A healthy diet and lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle isn’t just diet and exercise. So what is a healthy lifestyle? Today we go over the components of leading a healthy lifestyle and how it’s important to lead a balanced life.

I and many others are promoting the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle, but what does that actually mean?

In general, most would agree that a healthy person doesn’t smoke, is at a healthy weight, eats a balanced healthy diet, thinks positively, feels relaxed, exercises regularly, has good relationships, and benefits from a good life balance.

Maybe I should start by trying to look at a few definitions for the word – lifestyle.

A definition in The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language says: “A way of life or style of living that reflects the attitudes and values of a person or group”.

A final definition of lifestyle is: “The aggregation of decisions by individuals which affect their health, and over which they more or less have control”.

Definition Of A Healthy Lifestyle

The World Health Organisation in 1946 defined health as ‘A complete state of mental, physical and social well-being not merely the absence of disease’.

Wikipedia defines a lifestyle as the way a person lives. This includes patterns of social relations, consumption, entertainment, and dress. A lifestyle typically also reflects an individual’s attitudes, values or worldview. A healthy lifestyle is generally characterized as a “balanced life” in which one makes “wise choices”.

What is the definition of Healthy Living?

The actual definition of Healthy Living is the steps, actions and strategies one puts in place to achieve optimum health.

Healthy Living is about taking responsibility for your decisions and making smart health choices for today and for the future. So healthy living would consist of:

Physical (For The Body)

  • Good Nutrition, Eating Right
  • Getting Physically Fit, Beneficial Exercise
  • Adequate Rest
  • Proper Stress Management

You Also Need to Give and Receive

  • Forgiveness
  • Love and Compassion
  • You Need to Laugh and Experience Happiness
  • You Need Joyful Relationships With Yourself and Others

Emotional Wellness (For The Mind)

  • Self-Supportive Attitudes
  • Positive Thoughts and Viewpoints
  • Positive Self-Image

Spiritual Wellness

  • Inner Calmness
  • Openness to Your Creativity
  • Trust in Your Inner Knowing

And all aspects of one’s self, must work in harmony to achieve wellness, so you need to create a balanced life.

Why is it Important?

A healthy lifestyle is a valuable resource for reducing the incidence and impact of health problems, for recovery, for coping with life stressors, and for improving quality of life. There is a growing body of scientific evidence that shows our lifestyles play a huge part in how healthy we are. From what we eat and drink, to how much exercise we take, and whether we smoke or take drugs, all will affect our health, not only in terms of life expectancy, but how long we can expect to live without experiencing chronic disease.

Conditions such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, joint disease, and mental illness are responsible for a vast number of deaths and disabilities. Currently, we rely almost exclusively on the provision of clinical care by highly trained health professionals as our major strategy to deal with these conditions. Many health problems can be prevented or at least their occurrence postponed by having a healthy lifestyle.

Why don’t you have a healthy lifestyle?

It’s a busy life for most of us. And keeping ourselves healthy is all too rarely near the top of our list of ‘things to do’. Convenience often wins – we are all so busy that convenience is at a premium.

Good Health Is “Simple – But It’s Not Easy”

It is so important to make ‘keeping healthy’ a part of our day-to-day living habits. Your health depends on what you do throughout the day, everyday. A healthy lifestyle is absolutely vital. Here is a real simple solution – slowly improve your lifestyle in a step-by-step way. If you take one new health step every two months, for example, in two to three years you will be among the healthiest ten percent of people in the Western world. And boy will you see and feel the benefits.

Improvements do not have to be large steps; take one small step for your health today, keep that one going, and add another one every two months. Have a plan – maybe introduce 6 improvements over the course of a year.

Can You Adopt A Healthy Lifestyle?

Whatever your age, fitness level or body shape, its never too soon or too late to start thinking about living healthily. You can take a step towards healthy living by making one change now to your daily life. That won’t be so hard will it?

Are You Living A Healthy Lifestyle?

Do you wake up with enthusiasm for the day ahead? Do you have the high energy you need to do what you want? Do you laugh easily and often, especially at yourself? Do you confidently find solutions for the challenges in your life? Do you feel valued and appreciated? Do you appreciate others and let them know it? Do you have a circle of warm, caring friends? Do the choices you make every day get you what you want?

The Components Of A Healthy Lifestyle

Eating Healthily

The right nutrition is necessary to live a healthy lifestyle. Your body requires a well balanced diet every day in order to maintain the adequate amounts of vitamins, nutrients and minerals needed to maintain a healthy body.

