Affirmation at night for weight loss

Weight Loss Using Law of Attraction Affirmations

Do you think losing weight and living a healthy life is difficult?

Are you trying to lose weight but not getting successful?

Are you trying diet and workout but failing again and again?

Every overweight person wants to lose weight and get their body in perfect shape, but most of the people fail in achieving this. If you have tried and failed many times before or if you are ready to try it now for the first time then you are reading the correct article. I will give you the insight on why you are failing and how you can change your habits that are bringing you this failure.

This principle is about using Affirmations for weight loss and having a perfect body.

Some of you must have already tried using positive affirmations or law of attraction for weight loss. If you wonder, how it works and want to understand the secret behind your mind-body mechanism then, let me explain it to you now. But, before explaining the weight loss affirmations or the law of attraction in losing weight let me tell you the biggest myth about weight loss.

Biggest Myth About Weight Loss: Being Fat is all about Eating.

Many people think being overweight or fat and then losing that weight is all about eating. So to reduce their weight they go on diet control programs one after the other, but find very little results. If at all they find drastic results, it’s only temporary.

Yes, your eating habit has the highest impact on your weight gain or loss, but what is the reason for these bad eating habits. Bad eating habit is a result of the bad emotional state.

Most of the fat people are emotionally weak or living in stress or get sad or insecure easily and are fearful from within. Many people gain weight after a breakup or getting cheated in a relationship or if they are experiencing stress at work.

Like this, there are many negative emotions that result in weight gain.

High level of stress or depression will drive you to crave more sugar and fatty foods. As a result of negative emotions, people stop taking positive decisions and get addicted to fattening food to satisfy their inner turmoil with outer gratification.

This is one of the primary reasons why people fail when they go on a diet or want to be regular at the gym or yoga because they only try to change the outside habit but not the inner one.

Most people have a gym membership, but they show up very rarely at the gym. Having a healthy eating habit and regular workout or physical exercise is a must for achieving a perfect body. But here I am talking to you about the mind game that is happening in the physical reality, which is failing you every time you want to become fit and healthy.

Everyone is telling you “what you already know”, but no one is telling you “what you need to know”. 

Anyone can tell you that you are fat because you have a bad eating habit or you are not going to the gym. They are not telling you something new. Even you know the same and want to change this, some of you are even trying hard but not able to succeed in losing weight and no one is telling you why you are not able to do it.

Why Are You Failing to Lose Weight?

Do you want to know the reason why you are failing again and again though you want to reduce your weight?

The reason is you are lacking positive emotions, you are lacking the true motivation and in your mind, you are not accepting that you can do it.

Your first step towards your weight loss journey should be programming your mind with positivity and confidence that “Yes, I Can Do It.”

But just saying “Yes, I can do it” will not be enough.

There is a way to program your subconscious mind to remove the negative emotions and beliefs that make you fat and replace them with the correct emotions to make you healthy.

This is when the greatest tools come into play, they are Positive Affirmations or Law of Attraction Principles or Subconscious Mind Programming.

You know Law of Attraction says “Your Thoughts Become Things.”

Likewise, unless you believe that “You are meant to become healthy and perfect, you will never become healthy and perfect.”

Believing is the first step and doing is the next step.

To create this positive belief, you must use Affirmations – Weight Loss Affirmations for perfect body shape.

Affirmations are Auto-Suggestions or Positive Phrases you tell you again and again so that slowly your mind starts accepting them as truth. As you practice it regularly they shift your thoughts and feelings massively in the desired direction and you start acting on it.

Every successful person on this planet uses affirmations or auto-suggestions to program themselves for success. It works for weight loss and healthy leaving, it works for money, happiness, confidence, business success and everything in life.

So, here I am giving you the Affirmations for weight loss that you can use to program your mind. Once you program your mind, you can easily stick to healthy eating and regular workouts this way you will experience magical success.

Quick Story of Weight Loss

I have helped so many people change their body and life with affirmations. Recently one of my program participants has lost 8 Kg in just 1.5 Months.

