomb Ignite is the result of many years of research and is designed to provide dieters with everything they look for in a natural weight loss pill.

The promised benefits include:

  • Appetite control & boosted metabolism
  • Blood sugar regulation & enhanced energy
  • Say goodbye to tiredness & fatigue

It all sounds rather basic stuff. The only thing that makes the product a little different from competing supplements is the amount of pills provided. Each bottle contains a 40-day supply instead of the 30-day supply that is usually the norm with dieting products.

What is Slim Bomb Ignite and How Does it Work?

If the pills really do control the appetite and boost the metabolism, users will find it easier to maintain a reduced calorie intake and will also burn calories faster than the norm. This could lead to the shortage of calories that is required to trigger the fat burning process. If blood the blood sugar levels are kept under control it should help prevent urges for sweet food. If the promise of extra energy holds true, users should not be troubled by the feelings of fatigue that are often the result of a low-calorie lifestyle. In theory, it all looks good, but Slimming Solutions does not explain how any of this will be achieved.

Key Ingredients

A serving of Slim Bomb Ignite provides:

  • Guarana Seed Extract (227mg): Guarana is a popular ingredient with energy drink manufacturers because it supplies a steady release of caffeine that can be very good for providing long-term energy. The ingredient is also a diet pill regular because caffeine has proven metabolism boosting abilities.
  • Citrus Aurantium (100mg): A species of citrus fruit that is native to some Asian countries. Citrus aurantium provides a compound called synephrine that has value both as a stimulant and as a fat burner. The amount provided here is not overly high, but the fact that the Slim Bomb Ignite formulation also contains caffeine may make the pills unsuitable for anyone who is sensitive to stimulants.
  • Chromium (100mg): This important mineral is useful for regulating blood sugar levels, so its presence here is not without value.
  • Cayenne Pepper (50mg): A fiery ingredient that is good for providing appetite suppression and has proven to be an equally powerful fat burner.
  • Vitamin B12 (50mcg): This important nutrient can have such an invigorating effect it is occasionally refereed to as the “energy vitamin”. Vitamin B12 also supports a healthy metabolism, so its addition here should help the formulation reach its desired aim.

Usage Instructions – Two capsules are required at 10am and a further two capsules should be taken at 3pm. People who are “sensitive” should begin with a lower dosage.

Slim Bomb Ignite Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is available, but most of it is bad.

A few average reviews read:

“These pills did not help at all. I never lost so much as a pound, but I did get to spend a lot of extra time in the toilet because they irritated my bowel.”

“I read the promises, I bought, I was disappointed. Not a good diet pill at all.”

“I think the pills may have made me feel a little more energetic, but I never lost any weight so I won’t be buying again.” 

“Just another diet pill that doesn’t work. It helps you poo a bit more than normal but that’s about it.”

Slim Bomb Ignite Side Effects

Slimming Solutions says feelings of nausea may be a problem for a minority of users. They suggest lowering the dosage if this happens. Some customers state the pills gave them an upset stomach, so it may be a good idea for all new users to take a reduced dose and only increase it when they are sure they can tolerate the formulation. Slimming Solutions also points out the formulation is not intended for women who are pregnant or nursing a child. People who have existing health problems should get their doctor’s approval before taking Slim Bomb Ignite. Anyone using medication would be wise to do the same.

Where To Buy Slim Bomb Ignite

Slim Bomb Ignite is available from the Slimming Solutions website and from Amazon. The price is £39.99 either way, but anyone who purchases via Amazon, and then finds the pills do not work, should be able to get their money back via the Amazon Returns Policy. People who purchase directly from the Slimming Solutions online store will have to wave their wonga goodbye.


There does not appear to be a money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

Although the ingredients used in Slim Bomb Ignite are quite good, the majority of customer reviews are not, so it would appear Slimming Solutions has fumbled the ball somewhere along the line. It could be their chosen formulation is overly reliant on stimulants. That may explain why so many customers say they experienced side effects. Perhaps this is a diet pill that may work better for bodybuilders and other athletes that have built up a tolerance to stimulants. As a general aid to weight loss though, the formulation leaves a lot to be desired.

Recommended Alternative

Our preference is for PhenQ a truly dynamic non prescription diet pills that can suppress appetite and burn and block fat.