To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art – La Rochefoucauld (French Writer)

An Active Lifestyle

You will need to include fitness as part of your life. Physical fitness keeps your weight in check, helps you sleep better at night, prevents heart attacks and strokes and other health problems, and generally prolongs your life. Basically there are so many benefits of exercising that you really can’t live a full life without it.

Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness – Edward Stanley (Earl of Derby)

Stress Management

Emotional stress plays an important role in many illnesses, both directly and indirectly. People are also more likely to smoke, overeat, drink too much, work too hard, argue with others and so on, when they are feeling stressed. Thus, stress management is an important part of your new lifestyle, and meditation and relaxation techniques are truly a key part of living a healthy lifestyle.

Diseases of the soul are more dangerous and more numerous than those of the body – Marcus Tullius Cicero (Roman Philosopher)

Make Friends With Yourself

Loving yourself is a key to a healthy, happy lifestyle. Self-esteem is all about how much people value themselves; the pride they feel in themselves, and how worthwhile they feel. Self-esteem is important because feeling good about yourself can affect how you act.

The power of love to change bodies is legendary, built into folklore, common sense, and everyday experience. Love moves the flesh, it pushes matter around… Throughout history, “tender loving care” has uniformly been recognized as a valuable element in healing – Larry Dossey (Physician)

Powering Up Your Mind And Body

Programme your mind for total success. Develop a vision, a compelling future that excites and inspires you, and focus on it daily. Don’t let anything knock you of course, or make you question its possibility. I promise you, by taking control of your thoughts, you will improve your life in a big way.

In minds crammed with thoughts, organs clogged with toxins, and bodies stiffened with neglect, there is just no space for anything else – Alison Rose Levy (Journalist)

Life Balance

If you want to achieve a healthy lifestyle you must take steps to ensure you maintain a certain level of balance… spiritually, physically, emotionally, socially, mentally and financially. You need to balance work and family, and all the other areas of your life without spreading yourself too thin and having a guilt trip when you do one thing, but think you should be doing another. All of the key areas of our lives overlap and interlink, effecting each other. Unless we create for ourselves satisfaction in each and every part of our life, we can never truly be fulfilled, or live a contented, happy and healthy life.

No success in public life can compensate for failure in the home – Benjamin Disraeli (British Prime Minister)

Being Healthy is so important. Just change one thing in your life today. Have a healthy life beginning now. Living a healthy lifestyle will bring you happiness, health and the life of your dreams. You can fit into your favourite pair of jeans again. You can enjoy all the benefits that perfect health offers you. You can feel your best at all times of the day.

I have spent over ten years working in the area of personal development and in helping others to achieve their potential. It is the belief that everyone should be helped and encouraged to reach their full potential that motivates me in my work as a coach and blogger. I’m passionate about this because I have seen its effects in my own life and the lives of others. I am 100% committed to making the difference, and I pray this is obvious to you through my blog.


A healthy lifestyle should be a way of living, and not just a temporary fix for a cold or to negate a gluttonous weekend.   Once you get into the habit of maintaining a healthy routine, you will be able to see, feel, and experience the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

There are significant and long lasting benefits in improving the way you live to ensure that you live a healthy and long life.  The benefits of a healthy lifestyle can be broken down into two parts: the benefits of an active lifestyle and the benefits of eating well.  Let’s take a look at both of these to give you some insight and incentive into changing the way you live.

Benefits of Exercise

Some people would be surprised to find out that exercising does not benefit your physical appearance, but also your mental health, relationships, and overall happiness.  Regardless of whether or not you are an athlete, here are some ways that exercise can improve both your cardiovascular and mental health.