She was overweight for the past 3 years and took several attempts to lose weight. She had enrolled herself in gym and yoga classes but was struggling to be regular in these classes. Like many others, she was not able to have a strong determination to follow her desired habit of healthy eating and workouts.

When she joined my mentoring program, my first guidance to her was to build positive emotions within her with Powerful Positive Affirmations. Just within a week, she became regular to the gym than she had been in the last 1.5 months. Now she is regular to the gym, does yoga and is into healthy eating. She has lost 8 Kg in just 1.5 months and all this was possible when she shifted her thoughts and left her negative emotions behind to build faith & positive emotions inside.

50 Best Weight Loss Affirmations for Perfect Body Shape

1. I love and approve myself.

2. I am at peace with my body, heart, and soul.

3. Every day, I am feeling healthier and stronger.

4. I am learning how to love my body.

5. It’s safe for me to be myself.

6. Today, I focus on the good things that are unfolding in my life.

7. Trusting my body is becoming easier and easier.

8. Healing is happening in my body and in my mind.

9. I choose to breathe in relaxation and breathe out stress.

10. My health is improving and so is my life.

11. I am surrounded and protected by the healing white light.

12. Everything I eat heals me and nourishes me.

13. Making small changes are becoming easier for me.

14. Healing happens with each baby step I take.

15. I am choosing progress over perfection.

16. I am guided by my intuition. I know what to eat and how to live my life.

17. I naturally connect with other like-minded, positive people.

18. Letting go of the past is good for me. It is safe for me to let go.

19. I can feel that everything is beginning to change.

20. I am feeling healthy, focused and determined.

21. Lots of new and exciting things are opening up in my life.

22. I can heal my body. I am healing my body. My body is healing.

23. I can do this. I am doing this. Healing is happening right now.

24. I am guided by a higher power.

25. I am energetic and strong.

26. I see the best in everyone and they in me.

27. I believe in my ability to truly love myself for who I am.

28. I accept my body shape and acknowledge the beauty it holds.

29. I am the creator of my future and the driver of my mind.

30. I let go of unhelpful patterns of behavior around food.

31. I allow myself to make choices and decisions for my higher good.

32. I let go of any guilt I hold around food choices.

33. I accept my body for the shape I have been blessed with.

34. I let go of relationships that are no longer for my higher good.

35. I believe in myself and acknowledge my greatness.

36. I allow myself to feel good being me.

37. I accept myself for who I am.

38. I bring the qualities of love into my heart.

39. I have hope and certainty about the future.

40. I am grateful for the body I own and all it does for me.

41. I do a healthy amount of exercise regularly.

42. My body gets all the nutrients it needs.

43. My desire for fattening foods is dissolving.

44. I have a strong urge to eat only health-giving and nutritious foods.

45. I feel good about myself.

46. I am attaining and maintaining my ideal weight.

47. I am strong and healthy.

48. I am peaceful and calm.

49. My Mind, Body & Soul are gifts of the Universe to me.

50. My body is my temple that I love and takes care of every single day of my life.

WOW, that’s a magnificent list of weight loss affirmations, isn’t it?

Some of the affirmations don’t seem relevant to your body or weight loss, but like I said before it’s all about creating positive emotions, so I have designed this list to give you positive belief about yourself, your life and relationship.

Practice these affirmations many times every day. You must use it in the morning and before going to sleep at night.

If you find this list is too long then you can choose 20 or 25 of them. But remember these affirmations not only help you lose your weight and achieve perfect health and body shape, but these affirmations will also help you to create a happy life.

Practicing these affirmations is the first step. Once you start using these affirmations for 2 weeks regularly, you will find immense positivity and energy within you that you will be able to follow your diet and workouts effortlessly without fail. If you have failed many times before, then you must practice the above affirmations for 2 weeks and then see the results.

Read the inspirational story of Linca and learn about how she achieved her massive success with affirmations, positive feelings, the law of attraction and work-out. Read Linca’s Weight Loss Success Story here.


Everything starts with your mind. Positive feelings and positive emotions create massive success and same is valid for weight loss success also. If you have failed before then give yourself another chance by using these affirmations. Practice these 50 Best Weight Loss Affirmations on a daily basis and then follow a healthy diet and workout routine, you will be surprised at your results. You can achieve success if you know how to. If hundreds of people have done this then definitely you can also do it.

