Grapefruit protein diet

Grapefruit diet and protein is a classic mono-diet that allows the use of eggs and citrus fruits. But unlike a diet on eggs or an egg-orange diet, it has its own peculiarities: It is recommended to eat 4 boiled eggs and 4 grapefruits per day, and only protein is used for dietary nutrition. The interval […]

It urgently needs to lose 10 kg per month

10 Second Summary Cut 500 calories from your diet per day. Reduce your carbohydrate intake. Fill up on fruits, veggies, and lean protein. Drink 8 to 13 glasses of water daily. Do 150 minutes of cardio exercises each week. Move around more during the day to burn even more calories. Part 1 Modifying Your Diet […]

Carrot patties for duckweed

Usually the best meals out there are cheap and made with ingredients found at home. The same story is with these delicious carrot cutlets. I had a can of beans, a couple of carrots and some flour. Add some seasoning and you have a pile of these crispy cutlets! And of course you can always […]

Syrups without sugar by dukanu

Edit Article Two Methods:Simple SyrupVariationsCommunity Q&A A basic sugar syrup is about as simple as it gets: combine sugar and water, heat, and stir until dissolves. For cooks that enjoy experimentation, there are plenty of tips for avoiding sugar crystals, extending shelf life, or adding other flavors. Either way, you’ll end up with a great […]

Birch sap for weight loss

Today, to enjoy the taste of birch sapDo not necessarily go into the woods, because this drink has long been available at grocery stores. It can boast not only an original sweetish taste, but also its various useful properties. People have already learned about the benefits of birch sap for the body in ancient times, […]

Extract broccoli preparations

Loading metrics Open Access Peer-reviewed Research Article Jed W. Fahey,  W. David Holtzclaw,  Scott L. Wehage,  Kristina L. Wade,  Katherine K. Stephenson,  Paul Talalay x Published: November 2, 2015 Abstract Glucoraphanin from broccoli and its sprouts and seeds is a water soluble and relatively inert precursor of sulforaphane, the reactive isothiocyanate that potently inhibits neoplastic […]

Soup with sturgeon and cream

Ear with sturgeon is a very light and simple soup, which is traditionally cooked from the head and tail of the fish. We offer you several recipes for its preparation. Recipe for soup from sturgeon Ingredients: Fresh sturgeon – 400 g; Bulb – 1 piece; Carrots – 1 piece; Tomato paste – 1 tbsp. a […]

Phytodite from 5 herbs reviews

Here are five herbs that rank among the most popular and effective natural approaches to treating hair loss. When it comes to herbs for hair loss there is actually a wide variety available to choose from. There are, however, five that are more popular and seem to have better results when it comes to preventing […]

Wolfberry tincture

Dereza – is one of the names of poisonous plants, which in common we called wolf berries.The most popular is a poisonous plant in the East (Boxthorn is the Chinese name Wolfberry).Popularity Wolfberry in the East due to the therapeutic properties, which are available in addition to this plant are poisonous.Consider what healing properties inherent […]

Soda for a while

This week’s challenge was simple: no soda and no desserts. It is supposed to be simple, right? It’s straightforward and easy, there are no “is this allowed?” or the like. I’ve detoxed from soda a few times already but I always go back. Either with once a week, or once on special occasions or (when […]