  1. Reducing stress:  After a long day of work or studying, sometimes the last thing you might want to do is run around at the gym.  However, one of the most effective benefits of exercise happens to be stress relief.  Working up a sweat and getting your endorphins running can help manage a person’s physical and mental stress by increasing the amount of norepinephrine in your brain.  The next time you are feeling mentally tired, head on over to the gym instead of into your bed.
  2. Increasing happiness:  You have probably heard that exercise increases the endorphins your brain, leading the feelings of happiness: this is true.  Also true is the fact that happiness can help elevate symptoms of depression in clinically depressed individuals.  So if you are feeling blue, exercise can be just as effective as any medication used to treat depression.
  3. Improving self confidence:  When you do things that make your body feel good, you start feeling good about yourself as well.  Exercising can work to tone, strengthen, and tighten the muscles in your body, and all of these factors can work to improve your self-image.
  4. Go outside:  Getting a daily dose of vitamin D will help increase your mood and self esteem as well.  A healthy lifestyle is one that takes time to appreciate and utilize all aspects of nature and life.  Take some time each week to talk a walk outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.
  5. Keep mentally strong:  As we get older, our brains start to slow down.  By incorporating exercise into our daily routine, we can decrease the likelihood of Alzheimer’s and other types of cognitive decline.  For people between the ages of 25 and 45, working out is more important because it can prevent degeneration or the aspects of our brains that are devoted to memory and learning.
  6. Decrease anxiety:  Anxiety can be debilitating and sometimes exhausting.  By exercising, you can reduce symptoms of anxiety.  Studies have shown that the chemicals your brain releases before or after exercise can help you calm down.
  7. Strengthen brain cells:  If you exercise on a regular basis, you may be smarter than you were if you would choose to forgo the gym.  Cardiovascular exercise creates new brain cells, which, in turn, improve an individual’s overall brain function and performance.
  8. Addiction control:  When you exercise, your brain releases a reward chemical, which is similar to the reward chemical that you feel in response to exercise, sex, drugs, food, etc.  This is where addictions can come into play, as people can become addicted to dopamine.  Luckily, exercise can help ease your addictions by de-prioritizing your cravings, leading you to live a healthier and happier life.
  9. Encourage creativity:  Exercise can also help boost creativity.  For example, a gym session can increase our brain activity for up to two hours post-workout.  So the next time you need some inspiration, start engaging in a blood-pumping exercise for good measure.

Benefits of Healthy Eating

In addition to exercise, healthy eating is a part of a healthy lifestyle.  Foods that are nutritious will improve health; promote weight loss, and much more. Here are some more health benefits that you can get from eating healthy that will contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Fewer wrinkles:  Foods that have high water content, such as fruits and vegetables, will help to keep your skin looking and feeling hydrated.   Fruits and vegetables also contain certain antioxidants that keep your skin looking young.  Be sure to incorporate omega-3 fatty acids as well, such as: fish and salmon to help nourish the skin.
  2. Stress control:  By eating a healthy diet equipped with omega-3, these fatty acids will protect against spikes in stress hormones.  Vitamin C, magnesium, and black tea are also known to reduce stress hormones and protect your immune system at the same time.
  3. Flat stomach:  We all want a flat belly, and health eating, combined with exercise, can help us achieve that.  A diet that limits high sodium and high carbonated foods will help keep your stomach flat.  High fiber foods, such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains will reduce constipation and help keep you full longer.
  4. Happier mood:  Aim to eat healthy carbohydrates and like whole grains to stabilize blood sugar.  Carbohydrate-rich foods will increase serotonin, which can promote happiness.  Some more healthy foods that help increase serotonin levels are: turkey, yogurt, and fish.
  5. Mindless eating:  A healthy lifestyle is one that is able to control and monitor food cravings.  A healthy and balanced diet will help prevent intense and unhealthy food cravings by keeping you full longer and your blood sugar stable.
  6. Beautiful smile:  Not only does healthy eating benefit your lifestyle and mood, but it also benefits your appearance – specifically your teeth.  Healthy foods such as yogurt, high fiber fruits and vegetables, and omega-3 fatty acids can help straighten teeth, reduce bacteria, and limit inflammation in your mouth so that you will have no problem flashing your pearly whites.

Even More Healthy Living Benefits

If that was not enough, here are some more specific benefits of a healthy lifestyle that you may or may not be able to notice.

  • Exercise will increase you lung capacity
  • Regular exercise increases immunity fighting immunoglobulins
  • Exercise increases the number of mood-enhancing chemicals that our body produces, such as: serotonin, dopamine, and nor-epinepherine
  • Exercise builds lean muscle mass and bone mass.  This will put us at a lower risk of developing osteoporosis.
  • Exercise and healthy eating habits help to lower blood pressure.
  • Exercise help to lower our heart rate and build a stronger heart.
  • With regular exercise and proper diet, over time, your risk for cardiovascular diseases and type II diabetes will fall.
  • Healthy living helps lowers bad cholesterol levels (LDL).
  • Healthy living increases the amount of good cholesterol levels in your body (HDL).
  • Healthy living helps lower triglycerides.
  • The more you exercise, the easier it will be and the stronger you will feel.
  • Healthy living will cut your risk of developing.
  • Eating well and exercising regularly will help you feel younger and more confident.
  • A healthy lifestyle increases the volume of mitochondria in your muscle, which will help to burn more carbohydrates and fats.
  • Healthy living doubles your muscles ability to use oxygen, which will help your body use  fat as an energy source.