Thoughts become things, have a healthy thought process and have a healthy body.

Share your experiences or challenges on your weight loss journey.

Love & Gratitude,

Awesome AJ

Law of Attraction Coach & Motivational Speaker

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Affirmations for weight loss are very important in achieving quick weight loss. By using affirmations you’ll increase your chances of obtaining life lasting results in the weight loss battle.

Did you know that it’s a fact that those people that use hypnosis, subliminal messaging, and NLP combined with their diets and exercise programs experience much better success than those that don’t?

In this article we will explore how and why affirmations work in hopes that you will use them in conjunction with your other methods of weight loss.

This four step formula of affirmations for weight loss that is presented here is a great way to mentally prepare you and your subconscious mind for achieving the maximum results that you are seeking and hoping for.

Step One: Find Your Target Weight

To create good and proper affirmations for weight loss, you need to set a target weight that you want to achieve and that will make you feel awesome once you do succeed with reaching your goal.

It is a mistake to tell yourself that you want to lose weight. Society has conditioned and taught us that to lose something is bad. Thus when we tell our mind that we want to lose weight, it naturally assumes this is bad and so it subconsciously fights us on it.

You don’t desire to lose weight! No, what you desire is to be at your ideal weight. This important difference in your mind is crucial for winning the mental battle of weight loss.

So how do you figure out what your ideal weight should be? The best way to do this is to use a target weight calculator or to consult a physician or someone else that has experience with dieting and losing weight.

Step Two: Ask Yourself “What Needs To Change?”

Fast weight loss doesn’t occur just because you use affirmations for weight loss. Likewise no amount of diet pills, supplements or exercise is going to help you either unless you are ready and willing to make important lifestyle changes to accommodate these weight loss tools.

So determine exactly what you’re willing to do to achieve the target weight you’ve just set. This will go a long ways in telling your subconscious and conscious mind that you’re serious about wanting to lose weight.

Step Three: Create Affirmations for Weight Loss

Now you can start working on creating affirmations for weight loss. Keep the following tips in mind as you work on your new affirmations.

  1. Put your affirmations in the present tense. This is true no matter what kind of affirmations you’re writing.
  2. Always use the first person perspective when writing affirmations of any kind.
  3. Avoid using negative words and instead stick to positive ones. Words such as stop, quit, loss, lose, not, and won’t causes the subconscious mind and emotions to focus on the negatives and results in the affirmations not being effective.
  4. Try to create your affirmations in such a way that they involve action. The type of action will depend upon the work you did in step two.

Sample Affirmations For Weight Loss

“I’m enjoying an increase in self-confidence and energy due to my commitment to live a healthy and active lifestyle.”

“I’m succeeding with reaching my ideal weight because I’m committed to exercising every day for an hour a day.”

“I eat only natural foods that are good for me and my metabolism.”

See how they are done? Now it’s your turn! Write some of your own affirmations for weight loss and start saying them every morning when you get up and at night right before going to sleep.

Step Four: Rehearsal

The last step is to say your affirmations repeatedly. You can’t just say them once or twice and expect them to make these huge changes in your life. You have to recondition your mind and neural pathways to accept the belief in the affirmations. This can only be done through consistent and constant rehearsal. Commit to saying your affirmations minimally 3-5 times each while looking in the mirror upon waking up and 3-5 times each, while visualizing yourself doing them, right before bed.

This is a well known secret for conditioning the subconscious mind. The great thing is, that this works not just with weight loss, but for anything you’re trying to attract, manifest, or bring into your life.

Our thoughts are material … Agree, hardly anyone would argue with that statement.For information on how to achieve this goal only by visualizing their dream, well it was told in the movie “The Secret.”However it is possible to visualize not only the house, a car, a laptop, but also luxury figure.Today it is about affirmations for weight loss will be discussed.

Affirmations – it is a kind of mantra , are working on our subconscious, miraculously bring us closer to this goal.

