Appetite suppressant products list

Appetite Suppressant Reviews Appetite suppressants can contribute to any weight loss plan and have very positive results for the user if used correctly. But first you have to find a product that works effectively which does not cause adverse side effects. Because appetite suppressant pills are a popular choice for losing weight, companies are making wild claims.

Some appetite suppressant pills are not effective at fighting hunger, but still carry the tag and false claims. With some products even causing severe side effects.

After many years of using appetite suppressants we have gained extensive knowledge of these supplements and know which ones work the best. Finding a product within this market can be a nightmare due to so many companies peddling what they call the “ultimate hunger suppressant”.

Most of the time the product does not work or just tends to be full of caffeine which causes adverse effects due to high volumes of this ingredient.

What To Look For In Appetite Suppressants!

Knowing what to look for when choosing appetite suppressant pills and drinks will help you avoid unnecessary side effects and wasted money. Here are the most important points you should consider when choosing appetite suppressants:

  1. Natural Ingredients: Ingredients that are natural and have clinical backing/trials to prove the claims of hunger suppressant properties.
  2. Customer Reviews: Finding real honest reviews will give you a great understanding of side effects and general effectiveness of the product you are researching.
  3. Quality Ingredients and volumes: Knowing what you are taking and at what doses is key to knowing if a company is using fillers to bulk up the formula.

Our Process Of Choosing An Effective Appetite Suppressant

When recommending any appetite suppressant pill or drink on our website we look at:

  1. Guarantee: Does the product offers a money back guarantee?
  2. Pricing: Is the price of the product over expensive?
  3. Effectiveness: Did we receive a reduced reduction in our appetite?
  4. Safety and Side Effects: Did we suffer or any known side effects associated with a certain product?
  5. Customer opinions: What did our customer reviews thought about the appetite suppressant?

We know its difficult when choosing effective appetite suppressants, especially with the volumes of supplements available. But using our review system above guarantees that any product we recommend will work safely and effectively.

Our Top Pick Appetite Suppressants

#1 Phen375

Phen375 ticks all the boxes and has a long history of happy users, with many saying it’s the best and most effective weight loss supplement used so far! It offers appetite suppression using natural ingredients that have been confirmed by many medical sources. Not only does it suppress your appetite it also increases fat loss and speeds metabolism for a double effective weight loss pill. Discover more about this suppressant in our Phen375 review.

#2 Phen Q

PhenQ is a special, unique slimming formula with numerous benefits, which ultimately lead to dramatic weight loss. This supplement is based on the Phentermine-Q substance, as well as various other ingredients that already have well-established effects. Phentermine functions as a strong stimulant and is fully legal. It affects the user’s nervous system in a method that substantially decreases the appetite sensation.

PhenQ differs from different weight loss solutions due to the fact that it doesn’t just focus on one single element. It is an all-in-one solution that has been designed to take care of this issue from several angles. The secret in this product is its approach. It’s this multi-angled approach which leads to a much better outcome. It is basically like taking numerous weight loss supplements all at once. As a matter of fact, it is even better than that, since with numerous supplements one would additionally intake a big amount of fillers into the body, further chemicals and more. Therefore, it is far more healthy to prevent all of that and simply go for one pill with all of these effects. PhenQ is exactly that! Read the full PhenQ Review here

#3 Unique Hoodia

Unique Hoodia uses a unique ingredient referred to as one of the most potent hunger suppressants Hoodia Gordonii. This ingredient has been tested through many clinical studies and has been confirmed to offer good appetite suppression properties. Unique Hoodia is the only supplement which uses has the correct amount recommended through clinical trials in their formula. Unique Hoodia is a long list of supplements that claim to use the ingredient Hoodia Gordonii, but is the only one using correct dosages and reveals the volumes in their unique formula. Read our own Unique Hoodia review and discover what makes it capable of suppressing a users hunger.

Advice about Appetite suppressant Pills And Drinks

Remember that just because a product claims to reduce your appetite does not mean these claims are true! There are literally thousands of products all claiming and failing to offer hunger suppressant properties. All of the products listed above claim to have  clinical backing, positive reviews and ingredients lists that are natural and safe to consume.

About our Feedback And Reviewing Process

At Appetite Suppressants we take feedback very seriously and love to hear from users who have used appetite suppressants. If you would like to recommend or warn us of potential side effects then please use our contact form and let our readers know your thoughts!