Transform Your Health

From this information, you can see that your body will benefit from a healthy lifestyle of healthy eating and routine exercising.  The older you get, the more you will see your body respond positively to the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.  Ready to get started living a healthy lifestyle?  Begin with this 30 day body renovation detox to jump-start your path towards healthy living.


Benefits of a Healthy Diet and Regular Exercise – If you want to stay healthy and live a free sick life, you must be conscious of what you are consuming every day and exercise regularly. Thus, the good eating habit and regular exercise are the keys to healthy living.

Balanced and vitamin-rich diet, full of important fibre and trace elements, with all the nutritional substances that our body needs in everyday life. And a healthy and balanced diet

And a healthy and balanced diet is rightly guaranteed for a long, healthy and vital life. Only the combination of all the essential nutritional ingredients makes a simple meal valuable and healthy.

A healthy diet offers many benefits. Of course, this form of nutrition keeps us healthy, but that is not all. The immune system also benefits from a vitamin rich and varied diet. Protein and important trace elements promote muscle growth as well as important body functions such as energy, metabolism and fat metabolism, and even our emotions benefit from a varied diet made from healthy foods.

Functions and the Benefits of a Nutrition Diet

The healthy diet contributes to the prevention of many diseases. It promotes recovery in times of illness and supports the prevention of relapses. In contrast, the list of diseases that are strongly or at least partially affected by poor dietary habits is quite long. It ranges from diabetes to cardiovascular to cancer.

In the prevention and treatment of diseases, therefore, the possibilities should also always be used, which offers a healthy diet and the addition of necessary micro-nutrients.

Benefits of a Healthy Diet and Regular Exercise

Following are the good reasons to know the benefits of a healthy diet and regular exercise

We eat too much, too often, too fast, too fat, too sweet and too salty. The rumor has it that healthy food does not taste good. EAT SMARTER must be the only motto in order to be fit and fine in today’s life.

Healthy eating can taste really good. It also good for weight loss, health-fitness, and general well-being. Therefore, here are the benefits of a healthy diet and regular exercise which are very important to know about

Good Food Improves the quality of life

After a diet change, consciousness changes for the whole body. Suddenly pleasure is a pressure and one begins to pay more attention, rather than indiscriminate in the passing things in itself.

If you Eat Healthy Diet, you do not Need Crash Diets

If you in long-term you start eating a healthy and light diet you do not need any more crash diets. Superfluous pounds loom from all alone – slower, but permanently. Diet frustration and the dreaded yo-yo effect are definitely a thing of the past.

No More Mineral deficiency

Fast food, bakery labels, frozen food and ready-made meals from the microwave determine in much everyday life. There is an optimal supply with all vital vitamins, nutrients, and minerals often on the line.

If you eat healthy food and cook a lot of fresh ingredients, you will be able to avoid deficiencies

With the Right Diet, you are Fitter

Those who eat healthy and balanced diet are physically fit, have more energy and are rarely fall sick.

 See: The 20 Most Successful Tips for Healthy Living

Healthy Eating is a Motivational Kick

Most of the people do a little exercise, and two-thirds do not exercise at all. A good diet plan helps to escape the devil’s circle of frozen food, sports laziness, and chocolate. Because one is more powerful and exercise will be much easier.

Benefits of Regular Exercise

Regular physical exercise increases muscle strength and boosts your energy level, says the Mayo Clinic.

Exercise helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to your body system and gives the energy your need to help your daily activities. it also helps you to have a better deeper sleep.

  • Increase your strength and flexibility
  • Control Your Weight
  • Lower Your Risk of Cardiovascular Disease.
  • Reduce your risk of Type 2 Diabetes
  • Improve your memory
  • Reduce Your Risk of Some Cancers
  • Give you better sleep
  • Strengthen Your Bones and Muscles.
  • Boost your energy
  • Improve Your Mental Health and Mood.

Control your Weight

According to physicians, more than 70 percent of all diseases are dietary. Above all, the risk of overweight, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes is drastically reduced when one eats healthier so it can be one of the benefits of a healthy diet and regular exercise

 A Conscious Diet Plan is Fun

If you pay attention to what you eat, you suddenly develop unprecedented pleasure in shopping and preparing the dishes. Feel, smell and taste the difference. Strengthen your awareness for the different foods, be curious. The desire to cook by itself comes then by itself.

Good Food is Sociable

Even from a few ingredients, you can conjure great dishes and not just for one – eating is a ritual that you should share as often as possible with friends or family. If you eat well and enjoy cooking, you may share it. Beautiful and social evenings are pre-programmed.