You may be surprised, but the first affirmations for weight loss have been used by mankind several hundred years ago.The most striking example of the use of affirmations is the scene of the famous Soviet film in which Tatyana Vasilyeva Irina Muraviev urged to believe that it was “most charming and attractive, and all men are crazy about it,” though, of course, in the Soviet Union, it is unlikely,that word would be stuck.However, the most popular affirmations acquired relatively recently, after the publication of the book psycho

therapist Louise Hay, in which she described their effect.By the way, through the power of the words of this woman managed to cope with cancer, you will agree, is much more difficult than to lose a couple of extra kilos.

Principles of affirmations

Today, the impact of these “spells” no one doubts.The best part – you can pronounce the mantra at any time, the main thing – the right to formulate them.There are a few rules of drawing up such a miracle mantra.

1. affirmation is made under the scheme : I + verb in the present tense + Most important facts and additions.For example, I was slimmer with each passing day.

2. In no case in the preparation of affirmations not use particle “NO» , because our consciousness does not perceive it.Otherwise, the effect may be the opposite.For example: instead of the statement “I do not want to eat more,” better to say: “I am well-fed,” etc.

3. affirmation must be short – no more than two sentences.

4. Formulation of affirmations to like you, you have to say it with pleasure.

5. Believe in said .No affirmation will not be effective in the event that you are in it themselves will not believe.So, if you ever say, “I’m losing weight,” and think to myself: “This is all in vain, I never will attain the ideal weight,” that in reality is hardly an arrow on the scale will move down.

secrets of effective affirmations

1. Meet with affirmation as often as possible.Not only do you have to say affirmations aloud (and even better them humming) or myself, but also for more efficient write it on a big sheet of paper and place it in a prominent place.

2. Of course, you can say the affirmations at any time, but for the best exposure is recommended to choose the place and time when not distracted by extraneous things, you will be able to devote himself to this mantra.

3. During the pronunciation affirmations you should feel as comfortable , better to stay in a soft armchair.

4. Correct breathing during pronunciation affirmations – Breathe in slowly through your nose for a few seconds, hold your breath, exhale through the mouth.

Examples of effective affirmations for weight loss

Earlier we told you how to make the affirmations for weight loss.It tells how to make sure that they were the most effective.Now it is time to present you, dear readers of our online magazine, some ready affirmations, saying that every day you reach your goal and become slim, sexy and beautiful.

affirmations for weight loss, are recommended to say before meals :
– I do not eat because I need this or I need it, and at the whim of the inner child.
– I accept only food with a strong appetite.
– I get food for the sole purpose to appease your appetite, your inner child.
– I know that my brain must be twenty minutes to realize that I had enough, so I eat slowly and chew food.
– I know that feeling of fullness comes much slower than fill the stomach, and therefore I eat slowly and chew food.
– I always listen to the voice of your mind, and at the first appearance of saturation stop eating.
– I follow the principle: liquid – biting hard – drinking.

General affirmations for weight loss

– My youth, my femininity, my sexuality with me always.
– I appreciate and love her luxurious body.
– I carefully take care of their appearance.
– I’m attractive, young and desirable.
– I’m going to harmony and health, away from disease and obesity.
– I aspire to be healthy, slim and beautiful.
– quite a force in me to be slim.
– All my food is consumed is absorbed only in an amount which is necessary for my health and beauty.
– I am free of excess weight, because I know that it melts every second, and my body becomes lean and healthy.
– I – slim, healthy and blooming woman.
– Day after day my body becomes more plastic, more feminine and more beautiful.
– I love all of myself without reserve.
– I respect myself.
– I deserve the best in life.
– Today I am even more beautiful and healthier than yesterday.
– Each new day gives me health, harmony and beauty.
– I – the ideal of feminine beauty.
– I’m pretty slim and loved by all.
– I love my body and I want to make it even better.
– 55/60/70 I weigh (to choose) kilograms.And I was happy with my weight.

As you can see, dear visitors of our portal, affirmations – it is not difficult, but in combination with a diet, a healthy lifestyle and good mood, they will in the shortest possible time will allow you to find the perfect shape and to bring its weight to the desired.