Let’s face it – with thousands of supplements available on the market these days – it’s hard to sift through them and find yourself the best appetite suppressant available.

That’s exactly where we come in! We did the research, checked out the competition, looked at their ingredients and studied the results – all to bring you a list of the best appetite suppressant supplements in the industry.

The health and safety of our readers is our top concern, and that is exactly why we only include appetite suppressant products that are made by trusted and reputable manufacturers who know what they are doing.

These manufacturers have extensive experience and pick only the best and natural ingredients that will never be harmful to healthy adults who use them properly.

It’ a well-known fact that a carefully chosen sports nutrition supplement will provide you with quick, reliable and effective results, while a poorly chosen one will just create lots of frustration and may even be harmful!

In any case, before choosing the best appetite suppressant, we urge you to read up on this type of product and find out everything there is to know about it at

That guide will answer most of the questions that you may have about this type of dietary supplement, including what it does, how it’s made, what ingredients it usually contains and why you should consider getting it.

It will also show you that you can easily combine this type of supplement with products like the best mass gainers, as well as the best BCAA supplements. Even using it alongside the best test boosters and the best creatine for men powders will help you achieve powerful results. Women, on the other hand, can use it with the best pre-workout for women products, to achieve a better physique much faster than normal.

And if you’re already familiar with these appetite suppressants and similar pills – and just want to get to the top – read on!

How We Rate the Appetite Suppressants

First of all, you should know that all of the supplements featured in our top 10 list are carefully checked and vetted for ingredients.

We base our list on the safety and quality of the ingredients, the reputation of the manufacturer, the affordability of the product, and, most importantly, on the efficiency of the results.

We also take in mind various performance and result reviews by both industry critics and regular users and gym-goers, and make sure that many people actually like the product and think that it’s great!

For more information, refer to our infographic below:

Also, we’ll show you several effective ways how to lose belly fat, at the end of the article, along with a reference to 17 foods that help you burn unwanted adipose tissue!

The Top 10 Best Appetite Suppressant Supplements

The following products have all been carefully considered regarding their efficacy, ingredients, and affordability.

They are all extremely efficient at curbing hunger, suppressing your appetite, and some of them even at helping you lose extra fat.

That is because a lot of these products can also be great as fat burner supplements.

And in case you’re interested in those, check out 10 Best Fat Burners for Women or Top 10 Best Fat Burner Supplements for Men articles.

And now let’s get on with the list of natural appetite suppressants itself!

1. Phen375

Phen375 is an appetite suppressant dietary supplement made for both women and men. It is designed to reduce food cravings and increase metabolism to burn fat.

The manufacturer promises that you will reduce calorie intake and increase weight loss as a result.

So far, the majority of user and critic reviews agree with that, and they have more than 200,000 happy customers to this date.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients:

First of all, this is the USA blend. There is also an EU blend which is exactly the same, except for the lack of Forskolin and Synephrine.

All of their products are made in FDA approved laboratories with the highest quality natural ingredients.

Every ingredient listed above is proven to have weight loss, appetite suppressing, and metabolism raising effects, and the blend is incredibly useful.

The Pros:

  • Trusted and Respected Manufacturer
  • Amazing ingredient profile
  • Highest quality manufacturing and ingredient standards
  • Thousands of positive reviews by customers
  • Affordable
  • Incredibly effective and quick results
  • Reliable product
  • Has multiple clinical trial references regarding the efficacy of the ingredients

As you can see, these are pretty awesome advantages, and the price is hard to beat.

This manufacturer has been in business since 2004 and since then earned a great reputation for providing products that work.

The Cons:

  • Contains a Proprietary Blend

We’ll come out and stay it right away – we don’t like proprietary blends. They are inherently anti-consumer and serve no real purpose anymore.

That said, we know that all of the ingredients contained in this supplement don’t exceed a certain dose because they had the exact quantity specified before they improved their product in 2013 and added two other ingredients.

So all of the quantities are in order and proven to be safe and reliable.

But hiding them behind a proprietary blend is still not a great thing to do – and that’s pretty much the only con this product has.

It’s as close to a perfect dietary appetite suppressant supplement as you can get for such a price.

More than two hundred thousand customers can’t be wrong, and people are constantly coming back for more.

There are a couple of stronger supplements on the market, but none as reliable as this one – and none made by a manufacturer who has existed and made customers happy for such a long time!

