Body Drying Plan for Men


  • Basic principles of body drying, menus for men
  • Contraindications for drying
  • Diet forbody-drying men
  • bodybuilder diet

body drying – is a special technique aimed at improving muscular bodybuilder before the upcoming competition. It involves a build-up of muscle mass and the elimination of subcutaneous fat.Drying the body is pretty heavy training for the athlete.It includes 3 main elements: power, mode, training.It is these components and create the perfect relief bodybuilder.

Because each person is different, you can not pick the same program on the body of each drying.

main differences between athletes are determined by the following criteria: age, gender, genetics, training experience.

Basic principles of drying the body, for men

menu Before entering the sport, it should be remembered that the drying body for men and women – are completely different things.In general, the method involves common elemen

ts, but there are differences that need to be strictly observed.The main components of the body drying:

  1. Training mode.It includes power and cardio, which can increase the endurance of the respiratory, cardiovascular system, get rid of excess fat.Sport should not be too intense, because it threatens injuries.reduced, and the lesson When drying the intensity of training – increased.It is necessary to correctly pick the load as underweight not support muscle tone and excessive – can burn.
  2. Power.It involves fundamental changes based on the fractional consumption of food, thus avoiding load digestion, accelerates the metabolism and absorption of nutrients.At the same time the right diet includes less high-calorie, high-quality food.protein ratio increases and carbohydrate – reduced,
  3. Common mode includes: rest, sleep, breaks between meals.Do not overload the muscles in the body during drying, because it threatens their loss.Therefore, it takes time to restore them.

Yet some bodybuilders continue previous training, as well as in the recruitment of muscle.This contributes to genetics or reception of various additives to maintain muscle mass.As a rule, almost all bodybuilders take such means, because without them it is very difficult to achieve high results.Yet there are exceptional athletes who have a small amount of fat and muscle mass rather impressive due to genetic predisposition.Sport diet aimed at changing the body for men lasts 6-12 weeks.The main point here is the allowable rate of weight loss of 0.7 kg of fat per week.This condition is true for someone who wants to maintain muscle mass.If the weight of the discharge is more intense, it is due to fluid loss or muscle.In the penultimate week of training at the bodybuilder should be achieved the highest result for the loss of subcutaneous fat, as the result of continued efforts especially not bring.

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Contraindications for drying

Before this event, men should check yourself for the following diseases, preventing drying of the body:

  • kidney disease;
  • pancreatic disease;
  • bowel disease;
  • liver disease;
  • stomach disease;
  • diabetes;
  • allergy;
  • various individual contraindications.

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Diet for body drying for

men without respect for this condition is impossible to achieve good results in bodybuilding.The diet should be aimed at maintaining muscle mass and contain: protein – about 2/3 of the diet, slow carbohydrates – 1/3, polyunsaturated fat – not more than 10%.With a high metabolism may be the use of sweet in a small amount, and preferably in the morning.In order to achieve greater efficiency, men enrich their diet with special supplements: amino acids, glutamine, vitamins, protein.Do not get involved much fat burners that have a negative effect on the muscles.The drying period the body various processes in the body are much slower.So do not abuse the fat burner, and it is better to wait until the body will promote your metabolism and begin to fight fat alone.Diet Body-drying involves the following foodstuffs:

  • eggs;
  • lean meat;
  • lean fish;
  • mushrooms;
  • dairy products with low fat content;
  • porridge (oats, buckwheat, corn);
  • lentils;
  • beans;
  • zucchini;
  • radishes;
  • mineral water and green tea;
  • unrefined vegetable oil;
  • sauerkraut and fresh cabbage;
  • celery;
  • lemons;
  • apples.

daily calorie intake should not exceed 2300 kcal.It is recommended to use the calorie table.During this time you should drink 2 liters of water in its purest form.If a man is engaged in the body for the first time by drying, it should pay attention to their feelings in such a diet.In the event of sickness to immediately stop the diet.

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bodybuilder diet

consider in more detail the diet of athletes.Diet for body drying – menu for the week:

  • 1 day;

Breakfast: oatmeal, a protein shake, tea and sugar.

Lunch: chicken soup, millet porridge, chops lean meat, vegetable salad.