PhenQ is best seller in many countries in world, it’s easy to see why. A 60 day money back guarantee underlines the confidence the manufactures have in their product.

Why does PhenQ work so well – find out

Pills “Bomb” appeared relatively recently and very quickly became wildly popular. Why, because if you believe the manufacturer, the Chinese company “Tsinlien”, this drug is a godsend for fans to get “all at once and not very desolate”. These capsules are expected plumb for the month may be on the order of 10-15 kg

There are reports that the drug is created Chinese pharmacists, but approved by the American developments. Now only did American scientists something about “their” revolutionary advances in weight reduction? In our country, “Bomb” medicine is not recognized, a product marketed as a dietary Supplement, which is not subject to strict compliance stated in the abstract, and therefore, can be quite unpredictable.

The taste and color all the “Bombs” different

Actually, slimming pills “Bomb” presents not one, but several, which are sharply different color, to a small extent by the composition, but the way the effects are almost identical. Often among the components of supersites fat are declared the following substances:

  • BaserNuts fruit bash, the source substance rimonabant;
  • L-Carnitine stimulates metabolism during exercise;
  • FructusCanarli – helps burn fat;
  • Water or water plantain – has a diuretic effect;
  • Capsaicin (an extract of pepper) is a powerful fat burner and accelerator metabolism;
  • Vitamins E and C.

Looks very natural (only herbs, plant extracts, useful vitamins) and it is harmless. Weight loss will occur due to the excretion of excess fluid and active stimulation of metabolism. Only l-carnitine is present in the composition, shows all its useful ability only if there is physical activity, which means that you will have to do at least morning exercises. Color Bombs, which are designed to “blow up” in the shortest time fat deposits that have accumulated, most likely, more than one year, are:

“Red Bomb”is the most popular option. Capsules in the amount of 30 pieces placed in a box of the same color with white characters. For the month guarantee fat, it is problematic areas.

“Green Bomb” is also in the box of the corresponding color, but in a carton. Has a milder effect and is recommended for weight reduction even in adolescents. In addition to obesity, will save the entire family from constipation.

“Bomb 3 series” is superdigital fat. On the packaging stated that it was based on a highenergy genes, active and intended for fat burning. Apparently, the developers are not allowed to sleep laurels producers of genetically modified products.

“Golden Bomb” ShouShen is designed for those who are not helped any previous Bombs, no other ways. The most interesting thing is that according to the manufacturers or distributors, it is developed using nanotechnology concern Seiko (Japanese company that manufactures watches). How time masters will help you lose weight, and you know yourself about this is unknown.

Instructions for weight loss with pill “Bomb”

According to the instructions for use, recommends that you drink one capsule means a day in the morning with a glass of water. Diet and exercise are not mandatory. The only requirement is that complete abstinence from alcohol, which will neutralize the effect of taking bad. And any restrictions on food really is not needed, because the drug beats appetite completely. And it’s in the mysterious fruit of bash and its derived rimonabant.

This substance has an anorectic effect, but also has a negative impact on the Central nervous system, due to which its use was banned in 2009 because of the numerous side effects in the form of depression, disorders of the nervous system, suicide attempts. All these unpleasant things often happen to those who are undergoing tablets “Bomb” for weight loss. You can also hallucinations, headache, weakness, dryness and odor in the mouth. By the way, similar symptoms have not less controversially popular Thai drugs for weight loss. The list of contraindications of supersites fat fairly modest:

  • individual intolerance;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • chronic kidney disease;
  • prior heart attacks and strokes;
  • hypertension;
  • age under 16 years of age and older than 65.

Where to buy and at what price?

The drug for sale in pharmacies-Smoking. But ordered a “Bomb” on the Internet – no problem at all. Many sites strongly suggest to buy natural Chinese superdigital fat with home delivery or mail. Is the pleasure of 1-1,5 thousand rubles for packaging needed for the monthly rate. Quite accessible and easy, and the amount of this for yourself you can find. But think how much more expensive will cost treatment crippled nervous system and anorexia, which may develop as a result of the refusal of nourishment because “eat not want”?


Kseniya, 29 years. Learned about “the Bomb” from a neighbor, it’s great on these tablets to lose weight. Of course, I also bought. Took in the morning on an empty stomach one capsule. On the third day was dry mouth, and then an unpleasant smell. Had to constantly chew gum. Lost 6 pounds in a month, then nothing. Then he tried two more times, bought and red, and green. Red is stronger in action, her head was spinning, and the internal tremor was. Dropped another 3 kg and all. But the overall impression is good. Was afraid that it would be worse.