We can easily recommend this hunger suppression supplement with good conscience, as it has time and time again proven to be effective, reliable and safe.

2. Phen24

Phen24 is a strong hunger suppressant supplement that also helps increase energy and metabolism, as well as reduce evening cravings.

It contains no stimulants and is made specifically for women. Men can also use it, but it’s mostly suitable for the physiology and body composition of women.

What makes this appetite suppressant pill unique is that it contains both a daily and a nightly formula.

It means that you take one pill during the day, which will increase metabolism, give you more energy and help you burn more calories than usual. And then you take one pill before you go to bed, which reduces cravings and increases the rate at which your body burns calories at night.

And the best part is, it does not interfere with your sleep because it contains absolutely no stimulants!

The Ingredient list:

As you can see, there are two sets of ingredients; one for daytime with caffeine, and one for nighttime when you shouldn’t take stimulants.

The ingredient profile covers pretty much everything that your body needs in order to increase metabolism, curb hunger and burn calories at an accelerated rate.

The Pros:

  • Incredibly effective
  • Comprehensive and broad ingredient profile
  • Trusted and Respected Manufacturer
  • Tested and proven to be safe and reliable
  • Targets fat burning at night
  • High-quality ingredients and manufacturing labs
  • Great Price
  • Has multiple clinical trial references regarding their product efficacy

Another great supplement that’s made by a company that knows what they are doing.

The Cons:

  • Contains a proprietary blend
  • Designed mostly for women

While the supplement can work for men, it is still most suitable for women.

The fact that it contains a proprietary blend is also not such a great thing. That said, the manufacturer is WOLFSON BERG LIMITED, and they have more than 30 years’ worth of experience in the business, so they know what they are doing.

This hunger-suppressing supplement is undoubtedly very effective at what it does.

And it also has a great and affordable price.

That said since it contains a lot of different ingredients; more than most such supplements – there is more risk of various minor side effects due to different allergies and sensitivities.

But that’s not surprising, considering the fact that most supplements which contain more than 10 ingredients have an increased safety risk.

Other than that, we can fully recommend this to any and all women who want to curb their hunger, enhance their metabolism and burn fat at an accelerated rate!

3. PhenQ

PhenQ is another great appetite suppressants supplement which uses pharmaceutical grade ingredients and is suitable for both women and men.

It doesn’t just suppress your appetite, making you eat less and cut calories, but it also helps burn the fat that’s already stored in your body, as well as blocks further production to stop weight gain.

This product’s manufacturer is the same as Phen24’s, but it focuses on different things than the other product does and is not as gender specific.

The Ingredient List:

As you can see, this time there is no proprietary blend, and that’s a wonderful thing!

It’s always great to know exactly what and how much of if you’re putting into your body.

The Pros:

  • Trusted and Respected Manufacturer
  • Great Fat Loss and Hunger Suppressing Ingredient Profile
  • Multiple references to clinical trials of the product
  • Over 190,000 happy customers
  • Reliable and Safe
  • Contains a unique, clinically tested and proven to be effective, ingredient α-Lacys Reset®

The most notable thing about this supplement is that it contains a unique ingredient that’s not available in any of the other reliable and efficient fat burner supplements and appetite suppressants.

Namely α-LACYS RESET, which is a patented combination of alpha lipoic acid, cysteine, and magnesium.

In clinical trials against a placebo, it has shown awesome results, significantly increasing the percentage of body fat lost by people who use it.

The Cons:

  • Not all ingredients are natural
  • Expensive

Unfortunately, not all ingredients here come from natural herbal sources, like in most of our supplements, but they’re all still proven to be safe and effective at what they do.

Some people may not like synthetic ingredients, and it’s perfectly understandable due to allergy and other reasons.

The product is also on the expensive side, but it is without a doubt worth the little extra money.

As it stands now, it’s one of the most effective and efficient appetite suppressants in the world, for both women and men.

A lot of clinical trials back it, and a significant part of 190,000 customers have left glowing and overwhelmingly positive reviews.

No doubt about it – it’s great at what it does!

Although it costs slightly more than other similar supplements – we think the extra price is well worth it!

4. Zotrim

Zotrim is an herbal weight loss aid designed specifically for women which helps manage weight, suppress hunger and curb cravings.