We’ll be grateful if in the comments to this article you tell us about the results of their use of affirmations for weight loss and share with us those formulations that helped you achieve this goal.
Be beautiful and healthy!


This article will provide you with a list of positive affirmations for weight loss and confidence. To be more exact, you’ll discover the 30 best weight loss affirmations and the 30 most effective affirmations for confidence.

I cannot promise you that just by reading these affirmations you will achieve your perfect body weight overnight. That would be a lie and that’s something I’ll never do.

However, I can promise you, that if you read them on a continual basis and stay persistent enough, and if you combine them with regular physical activities and a healthy diet, I guarantee that you WILL achieve your desired results because there’s no other way!

It is that simple.

To make the whole process more real to you, I’ll share a very short story of my very dear friend Matt. Please read it before going to the actual affirmations.

My friend used to eat a lot. Really a lot… Fast food was his favorite pleasure and he was literally addicted to it. He really thought that he was meant to be fat and overweight, and that it all had to do something with his metabolism or something. He came to the point when he couldn’t tie his own shoes because he just couldn’t bend down from his enormous body fat.

Then one day he decided that he’s fed up from him living that way. He started running (walking in the beginning) regularly, each and every day. He changed his diet and was on high protein food combined with salads. No fast food, no bread, no sweet things, no sugar. Nada! He was dedicated and determined to succeed.

Well you can guess probably what happened.

In a few months he lost many pounds and he seemed to be doing just fine. He looked refreshed and rejuvenated. He was much happier than how I used to know him and I really thought that he DID IT! But…

Then I hadn’t seen him for a while and the next time we met which was like 4 months later, he was even fatter than I knew him from before.

Why? What went wrong? How could something like that happen?

Well it’s very simple.

It was his self-image he held of himself that dragged him down. Deep down in his subconscious he really believed that he was meant to be overweight and that no matter what he did, he is who he is (overweight non-confident person). We all have our own self-image and most of the time we are not even aware of how much this affects the results we get in our lives.

To keep a long story short, I suggested to Matt few programs that were going to rewire his brain and change his belief system. I introduced him to NLP and some powerful techniques such as affirmations and visualizations.

He didn’t like all of it, but it seemed like he really fell in love with the affirmations. It was easy for him to use them and he quickly turned them into a habit. Now this time, he started exactly the same process as before just with only one difference.

Same exercises, same diet, same program. The only difference in his life was the actual use of affirmations. And he was really dedicated and persistent.

To cut this short…

If you meet my friend today, there is no way on earth you could possibly think that this man could weigh 300 pounds. Just no way! He is confident, his self-esteem and self-image are perfect! And you can do exactly the same thing is you just follow what this article suggests you to.

So enough story-telling, let’s get into the powerful stuff. Choose around 5 weight loss and 5 confidence affirmations from the list below, and say out loud each of them for whole 5 minutes during the day. That would be an exercise of 50 minutes per day.

Keep repeating those 10 affirmations for a week, and then move onto new ones. Put real power and emotions in your voice and stay PERSISTENT!

If you keep doing this, and if you combine it with some regular exercises and healthy food, I guarantee that you will achieve the perfect body weight and shape! There’s no other way!