Dinner: steamed fish with vegetables.

  • Day 2;

Breakfast: lean fillet salmon, buckwheat porridge, tea with sugar.

Lunch: chicken breast, grilled vegetables, soup with broccoli.

Dinner: cottage cheese with low-fat, dried fruit, protein shake.

  • Day 3;

Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs, a slice of low-fat cheese, tea with sugar.

Lunch: ear, boiled potatoes.

Dinner: protein shake, a banana or an apple.

  • Day 4;

Breakfast: oatmeal, a protein shake.

Lunch: boiled chicken, pea soup, vegetable salad.

Dinner: fish stew, lettuce.

  • 5 day;

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, black wholemeal bread, tea with honey.

Lunch: mushroom soup, chicken, buckwheat porridge, juice.

Dinner: banana protein shake.

  • Day 6;

Breakfast: millet porridge, raisins, tea with sugar.

Lunch: chicken soup, stuffed cabbage, sweet tea with lemon.

Dinner: 2 boiled eggs, a protein shake.

  • 7 days;

Breakfast: steam fish with fresh vegetables, tea with sugar.

Lunch: pickle, boiled mushrooms, buckwheat porridge, juice.

Dinner: apple or banana protein shake.

worth remembering that between meals, you should make a small snack, which should include: nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, berries.

body Drying occurs due to lower consumption of carbohydrates and protein increase with which the muscles are kept at a low-calorie diet.During this period, the emphasis is on cardio, aimed at burning fat.The main meal should occur in the breakfast and lunch, the evening should eat protein products, excluding carbohydrates.If drying is slowed down, it is recommended to reduce the intake of sugar and fruit.

This diet is very effective, as for 1.5-3 months, you can achieve the perfect terrain and lose up to 30 kg of fat.

Thus, to build your body, every man has to take into account all the elements of the complex aimed at changing its elevation.Proper nutrition is a key component for building muscle.body-drying menu should include specific products aimed at building and maintaining muscle tone.Therefore, novice bodybuilders should seek professional help.


  • Recommendations on the body proper drying men
  • set of exercises for drying
  • Tips for safe drying
  • recommendations on nutrition

Regardless of the level of training every bodybuilder, unless of course he is engaged correctly, not only gaining muscle mass, but also a certain amount of fat and carbohydrates.That’s how the male body – the predominant anabolic does not allow to build muscle without gaining unwanted accompanying substances.To figure became more relief, and the fat is gone, was invented by drying body for men.During drying splits lipids based on reducing the level of glycogen in the muscle fibers.

Glycogen is known – is a carbohydrate storage.That is, the burning of carbohydrates takes place in the drying process of the male.Drying the body in men can be carried out with the help of special exercises, diet and drugs.Stick to diet and perform exercises for men and drying can be at home.With the right approach, the b

ody quickly become beautiful and relief.But preparations to use, as a rule, is not recommended.At the wrong approach, such drugs not only make beautiful male torso, but also harm the body.

Recommendations for proper drying of the body for men

Many athletes are interested in what is included in such a thing as proper drying body.The answer is very simple.It includes a special diet, harmless to the body, and exercises that can be performed even at home.

Contrary to popular belief, carbohydrate-free diet is very dangerous for the body.This can be confirmed by several factors.First of all, in acute lack of glucose and carbohydrates male body begins to consume glycogen, and after him, and fats.The combustion process of complex nutrients is rather slow, but the main problem in this case is that against the background of glucose deficiency in the body are so-calledketone bodies.These are the remnants of complex substances, not completely digested by the body.Because of them, the blood becomes acidic, which is very harmful to the body.As a result, they may develop such diseases as ketoacidosis and ketosis, which are the main symptoms:

  • dry lips;
  • weakness and drowsiness;
  • feeling characteristic odor of acetone.

In particularly difficult cases can be diabetic coma.So in order to drying the press and all other parts of the body took place without harm to the body, it is necessary to gradually reduce the amount consumed carbohydrates, but not immediately delete them from your diet.

Therefore, the main requirement of proper nutrition during the drying process is to reduce the size of the portions, while maintaining multiple power.Traditionally athletes to eat 4-6 times a day, but when this portion should be non-positive.It is important to maintain the protein content at the required level.