It is backed by five clinical studies and ten expert approved papers and contains all natural weight management ingredients.

What’s most surprising is that in placebo trials, it showed significant results, even when taken without exercise or a special diet plan.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients:

As you can see, there is a “sort of” proprietary blend, meaning that it displays certain ingredients in percentages and obfuscates certain others.

That said, since the total content is 403mg, there are no dangerous doses and we can easily say that the product is safe to use.

The Pros:

  • Unique ingredient blend
  • Backed by many clinical trials and studies
  • Reliable Manufacturer in business since 2006
  • Large number of positive critic and user reviews
  • Works even without exercise or a special diet plan
  • Changes bad eating habits
  • Great at curbing hunger!
  • Very affordable!

The supplement is great and also incredibly affordable when compared to the competition.

That said, it has a couple of flaws.

The Cons:

  • Not as strong as the competition
  • Only for Women

The biggest con is that the supplement, while effective, is not really geared toward people who train a lot.

Its efficacy is lacking when compared to similar supplements, because there are only a few active ingredients, as opposed to many different ones that are usually present in this type of supplement.

So why is it in our list? Because it’s still one of the most effective appetite suppressants for women – especially those who don’t particularly train all that often.

So if you’re a female casual gym-goer, this product is one of the best choices.

If, however, you’re a hardcore athlete – it’s not for you.

The value for money is amazing, and it’s perfectly safe to use. That said, it’s not very strong even though it’s reliable and great at suppressing appetite.

And that’s what you ultimately want out of appetite suppressants, right? It’s not a workout supplement, like most of the others in this list.

Buy it if you want to change your bad eating habits or to avoid hunger pangs while dieting.


Forskolin 250 is a simple dietary supplement that helps people lose weight safely and naturally.

The manufacturer is one of the most well-known and reliable companies in the industry.

It works by increasing metabolism, helping break down existing body fat stores, suppressing your hunger and appetite, and helping you get a leaner physique.

The Ingredient Label is extremely simple:


Forskolin 250 20% contains 250mg of Forskolin extracted from the root of the Coleus Forskohlii plant – and nothing else.

This ingredient is backed by numerous extensive studies and it simply works.

That is exactly why most diet pills, hunger suppressant products, and various fat burner supplements love to use this product so much.

It acts by curbing hunger, decreasing appetite, increasing metabolism and targeting existing fat stores for use as energy.

In men, it helps them lose fat and still retain their body weight.

In women, it encourages a toned and fit physique.

The Pros:

  • Simple, effective, and reliable product
  • Trusted and Respected Manufacturer
  • Top quality ingredients and manufacturing labs
  • Backed by many different studies
  • Completely safe and easy to use for healthy adults at proper dosages
  • Fast Results!

Forskolin as an ingredient works. Many different weight loss supplements use it – and this is just its purest and most refined form. Not much more to say about it.

The Cons:

  • Not as strong as a product with a more comprehensive and wide array of ingredients
  • Expensive
  • Narrow Ingredient and Effect Focus

The narrow focus means that this supplement only chooses one core active ingredient and runs with it.

Unfortunately, even though this product is effective at what it does, other supplements that contain many different ingredients are still going to be more efficient and have a stronger effect.

It’s also on the expensive side, as making a pure and refined extract costs a pretty penny.

The product is pure and simple – there’s not much to say about it other than the fact that it definitely works and does exactly what it promises.

If you’re a purist who doesn’t want to mix many different ingredients and likes to rely on one thing – then this supplement is definitely for you.

This simplicity makes it incredibly safe and reliable, so unless you have certain allergies, you won’t have to worry about it.

That said, many other products are better simply because they contain more active compounds and elements.

6. Platinum Garcinia Plus

Platinum Garcinia Plus is a non-stimulant appetite suppressant formula that contains a very high dose of Garcinia Cambogia.

It’s made by Muscletech, one of the most far-reaching, reliable and respected manufacturers in the sports supplement industry, and targeted towards bodybuilders who want to lose fat and curb hunger!

The Ingredient list is succinct:

A little Calcium, a massive dose of Garcinia Cambogia, and a decent amount of Green Coffee Extract.

The Pros:

  • For serious athletes and bodybuilders
  • Extremely strong dose of Garcinia
  • Straightforward and effective supplement
  • One of the most trusted and respected manufacturers
  • Incredibly affordable!