Let’s dive in…

List of 30 Positive Affirmations for Weight Loss

  1. I believe in my ability to love and accept myself for who I am.
  2. I set myself free from all the guilt I carry around the food I chose in the past.
  3. Every day I am exercising and taking care of my body.
  4. Healing is happening in both my body and mind.
  5. Every time I inhale, fresh energy fills my entire being and every time I exhale, all toxins and body fat leave my body.
  6. My health is improving more and more every day, and so is my body.
  7. Everything I eat heals and nourishes my body, which helps me reach the ideal weight.
  8. I am closer and closer to my ideal weight with each and every day.
  9. I am so happy and grateful now that I weigh __________ kilograms/pounds. (Fill in the desired number)
  10. I can do this, I am doing this, my body is losing weight right now.
  11. I am letting go of any guilt I hold around food.
  12. Eating healthy foods helps my body get all of the nutrients it needs to be in best shape.
  13. I am closer and closer to my ideal weight with each and every day.
  14. I feel my desire for fat-rich foods dissolving.
  15. I have a strong urge to eat only healthy foods, and let go of any processed foods.
  16. I am the best version of myself, and I am working hard to become even better. I will lose weight because I want to, and I have the power to do this.
  17. My body is my temple, and I attentively take care of it every day by eating only healthy foods that heal and nourish me.
  18. I am aware that my metabolism is working in my advantage by helping me in gaining my optimal weight.
  19. I am attaining and maintaining my desired weight.
  20. I have the power to easily control my weight through a combination of healthy eating and exercising.
  21. I am grateful to my body for all the things it does for me.
  22. Every cell in my body is healthy and fit, and so am I.
  23. I feel my body losing weight in every single moment of the day.
  24. I always chew my food properly so that my body can digest it and take out the nutrients I need to lose weight.
  25. I believe in my ability to change my habits and create new, positive ones.
  26. I no longer feel the urge to stuff my body with unhealthy foods, and I can easily resist temptations.
  27. I enjoy life by staying fit and maintaining my ideal weight.
  28. I am capable of achieving my weight loss goals, and I will not let anything stay in my way until then.
  29. I accept my body exactly the way it is and I constantly work on improving it.
  30. I completely understand that unhealthy foods do not help me lose weight, so I eat only healthy, nutritious foods.
  31. My metabolism rate is at its optimum level, and this helps me reach my ideal body weight.

List of 30 Affirmations for Confidence

  1. I am a confident person who is respected by everyone around.
  2. I am a unique and worthy person, and I deserve everyone’s respect.
  3. I accept myself, and I love myself for who I am.
  4. It matters little what other people say. What really matters to me is how I react and what I believe in.
  5. My mind is filled with positive thoughts, and I understand and let go of any negative thought patterns.
  6. I breathe in relaxation and breathe out stress.
  7. I respect myself, and so do others around me.
  8. I choose to accept myself exactly the way I am, and be happy with my life.
  9. I appreciate every single thing I have in my life, and I live in absolute joy.
  10. I feel excitement when life brings challenges to me, and I gladly accept them without any guilt or anxiety.
  11. I replace “I must,” “I have to” and “I should” with “I choose.”
  12. I trust myself, and I have the confidence that I am a worthy person everyone respects.
  13. Meeting new people is easy. I can creative supportive relationships and make new friends without feeling anxious.
  14. I acknowledge both my qualities and defects, and I always strive to improve.
  15. I am a focused person, and I will not quit doing anything when I feel challenged or wronged.
  16. I am kind, loving, compassionate, and I truly care for the people around.
  17. I inhale self-confidence and exhale fear and anxiety.
  18. I have integrity, as I am a reliable person and I always do exactly what I say. Everybody can trust me.
  19. I trust and believe in myself, and I let go of the negative.
  20. Being alive makes me a happy person.
  21. Being myself is good and rewarding, and I always perceive challenges as opportunities to prove my abilities.
  22. I deserve all that is good in this world. I release any need for suffering, and I can feel happiness, confidence and love getting into my body, mind, and soul.
  23. I am enthusiastic and energetic, and confidence is an important part of my nature.
  24. I am healthy, well-groomed, and good-looking, and I acknowledge both my inner and outer beauty.
  25. I thrive on my absolute self-confidence. My life is beautiful, and I enjoy every single moment of it.
  26. I never compare myself to others, as I understand my uniqueness.
  27. Every time I inhale, confidence fills my entire being and every time I exhale, all guilt and shyness get washed away.
  28. I accept myself the way I am, and I am getting better and better in everything I do.
  29. I am a person who easily accepts new challenges.
  30. Change is inevitable and I accept it wholeheartedly.

Some Final Words…

Action is the key to success. Just the reading won’t do you any good. So take this seriously! Start using affirmations every day in your life and don’t neglect the regular physical activities and well-balanced diet. Good results inevitable. But if you decide to quit and just do what you’ve been doing your entire life, then there’s nothing I can do about it.

Only we are responsible for our results and for the results we get. You now have the ability to choose “where to” from here. I hope you’ll make a wise decision.

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