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set of exercises for drying

In order to reduce the stomach to emphasize your abdominal muscles, put in order the hands, legs, chest, and all the rest of the body, it is necessary to perform the complex of exercises for drying.Work needed on the so-calledround robin.

Viewed complex for drying exercise involves rapid execution of one exercise after another.It is recommended to do 3-4 cycles per workout, doing 15-20 repetitions of each exercise.In carrying out these exercises for drying should work with a weight 20% less than the one that is used to build muscle.

drying Exercises in any case should not be too frequent and debilitating.We must not forget such a thing as fatigue.If you start to feel unwell, stop execution of drying exercise and rest a few days to recuperate.

set of exercises for the drying of the abdomen, leg, press, hands and other parts of the body is different.Thus, the legs are ideal for such exercises:

  • flexion and extension in standing and sitting position;
  • squats with extra weight;
  • mode;
  • lifting dumbbells on your toes;
  • lifting the calf muscles in a sitting position.

When performing exercises for the abdomen and the press need to know what they are best worked out at:

  • deadlift;
  • bench barbell in standing position;
  • bench barbell lying.

If the stomach is very large, it is best choice to give it the benefit of strength training for drying and not to carry out a separate set of the press.Within a short time, the stomach will start to decrease and the muscles become visible throughout the body.

Isolation exercises to reduce stomach and pumping media are also effective, but they are not as active in the work include stabilizing muscles of the abdomen, the press and the body as a whole, as a basic training mentioned above.You should know that the main function of the abdominal muscles is to create tension between the chest and pelvis.If the press would shake too much, there will be a slouch when weakened stabilizing muscles.

Big belly is also bad for the posture, so from him it is necessary to get rid of.Furthermore, calorie expenditure during and after exercise for the press is much less, and they are practically not spent on the recovery.So that the power complex – this is definitely the best solution to reduce the abdomen and bleeding of the press.

For drying chest, back and arms are best such exercises:

  • thrust down;
  • bench in the slope;
  • rowing thrust;
  • reverse twist;
  • lifting dumbbells in the slope of sitting;
  • lifting dumbbells lying;
  • bench dumbbell on his shoulders;
  • thrust rod to the chin.

The complex of exercises for drying and should include cardio.They generally improve the condition of the body of men, exerting a beneficial effect on oxygen exchange processes.The best option – swimming and cycling or bike.It is recommended to take 3 to 5 times a week, with each workout 30-50 minutes.

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safe drying It is important not only to carry out exercises for drying, but also take care not to harm your body in a given period.Each day required a healthy and balanced breakfast.It is impossible to completely exclude fats, becausethis can lead to deterioration of the skin and hair.It is necessary to eliminate saturated fat, such as bacon, cheese, egg yolks, mayonnaise, cocoa, milk, butter.Useful fats are members of the marine fish and nuts.

During drying will have to forget about the bakery products and sweets, as well as a variety of harmful snacks like ketchup, chips and so on. The list of prohibited foods include canned food and various kinds of pickles.Do not eat at night.If you feel hungry, eat an apple or drink a little yogurt.Ideal – a portion of quality protein in the water.

There must be about every 3 hours, but in small portions.At the time of drying should forget about cigarettes and alcoholic beverages.It is important every day to drink at least 2-3 liters of water.In the food can be consumed only useful carbohydrates that contain fiber.These products include cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables.

possible, as much as you can move not only in carrying out the drying of exercise, but also throughout the day.

Include in your diet a good mineral and vitamin complex.The lack of vitamins adversely affects the muscles.

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recommendations on nutrition

With the reduction of glycogen energy decreases markedly.The drying period is necessary to properly recover its reserves.Typically, this is done by reducing the break between meals.The required amount of carbohydrates for each individual.The calculation should take into account the task in the drying period, iehow many kilograms to be reset.

However, to completely eliminate the carbohydrates, as already mentioned, is prohibited.In their daily ration should be at least 40% of the total caloric content.Excellent Supplier of useful carbohydrates become unsweetened fruit, cereals, vegetables, all sorts of nuts.