The supplement packs an incredible Garcinia punch! It contains three times more of this ingredient that most other supplements on the planet.

It also comes at an extremely affordable price!

The Cons:

  • Higher chance of side effects than usual, due to incredibly strong dose
  • Narrow ingredient and effect focus
  • Not for Women

This supplement is only for Garcinia-lovers. People who like this ingredient and feel its beneficial effects.

It’s definitely not for everyone because it contains a strong dose, and individuals who are sensitive or allergic should avoid it.

That said, for serious bodybuilders and athletes who like to utilize Garcinia Cambogia for its amazing weight loss and appetite suppressant qualities – it’s a very solid, reliable and valid choice!

7. NLA for Her: Her Garcinia

NLA for Her: Her Garcinia is another simple yet effective weight loss supplement that aids in body fat reduction and suppresses appetite and hunger.

Since NLA for Her makes it, it’s safe to assume that it’s a women-only product.

In fact, this is the women’s version of the Platinum Garcinia product above, since women should take this herb at lower dosages.

The ingredient list is short and sweet:

Both Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee Bean extract have been known to increase metabolism, curb hunger and regulate appetite – making you consume fewer calories throughout the day as a result.

They also target existing fat stores and help move it towards the production of energy by the body.

The Pros:

  • Simple and Effective
  • Backed by clinical trials and various studies
  • Very Affordable!
  • Completely safe and reliable product
  • Trusted and Reputable Manufacturer

The price is among the cheapest in appetite suppressants category, and the effectiveness of this product is unquestionable because it contains two simple ingredients that are backed by many trials.

The Cons:

  • Not as strong as the competition
  • Not for men
  • Narrow Ingredient and Effect Focus

The product is as simple as it comes, but it provides real and reliable results.

That said, serious bodybuilders and athletes should look towards something more effective that contains a more comprehensive list of ingredients.

8. NLA for Her: Her Appetite Control Chew

NLA for Her – Her Appetite Control is a performance chew supplement which contains advanced appetite suppressant supporting ingredients.

The manufacturer claims that taking one chew per day helps promote normal appetite and hinders cravings.

Other than that, the product is made by a very respected sports nutrition supplement manufacturer that mostly targets a women audience for their products.

Let’s take a look at the nutrition fact label:

As you can see, there is a small proprietary blend present, but since the quantities aren’t exceeding a certain range, they are completely safe to use for healthy adults.

The Pros:

  • Incredibly convenient
  • Only 20 calories
  • Effective appetite control
  • Reliable sports nutrition manufacturer
  • Natural sweeteners
  • Affordable
  • Sugar and Gluten Free
  • Phenomenally tasty!

We’re not kidding when we say this – they taste amazing! Just like real brownies!

But the biggest upside to this supplement is pure and simple convenience.

Just unwrap one chew, pop it into your mouth, and you’re done! No water or anything else necessary!

The fact that they are affordable and contain no artificial sweeteners and substances is also great.

The price is low when compared to the competition.

The Cons:

  • Not as effective as the competition
  • High chance of allergies due to many different ingredients
  • Designed only for women

The biggest downside is that the effect is not very strong when compared to other products on this list.

Without any doubt, this is the most convenient product in our list, and that convenience makes it unique!

While unique is good, it’s not necessarily the best, because there are, unfortunately, many other more efficient products around!

9. MHP: Thyro-Slim

Thyro-Slim is a powerful and patented weight loss system that has two different active formulas – one for the day and one for the night.

It’s designed to boost a person’s metabolism and energy, support healthy blood sugar levels and thyroid function, as well as reduce water retention by the body.

The AM Formula called Thyrogenic is best when taking two capsules twice daily, preferably in the morning and early afternoon.

The PM formula called Thyrodrene, on the other hand, is for taking two capsules once, on an empty stomach just before bedtime.

The Ingredients list:

As you can see, there are a lot of minerals and other great nutrients in this formula.

However, there is one useless fad ingredient called Raspberry Ketone, which has no real scientific data backing its efficacy.

We don’t like it when supplements jump on a fad bandwagon and fool their customers with useless ingredients.

But other than that, the supplement is pretty effective as far as appetite suppressants go!