Fashion Makes Fun Again

A healthy diet and more exercise lead to a great figure. Shopping and experimenting with fashion makes more fun. In addition, the compliments you take are motivated to go the healthy way further.


Sound Sleep

Sound sleep is also one of the benefits of a healthy diet and regular exercise. Who knows his body and gives it the right meal, will also sleep better. The result is that you are much more balanced and energetic during the day. If you will take enough and proper sleep, you can focus on your work in a better way.

If you will not take healthy food, you will not be able to sleep sufficiently, and if you will not take your sleep properly, there would be no efficiency in your work.

Thus, these are the benefits of a healthy diet and regular exercise. Your food choices affect your health each day. How you will feel today, tomorrow and in the future, everything will be depended on your diet.


Think you’re leading a healthy lifestyle? Aside from occasionally veering off the path, most of us think we do a fair job of maintaining our health with good (or at least OK) eating habits and physical activity whenever we manage to fit it in. But is that enough to be considered “healthy?”

According to a recent study, very few adults actually meet the criteria for a healthy lifestyle. The study, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, showed that only 3% of American adults got a perfect score on what the authors say are the four basic criteria for healthy living. Just 13.8% met three of the criteria; 34.2% met only two criteria. Women scored slightly better than men.

See how well you measure up on the researchers’ four keys to healthfulness:

  • Do you smoke?
  • Are you able to maintain a healthy weight (a BMI of 18-25), or are you successfully losing weight to attain a healthy weight?
  • Do you eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily?
  • Do you exercise 30 minutes or more, 5 times a week?

The good news is that these behaviors should not be foreign to you, as all but one are an integral part of the Weight Loss Clinic. Numbers 2 through 4 are the foundation of the WLC program, habits that we continually discuss, write about, and recommend.

Everyone knows smoking is bad for your health. If you are one of the lucky ones who never became addicted to nicotine, pat yourself on the back. Smokers, I hope you are working diligently to kick your habit. It’s impossible to underestimate the importance of a smoke-free life for your health — as well as for the sake of those around you.

4 Steps and More

While those four habits are indisputably important for a healthy lifestyle, some may argue that more factors should be taken into consideration. What would be on your list?

Just for fun, I came up with my own personal top 10 list of healthy behaviors (beyond the four basics) that contribute to wellness and satisfaction with one’s lifestyle:

  • Brush and floss daily to keep your teeth and gums healthy and free of disease.
  • Get a good night’s rest. Well-rested people not only cope better with stress, but may also have better control of their appetites. Research has shown that a lack of sleep can put our “hunger hormones” out of balance — and possibly trigger overeating.
  • Enjoy regular family meals. This allows parents to serve as good role models, can promote more nutritious eating, and sets the stage for lively conversations. Being connected to family and/or friends is a powerful aspect of a healthy life.
  • Smile and laugh out loud several times a day. It keeps you grounded, and helps you cope with situations that would otherwise make you crazy. Read the comics, watch a sitcom, or tell jokes to bring out those happy feelings.
  • Meditate, pray, or otherwise find solace for at least 10-20 minutes each day. Contemplation is good for your soul, helps you cope with the demands of daily life, and may even help lower your blood pressure.
  • Get a pedometer and let it motivate you to walk, walk, walk. Forget about how many minutes of activity you need; just do everything you can to fit more steps into your day. No matter how you get it, physical activity can help defuse stress, burn calories, and boost self-esteem.
  • Stand up straight. You’ll look 5 pounds lighter if you stand tall and tighten your abdominal muscles. Whenever you walk, think “tall and tight” to get the most out of the movement.
  • Try yoga. The poses help increase strength and flexibility and improve balance. These are critical areas for older folks especially, and both men and women can benefit.
  • Power up the protein. This nutrient is an essential part of your eating plan, and can make up anywhere from 10%-35% of your total calories. Protein lasts a long time in your belly; combine it with high-fiber foods and you’ll feel full on fewer calories. Enjoy small portions of nuts, low-fat dairy, beans, lean meat, poultry, or fish.
  • Last but not least, have a positive attitude. Do your best to look at life as if “the glass is half full.” You must believe in yourself, have good support systems, and think positively (“I think I can, I think I can…”) to succeed.

Continued It’s All about You

Your list of healthy lifestyle behaviors may be different from mine. The most important thing to remember is that you can make a difference in your health and well-being. Take charge of your life, and be mindful of small behavior changes that can make your lifestyle a healthier one.


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