During drying, you need to satisfy your protein diet.The calculation is simple: multiply your weight in kilograms by 1-1.5, and even better – 2-3.So you get the right amount of protein in grams, which is enough to prevent muscle breakdown.

The drying period the protein is particularly important.To obtain it you need to use only low-fat sources.The best option – when the order of 65-70% of the protein the body gets from food, and everything else – from sports nutrition.

water consumption in large quantities can lead to weight gain, but all the excess leave for 1-2 days. So if you dry off before the event or photo shoot, the day before the scheduled event you need to use water in minimal quantities.So you make the relief of his body as much as possible deep.

basic daily diet should include the following products:

  • white meat turkey or chicken without skin (equally well suited as a stew, and fresh and boiled meat);
  • egg whites;
  • lean fish (best braised or steamed).

Among dairy products are the leaders of cottage cheese and yogurt with fat content of up to 3% in the drying period.Curd eat only during the first 2 weeks of drying.There will be a very useful buckwheat and oatmeal on the water, greens, rye pasta, green apples, squash, grapefruit.In the summer it is recommended to drink chamomile or green tea.

drying Efficiency largely depends on how many calories an athlete uses daily.Therefore, for best results, it would be appropriate to count all received calories and weighed every day.The reward for the efforts made during this rather difficult period, will be a relief and a beautiful figure.Successful exercise and stay healthy!

Workout should be long-lasting

Body drying is a procedure that allows you to emphasize muscles by reducing fat mass due to prolonged training.


  • Sports diet for men
  • No carbohydrate diets
  • Approximate menu for the day when drying the body for men
  • Body workouts for body drying for men

Bodybuilders and bodybuilders usually resort to this procedure before the competition. This is necessary in order to distinguish each muscle. In order to reduce the amount of fat and increase muscle mass, a diet is used to dry the body for men.

It is worth noting that the principles of drying in men and women are completely different due to differences in metabolism and the ratio of adipose tissue to muscle. Usually, in the strong half of mankind there is very little adipose tissue, so it is not difficult to single out each muscle.

Basic dietary rules for body drying for men:

  • fractional and frequent meals;
  • consumption of protein foods;
  • reception of complex carbohydrates;
  • is a non-intensive, but long-lasting workout.

Very often bodybuilders supplement their diet with protein cocktails and do not reduce the intensity of loads. If you have a small muscle mass naturally, we recommend reducing the frequency of exercise and performing them slowly and for a long time.

It should be noted that during the drying of men in the diet should include 2/3 of the protein from the total amount of food. The remaining 1/3 are complex carbohydrates. Up to 10% of the total diet should be fat.

In this case, it is worth giving preference to vegetable fats, which are contained in legumes and nuts.

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Sport dietfor men

Eat protein food

GeneralThe calorie content of food should be 2,300 calories. This is the daily rate, which must be divided into 5 or 6 receptions. In the end, you get a serving with an energy value of 400 calories. Please note that the densest meals should be in the morning and at lunch time.

In the evening, generally exclude carbohydrates from the menu. The whole dinner should be protein. The reception of a protein cocktail is welcomed.

During the drying of the body, the athlete emphasizes the muscles by reducing fat.

For this load should be 20% less than during the buildup of muscle mass. The body acquires the right outlines and each muscle is allocated.

No carbohydrate diets

Unsaturated fats are in hazelnut

Some men make the main mistake – they completely remove carbohydrates from the menu. This can not be done. During the breakdown of the protein, a large number of ketone bodies are formed, which poison the body. Acidity rises, which affects negatively the work of the kidneys and liver. You need to use complex carbohydrates when drying your body. For this, eat macaroni from hard wheat varieties and nuts.

Regarding fat in dairy products, it refers to a saturated group.

These should be reduced in the daily menu and replaced with unsaturated fats. They are found in sea fish, hazelnuts and peanuts. Note that reducing the amount of carbohydrates should be gradual, as a sharp decrease in caloric content of food can lead to a drop in glucose level.