The Pros:

  • Comprehensive Ingredient Profile
  • A good dose of minerals (Selenium, Copper, Chromium)
  • Very Affordable!
  • Full daily-cycle formula
  • Effective at hunger suppression
  • Supports proper thyroid function

The Cons:

  • Several proprietary blends
  • Contains a useless fad ingredient
  • Not as strong as the competition
  • Contains several highly diuretic ingredients which can cause dehydration
  • Higher chance of various side effects due to over 30 different ingredients

As you can see, while it’s a decent product that has some good qualities, there are still a lot of cons.

It’s great for those who want to shed water weight and suppress appetite, but many people have reported feeling dehydrated, so we don’t recommend it to people who do a lot of cardio and other intensive exercises.

10. Total Transformation Drops by Simply Natures Pure

Total Transformation Drops is a unique appetite suppressant supplement because they come in an incredibly convenient, easy to use and small package.

They are drops that you take during the day, and they contain ingredients that help curb your hunger and cravings.

The Ingredients:

As you can see, the quantities are quite low, but they are good for a quick fix.

We’re not sure why they included Gamma-Amino Butyric acid (GABA), however, because it’s an amino acid which acts as a neurotransmitter in the central nervous system and works by inhibiting nerve transmission in the brain, calming nervous activity.

It’s essentially a natural tranquilizer, without any strong links to suppression of appetite.

The Pros:

  • Incredibly convenient
  • Calming nerves effect
  • Last a long time
  • Good hunger suppressant

The Cons:

  • Not as strong as the other supplements on this list
  • Expensive
  • Not for serious bodybuilders, weightlifters, and other athletes

As you can see, it’s a very convenient option, but not the strongest one.

In a pinch, it can save you from cravings and prevent you from snacking between meals, but there are much better alternatives on the market.

And now you know which the best appetite suppressant supplements in the industry are – don’t forget that this is our preference.

Don’t get fooled and buy random over the counter appetite suppressants without checking their content first because most of them are cheap knock-offs and aren’t designed to give you the best possible results!

To stay on the safe side, only buy products that are made by trusted and respected manufacturers who know what they are doing!

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Now that you’ve seen our best appetite suppressants – we urge you not to forget the fact that you need to combine them all with a healthy diet and a proper exercise routine.

Failure to do that will just make you waste your money and not get the awesome results that you could otherwise achieve.

Also, even though these are all safe appetite suppressant supplements, if you want to help yourself become leaner in the healthiest possible way – check out .

That article covers everything from the type of specific exercise that you can do, to sleep and proper nutrition.

And speaking of proper nutrition, go and read our 17 Powerful Fat Burning Foods That Will Improve Your Body article to learn more about what types of food are best for obtaining a godlike physique that everyone will envy!

There are more ways than one to shed fat and lose weight, and there are always natural and healthy ways to obtain the perfect physique.

Appetite suppressants play a key role in a successful diet plan for both short term and long term weight loss results. Hunger suppressant pills help relieve your appetite and can help you avoid binge eating when dieting, but overall they help you control how much you actually eat. Over eating is a leading cause for obesity and weight gain, so the sooner you control what you eat the better, healthier and lighter you will feel.

Appetite suppressant pills on the market today!
While there are many products in the market today claiming to have created the ultimate way to suppress your appetite most unfortunately don’t live up to expectations!

Side effects and appetite suppressant pills
Side effects can be serious and have adverse effects on your health, that is why we only list hunger suppressant pills that do not cause dangerous or detrimental health risks!

In this list we take a look at the top 5 over the counter appetite suppressants in the market for 2017/18 using our own user experience, customer reviews and feedback we have received.

Remember DO NOT to starve yourself of food! This is not the answer.. You must reduce your consumption of food over time to lose weight successfully and keep it off!

1. Phen375

There are so many people out there who want to lose body weight, which is why the weight loss medication market is always evolving. One of the newest products to enter the field of weight loss medications is Phen375, which is a supplement that aims to effectively cut down your body’s fat tissue and make it much more difficult for the body to store any fat. It has reached our #1 position for good reasons!

Breakdown of Phen375

  • Produced by RDK Global, which is a reputable US firm. It is created in FDA approved laboratories, which means that you can be fully confident that you’re consuming a safe medication produced by a reliable company.
  • Phen375 enhances your body’s metabolism and fat burning abilities, with results of up to 3-5 pounds of weight loss per week!
  • Suppresses the appetite in order to maintain your weight loss
  • Won’t empty your wallets: very affordable!
  • Promotes an energy increase, which will provide you that extra drive to perform further daily activities and burn additional calories!