Kira, 32 years. Long struggle with excess weight. Tried everything, and got to the “Bomb”. Ordered the red, how to take I read on the Internet, in a box with instructions for some reason was not. The first 3 days I was wild Jordan, and then came the depression. So covered, what about suicide really thought – say, willpower, and now for sure, nothing will save you. My husband swore terribly, constantly heard any extraneous sounds in the apartment. Even lost 7 kg then no joy. Yes, and the lost weight back in 3 months. More experiments do not want.

Slim Bomb Pills Review

Millions of women are in a battle of losing weight. There are too many temptations surrounding every person to wine and dine every single day. There are irresistible specials and offers in our favorite restaurants and buffets are just everywhere. Suppressing your craving and appetite is too difficult without the help of weight loss pills.

Slim Bomb promises extremely fast results which are revolutionary. Gone are the days that you are taking weight loss pills which do not have any evident results. You can finally say goodbye to eating 5 times a day because Slim Bomb is about to explode a big change in your life.

The Truth Behind Slim Bomb Pills

What exactly is in Slim Bomb pills which make it successful? Slim Bomb pills have 3 major components. The mixture of Cha de Bugre, Green Tea Leaf Extract and Caffeine is so effective that you will lose weight at a speed that you can never imagine. If you were losing weight before like you are driving on the first gear, you will be driving on the 5th gear with Slim Bomb pills.

A person trying to lose weight would never want to wait for results. You want to see the changes in your body right away and that is exactly what Slim Bomb will do for you.

Explosive and Effective Slim Bomb Pills

Slim Bomb pills is made up of all natural ingredients which has made a lot of women lose at least 10 pounds a month. They have devoted more than 5 years of research to come up with this product which will aid a lot of people to have a more beautiful physique.

To enhance the results of the Slim Bomb pills, this product comes with Slim Kick patches absolutely free. Think of a nicotine patch or a small plaster and that is exactly how these patches work. There is no inconvenience in wearing this patch. It will not bother you in any way and it is not sticky as well. It is very easy to put it in your body after bathing and it is so easy to remove it at the end of the day.

The Slim Kick patch is made up of a combination of several herbs which will help any person on a diet to suppress her appetite and increase her energy level. You do not have to worry about any side effects since all that you will get from these products are positive results.

Fast Results From Slim Bomb Pills

While reading all of the testimonies on Slim Bomb pills, I have come to realize that this is such an effective product. A lot of women are able to get evident results and lost about 5-7 pounds in just 2 weeks. Regular users of Slim Bomb pills have become very loyal to this brand because it has delivered more than what is expected in a very short period of time.

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The Pros and Cons of Slim Bomb Pills


  • All natural ingredients which reduce the possibility of side effect.
  • Fast results.
  • No operation required to get results.
  • Effective in suppressing appetite.
  • Prevents the usual effects of diet pills like depression and anxiety.
  • Comes with free Slim Kick patches to accelerate the results of the pills.
  • Boosts metabolism and regulates an underactive thyroid.


  • Not for people who has suffered trauma from taking weight loss pills.
  • Not for people who experienced side effects like dehydration and mood swings from weight loss pills.
  • Not for people who cannot religiously follow directions on the intake of Slim Bomb pills and Slim Kick patches.

Final Verdict

A lot of us are already skeptics when it comes to diet pills. We’ve heard a lot of horrible stories regarding the side effects of some diet pills. We’ve heard of people wasting thousands of dollars without shedding enough pounds. We’ve read about a lot of false promises from these diet pills. It all seems like a big lie.

With the availability of the Slim Bomb pills, people are bringing back their confidence on diet pills because there are diet pills which actually work. There are diet pills which will not ruin your body and slow you down. A lot of people who are hopeful in losing weight have come to realize that they can still lose those extra pounds by popping a pill every single day.

Overall, the natural components of the Slim Bomb pill made it successful and have reduced the possible side effects from slimming pills. All that people get out of Slim Bomb pills are positive results. There is no danger to your health instead it will even boost your body’s strength and because of that this product gets our two thumbs up.

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