Sample menu for the day when drying the body for men

Do not completely abandon the sugar

List of meals:

  • Breakfast consists of a steamed omelet and a piece of boiled sea fish.
  • After 2 hours, drink a protein cocktail or eat a portion of cottage cheese with a banana.
  • Lunch consists of soup with chicken broth, buckwheat porridge and boiled chicken.
  • After 2 hours after lunch, eat an apple and drink a glass of kefir.
  • For dinner, cook steamed fish and a leaf salad.

Watch your weight carefully. If a week after drying, there is no weight loss, reduce the amount of sugar in the diet. Stop adding it to tea or coffee. Be sure to do 15 minutes of cardio after a standard set of exercises. Thanks to this simple technique, you burn excess fat and build muscle mass of the body.

Remember, you can not completely remove sugar from the menu.

After all, glucose is the fuel for the brain. At the same time, consume not simple carbohydrates, but replace the usual sweets of jelly, marmalade, lucum and fructose. Instead of sugar, add honey to the drinks.

Do not sit down on a low-calorie diet. During weight loss, muscle mass decreases, and you want to build it up and emphasize it. When drying the body in men, it is necessary that there is a sufficient amount of protein to build muscle.

Exercises during body drying for men

Grapefruit is useful for the shape of

Please note that during drying the body, it is better to give priority to exercise bike and swimming. This is a non-core training, but these types of exercises help to quickly say goodbye to excess fat. Together with this, you must work out the muscles of the legs, back and chest.

Therefore, it is necessary to perform bench press, squats with weights, wire rope and twisting.

As a result, thanks to a diet and frequent training, you will be able to reduce body weight for 3 months by 10-30 kg, depending on the initial weight. Try to practice every day for 30-50 minutes. If you feel bad, you can take a break for a few days. In case of severe malaise, return to normal diet.

During the drying of the body, you need to keep a diary with records of all meals and their calories. So, with insufficient weight loss, you can remove sweet or carbohydrate foods. With regard to milk, it is allowed to introduce foods with a fat content of up to 3%.This applies to kefir and cottage cheese.

In the first two weeks of drying, be sure to eat cottage cheese. It promotes the drawing of muscles. Of fruit, give preference to apples, grapefruits and bananas. Be sure to drink plenty of water. In summer, green and ginger tea is useful. The result of this diet will be a beautiful and slender body.

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Drying a body is the process by which a person gets rid of subcutaneous fat. With the help of drying, the athlete makes the muscles more embossed. Since not everyone can go to the gym, I will tell you how the body is dried for girls and men at home.

  • Content of the article:
    • Body drying for men
    • Training program for men
    • Diet and men’s menu
    • Drying the body for girls at home
    • Training program for girls
    • Diet and menu for girls

The term “body drying” is widely used by people involved inBodybuilding. Due to the rapid development of the fitness industry, this word began to be called any weight loss, although this is not entirely correct. When drying, the effect of losing weight is achieved through the care of fat tissue, rather than muscle mass.

During the drying process, the main emphasis is made to preserve the muscles. To achieve an impressive result, you need to continue training and pay special attention to nutrition.

People who do not go in for sports and wish to lose weight quickly with the help of drying, it is worthwhile to understand that the figure received as a result will be far from ideal. The disappeared subcutaneous fat will open muscles that are far from perfect and can not boast of relief.

Body Drying for Men

The procedure for drying the body at home is a combination of simple measures aimed at eliminating subcutaneous fat without compromising muscular mass gain. I note that to dry outside the gym should only be under the knowledge of the coach and after work to increase body weight.

Why is it necessary to dry the body? Increasing muscle mass, guys do not pay attention to food and use almost everything. Often, they include in the diet of sports supplements that accelerate muscle growth.

Naturally, simultaneously with the growth of muscles on the body appears fat. To the male figure looked perfect, you need to get rid of fat and emphasize the relief of muscles. It is this effect that is achieved by drying the body.

The basis of the process of drying the body is a complete change in nutrition. The diet excludes fats and carbohydrates, the main rate is made on protein foods. Such a diet without adequate training and experience is a dangerous exercise. You can dry the body only in the absence of medical contraindications. When diseases of organs to conduct it is not recommended.

In addition to the protein diet, a strict regime of the day and regular training, given the age and type of physique, must be observed. Below I will discuss in detail the features of nutrition and the training program.