Phen375 is one of the top rated appetite suppressants you will find on the market in 2017/18. It helps in weight loss by suppressing your appetite so that you won’t have those food cravings or late night binges. It is not only legal but also safe given that it is made using all-natural ingredients.

CLICK HERE > To Visit the Official Phen375 Website

OR: Read our Full Phen375 Review

2. Phen Q-

PhenQ is a Phentermine evolved supplement that helps achieve weight loss quite rapidly. This means that it is a natural weight loss supplement, which provides the same benefits of Phentermine, minus the harmful side effects.

The main active ingredient that makes this product stand above other weight-loss supplements is its patented formula named α-Lacys Reset. This formula combines 2 separate ingredients: cysteine and alpha-lipoic acid. These essential ingredients affect the body’s digestive functions in order to normalize its metabolism.

PhenQ works to consistently improve your metabolism so that you:

  1. Begin to eat less
  2. Burn additional calories
  3. Gain less body fat

This is the ultimate weight-loss supplement that combines 3 distinct weight-loss functions in one single product.


  • Provide much more effective results than most of its competitors.
  • Extremely quick in burning stored body fat.
  • Helps suppress your appetite so that you consume less food and avoid excessive weight.
  • Blocks fat production
  • Enhances one’s energy levels in order to stay active throughout the entire day.
  • All-natural ingredients that include ZERO side effects

This supplement provides all of the advantages that one may want from an over the counter appetite suppressant in one single pill!

CLICK HERE > Visit the Official PhenQ Website

OR: Read our Full PhenQ Review

3. Capsiplex

Capsiplex takes strength from its main ingredient; capsicum and pepper. They increase the internal temperature of the body and thus naturally catalyze metabolic rate and burn fat. Niacin also helps in the cause by lowering bad cholesterol.

Its caffeine content helps suppress your appetite so you eat less and thus shed the flab. Piperine meanwhile helps increase the energy quotient, so that you feel alive and youthful. Capsiplex is an accumulation of natural extracts and poses no danger to the body.

Its main achievements

  • Helps burn fat and catalyze metabolism
  • Hunger Suppressant
  • Increases energy levels
  • Reduces up to 2 kilos per week

CLICK HERE > Visit the Official Capsiplex Website

OR: Read our Full Capsiplex Review

Forskolin 250

Have you ever considered using a forskolin supplement product for your weight loss purposes? Well, Forskolin 250 is one slimming brand in today’s market that is solely sourced from the natural forskolin herb. Can this important herb be truly effective in helping individuals lose body weight?

If you’re a health conscious person, then you probably already know that forskolin is regarded as a highly beneficial compound, which is used to help prevent or treat dozens of different health problems. Today, both weight loss enthusiasts and the bodybuilding community have much use with forskolin due to its testosterone-increasing and body-slimming properties.

What Exactly is Forskolin 250?

This supplement is owned by Bauer Nutrition, a weight loss, sports and nutritional supplement producer from the UK. This specific dietary supplement product has been designed to help you effectively lose body weight in various different ways. It provides the following benefits:

  • Enhances blood flow
  • Promotes the burning of body fat
  • Boosts the immune system and the memory functions
  • Enhances metabolic levels
  • Supports other different health advantages

Forskolin 250 is completely derived from the plant roots of Plectranthus Barbatus. This comes to show that this appetite suppressants supplement is 100% natural, pure & organic!

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5. Zotrim

Zotrim is an established appetite suppressant that is appreciated for its unique capacity to suppress your hunger naturally. Its amazing patented list of ingredients all combine to offer positives weight loss success. The guarana seed Extracts increases your energy rate as it is high in caffeine. Yerba mate quickly reduces your appetite making it easier o burn more calories than you consume.

Damiana extarct has been proven to increase your matabolic rate, all these ingredients used in one supplement is how zotrim has become such an effective and natural appetite suppressant.

Its main achievements

  • Suppresses your appetite quickly
  • Completely natural and has no side effects

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Don’t forget
These appetite suppressant pills make sure you can cut down or calories consumed due to them being the best on the market. Exercising while using appetite suppressants will increase weight loss as you will also start burning excess fat. We would advise anyone with a medical condition to consult a health professional. If you have any experience or feed back from these appetite suppressant pills then please contact us so we can keep our readers informed.

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