Training program for men

Training in the gym is much more convenient, because there are necessary sports equipment. At home, there should be a training program and sports equipment at hand.

  • Studying at home, it is necessary to increase the duration of training and reduce the working weight. An ideal option is to exercise with aerobic exercise. Such exercises quickly burn fat, and the protein diet keeps muscle volume.
  • You can effectively work at home with dumbbells, barbells and rope. Excellent results will provide a bicycle or rollers. If there are no such sports units in the arsenal, the yard bar and bars will come to the rescue. The main thing is that during the training the load should be distributed evenly. Thus it is necessary to swing all muscles.
  • Thanks to regular home training, you will gain experience. As a result, during the examination of the figure, you will be able to identify muscle groups that do not train well, and adjust the training program so as to eliminate this defect. Even if you are at home, use a program developed by a professional tailored to your individual data.
  • Sports products for body drying. When a person trains at home, there is no question of sports nutrition. It is possible to be limited to a vitamin-mineral complex which will help to fill deficiency of useful substances.
  • Professional supplements that burn fat, I do not recommend using it myself. It is better, if in this issue will help a professional coach.
  • The duration of home-drying for the first time is five weeks. Professional athletes spend drying for three months, however, they are guided by a special program designed to take into account the characteristics of the body.

The choice of specific exercises for drying the body is huge. A professional trainer will help you find the best set for home training. The consultation will not be too expensive, but the money spent will more than compensate for the result.

Video example of drying 8 kg of fat in 8 days!

Diet and menu for men

Now we will talk about the peculiarities of nutrition during drying.

Splitting of subcutaneous fat deposits is a complex and energy-consuming process. With a deficiency of sugar, the body consumes muscle glycogen, and only then the subcutaneous fat. How should one feed so that the diet provides such an effect?

During drying, eat foods that are low in carbohydrate. The list includes meat broths, mineral water, boiled seafood, boiled eggs, dairy products, fish and white meat, cucumbers, cabbage, radish, green pepper, greens and zucchini.

Among the prohibited products are bread, sweets, pastries, salt and starch-rich vegetables. I present a generalized version of the male diet during drying, breaking it down for weeks.

  1. First week of .The daily norm of carbohydrates per kilogram of body weight should not exceed 2 grams. Number of meals per day – 6. In the diet include egg whites, low-fat cottage cheese, brown rice, cheese, boiled chicken breast, unsweetened fruits, vegetables and vegetable oils.
  2. The second week of .From the second week the food becomes more rigid, and the norm of carbohydrates per kilogram of body weight is reduced to 1 gram. During the first half of the day you can eat porridge. At a time, eat no more than 120 grams of food.
  3. Third week of .Carbohydrates( per kilogram of body weight) reduce to 0.5 grams per day. The frequency of meals does not change, and from the diet to withdraw fruit and cheese.
  4. Fourth week of .One serving of porridge should not exceed 6 spoons, and the list of prohibited foods includes carrots and radishes. If there is weakness, drowsiness and dry mouth retreat from the diet, as these are signs of blood oxidation. Carbohydrates will help to eliminate unpleasant sensations.
  5. The fifth week of .In a month, the daily norm of carbohydrates is reduced to 50 grams per day. From the diet to exclude all porridges. It is allowed to eat salads, fresh vegetables and herbs. The absence of plant fiber can lead to ketone poisoning.
  6. Sixth week of .The ration becomes extremely poor, and the menu is severely limited. From the diet to exclude dairy products, because they contain sugar, which at this stage of drying is prohibited.
  7. Seventh week of .From this point, you can start a gradual exit from the diet, and the amount of carbohydrates to increase to 0.5 grams per kilogram of body weight. In the diet add fresh vegetables and seafood.
  8. Eighth week of .In the diet gradually introduce carbohydrates, enriching the menu with porridges, fruits, dairy products and vegetables. Move in the opposite direction.

Recommendations on nutrition are general. To achieve maximum results without compromising health, it is recommended to consult a professional dietician. To the content ↑

Drying the body for girls at home

Many girls have heard about the drying of the body at home, however, not everyone understands what this technique of losing weight is.

Drying the body is reduced to a quick and efficient burning of fat mass. This method of weight loss is preferred by professional bodybuilders in preparation for the competition.

According to professionals, this technique is not worth taking, because drying muscles with abrupt fatty deposits for an unprepared female body is a great stress, which often leads to undesirable consequences.

Drying the body is the final stage of a special diet, the results of which must be maintained by strengthened training, adjusted daily routine and proper nutrition.

Training program for girls

For each girl, the training program for body drying is individual. Recommendations are of a general nature.

All muscle groups should participate in strength training. If this is not done, the body will count the muscle mass as an “unnecessary load” and destroy it.

  • Experts advise combining training with aerobics. Aerobic exercise complements strength training. Do not overdo it. Aerobics burns fat, but during drying, the body is deficient in nutrients, so the process of burning muscle mass can begin.
  • The universal complex of exercises does not exist. Only a professional coach can choose the ideal option. When drying the body at home, you need to regularly monitor changes in the body. If there is even a slight skew, the program should be corrected immediately.
  • In the home workout, include a couple of approaches to the top ten repetitions on the rope.
  • Running in the park is a great addition to the main load. Run for 30 minutes. Running will pump your legs and eliminate fat.
  • Alternatives to running – walking, swimming, team sports: football, basketball, volleyball.
  • According to the common opinion, in the morning time a person burns much more energy than in the lunch or evening.

To ensure that home-drying is highly effective, reinforce the workout with proper nutrition.

Video training programs

Diet and menus for girls

It was time to talk about nutrition when drying a female body. The diet and menu during this period provides for protein-rich foods that help increase muscle mass.

  1. In the diet include chicken breast, lean fish, eggs, milk and cottage cheese. Cook the chicken without the skin, and the eggs – cook.
  2. During drying, eliminate smoked meat, fatty and fried foods, canned food and pickles.
  3. When drying the body, it is better to cook the products for a couple or to boil. You should bet on fiber rich in fiber and vegetables.
  4. Number of meals – at least eight, two hours later.
  5. Create a calorie graph.
  6. Refuse the sweet. Exclude from the diet biscuits, sweets, flour products, pastries and spices. You can replace with a moderate amount of fruit.
  7. Drink up to three liters of fluid per day. Give up coffee because it removes water from the body. Instead, I advise you to drink green tea.

During the diet, it is not forbidden to arrange unloading days. Once a week you can eat anything in moderation. This will provide psychological relief and allow you to keep the regime. Having the enviable strength of the girl’s will do without it and achieve impressive results.

Weight loss and diet for girls are analyzed in the video

Divide the body drying for girls in 3 stages. If you follow the instructions, everything will necessarily happen, and the body’s response to changes will be less pronounced.

  • At the initial stage in the diet include carbohydrate-rich foods, vegetables and boiled food. After a few days, begin a smooth transition to protein. Eat small meals.
  • After 15 days, you can treat yourself to a small number of sweets, which normalizes blood sugar. In the morning, eat carbohydrates, in the second – proteins. Cook with olive or linseed oil.
  • The third stage of drying the body is the toughest. The use of proteins to reduce up to 5% of body weight, and the daily rate of carbohydrates to 80 grams. Supplement the diet with physical exertion. Shake your shoulders, work your hands, train your feet and pay attention to the development of the remaining muscle groups.

The duration of the listed stages does not exceed three months. During this period, you can easily lose up to 7 kilograms. Before starting the process, you should contact a professional trainer and nutritionist to make a plan for training and work out a diet, taking into account the characteristics of the body.

In conclusion, I add that a person, steadily following these recommendations, fat tissue goes away quickly enough. But the intensive rate of weight loss is unacceptable, so weight loss must be controlled. The body of a girl should lose no more than 200 grams of weight a day. At a higher speed, you can drive the body into a state of severe stress, as a result, it will begin to store up fat.

The most effective drying exercise

  • The dumbbell
  • The bar
  • The hoop
  • The rope
  • The bars
  • The floor push
  • The pulling
  • The running
  • Aerobics
  • Swimming

The result of the survey

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In the human body, fat tissue is always present. For women, the minimum rate of 12% of body weight. When athletic on the fat accounts for 10%.

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